Sustainable Approaches To Packaging: Tips On Better, More Sustainable Packages

In the world of business, it’s not often that you hear about sustainable packaging. And yet, this is an area where many companies are looking to make improvements. With every product sold comes a package for it- and these packages can have a significant impact on the environment and even your business. What’s so important about sustainable packaging? Below are some tips for creating more sustainable packages.

Cardboard Products

Did you know that cardboard is a naturally occurring fiber? This makes it a great option for creating sustainable packaging. Cardboard can be recycled, and in fact, there are communities in the United States that have zero landfills because they simply recycle every bit of their trash after using it. They are mainly used by shipping companies, though you can also find them in retail, among other places. Boxes that are made from cardboard, either for shipping or retail purposes, can be recycled.

Cardboard is an inexpensive option for packaging, making it a good choice for businesses of all sizes. Recycled paper is another sustainable approach to packaging, as it contributes to reforestation efforts- an important component of environmentalism. If you need your product to ship quickly, cardboard is also an ideal choice, as it is lightweight and easy to transport and making it a valuable option for businesses of all sizes.

Custom Bags

Another great way to create sustainable packaging is with custom bags. These are extremely versatile, and you’ll find them at grocery stores, retail, music festivals, schools, libraries- pretty much anywhere people are shopping or consuming products, there are custom bags. Bags can be made out of a variety of materials, including plastic or other forms of paper. They’re also easy to ship, as they’re lightweight and take up minimal space. Custom bags can also be designed to meet specific needs, so you will find that they are extremely versatile. Whether you need bags that hold heavy items or ones that are easy to carry, there is likely a style that can work for your business.

Custom reusable bags are definitely the wave of the future in regards to sustainable packaging. Many companies out there make these types of bags, and you can even get your business’s logo printed on them, so they advertise for you while customers use them. This type of product also benefits businesses by saving money because it doesn’t have to be replaced as often as traditional plastic or paper sacks do, making it an environmentally friendly choice for marketing your business.

Plastic Products

Many plastic products are recyclable, which is a great thing for sustainable packaging. This includes yogurt containers, soda bottles, and more. It’s important to make sure you dispose of these properly. If you do not recycle them yourself (such as by bringing them back to the store where they were purchased), then it’s likely that your local recycling center will take care of this for you. Make sure the container is clean first; otherwise, there may be issues with recycling it- though some recycling centers can handle dirtier items than others.

Plastic bags are traditionally not recyclable, yet many modern recycling plants now have processes that allow them to be turned into something new, such as park benches. This is a great way for grocery stores and other retail outlets with lots of plastic bags to reduce the amount of waste they produce, as all of those plastic sacks can be ground up and recycled right along with paper products.

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