Packaging Ideas and Tips for Startups

New businesses are always faced with a myriad of challenges. Getting into the market and being able to leave a mark means creating a unique product or service that will guarantee profitability for the new venture. Failure to do so will lead to the business closing its doors before it even gets started.

With competition getting stiff by the day, entrepreneurs, as well as businesses, need to critically properly research and identify some of the most pressing needs of their target market. A recent survey conducted by Nasscom revealed that almost three to four startups are created every day.

This number is expected to rise considering the rate of economic expansion in some countries for instance in India it is estimated that startups in India will rise from 11,500 by the year 2020. If these statistics are anything to go by, then it is clear that there are more and more entrepreneurs entering the market daily and creating even more competition.

Consequently, proper packaging is going be one of the areas of focus in order to improve brand image. This is more important for startups because good packaging will play a crucial role in selling their businesses. Brand perception cannot be ignored by any startups that aspire to succeed.

6 great packaging tips for and ideas for startups


As a startup, avoid being carried away by packaging designs. It is understandable that being a new entrant in the market you ought to have something unique and eye-catching. Nonetheless, you cannot afford to spend a huge chunk of your startup capital only on the packaging. The best thing to do is to identify something unique and visually appealing but friendly to your pocket as well. Online stores and bulk options are often considered cost-effective.

Manage your inventory

Business inventory is very crucial for any startup business. Ensure that you analyze stocking options in relation to the requirements of your business. Inventory management can prove to be a game-changer if well managed.

Pack small

Cautious packaging is often important when it comes to saving packaging costs. As a business that is getting started, light and crisp packaging eliminates wasteful expenses on the packaging. However, you should bear in mind dimensional weight of the package since it’s not always a guarantee that lightweight packages cost less.

Multiple packaging options

Ensure that you assess your packaging requirements as per the nature of your business. Carry out a serious research on different types of packaging that would best suit your products. Most startups ignore this part and end up with packaging that is not best for their products that often turn out to be a disaster for customers.

Go green

A lot of companies around the world are turning into environment- friendly packaging materials. This is something that is being encouraged and is definitely here to stay. As a startup, it is therefore important to keep with the trend along with others.

Come up with purposeful packaging

For those new businesses that are aiming at creating a brand perception in the mind of customers, the purposeful packaging is the in-thing. Considering the fact that you are new in the market, your packaging should be an opportunity to convey relevant information to the customers about your brand. You should be able to achieve that through clear and brief information on your packaging supplies.

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Tips For Moving and Selecting which Moving Company to Use

In the life of most people, there will come a time when you need to move. Whether the move is as complicated as going across the country, or as simple as a regional relocation, figuring out the logistics of who to hire and what to take can be time consuming. You have to consider your budget, the movers reputation, but most importantly if the move is small or large in terms of items. There’s a difference between moving a group of small items or a single large piece of furniture. This article will help you figure out how small move services operate and which might be the best for your needs.

Starting from the top, there is a distinct difference between regular movers and small item movers. Most companies charge a minimum weight fee to cover costs, in addition, it is possible to have another charge if you fail to meet that required weight. This system means that for small items you could easily be overcharged, if you don’t have enough to make it worth the initial money. The cost of small shipping is determined from a combination of factors including: total weight, moving distance, number of movers needed, and any specific services. A company likely won’t refuse the work, but they should provide a quote for how much it will cost. This is recommended for moves that have under 1000 pounds in total items.

There can be many unexpected issues during a move. A good service should also be able to adapt to any situation. It’s possible the destination may not be ready for your items, thus a secure storing service is needed so the items can wait. They will also offer standard or expedited delivery for whatever speed you need based on budget and items. There are even apps out there that will keep your items organized during the hectic move process. Shipping supplies come in various forms.

After you have determined what items will be transported and the travel distance, the hard part comes of actually finding a reputable moving company. The first step is to ask your friends and family. Gather a list of movers whom they recommend, then research them on the internet. Customer reviews and performance ratings will provide a good idea of quality of the company and what to expect. Once you have narrowed your list, it is strongly encouraged to verify they are a legal legit company. It’s critical to keep in mind that if anything seems suspicious during your research, they probably are not the company for you.

The process of moving can be long and complicated, but it can be made easier with proper research and preparation work. Shipping Supplies can be relatively affordable with proper management. Knowing the weight of what needs to be moved, the travel distance, and item dimensions, can save you a lot of money. Several companies also have a highly customized solutions option. This is a way around the weight limit restriction. However, in the case of bigger and more precious items, buying insurance coverage and increased secure services may be worth the extra money. At the end of the day, moving specifications very person to person, but there is an option available on the market to suit any level of needs.

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Tips For Choosing Your Company’s Packaging Supplies

Choosing packaging supplies for your company is an important part of caring for your business. Your business depends on shipping, and you must do so properly for each new package. Take to heart every tip below, and your customers receive packages that ignite the imagination before opening.

Where Do Your Boxes Come From?

Shipping boxes for your company may be made with your logo or company name printed on the cardboard. You may choose boxes of varying sizes, and you may purchase boxes that have hard sides. Boxes made for fragile products are far safer for you to use, and you may choose boxes that are labeled for refrigeration.

Proper Packing Tape

Proper packing tape is important when sending out your packages. Customers must be confident that their package was not open before it arrived, and you must ensure that you have chosen tape that is wise enough to close any box. Someone who wishes to use logo tape makes their business look a bit better, and it is quite important that you have tape that is approved for holding the heaviest weights.

Packing Peanuts

Packing peanuts are quite important because you must fill up the box with something that protects every package you send. Packing peanuts ensure that you may lay even the most fragile thing inside the box. You must choose packing peanuts that will not shift too much during shipping, and you may purchase bags that hold the peanuts inside the box.

Packing Labels

Logo shipping labels look incredible, and they provide a beautiful image for your company that is difficult to miss. You must ensure that you have chosen labels that are large enough for any shipping company to read, and you may find that the labels are ready for use in your printer. Packing labels may be printed every day, or you may have someone with good handwriting scrawl them for you.

Spend Less

You may purchase these items online for much less money, and bulk purchases allow you to outfit your business without any trouble. You should not spend too much money on shipping supplies, but you must have something that you know works. You may wish to have shipping materials in your office that anyone could use, and you must ensure that you have chosen products that are shown to be effective.

Buy From The Shipping Company

You may get special shipping materials from the shipping company, and they sell these items to you because they know they have the best products. They may recommend products to you when necessary, and they often explain how to use these products. The shipping company picks up everything you have prepared, or they may offer assistance when the driver arrives.

Shipping from your business is quite important, and it must be done with the materials that you know functiona properly. Purchase the best products online and use them every day to release new items to your customers.

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Choosing the Right Types of Moving Boxes for Your Next Home Move

If you are in the midst of buying all of the supplies and tools for the day of your move, it is important that you become familiar with what types of moving items are available to you. Because the efficiency and the timing of the move can be affected by what you have in your possession, you need to make sure that you are not only buying a lot of boxes but the right types before getting started. Fortunately, there is information on the internet that can assist you in selecting the right types of shipping supplies for every phase of the move that you will encounter.

Look for Boxes that Will Be Durable

To save on the cost of buying supplies like boxes, it is not uncommon for others or professionals in the moving industry to give their advice. Especially, when they want to tell you what you should be looking for today. For instance, in some cases, people may recommend getting free boxes from your local grocery store and even from a liquor store in your neighborhood. Even though this advice can be fruitful, there is at least one drawback that you will need to consider before going to these locations. One of which is the fact that these boxes may have a diverse set of qualities in the bunch. Specifically, since some of the boxes can be either too flimsy to use. As a result, the valuables that you place in these boxes will not receive the protection that it should get.

Having said that, you may want to start your search for the right types of moving boxes by looking for the most stronger brand and quality. Preferably, those moving boxes that have been deemed as quality heavy duty boxes that possess a doubled lined wall of construction. These boxes are vital for you when the boxes are going to be packed with delicate glasses and other items that can easily break if the boxes do not hold up to a certain high quality standard.

Size of the Boxes

The size of the boxes that you search for can make a vast difference for everyone involved. Because the items that need to be packed for the move can range from very small to oversized items, this factors should also be considered closely. For example, when you are searching around for the right sizes, you need to consider investing in the smaller boxes that can hold little small nicknacks, while also looking for the huge boxes that can be filled with virtually any tools and supplies that have originated from the bathroom, kitchen, or any other room that you have in your present home.

Quantity of Boxes Required

You want to have enough boxes for the move so you need to take a look at how many boxes will be needed for the move. In some cases, you may not want or need to get the boxes down to an exact science or an exact number but you want to make sure that you have a sufficient amount that will take you all the way through the move. For example, you should calculate how many boxes you will need for the number of rooms in the home. This number will provide you with a quick estimate of what else needs to be purchased.

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Tips To Get Your Packaging Design Right

Development of an innovative product always comes with the excitement to introduce it to customers. Many are, however, oblivious of the competition that faces the product in the market. As products enter the market week in week out, competition with the already existing products intensifies. This calls for retailers to add more space on their shelves for the new products.

This competition may get most product developers lost among the crowd. However, standing out among other brands in the market is not as difficult as it seems. The small techniques count the most in this circumstance. For the sake of winning the hearts of buyers, the great packaging is essential for product developers.
Packaging designs may differ with the different products. Regardless of the product, a good packaging design will always get your product ahead of the competition. Among the many designs, each offers a unique edge to the existing competition. Packaging uniquely, therefore, is key to winning more customers.

One of the tips to packaging is always to keep it simple. Being minimal when Packaging has become trendy, and it has proven to be quite helpful. While many packaging designs may contain loads of visual information on them, many consumers lack time to notice some of it. Too much information on the package may end up taking away the customer’s interest in the product. At times, minimalism yields accuracy.
Adopting a packaging design also depends on the customers targeted. In an aggregated market, consumers fall into different classes. In targeting the affluent consumers, getting a real classy design may is critical. In packaging supplies for the high class, thinking out of the box to develop an exquisite package could make all the difference. As much as extra costs may be incurred in the production of such containers, the target pool of consumers can afford it.

In designing packages for consumable products, it is desirable that designers keep it mysterious. Omitting some of the details from the face of the package may capture the attention of potential customers. Occasionally, put in some work of art on the package. These attractive designs with artwork often get the consumers curious. They will probably want to know what company has done the design. Whenever there is an element of mystery in a product, the attention of the customers quickly follows.
Designers should also consider the intended purpose of the product they are creating a package for. Smart designers will come up with designs to serve more than two purposes. For instance, Sassafras developed an ingenious design for their homeware product. The company developed kits that can be used by kids to make animal masks while their mums bake cakes. In developing this product, Sassafras also prioritized on sustainability, using 100% recycled material and no adhesives when creating the product.

Whenever a designer is narrowing down on the design to apply in a package, sustainability should be a factor to consider. Packaging Supplies should not compromise environmental conservation. Packages designed should, therefore, be biodegradable, especially for beverage selling shops. A South African agency teamed up with Truth Coffee to develop zero waste cups. Eco-friendly packages are more likable for their role in protecting the environment.
Package designs should also tell a story about a brand. Through collage illustrations, consumers should get a little knowledge about the product. Besides, using bold colors in designing packages also ensures that customers keep their eyes on the product.

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When shipping a gift of a package, the most challenging part is not the transportation but the packaging. Packaging determines what condition your product will get to its destination, it also defines the charges or by the shipping company.

It is therefore necessary to get the packaging right so as to get the right value of the product, there are a couple of tips that we are going to address in this text that will give you best results when it comes to how to package your product.

1. Remove old shipping labels. If you are the kind that is eco-friendly and like to take care of the environment, then you probably re-use your old shipping box which is a great thing. Though, you are supposed to make sure that the tables do not have barcodes from the last shipping supplies which might cause confusion and have the package sent to the wrong address. Or if you are lucky and the shipping company you use are keen they might call you to follow up which only slows down the process and delaying the transportation schedule.

2. Take advantage of free shipping boxes from the company. Before opting for the re-Use of old boxes, you can contact the shipping company you are going to use and ask if they give free boxes or mailers and envelopes for small items. Most shipping supplies in the United States are providing these services for free or on a flat rate program depending on the size or weight of things you intend to send.

3. Use the H-shape method when applying tape. In an event that you are using a box for shipment it is advisable to use the tape along the edges of the box surface and on the seams if it is an irregular object, when doing this use the H-shape pattern which ensures the package is well taped. Also when using tape ensure you go for the plastic or reinforced paper tape which is usually 2-inches wide, this tape is strong compared to masking tape or cellophane a word of caution; shipping companies as a regulation measure do not allow the use of duct-tape.

4. The box-within-a-box. In instances where you are packaging fragile items one box cannot be enough, instead nest a table within another for extra protection and for the method to be effective make sure you insulate between the two plates by using crumpled newspapers, or other cushioning material to restrict movement. This cushioning material should also be used in the first box that has the packaged item. When you are using newspaper as cushioning material consider the ink used since it can bleed off onto other stuff, always be careful to avoid smudging to the item.

5. Provide labels or business cards. When packaging always ensure inside the shipping box you have some information about the product and some contacts this way in case the material you use for shipping is damaged the company can get some information from the document.

6. Consider the shipping schedule. Just because you went to the shipping company on Monday it does not mean that the product you are shipping is dispatched immediately, check with the company schedule to know how dispatch is arranged, also as a caution measure consider international holiday schedules as they might affect the shipping process.

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The Many Options For Gorgeous Packaging

It is challenging to create eye catching packaging. This is especially true with the demand for renewable and biodegradable packaging. Brewery packaging can be adventurous and rebellious. This makes the rare beer styles more approachable and welcomes inquisitive visitors. This works well with unexpected colors, geometric patterns and a modern design. This look makes the brews stand out from the others.

Juice branding can be revamped with a touch of whimsey. If the packaging is too rustic the product can appear outdated. Scientific and whimsical iconography is both realistic and playful. The benefits of the juice can be combined with optimist to catch the eye of the consumers by standing out in the refrigerator. A minimal label draws more attention to the product.

A unique typographic treatment works well for sauces. An energetic, jovial caricature provides each sauce with a separate identity. An unusual, vertical presentation is an excellent way to display the legal and nutritional information. It is difficult to make a product stand out it this category. An appealing and real identity, originality and packaging that leaps out at the consumer makes the difference.

Colored transparencies are a great way to customize record sleeves. Die cut, colored transparencies can be used to form layers. This creates a customizable and bespoke sleeve. The shape and color should be strong and simple. There should not be many restrictions while in the initial planning stage. Inspiration can come from cassette and packaging supplies, old childhood games and experimentation. This should provide positive feedback.

A clever way to package light bulbs is with illustrations of insects. Most lightbulb packaging is fairly utilitarian. When the boxes have beautiful images, it becomes an important part of the design. The illustrations should be highly detailed. The shape and size of the bug determines which light bulb they are best paired with. Dragonfly boxes are great for thin, long bulbs. A bumble bee’s abdomen represents an energy saving bulb’s coiled striped beautifully.

Alice in Wonderland has imagery that works well for a cake shop. This combines a modern approach with traditional techniques. The result is whimsical with Baroque aesthetics. The Alice and Wonderland theme provides the iconography along with a nice range of packaging.

As cannabis is legalized in the United States, the branding and packaging are being designed to match. The brand identity pops with the use of a Pentagram. The logo is a distinctively based leaf and has an animated version. Cannabis sweets include six chocolate bars.

Visually impaired customers can be the focus for products such as tinned tomatoes, cornflakes and milk. This packaging can be aesthetically appealing. This provides an innovative and new way of thinking about packaging design because it can be for senses in addition to sight.

Caramels work well with a sweet style of packaging, A beautiful packaging design and branding concept is a reflection of the handmade caramels. The visual identity can include flyers, the display, packaging and the logo. This expression makes the production of caramels more worthy.

The colors and shapes of sweets can be used for the packaging by confection companies. This makes the design more modern. A design of black and white can include a matt finish with a silver print. This gives a functional cardboard box a tasty touch and a new appeal.

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The Secret Of E-Commerce Success: Shipping

In today’s world of e-commerce business, there are a few key ways to make your business successful. While others may have methods on how to generate profits for your business there seems to be one aspect of e-commerce success that hasn’t been covered in its entirety. That aspect is shipping. To have a successful e-commerce business you must know the value of shipping with your business. Below are a few ways that will inform you of the value of shipping for your e-commerce business.

Speed Of Shipping
It should be obvious that with today’s fast-paced societies, the increasing need for speed and availability, that one of the most crucial aspects of having a successful e-commerce business is the speed of shipping. While shopping in the world of e-commerce, a consumer often will go through the whole selection process, the entering of information, calculating the cost, and finally the checkout. It is usually at the site of the shipping time, the estimated wait period, that consumers are often met with dismay. To see a long waiting, of either a week and sometimes even a month, often will deter some of the most dedicated consumers. They will often search for the same product on a different eCommerce site that delivers at a faster rate.

Shipping Supplies On The Ready
In connection with faster shipping times comes the availability of the shipping supplies. Having an e-commerce business often means that there is a product sold and that such products sold must be packed and delivered to the customer in the fastest way possible. Knowing in advance what shipping materials are needed will make this process much easier. From having boxes purchased in advance to having various packages on hand will make the sending of the purchased product much more easier. With this in mind, be aware that the cost of the shipping materials are uaually cheaper with buying in bulk.

Free Shipping
More often than not, consumers are excited upon scene free shipping when the total cost is summed up on their ear receipt. Now some business owners May scoff at the idea of offering free shipping come up with the idea of having to not only purchase the packaging for the product but to pay for the product also. But this is where some of the most notable e-commerce success takes place. With having a long-term strategy in place, the overall cost that is paid for the shipping will recover themselves as more products are shipped. The more products sold usually generates more traffic for additional products to be sold.

Consumers often spread the word of great service amongst their friends, colleagues, and family members. This is a sure-fire way to add to the success of your eCommerce business.
No matter which way you choose to add to the success of your eCommerce business, the above three ways are sure to create additional success. A key factor to add in is that to have success as an e-commerce business you must think from the mind of a consumer. The one thing all consumers share in common is the desire for faster service coupled with superior products. To simply focus on the quality of your product and not on the speed of the delivery of such product will become ingredients for partial success with your eCommerce business.

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Packaging Supplies: How to Sell the Products Creatively

Graphic designers and marketers today are working together to gain more sales by introducing an artistic way to present their products through clever packaging supplies. With an inventive mind, hundreds of new packaging ideas can be generated. Here are some of the best packaging ideas that can be used by marketers and product manufacturers:

1. The packaging should be usable, and the consumers should be able to recycle the packaging for other uses. Examples of this technique can be found on ball-shaped packaging designs that have the product placed inside. If the packaging is in a shape of the ball and the product inside are made of candies or chocolates, the children purchasing it would be eager to finish all of the sweets inside because of the toy that they can use later on.

2. The packaging should also be product friendly, and it should reflect a great relationship with the product. Examples would be ketchup bottles. Since it tends to become sticky when placed in traditional containers, an upside-down bottle of ketchup makes it easier to release the product. The sales of a popular ketchup brand rose significantly after they introduced this kind of packaging to their products.

3. Special edition packaging would give the buyers an impression that the product is unique, and they would be purchasing the product because of its rarity. Companies could also team up with special events to make a tie-in packaging that would get the attention of consumers. The most common events where special edition packaging becomes prevalent are during the Olympics or the World Cup.

4. Packaging designers should also think about being unique and creative. They should try breaking the rules that confined specific products to their repetitive packagings, like toothpaste and shoes, and use their creative skills to redesign the packaging for these products. The packaging would either be a success or a failure, but at least, they have tried.

5. Packaging designers should also consider the fact that most people would not want a product that would require them to put an extensive effort to open it or a product that has too many words printed on it. The consumers only need the simplest presentation, and they are looking after the convenience when considering the products that they would want to buy.

6. Product marketers should also be an active social media user because their primary goal is to make their product trending and viral. If they gained too much attention on social media, the product would create a hype that would increase the possibilities of a sale. This would also draw the attention of the public, and many would start getting curious if the product made that much attention.

7. The packaging of the product should also consider the plight of the consumers who are going to use it. We can see that this idea applies to chips and snacks manufacturers, in the sense that a lot of people tend to finish only half or a quarter of the food inside. Products that give the consumers an ability to seal off the packaging has more chances of selling them to the public.

8. The packaging should also include humor, and the consumers should think that it is fun. If you placed together two products, with one being boring and the other one being funny, people would choose the latter.

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Moving During the Winter: 10 Things You Have to Know

Moving during the winter can be scary, until you find out it can actually be beneficial for you and your family. The majority of people move during the summer, making moving companies busier and harder to book. Prices are at a premium and good luck finding cheap shipping supplies. That being said, take this winter move with stride with these 10 quick tips for moving during the winter:

1) The Earlier the Better
Winter means we have limited daytime light and it is typically a tad chillier come nightfall. Do yourself a favor and start packing as early as possible. This will allow you to fully take advantage of the sunlight throughout the day.
2) Salt is your Best Friend
The winter typically comes with snow and ice. To make your move as smooth and safe as possible coat the walk and driveways with salt the days leading up to and the night before your move. This will make it easier to clear them of any snow and ice. The last thing you need is a broken bone and a trip to the ER on move day!
3) Layer it Up
You never know how hot or cold you are going to get while moving all of those boxes. Wearing layers will give you the freedom to add or remove clothing when you get too hot or cold.
4)Get the Car Ready
The moving truck is ready to go, but is your own vehicle equipped to handle taking you and your family to your new home? Make sure you have checked your tire pressure, engine, and pack an emergency kit just in case.

5) Pack the supplies
Speaking of your own personal vehicle, don’t forget to pack important winter supplies in their too. These items can include gloves and the windshield scraper. Don’t pack these guys in boxes in case you need them on the way. The weather can be unpredictable in the winter.
6) Check your Weather App
Perfect segue to our next tip…watching the weather will be key during a winter move. In the weeks leading up to your move, be checking the forecast for any weather changes or possible winter storms. Be flexible if unforeseen weather comes about on the day of your trip. Always have a back up plan.
7) Keep Some Cocoa on Hand
Or coffee if hot chocolate isn’t your thing. Your family and the movers may be needing something warm to drink during this winter move. Keep something warm on hand to make the move more enjoyable for everyone.
8)Let the Pros Do it
This is the best and safest option during a winter move. A professional will be able to navigate the truck in winter weather and will make your move more seamless then if you were to attempt it yourself.
9)Keep It Clean
Make sure to pack carpet remnants or lay down broken moving boxes as to not track ice and snow into your pretty new home during the move. The last thing you want to worry about is having to clean your brand new home right after you move in.
10) Wrap Your Goods
The winter weather can cause issues when it comes to damaging your possessions. Make sure to protect the items with the potential to be water damaged in stronger shipping supplies.

Moving is stressful, especially in the winter. Fortunately, you can make your move go as seamless as possible by following these 10 tips.

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