Silica Gel Packets have a Variety of Uses

I’m sure you’ve found many silica packets in the packaging of the products that you buy. You’ve probably found them in the pockets of clothing, electronic boxes or even in sporting goods boxes. Have you just been throwing them away? If you have, you might want to start saving them because I’m about to show you how to use them to protect the items around your house.


Have you ever had your cell phone in your pocket and got caught in the rain? The next time this happens, take your phone and place it in a plastic bag filled it with silica gel. The gel is very effective at absorbing moisture and might save your phone. The gel is also effective at absorbing the sweat from your headphones and will help keep condensation off your camera lens.


Do you ever worry about preserving your important insurance paperwork, old military documents or your birth certificate. Extreme humidity is a natural enemy to all paperwork. Just place your documents in a bag with silica and stop worrying about it. The silica will remove the moisture and save your documents. You can do the same with your old photos, collectables and scrapbooks. No one likes seeing their childhood memories turn yellow and smell musty.


You’ve probably never thought of using silica to protect your tools and screws. Try tossing a few silica packets in your toolbox to keep your tools and everything else in there from rusting. You can even drop a few packets in your fishing box to protect all those irreplaceable lures and hooks.

Jewelry and Collectables

Are you trying to keep your jewelry from tarnishing? Adding a few packets of silica to your jewelry box can help slow the process. Just make sure your jewelry box is clean, dry and airtight. Silica can also help keep your expensive silverware from tarnishing. If you have a coin collection, try dropping a few packets into the container to keep your collection dry.

Seasonal Items

No one likes opening up their camping gear after it sat all year to a giant sniff of mildew. Try tossing a few packets in the bag that holds your sleeping bag. You can do the same thing for your tent, hiking boots and the clothes that you wear for camping. Don’t forget about the holidays. Silica can help keep all your Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations from being destroyed.

Household Areas

Basements tend to be areas where moisture likes to collect, so take a good look around your basement for anything susceptible to moisture damage. Take anything you don’t want destroyed and place it in an airtight container with lots of silica packets. Once you’re done in your basement, do the same thing in your garage, shed and attic. You can even keep a handful of packets in your car to fight condensation buildup on your windshield. They might even keep your car smelling fresh and free from mildew.

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