Cardboard Box Creations Anywhere, Anytime

The trend these days is to use what you have and find smart ways to find use for things we use to throw away. Cardboard boxes are a big throw away item, yet they are used frequently in many ways. Whether it’s the big cages filled with them at your local box store, or the products delivered to most companies and homes. Cardboard is plentiful.

Just in your home alone there are undoubtably cardboard boxes around, unless you’ve already sent them to be recycled. There are ways to use those boxes in your home to help organize. With a little craftiness and some simple packaging supplies it will amaze you how these simple ideas won’t need to be hid in the storage area of your home.

Organizination is a big business and some of those cute totes and boxes for your things can actually be quite pricey. Before dropping old clothes to the Goodwill you can actually use some of those great patterns as a cool way of covering your cardboard boxes. Some cutting and sewing will create some really stylish boxes for storing towels, books, or whatever else needs a home.

Now if you’ve ever gone to the craft store and not visited the scrapbook isles your missing out. There are so many different scrapbook papers available that will mock wood grains, designer fabrics, newsprints, and so so much more. All of these papers can be used with a little mod lodge, a superb glue you paint on to stick and over to seal. A little acrylic sealer and you can have any design you want. This is a great option for a room that follows a specific pallet of colors.

While in the craft store you should take a look at getting some black cardstock and a white paint marker. Both of these are great for making fun chalkboard like tags that you could adhere to the front. The options are endless and it’s a lot more fun that just picking out storage at a store and way more personalized.

That good old craft store or your local hardware store will be your best friend while your upcycling your cardboard boxes. If your looking to paint the boxes a good spray paint and a couple coats will give you great coverage. This is a much quicker way than painting with a paint brush. There are also paints that mimic different textures. It’s referred to as faux painting and can be very cool.

Adding handles or hanging ties can allow your creations to hang from walls or just make them easier to pick up. Old belts can be cut up and used for sturdy handles. Just a few binding post screws will hold the handles in place. This will come in handy when it’s something that you move from place to place or that you want to pick up. Children will be able to walk around and pick up their toys easily.

Whatever the box and whatever your making get your boxes and some packaging supplies to help you shape your creation. Then go to town and make it fun. Come up with your own new way or add your personal touch.

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Foam Packages: Why They Work

People who work in glassware often have to send out packages. They often have to find high-quality packaging choices, too. Foam packaging can often be terrific for professionals who are part of the glassware field. Foam packages, first and foremost, look fantastic. They also protect items from significant destruction and harm. Those things are just examples. Foam packages can be great for glassware professionals for an abundance of reasons.

These packages are eco-friendly and as a result won’t wreak havoc onto the environment. You can use these packages repeatedly. You can discard of these packages without much effort, too. Doing so won’t hurt the precious ecosystem. These packages don’t give off pollutants during manufacturing. That’s one of the reasons so many people are turning to them these days.

Foam packages are hassle-free. Dealing with them doesn’t require any planning or prior training. Basically anyone can manage them. Handling foam packages is never overwhelming or perplexing.

Packages of this type are associated with outstanding cushioning. This is extremely important. If you regularly pack products that are particularly weak, foam packaging can make you feel a lot more peace of mind and ease. They can be particularly suitable for jewelry, glass and anything that’s not especially sturdy and tough. If you use foam packages, you don’t have to lose sleep at night wondering how your items are handling transit.

Costs are always major considerations for people who handle shipping duties. If you rely on foam packages, you don’t have to think much about expenses. That’s because foam packaging is great on the budget. It makes a fine economical choice for professionals who take on many shipping responsibilities day in and day out. People recycle these packages all of the time. They use them repeatedly all of the time, too. Those things both contribute to their affordability. Foam package manufacturing and upkeep do not cost a lot of money. Foam is also a notably lightweight material. Shipping it, as a result, tends to be pretty budget-friendly. If you’re interested in the combination of affordability and superior product defense, then you need to explore foam packaging as a shipping choice right now.

Foam packaging can be optimal for all varieties of shipping applications. It’s suitable for items big, small and in the middle. It’s suitable for items that cover all kinds of shape categories as well. Foam packaging is even a good match for items of many weights. Foam packages can help products that are rather heavy and bulky. It can help products that are the total opposite. It’s equipped with molds that have the ability to tend to many products.

If you’re searching for shipping supplies that can accommodate your requests wonderfully, you should focus on foam packages without a minute of delay. Foam packages are commonly seen in many industries at the moment. People are picking up on the value they offer. It isn’t a piece of cake to find materials that can help defend your items well in times of shipping. Shipping can be quite an unpredictable thing. Workers can accidentally drop boxes on the ground. Things shake and shift when they’re in vehicles and on planes. If you’re looking to provide your items with the highest degree of defense possible, then foam packaging may be the answer. It’s a trusted packaging choice for many.

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How to Set Up Orderly Systems in Your Kitchen

What better time to organize your house space than the time you are moving in! With effective packaging supplies, organizing your new space is as easy as ABC. A good workflow can be created starting with the kitchen. In fact, the time you are moving into a new residential space is the best chance to organize your stuff just the way you’ve always wished. In any case, cooking goes with timing.

Your Personal Preferences Determine Your Kitchen Plan

Your personal preferences when it comes to cooking will determine the way to organize your kitchen appliances and other stuff. Either way, it is challenging to set up a system that works efficiently. The situation is made worse in cases where there is limited space. It is even worse when you are moving into a smaller space than your previous residence.

Preparing For the Change of Set Up In Your Space

There are aspects that you need to bear in mind, including how you can start off and how to find out the best system that suits you. All these are geared towards making sure that you remain efficient starting from the cooking process to meal deliveries. It does not matter whether you are unpacking now, or updating the system you have, or even trying your hand at it for the first time. The tips below will help you to organize your kitchen better.

Clean out and Declutter

You will find decluttering especially necessary if you are moving into a smaller space. You must declutter if you want to stand a chance to organize a kitchen with limited space. People tend to spend more time in the kitchen, even compared to where there is entertainment like the living room. That is the reason it is imperative to make sure that the kitchen only carries things you want to see all the time and those you use. The clutter should be hauled to the bin. One helpful strategy is to organize your stuff by their types and sort them out one by one. Make sure that you only keep the items that you wish to see, use and are attached to. Decluttering makes your kitchen space a lot easier to organize.

Where should you Begin?

Experts recommend that you begin with your pantry. The expiration of food is a good pointer to what you need to dump. In fact, it would be easier if clothes also had an expiration date. They would save women a lot of time to organize their closet. Follow the rule of discarding duplicate stuff, when decluttering the drawers.

Dealing With the Items One By One

Start with the cabinet; go to the drawer and then the whole cupboard. Do not transfer the stuff you remove, straight into some box and tie up. Keep everything that you remove, within the vicinity. You need view your things so that you can decide where they should be taken or dumped. You need to muster some courage and come to terms with the fact that there is stuff that you will need to dispose of for good. Donate the things you no longer use, want or need. Expired, damaged and broken items should not waste your time. They should be disposed of as soon as possible.

Group Items According To a Certain Chosen Criteria

Grouping items and sorting them out helps to expedite the process of placing them where they are used readily.

Organizing Your Space Needs Patience

While there is no rule that dictates how long you should take organizing your stuff, most people would rather finish that business fast. Never feel pressured when it takes you days, weeks or months to set up a system that works effectively for you. In any case, your organization may change along with your needs. So, overhauling is part of the whole process of organizing your space. With effective and well thought out packaging supplies, though, organizing your kitchen becomes a walk in the park.

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Master International Packing With These Tips

You are jumping for joy because your organization is transferring you and your family overseas. It’s a big move and you are very excited and overwhelmed about making an international move to a foreign country. There is so much at hand. Of course, you must select a shipping company and shipping supplies, for all your household goods. Certainly, a move to another country is not a simple task. It takes time and lots of planning. First, it is important to take your time. Don’t rush through all the task. Rushing leads to making costly errors in judgement. In addition, make the move a family project.

Get Rid Of Excess Baggage
Now, is the time to trim the fat or get rid of items that you really don’t require at your new location. Dwindling down the number of items that you take with you to your new location is an excellent way to reduce the moving cost. Remember, some countries place restrictions on the items that they allow in the country. For example, animals, weapons, plants. Leave those items behind. Of course, there will be certain items that you probably can’t do without in your new location. For example, personal mementos, family treasures, decorations, furniture, your favorite gadgets, computers, and your entertainment system. Just make sure that there is enough space for those items in your new home.

Shipping Advice 
Certainly, it is important to separate essential items that you might need on the plane or on arrival to your destination from the big ticket items. In other words, small and essential items should be packed with your luggage. Big ticket items are going to your moving company. Your luggage should contain items like important documents that might include birth certificates, passports, marriage certificates, financial documents, credit cards, health records, insurance policies, important electrical gadgets, prescriptions, extra cash, fresh clothing, personal care items, towels, jewelry, kids toys, books to read, games. Here is a word of advice. If you need your big ticket items promptly, ship by air freighter. If time is not an issue, ship by sea freight.

Packing Tips
Of course, some companies might perform all the packing for you. However, you might prefer to pack many of the personal fragile items, clothes, shoes, small electronics, and books. Just make sure that you have an adequate amount of shipping supplies on hand.

  • Fragile Items – Wrap in bubble wrap and place in boxes that are especially made for fragile items
  • Clothing & Shoes – Make sure that you pack your clothing and shoes that are appropriate for the season to avoid having to buy clothing that is in season
  • Small Electronics – Wrap your electronics in bubble wrap and place in a shipping box. Fill the empty spaces in the box with shipping peanuts to avoid damage
  • Books – Place your books in a sturdy box made for shipping
  • Toiletries – Place your toiletries inside of leak proof plastic bags that are sealed inside a plastic container
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Sensational Crafts Made With Cardboard

The Cardboard Box

Technology always provides new opportunities even though some things remain the same. Cardboard packaging is used for ninety percent of all products shipped within the U.S. These packaging supplies are generally thrown away but there are so many possibilities. A little creativity goes a long way.


Everyone appreciates a handwritten thank you card or cardboard postcard. These are easily contained in the original gift box.

Dinner Circles

The cardboard tube from foil or plastic wrap makes delightful napkin rings. Eight rings only require a quarter yard of fabric. The cloth can be secured using double sided tape or fabric glue.

Contain Your Excitement

Line a cardboard box with some embellishments then use a plastic bag for the lining. Poke a couple holes for drainage to create a lovely plant holder.

Stylish Storage

Use spray adhesive and gold screw bolts to make a trio of storage totes. These will secure the fabric to the cardboard box. An old belt makes a wonderful carrying strap.

Cat Scratch Fever

A scratching post for cats can be made using corrugated cardboard boxes. You can paint the outer rim for more style.


A box from a large appliance makes the perfect maze for kids. Connect the boxes with sturdy plastic clips and cut a doorway into each box.

Coasting Along

Drink coasters are easy with a pair of scissors, decorative duct tape and cardboard. They also make excellent furniture sliders.

Tag, You’re It

Cardboard is a great way to mark things, label containers, bags and boxes or use for gift tags.

In the Weeds

Sturdy cardboard is a natural solution to any issues with weeds. Cardboard can be placed flat over the problem area, watered to keep it in place then covered with mulch or soil for camouflage.

Clever Crafting

Cardboard is a sensational palette for paints. Simply cut out a hole for the thumb to make it easy to hold.

Magazine Files

Cereal boxes are always being thrown in the trash. They make a nice magazine file when cut to the right size and covered in decorative fabric or paper.

Party Décor

A cardboard paper towel roll makes a lovely flower garland. Simply paint the roll, bend it, then glue and string everything together.

Wall Art

A blank canvas costs a lot of money but the top of a shoe box is cheap. Coat the top with primer and white paint. Now it can be used for a canvas and easily decorated.

Bird Feeder

A traditional bird feeder made from pine cones can be a recyclers dream. Construct the base from a cardboard toilet paper roll. Cover this using peanut butter and bird seed. A ribbon or string can be slipped right through it so it can be hung in a tree.

Gift Bags

Take a cardboard cereal box and cut it into the desired shape. Paint it brown and add some decorative accoutrements. This makes a beautiful gift bag to fill with goodies for your guests to take home.

Fabric Picture Mats

There is no need to spend money on plain picture mats from the store. They can easily be customized using fabric. Take a piece of thin cardboard from the backing of a notepad or a cereal box. Cut it to the right size and use Mod Podge and spray adhesive to apply the fabric.

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Successful Shipping Tips For Home Business

Are you struggling with the proper shipping techniques for your home based business? Stick with me, and I will quickly go over eight successful shipping tips to give that memorable final impression with your customer.

Know Your Shipping Charges
Make sure to take any pictures of the product you are shipping, before listing it for sale. This way you will be able to provide an accurate package and weight dimensions during the listing process.

Packaging Carefully
Be sure that the product is going to arrive at its location safely, by wrapping it correctly. You will want to find a box that is sturdy, as well as the proper size for the item it’s holding. Be sure to include enough packaging material inside the box to secure the piece during shipment. Materials can consist of packing peanuts, bubble wrap, air pillows, and more!

Shipping Quickly
In this modern age, consumers want their product as soon as they possibly can. By providing a speedy and efficient shipping and handling process, you are going to have happy customers, and we all know that making our customers happy, means they will be a repeat shopper, and that’s what the ultimate goal should be. Achieve this by offering same day or 1 business day handling. Also be sure to inform the customer when their product has shipped. Keep in mind that holding a particular shipping expectation can get you a higher rating during consumer reviews!

Saving Time And Hassle
Save time by utilizing the free package pickup option from the U.S Postal Service. If you’re shipping more valuable items, you’ll want to consider adding shipping insurance to the package seriously. Check with your preferred carrier for their specific insurance options. Don’t forget, you can include the cost of insurance in the items price or the handling cost, but you cannot charge a separate fee for the insurance.

Stock Up On Shipping Supplies

Keep your shipping supplies stockpiled. You can order shipping products from the US Postal Service, or search for supplies from retailers online. Remember to save any extra items that might typically be tossed out. Such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts and lightly used, sturdy cardboard boxes.

Print Your Labels
Utilize your home office by printing your shipping labels. On the final page of your preferred shipping site, there will be an option to print the shipping receipt. Tip: Keep a copy of the shipping label with your customer’s order information for quick reference to the tracking number.

Providing Tracking Information
On any shipping label, there will be a long numerical or alphanumerical tracking number. When informing your customer, their package has shipped, include the shipper and tracking number for their convenience.

Make It Personal
Lastly, Don’t forget to add some personal flair to the shipment. Drop in an invitation to return by giving the consumer a coupon or special that they can only get by shopping online with you. If this isn’t your style, just drop in a business card with a personal thank you for the customers business.

Now that you have the tools you need, you can ship to your customers with confidence! Knowing that your product is arriving at its destination intact will not only give you peace of mind, but it will make your customer very appreciative of the extra time you put in to make their experience a good one!

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Tips on creating the Complete Tourism Package!

Tourism is a way to experience the world, new cultures and people and escape the drudgery of daily life. So if you are selling a tourism package, you need to make the best package possible for travellers to choose your tourism package over others.

So how can you create awesome tourism packages? Read on for more information!

1.  Fix prices early

A good tourism package is one which fixes the package rate much in advance of the scheduled tour. This is important to give your tourists a clear picture of costs, as they book their trip much earlier than actual travel dates. This pricing must include all costs, such as packaging supplies, profits, a margin for unscheduled payments as well as costs encountered due to shared trip packages with other operators. This way you will be able to avoid money related tiffs and hassles at the time of customer booking queries.

2. Cuts and commissions

Any travel agents that you hire are going to need a commission. Generally, commission rates are set at 10 to 30 %. These commission rates are higher if the trip being undertaken is across borders or offshore.

3. Laws and legalities

It is imperative that you ensure that all laws are followed through while creating a tourism package. Your tourism advertisement should not be ambiguous or confusing. Also look out for advertising that is false, which may lead to legal hurdles if challenged.

4. Target your customer

Marketing your package is another key facet of tourism. If you are targeting a domestic population, you can specifically look out for special groups that are interested in package tours. These usually include school trips, college trips, societies an associations or family groups. These groups are generally interested in low-cost packages. In case of international marketing, you may contact a sales or marketing person with experience in the international field and proceed from there.

5.  Freebies and subsidized offers

Pairing up with other travel or product groups can help you provide customers with offers and packaging supplies, at a low cost to your company. For example, pairing with a sunscreen chain for a beach holiday can help the business of both your travel tour as well as the sunscreen product.

6. Time it right

There are certain times of the year when a destination is more popular than at other times. Keep a close eye on such timings and target your tour package to be available at the right time of year. For example, hilly areas are popular during the warm summer months and your package must highlight the advantages of your tour at this time.

7. Make it easy

Ensure that your online booking system is easy to use and responsive. A customer will generally choose a smooth travel package creation process over a complicated system. Online money transfers should also be easy to use and convenient.

So now that you are on track to sell your travel package in the best way possible, what are you waiting for? Get packing!

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Good Shipping Practices Gives You Repeat Customers

If you have an online business, you will need to know how to ship your parcels properly and what shipping supplies you will need to have on hand. Your packages will need to be packaged according to the rules and regulations in your area.

Learn to have good shipping practices. If you do not, your customers will notice. Customers will also be grateful when you have the knowledge to ship a package properly. Good practices in shipping your parcels the right way will lead to satisfied customers. Word of mouth gets around fast. If you ship packages wrong, it could harm your business. It is a make or break situation in the ecommerce business.

Ship on time

Keep your customers happy. When you get an order in your online store, ship it the same day if possible. Package up your product without delay. Customers will become furious if they see that their package was not shipped in a timely manner. If the customer sees that it took a week to ship and another week for delivery, they might find a quicker business to spend their money with and get better service. Efficiency will give you repeat customers.

Free Shipping

There are many good ways to give your customers some incentives to shop in your online store. Some use coupon codes while other offer free shipping.

In many cases, customers appreciate the free shipping and will end up spending more money in you store. Eliminating shipping cost should not hurt your business, they will be covered by the extra items that your customers will buy. This will increase your profit.

Selling online is all about keeping good repeat customers. Do not try and turn your shipping charges into a profit for your business. People are smart and they will notice the over-charged shipping costs.

Calculate Your Shipping Costs

Research your shipping costs. You could lose money on the wrong shipping habits. Know the details on how you are going to ship items and what the cost will be in advance.

Items should not be floating around in the box. Have different size boxes, plenty of packaging supplies and make your items tight in the box. You may be able to get a discount on your shipping, if you are doing it on a regular basis. Ask your shipping service for the best rates for your business.

Online tools can help you calculate the cost of your packages. USPS, UPS and FedEx all have online calculators. When shipping internationally, use shipping services in that area.

Be Clear on You Shipping Practices

Make sure your customers know how their packages are going to be shipped. Your site should show shipping notification or tracking information. It will help you to keep your customers.


Minimize your risks by insuring all packages that are being shipped. If a package is damaged or lost, the cost of the items will not come out of your pocket if you insure the package. You can insure all packages or just the expensive ones.

International Shipping
There is a greater risk of damage, fraud and uncertainty when shipping international. International shipping can cost more, but it can also open up a larger range of customers.

Ecommerce Shipping Questions to Know

How much will your shipping cost?
Do I want to give customers free shipping?
What packages should I insure?
Is shipping internationally worth the risk?

Answer these questions and you will be ready to ship your packages at a cost that will not break your business.

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What to do when moving to a new climate

Even under the best of circumstances, moving can be a hassle. Add in a dramatic climate change and the already hectic process gains a new layer of challenge. Fear not intrepid reader, we are here to help you understand what to do when moving to a different climate. So grab your shipping supplies, take a deep breath, and read on.

Dress for success
The first thing that you’ll want to pay attention to when moving between climate zones is your wardrobe. In this case, it pays to plan ahead. If you’re moving somewhere cold like Maine, Minnesota, or Montana, then you’ll need winter weather gear for your whole family. In addition to long pants and sweaters; warm coats, gloves, and hats are a necessity. Cold spells typically don’t last a day or two up north, they last weeks or even months. Similarly, if you’re moving from north to south, be prepared for heat and humidity.

Shop local
Don’t go overboard buying new clothes ahead of time though, because you may be paying extra for clothes that are atypical to the region you’re leaving. Instead, buy the necessities for a few days, but plan to do most of your clothes shopping in the new locale. Not only will you be getting a wardrobe appropriate to the new location, but you’ll also gain firsthand knowledge of the local area as well.

Fun in the sun
If you’re trading in your ice skates for swimsuits, make sure you prepare for other sun-related conditions as well. It may sound like common sense, but proper hydration is key to beating the heat, so drink plenty of water. This is doubly important if there are elderly or children with you. Don’t forget that your pets will need extra water too. To beat sunburns or similar issues, remember to wear appropriate headgear to protect your face and buy and apply sunblock or sunscreen.

Don’t be bold in the cold
Just because you’re used to going without a coat or jacket when the nights get chilly down in warmer climates, doesn’t mean you can continue to do so once you’ve moved somewhere cold. Remember that the further your body’s temperature drops below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, the more likely you are to suffer hypothermia. This can be quite serious, even fatal if ignored. So bundle up in layers, and keep warm when venturing out into the cold. Also, remember that just because the local news, your favorite weather app, or even the thermometer says it’s a certain temperature, you must remember to account for wind chill. That is, how cold does it feel when you take the wind into account.

Hot and humid v. dry heat
Just like those up north need to keep aware of wind chill, when moving to warmer climates you need to be aware of the humidity levels. In warmer areas of high humidity, you’ll find it’s harder to cool down. That’s because the amount of moisture in the air impedes your sweat’s evaporation. On the other hand, heat with low humidity will wick away moisture from your skin and clothes. This can lead to dry skin and similar irritants.

Regardless of where you move, it’s really best to simply go out into your new area and begin to acclimate. The more you stay inside and try to fight the climate, the harder it will be to get used to the new weather. So prepare for the weather, and enjoy your new neighborhood.

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Pack Hassle Free and Ensure Your Things Are Well Protected

One of the hassles that overwhelms us when it comes to moving is packaging. We need to ensure our packaging is durable, so that our valuable items remain intact and are safely delivered to our new house. Using proper packaging material is crucial as it can help us avoid costs from damaged goods. For example, using newspapers to wrap glassware results in the glass getting inky and dirty. This can be avoided by using good packaging supplies, which in turn also spares us the hassle of cleaning glassware after unpacking.

There are a number of places where we can buy packing material from, including: office supply outlet, mail service stores, and retail stores. It is best to surf online to explore through a variety of packing material. We can also compare prices of different companies. However, we should bear in mind that certain companies only deal in large quantity sales. We should first navigate the sites to make sure a smaller quantity can be purchased from there.

If we’re looking to save money, we can inquire from local stores for spare boxes that have been used to deliver goods to their stores. We can get a variety of boxes. It is best to find out when these storeowners receive their shipments, so we can get hold of these boxes before they’re thrown out or utilized elsewhere. Before using them, we should make sure we’re using proper sizes that are congruous with the items we need to pack. Using a bigger box than needed can have the items float around in the extra space, being more susceptible to damage.

Specialty Boxes

Specialty boxes are designed to decently fit items. They are available online and in stores. Items such as artwork and mirror boxes can also find themselves frame protectors that fit inside the box ensuring the corners are well protected from uploading and offloading impact. Frame protectors thoroughly secure corners while corrugated cardboard helps protect glass surfaces during transit. Other items such as lamps, guitars, mattresses and cribs also have fit-to-shape specialty boxes that can be found online. Although, for most people file boxes aren’t necessary, they are a worthwhile addition to our packaging supplies. When it comes to our paper files we can often neglect using a box for it. But having our paper file packed adequately helps us stay organized without having to reorganize all our papers into the file after shifting it.


Packing supplies entail some very convenient tools including tape dispenser, packing tape and paper, box cutters, markers, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Even though, many people can manage without these supplies, using these supplies provides extra protection to our belongings. It greatly adds to our convenience and gives us peace of mind. It also keeps us organized and saves us time from cleaning off remnants of newspaper and tape after unpacking.

On a side note, it is useful to gather all the packing supplies in a separate box to keep things within our reach as we continue packing.

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