How Many pounds of Bundling Film do You Need

So you want to package all of the products that you have with bundling film, and you want to make the right purchases. But, you may not know how many pounds that you need. Even after being guided through this, you’re not sure yet, and you may wonder what the amount of pounds of bundling film you require are. Here, we’ll tackle the amount of pounds of bundling film that you need, and how to calculate this. 

How Do you Calculate? 

Good question. A lot of bundling film is a bit different than other kinds of flexile packaging, since this is sold based on the pounds of this. Usually, it’s anywhere from $4.20 to $5.50 or more for each pound. While you may not know the amount of costs for the film, you might need to figure out how many film pounds are necessary for this. 

So, let’s work with an equation to help demonstrate these calculations, and do it correctly. You first must look at the required yield that’s present in the film, which is the square inches of film for each pound that’s there, and this does vary based on the gauge that’s needed for this. 

The next step is figuring out the sure inches required for the packages there, which is done by multiplying the width by the cutoff, which brings out the number. For the last part of this, you then need to divide what your yield is by the square inches for every single package that’s there, and you pretty much just have to calculate the right bundling film necessary through these means. 

So let’s say that you have 100 gauge bundling film, which has a 30,000 square inches for every single pound of this film. From there, you have a product, which requires 225 square inches for every single package, which translates to a width of the film being 12 inches, and the cutoff being around 18.75 inches. 

With that of course, you take the yield, divide it by the 225 square inches, and you’ll get about 133 packages for a pound of this bundling film. You then swap this out for the metrics, and then, you’ve got the mount of fil  you need for this. With that said, it’s important that you also calculate and check again before you choose the right options for you. 

Are you ready 

Now that you understand how much bundling film will cost for every single order, you will then have everything needed for a purchase. If you’re interested, you may wonder how to get the best deal on bundling film. 

This is best purchased from different distributors along with other manufacturers, so going to that site is a good way to begin. Sites like Amazon as well are great options, since they oftentimes have a lot of options. The one downside is that it’s not necessarily available in custom sizes, so if you need more custom options for your bundling film, they will not have it. 

And of course, there are always some packaging suppliers that’ll help you choose the correct bundling film for your packaging needs. That way, no matter what, you’ll be able to, with this, create the best and most rewarding options possible, and also get the most that you  can from this, especially for those who want to have an easy bundling experience. 

Bundling film is strange, and it can be a bit different from what you’re used to, but if you look around and you try to use this, it can be a good option for all of the packaging needs that you have in mind. 

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How to Create environmentally Sound Packaging

If you’re someone who is looking to offer the most ecological e-commerce ideas to people, then you’re not alone. The desire for eco-friendly packaging is something that lots of businesses work to do, as it can create a much better quality for others. Here, we’ll give you the best ideas for environmentally friendly packaging to use now. 

Get Recyclable materials. 

Cardboard and plastic are usually good for packaging, but you want to find stuff that is recyclable, and that’s because you don’t’ want it to go to waste. Having a recyclable focus is a good way to be. 

Use Less energy 

If you’re going to use materials for your packaging, use stuff with less energy. Plastic is more energy-efficient compared to like, glass or metals and such. It does take less to make it, and it’s easier for shipping. 

Paper is good too for this, but some people may not want to use paper for their packaging, and it can be a good way for you to get the most out of this. 

Use the correct Packaging 

Some of the best ways to create a more eco-friendly packaging is to make it smaller. This does help get rid of excess so it protects everything, and also is a lot cheaper for you too, so it’s good for everyone. 

Biodegradable Packaging 

Biodegradable packaging is a lot better, and it’s actually a great way to ensure that you’re taking care of the environment. This is becoming more and more popular, and it can actually be made with other products that don’t take thousands of years to break down, so it’s better for everyone. 

Reusable Packaging 

Packaging that’s reusable for customers is always good. Paper and plastic bags are always good, and if they have a way to be resealed and used, this is a good way to create reusable packaging for you as well, letting you use this without needing to worry about having too much waste either. 

Encourage recycling 

This should be an obvious one, but one of the best ways to go greener with your packaging is to offer recycling. There are so many ways to do this, but even just a small message there telling them hey, they should recycle is good. 

You can put it inside or outside, and even just the small recycling sign is a good way to encourage all of this in your packaging needs. 

The right Materials for Printing 

You want to make sure that you’re using different materials that are good for the environment with printing too. Flexographic printing is a good type of ink because it adheres well, and that also will prevent the chemicals from coming into the environment, and it can help to clean up the space and the packaging as well. 

Work with the Right Partners 

Fi you’re worried about the waste in packaging, part of making sure it doesn’t affect the business is to have the right partners. These can be people that know how to pack the correct items so that it has better overhead costs for you, and also doesn’t waste it. 

The right packaging supplier will work to eliminate this for you, which also shows that you’re not only conscious of the environment but also of what the results of this can be so that you’re properly taking care of everything too. When it comes to your packaging needs, you want something that is environmentally friendly, and here, we gave you some tips on how to encourage that now and changes to make to help your business as well too. 

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Advantage of Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are a way to send out communication, different materials, and publications. You can make a huge statement with these mailers since clear view poly mailers can offer a lot of benefits. Here, we’ll go over the advantages of this, and why more and more companies are using these for their businesses. 

A Sneak Peak 

Whether it’s birthday gifts or huge surprises, a little peek is always something that people like. It gives a great first impression when this arrives, and you’re also letting anyone who sees it also look at the contents. The clear view poly mailers do offer a lot of tantalizing stuff and also keep it nice and close by, and it can even be branded too. Safe and Clean These offer a safe and clean means for everything to be transported to clients. 

While it’s not as secure as well, a cardboard box, this does help to keep anything that isn’t super breakable from being punctured, gotten wet, or even torn during transit. You can also pack this as well with bubble wrap and padding to offer the best protection, but usually, for something like this, you don’t need something too crazy for this. 

A Greener Option 

A lot of customers do like to have their products as sort of a greener alternative. They don’t’ want to support companies that just want to fill the landfills. But, with these mailers, you don’t have to worry about needing to return this and wasting different money and resources. They can be used again, especially if someone needs something to be returned. 

A couple of these clear poly mailers are a bit different because there is an adhesive strip inside, and they are easily put together with tape once again and then transported. If they don’t need to go through the process of mailing this, they can literally recycle this, and of course, that does help the environment too. It’s a much greener way, and with a lot of companies focusing on the green side of things and wanting more of that, having these poly mailers does help a lot with this too. 

Easy to Transport 

When you pack this, it normally takes up a lot less space than say, in a box and whatnot. Poly view mailers which are clear ted to be a lot smaller, are much lighter than boxes and even other kinds of mailers, and they also aren’t super rigid. That means that if you need to put it in a storage part of a vehicle or plane, it is very easy to put it there. 

You can also put this in mailboxes too at the place of residence, and they also fit in PO boxes. Door slots also are easy to use with these, and if they do have specific containers for these items, you can just put it in there. The best part is that it also keeps them safe from being damaged by weather, by transport, or even through thieves too. 

The cool thing about this is that it’s one of the easiest and best ways to transport a bunch of items, so if you’re not sure whether to geo with this, and also are not sure how to send things to other people, then consider poly mailers that are clear. Let the whole world know that you’re sending out different communications and the like with this, and you’ll see that it not only is good for getting results from other people but also offers a lot of benefits for you as a company and as an owner.

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Why use Corrugated Packaging for Food Delivery

Food delivery, whether it’s serving pizzas or takeout to people, does require a packaging solution that works. You want something that protects the food items during transit, and also protects them from any damage which may happen from beginning to end.

You do need to make sure that there isn’t direct sunlight or dirt contact either, or not too much moisture either, since that does cause problems with the integrity of the food. Corrugated packaging, especially that of cardboard, is slowly becoming the most popular form of packaging, especially for those in food delivery. 

What is it? 

This is packaging that has different parts to it. There is the middle part, and two liners that pretty much sandwich it together, and they protect the outside and the inside. The inner part of this is fluting, made to help reinforce your construction and make it stronger. The combination of this does make it a pretty easy way to protect all of the foods, making all sorts of delivery jobs that much easier. It also can be decorated with specific promotion so that people see it. 

Corrugated packaging does use cardboard, but it actually can offer clever designs that are stronger than the non-corrugated counterparts. The biggest difference is in the fluted part that’s between your cardboard layers, and the three-tiered protection that goes with the products. The middle section is there to help protect the products and stops damage in its tracks. 

The benefits of corrugated Packaging 

It’s first and foremost a very hygienic means to help with this, and with temperature testing, it proved that corrugated is actually able to reach these higher temperatures at least multiple times when they’re manufactured, eliminating the bacteria and microbes that would be there. 

So pretty much anything that needs to be kept fresh will be kept fresher with this, and it also will prevent the pathogens from contaminating the packaging and the food, so it’s a good way to prevent anything bad from getting into your food. 

It also is ecofriendly, since it uses more natural materials, and it will be sustainable as well. It offers a widely recyclable option that’s made from the materials that it is being used to recycle, and it also is totally biodegradable. 

That means that it is able to be recycled and it can also decompose as well. Plastic packaging takes forever for it to recycle, and it can take almost a millennium for it to totally decompose. Even when it does break down, it causes toxins to be released, creating a lot more harm. 

Finally, it’s much more cost effective. Tis is used to help with retaining all of the qualities that food packaging has, but it also is cheaper to put together, and everything is kept in place to offer the best and most effective packaging solution for those who do food delivery. So you could be saving hundreds of thousands of dollars just by switching over to cardboard, especially if you’re struggling with this. 

This is definitely a great way to change the structure of you business, and it offers a variety of different benefits that you might otherwise start to not really focus on wen it comes to corrugated packaging. 

It’s a simple, easy means to truly create the best result possible, and as well to ensure that you get the most that you can out of your packaging experience in order to help make it not only the best that it can be, but also one that can help you achieve all of the packaging needs you have. 

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A Basic guide to corrugated boxes

Have you recently started a business and want to learn more about packaging? Well you’ve come to the right place. There are a variety of questions that come with these boxes, and you may wonder what the right type of this is for you to choose from, and which will benefit you. First, let’s go with the high level boxes. While you might think packaging is just carboard boxes, cardboard along with corrugated boxes are not one in the same. Cardboard is very heavy duty stock of paper, and it isn’t really used for shipping anything too strong. Cereal boxes are an example of this, and you can easily see that they’re kind of flimsy. 

Corrugated is the stronger type, and it has a much higher strength because there is a liner within this, and a medium. The liner is the flat part that’s on the outside and surfaces but also on the inner part, and the medium is what’s sandwiched between this, creating the arched kinds of shapes, or what they called “flutes” between these. They play a part of the strength that comes with the board too, and the sheets are then glued to make a corrugated board that’s converted to a box that can handle long and arduous journeys various bumps, and the like. The difference does matter because there are beginners who end up shipping stuff with the wrong kinds of boards, and it’s worth mentioning for a brief moment or two. 

The Basics 

Now, let’s talk about what kind of box that you should use. There are a ton of factors that go into how these are made, and they’re considered some of the most customizable types of media out there of you to use and allows you to create a box that’s perfect for whatever product you have. First, you’ve got the flute profiles, with the A, B, E, C, and F flutes being the most common. The flute size does talk about the wall thickness, with the A flute being the original type, and is the thickest, being 5 mm thick and is good for products that need a bit more cushioning or strength. B flutes are the next one and are good for canned goods and other products that don’t need a box for support and is about 3.2 mm thick and is a good choice for those die cut boxes. 

C flutes are basically 4 mm and is used for all purpose boxes. They are thicker then the ones in the B flute, but they still do a great job. Then there is the E and F, which are the two smallest, and are used mostly for packaging retail products, because they can be used for printing to offer a clear image. You also have different board faces too. Single face is where one liner sheet is put to one medium of corrugated product, sued to wrap around different products for cushioning. Single wall is where one corrugated is between two liner sheets, and these are used for retail displays out there and shipping boxes. 

Double wall is for those products that need a bit more strength, since it’s tow corrugated medium between three liner sheets. And finally we’ve got triple wall which is three corrugated medium sheets and between four liner sheets, and they’re the strongest, used for bins and industrial parts as well. You want to make sure that you choose all of the factors, and the grade as well, which offers the pressure and numbers for that, to give you the best box experience. 

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What’s a Dieline in Packaging and Printing

For those who work in fast moving customer goods industries, you’ve probably heard dieline tossed around when it comes to implementing and creating packaging for your products. So what’s a dieline? This is a blueprint that shows the assembly of the design that’s finished. 

This is essential for packaging since it does communicate how the packaging will be created after it’s printed, and where graphics are put to make sur everything is visible and printed correctly. Read on to learn a bit more about this and why it’s important, including how you can make one and the effects the way that this is printed. 

Why is this Important? 

They are the foundation for how packaging is created, formed, and cut in a lot of cases. Without this, designers won’t know where to put the logo, the graphics, or the patterns that come along with this, and a printer won’t know where it can get printed, and the other important product information wouldn’t be there for the customer to work with, or for fulfillment workers to explain and put together. 

The constraints do help to invoke more creativity, since the template gives you opportunities for different visuals within the packaging, so that the graphic designer can create designs that are fulfilled correctly and without flaws. This is also done to make sure that the finalized packaging is the correct type for every single product, offering functionality and design that’s better. They also take into account the bleed and the manufacturing requirements for this, so that the packaging scale, size, and the dimensions are exactly what a person needs, and of course, it can help to create a better connection for those that are looking to make sure that they have the proper construction of the glue tabs, the scores, and the areas to fold and the tabs as well. 

How are they Made? 

They’re made first and foremost from similar measurements from a box which is flattened, or a sample, and the estimated measurements required are ten looked into. This then start the product and oftentimes requires your expertise in the form of a packaging pro who will conceptualize how the product size does communicate to the dimensions of packaging. The input and the initial vision for this packaging does play a role in the type of design too. 

Once the packaging size is figured out, they use design software to offer the correct dimensions and graphics along with product information to the correct sections of your packaging too. This creates dielines for a lot of computers to process the dimensions, and then, it creates described lines for such. The mistakes in the dieline creation, when not found, do cause chaos in the production department, so you should make sure to include the creative embers of the team as much as you can, as early on as you can, or minimally have another set of eyes looking at the items before moving forward. 

The earlier you catch the design mistakes, the better, since it’ll help to lower the instances of negative final products, and from there help keep the packaging process as quick and as seamless as possible. You will want to work together with the graphic designer to ensure that you cat the best flow possible. When it’s done in printing, the are basically just a giant cookie cutter for the package, in order to create the best, and most unique packaging for people, and from there, offer high-quality packaging for everyone of all different shades, in order to create the best and uniform packaging possible. 

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How combination Packaging Meets the Needs 

Recently, the straight delivery systems, a product of Intersect ENT Inc., created a new sort of mini sinus implant. The launch of this created “customer-led innovation” and a huge network of people. The SDS has recently gotten the PMA, and since then was created after surgeons asked for another sort of delivery means for the bioabsorbable polymer sinus implant. The original system for delivery is curved, suited for more anatomies and the ethmoid sinus and frontal sinus ostia, and most surgeons like this, but they’ve also asked for a straight delivery system for specifically the ethmoid sinus. 

Intersect did package the propel mini-implant and the original curved delivery system starting in 2012, and after surgeons did express interest in having the system optimized for the placement of this, the development is the beginning of the new SDS package that’s there. Now, there are four different kits for each type of sinus now, and this delivery system also comes with  a mini system, a contour and flex tip delivery system, along with the straight delivery system that you can do., Intersect ENT is pleased to give physicians this type of package, allowing for them to respond perfectly to the needs of customers, listening to the feedback and ensuring the best products for those looking to offer care for chronic sinusitis in various means of care. 

The company did share feedback from an ENT and allergy associate member at the Mt. Sinai Hospital within New York, discussing how this package is really a reflection of the commitment that’s ongoing, helping the ENT community, and they are looking forward to continuing to be using this for different procedures too. The kits show the implant being fully expanded, allowing for the users to use the crimping device in order to put the implant onto this system. When the delivery system does get put into the nasal cavity, and the system puts the stent there, it then expands to fit, offering dual benefit. The implant then delivers drugs directly to the nasal tissue, offering a better flow of air, and better healing. 

There is a combo package of this, which is color coded in order to show the size and the model, and wit’s done like this so surgeons can recognize the ones they wish to select too, since that physicians have come to learn what these products are, and the identification is a huge benefit of this. The company does look at the further line extensions, and they’ll continue to be looking into the customer needs, since the extensions are led by customers, and not necessarily by the technology. It is a more unique sort of approach, but this unique system does allow for a lot of benefits to be had and offers some of the best practices there. 

Since this, they’ve gotten feedback directly from the representatives in the field who have used this, and they’ve paired that with statistical feedback that comes from the surveys and the such, offering more and more technology. This does bring a new sort of level to the product development and engineering process, allowing you to have manufacturing reliability, and integrating the packaging quality early on, and for great results, and the professionals with this definitely push for innovation, and the organization works together to push for this. Hopefully, with this type of care system, there will be more options in the future, and also some of the newest means for you to truly improve and maintain the sort of results that you hope to get with this, and of course, the future of this product too. 

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Holiday gift Packaging trends to Watch Out for 

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s important to look at the different impacts of the shipping and packaging that you should use. There are some trends which offer success, and here, we’ll go over what they are, and what they mean for you and your business as well. 

The Rise of Ecommerce 

The first thing is that ecommerce is on the rise. Due to covid, and because of the ease of this, this is growing immensely, and sales are supposed to be even bigger. Sa the retailers try to get this, as well as the shift in the purchasing habits, this is now pushing for secondary packaging, since it does involve the purchase, and the shipping of gifts to others around the globe. Unboxing is also a big part of this, and you can surprise customers with items purchased and packaged like gifts in order to show the brand values and positioning, and the customers will feel more valued since you’re showing loyalty.Retailers must also be prepared to expect these types of gifts, with home gifts at the forefront since a lot more people are at home. 

So dishware, candles, and even décor are becoming something that people are ordering, but all are breakable, so do be careful with them, and wrap them all carefully. Bubble wrap is another thing that you should consider. While it may not be as sustainable, you can find that or alternatives to offer a better presentation, and an unpacking type of experience. 

Automaton Enhances, Not Replaces 

One big concern people have is that automaton will replace labor. While it may be used to enhance with all of the different tools to reduce costs, wastes, adjusting for peaks, along with optimizing, it will help with reducing the warehouse space, so it’ll save companies a ton of money. This also will offer more cost-efficient and ergonomic options, since it will reduce the ever-growing costs of warehouses. This is creating a better place for workers, and there has been a growth in this.  This is critical for companies that want to have smaller amounts of packers that are more motivated, in order to offer better results. 

Ditching Plastic 

There is another trend that’s going on. The sustainability market will become $150 billion by the end of the year, and more and more are looking for sustainable goods. A truly sustainable type of packaging will push to use more materials which are recyclable, since it can help to reduce the overconsumption of plastic as well. That means that it’s becoming bigger and bigger, and with paper packaging becoming more and more frequent, it’s obvious that it’s working to truly phase out plastics. That’s because it’s made from resources which are renewable, biodegradable, and recycled back to offer renewable energy. 

Paper is also ideal for bottom line, since it outperform a lot of the in-box types of alternatives, which is definitely really good for handling, storage, safety, downtime, and the clean up too. And there you have it, with the growth of the ecommerce industry and it continuing to dominate the landscape, the holiday trends are going to definitely be very similar to how they were last year. With that said, as a packaging company, it’s easy for you to definitely ensure that you’re getting the most out of this, and through it, you’ll be able to have long-term and really good success, both in the current holiday season as this does come and go, but also in the future too when other holidays roll around for you as well. 

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Cellulose Based Packaging Material Leaves the Testing Page

There is new packaging material coming out a lot, and VTT is trying a new one called Thermocell, which is a kind of film plastic packaging.

This is made out of fatty acids along with some cellulose, and it is being used in food production.

This is created from materials which are renewable and is utilized like fossil kinds of plastic
Because of the work and development of the research team, a lot of characteristics the film has already hit the requirements the packaging and food industry has, and cooperation has moved to the testing phase.

Renewable origin and the recyclability of the materials are increasing in interest to consumers and packers, and there is new options that are being sought for those types of plastics, in order to be worked and reused and recycled like other plastic.

Cellulose is an ingredient in plants, and it comes from larger polymer molecules.
When it does get extracted from the wood, it doesn’t compete with food or other biomaterials, like the other kinds of packaging.

This is definitely an established method already, but cellulose has one issue: it’s not thermoplastic.

Made for the Food Industry needs

A thermoplastic for food is essential, since cellulose currently isn’t like this.
But Thermocell, is actually working to change this. Made from the fatty acids and cellulose, it’s suitable for injection molding, coating paperboard and paper, and also may be used for 3D printing, and right now, it’s currently being tested for how it works in extrusion technology, and whether it can be used for this sort of thing.

The focus of this industry is to make something that is recyclable, since a lot of thermoplastics right now don’t have that. This bio-based, renewable material will support the long-term goals, and while it still requires a bit of work to see if it can be used with the machinery in place, from the long shelf life and the other features, there is more development that’s coming from this, and it is being tested with products to see if it’s compatible for these too.

You need A certain Kind of Film

When you’re looking at food packaging, you want a film that is thin enough that it isn’t obscuring the product, but also is durable so it won’t break down, but also protects the packaging. And of course, you want something that’s not only safe for human consumption, but also safe for the environment.

Thermocell can be the answer, since it is a plastic that is sustainable, and also is heat sealed with normal equipment.

The biggest development of this is the thinness of this, which is where they got the thickness down past 100 micrometers, which is really thin.

If it does want to compete against normal plastic though, they got to push this further, since it does require it to be incredibly thin, and then improve the protective nature and strength of this too.

Some partner companies have seen the features, and how important they are for the market, and the friction of this film is but one example of the implications of this. Right now, it’s good for being used on industry lines.

Right now, the recyclability of this is normal and comparable to that of the more common thermoplastics, where it’s melted down, extruded again at least five times without the features being deteriorated, and recycling is something that should be sorted in a separate box.
And with that said, we’ll see what happens with all of these thermoplastic alternatives, and if they prove to be a sustainable option for your company as well too.

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Shipping Boxes and Mailing Envelopes for Stores 

Most online businesses are successful from the type of packaging and the shipping provided to customers. Some customers may not even buy from stores again if the item ends up damaged. 

The best way to prevent this of course, is to make sure that you get the right packaging. It’s simpler than you think though, and usually, mailing envelopes are the two most common. We’ll go over these, and the variations that definitely are available for customers who are curious about this. 

What Type Should I use? 

Remember, you have options. You may want to use mailing envelopes in some cases, and you have different options, including cushioned and not cushioned. The other thing to look at too is if you should look to see I you want to make them branded, or just make them standard mailers. So what’s good about both of them. The benefits of mailers rather than boxes include the following: 

  • They usually are cheaper 
  • They are smaller, so they won’t eat at the margins for shipping costs 
  • You don’t need to set them up, tape them, or even shove a bunch of filler in there to prevent it from moving about. 
  • They are flexible, so they can be used for different order types 

While they are limited, they’re good for clothing, jewelry, and smaller items. These are good because they also can be cushioned too in the mailer itself, through the use of padded or bubble mailers. They offer more protection but tend to be a little bit more expensive. So only use these if you absolutely need the extra precautions that are necessary and have to be taken. 

There are also different kinds of mailers including paper, paperboard, and plastic, which are good for different operations. Paper is the most eco-friendly of them all, and paperboard is good for protecting books and calendars from being wrinkled by this. If you need something more durable, then consider poly mailers, since usually they’re stronger, and if you have anything with sharper edges, this can also prevent the tearing of the package and breaking the contents. 

All About shipping boxes 

So what about shipping boxes? 

While poly mailers, or just mailers in general are good for shipping some items, if you’re shipping anything that’s large and heavy, you will need to use a box. This is something that people will use because it’s stronger, and you want to make sure that the first thing you choose is to make sure that you get the right-sized box for the item you’re shipping. 

Make sure that if you plan to use boxes, they’re not so big that the product slides around, but also not so small that it doesn’t fit the item and then it breaks during transit. You want to make sure if you use boxes, you also make sure that they aren’t filled with extra waste, since it doesn’t reflect well if you’re trying to be eco-friendly. You want to make sure that if you choose a box, you also look at the way it is shipped, and how much it’s going to cost you. 

You want to make sure that you also don’t ship it too big too, because these mailing carriers will definitely factor that into the costs for shipping, and also I can eat away at your margins. But for bigger items that are heavy and bulky, you want to have the extra protection. For the tinier items that don’t need as much care and such, you can get away with using mailers.  

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