eCommerce Packaging: Ensuring Safe Delivery and Impressive Presentation of Goods

Selling products online is a great venue to supplement sales, but what determines the success of this experience is the shipment of the product. When products are shipped individually, each product takes a different journey. In order to sustain supplying products online, and subsequently, the revenue earned from it, it is important to strengthen your expertise in the area of eCommerce product packaging. With resourceful tips, you can reinforce the service of your brand.

eCommerce Product Packaging

eCommerce packaging is built on the criteria, set by warehousing companies, comprised of size regulation, package efficiency, and product protection. The packaging process also takes into account where the product was purchased online and how the delivery will arrive at the consumer’s end. Customer feedback, reviews, and social media posts are primary factors that help generate sales and gain trust from consumers online. The foundation of eCommerce packaging is founded on these principles, putting individual customer satisfaction in the spotlight.

In contrast to traditional standards of shipping by brick and mortar retailers, where economical, sustainable and careful packaging was the deal, eCommerce packaging views their shipping priorities from different angles. This helps shipping single units from retailers to consumers, casting a stronger impression on them by focusing on presentation alongside other aspects. Quality packaging is extremely important in direct sales. Customers have benefited their consumers with these tips on the following types of products:

– Powders: Certain conditions that shipping processes are subjected to, can prove challenging to keep powdered items contained, especially if the single seal lids cannot keep the powder content from sifting out. To proactively resolve this issue, you can use a double seal lid. Even though, there’s an added cost to using a 2nd lid, it also adds to consumer-appeal, affording them a satisfying customer experience.

– Liquids: Despite using caps/coverings or closures, the chances of leakage aren’t eliminated entirely. A foil seal liner can prevent leakage by keeping the seal even and intact throughout any pressure being applied to the cap.

– Tube Packaging: When it comes to tube packaging it is ideal to use ‘heat seal liners’, especially, if you’re using dispensing or standard caps. This prevents leakage from occurring and protects your product from damages. Alternatively, you can also use a ‘blind head’ option of shipping supplies – this is in which the head of the applicator or the tube needs to be pierced in order for the contents to release.

– Spray Bottles: Since you cannot guarantee what mode of transportation will be assigned to your product, it is a worthwhile suggestion to incorporate caps that are seal lined with foil. This is especially useful if your spray bottle product is being transported via air, as there’s a greater chance of leakage. This would require a feature of induction sealing, but the sprayer can be included separately. Consumers, realizing the damage endurance level employed, will appreciate the extra efforts with a lasting impression on them.

The nature of consumerism is a constant changing dynamic. Brand owners have to work hard and keep up to date with the developing trends. A good packaging must not only serve its function but also make the consumer feel personalized and unique in his experience of shopping online from the company that he did. This helps beat competition and allows the company to prosper in a very competitive world of retailers. In the digital world words travel faster than vehicles in the real world. Hence, good eCommerce shipping supplies and skills can result in positive feedback and help companies retain their customers long into the future.
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Strong Product Packaging Practices

If you’re trying to get a product 100 percent ready for marketing, you have to think things through carefully. It’s always a mistake to dillydally and put things off. Delaying taking care of preparation matters will only make things harder in the long run. It’s critical to prioritize investing in smart packaging products. Strong packing supplies and techniques are essential for people who care about secure and reliable shipping. They’re also essential for those who care about keeping costs manageable and low. If you want to steer clear of outrageous shipping prices, then you need to emphasize the value of high-quality packaging supplies.

Strong product packaging is all about four straightforward and basic concepts. It’s all about regulations compliance, first and foremost. It’s critical for shippers to abide by regulations at all times. Ignoring regulations can lead to all kinds of issues further on down the line. Product packaging is all about high-quality defense, too. You have to be able to protect the products you ship from all kinds of potential issues and dangers. The last thing you want is for your products to break during the shipping process. Product packaging is all about minimizing costs. It can be a disaster to lose a significant sum of money on shipping. Product packaging, last but not least, also requires consideration that relates to appearance. Packaging is critical for businesses that wish to do well. If a customer sees packaging that’s shabby and visually unappealing, it can end up being a big turnoff. Remember, meticulous packaging is key for businesses that want others to view them in flattering and positive lights. Unattractive packaging that looks like an afterthought is always a mistake.

It can be tough for professionals to make choices that pertain to packaging. Options out there can seem more than a little overwhelming and confusing at times. If you want to make smart product packaging choices, however, there are several relatively easy things you can do. You can conduct an in-depth marketing survey. It can help significantly to assess the rest of your competition. What kinds of product packaging colors, shapes and materials do they prioritize? Are their product packaging techniques working? Do customers appreciate their efforts?

Select a kind of product packaging. Don’t assume that your choice is a final one, however. It’s critical to understand that adjustments are most likely going to occur. Look for a packaging supplies company that’s located in your area. Ask to receive a test. Order a small amount at first. You don’t want to make the mistake of ordering too much of something that’s simply not up to par. Once you receive your test, you can begin the experimentation process in earnest. Adjustments are commonplace at this point. You have to make adjustments until everything seems totally good to go. Don’t rush this part, either. Rushing can lead to all kinds of regrets later. The more time and effort you put into the in-depth testing process, the better. Testing can give you a lot of confidence.

It’s vital to take note of the details that you need to put on product packages. Your objective with product packaging should be to make sure that your customers are in the loop. They need to know about factors that relate to environment, health and general safety.

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Three Seasonal Shipping Errors and Ways Around Them

Small business owners and e-commerce retailers face great challenges throughout the holiday season. While the holidays are a warm and happy time, business must be taken very seriously, especially where shipping is concerned.

Providing customers with the shipping deadlines they expect is crucial to keeping business flowing successfully. When seasonal gifts are being shipped, a number of problems can arise, and it is especially important to be prepared for these obstacles and finding ways to follow through.

The following is a list of the most common shipping errors during the holidays and the best ways to avoid them all together.

1. Lack of due diligence on forecasting and past trends.

For individuals who have been used to the seasonal sales and shipping process for more than a few years, a system of projections should be in place based on past years. Expectations should not be an issue.
For the new business owners and managers, this is a new undertaking. For those who have no idea what to expect, the holiday season might be frightening. The frequency of orders, the destination of deliveries, and shipping volumes need to be accounted for.
Looking at your busiest period so far and expecting a similar fluctuation or higher will give you a promising idea of what to expect. If certain products you sell are expected to be big sellers for the holidays, you can expect the number of sales to rise
You can also seek assistance from freight service providers to give you an estimate of the holiday shipping season. This will help you determine the best price and transportation choices.

2. Not having an order deadline for shipping

Customers are often very on edge about getting their orders in just in time for the holidays. If your shipping cutoff or deadline is not clearly printed, you are risking losing business.
Having the deadline clearly printed in a graphic on each page of your website will ensure customers know when orders must be placed. Taking extra measures by posting it in a newsletter, on social media, on a blog post, and across the top of your landing page will ensure customers know the deadline.

3. Not studying all shipping options

Often retailers are misled into thinking their options are limited to shipping supplies at a fixed rate. However, there are so many options and it is important to study the various shipping options that will improve sales, cut costs, and satisfy customers. Having the diverse options available at checkout will ensure a better sales experience for both you and your customers.

Sometimes using the dimensions vs. flat rate will work out best, while other products will work best with a flat rate. Study the costs and hire a specialist for this task if needed, but make sure your shipping options are weighed. It will save you and your customers a lot of money and time in the long run.

Hiring an online service provider can guide your sleigh right!
Teaming up with a professional freight service provider can help you manage the details of your shipping services in ways that will save your business a lot of time to allow you to take care of the crucial details and ensure a smooth transition from location to the customer. Make this year prosperous and successful!

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New business startup market warfare…positioning your product packaging for success

New business startup market warfare…positioning your product packaging for success
One important feature that new businesses often skimp is product packaging. It’s often an afterthought. They have an amazing product that may be the best in its product category and then it doesn’t have packaging that accents the product. Think of it this way, if your product is marketed to an upscale clientele then the packaging should mirror its cachet. Likewise, if you have a product that is geared toward mass appeal and wants to show frugality the packaging should mirror that theme.

New companies must plan packaging supplies along with product development. They go hand in hand. Explore what might make your product stand out in a competitive market. Packaging can set off an otherwise mediocre product into a strong contender in its market niche. Color, sizing, unique structure, branding and cost all are components to consider in delivering effective packaging.

Packaging to some established companies is everything. Consider fragrance companies. It’s extremely competitive and fragrance companies have to dig deep in order to create a packaging scheme that positions and accents its product to support its brand. Can packaging elicit emotion similar to actual products? Design configurations must elicit the brand’s essence. This supports the product and its position in the market. Here are a few tips to engage designers to think about for product packaging.

Configuration & Specifications
If the product requires the standard rectangular box or square box it will all come down to where your product is being sold. Retail box shelving is extremely different than if your product were only being sold through online channels. This also includes whether the product packaging will be constructed with paper, plastic, cardboard, be bag-like or other configurations. There are millions of combination with good examples already on shelves. Consider options that are not currently on the market that are affordable.

In the last 20 years being eco-friendly or rather making and advertising your product as being environmentally friendly is a major differentiator for some brands who want to elicit a wholesome down to earth feel. And in some cases, this package feature is even touted and a benefit of the brand. This is another opportunity to differentiate the product from competitors.

Prominently display product feature and benefits
This goes without saying, but have you ever picked up a product that was not visible through the packaging and could not clearly read or understand its feature and benefits. This happens a lot and new companies must be clear and concise with its package messaging to ensure the purchaser clearly understands what is inside.

Package protection
The packaging not only must deliver the product features in a clear understandable manner it must protect the product in shipping and storage. This can increase the cost of the product if not designed correctly and if the product is consistently being damaged in shipping then it may be poor package design. This leads to more product returns and thus increasing your total product costs.

Lastly, branding should be creative, bold and epic. If the product is a luxury brand, then packaging must mirror the brand. Luxury product packaging should appear, well…expensive. It comes with the territory. It can and should be a major differentiator and deliver the emotion of the product. The packaging should scream the brand. Brand appeal drives sales and your packaging should convey the brand in every manner.

In Conclusion
Packaging must elicit the emotion of the product and deliver visually appealing advertising for the product. It should be clear and provides another opportunity to speak to your customer about the wonderful product inside. Continue to monitor how the product packaging is perceived and make adjustments when necessary or when profit levels allow.

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Ship Securely With A Freight Service Provider

Using a freight service provider for your logistical shipping supplies is very beneficial for the bottom-line of all sized businesses, especially small companies or mom and pop stores. A freight service provider has the tools to connect you with multiple shipping options. Companies benefit from their freight shipping management company because of the following reasons:

Shipping options
Freight service provider services have the knowledge and experience in shipping nationally and internationally. They know how to find the best rates within their carrier network. The service providers will analyze your shipping quantity and type based on your business needs and suggest how best to save you money and how to get your products and supplies to its destination quickly and in one piece.

Customer service
Hiring freight service providers means that you have a dedicated team of shipping professions who understand how important it is to get your products to your clients quickly to boost your customer service modules. Customer service builds trust from your clients to your business and your brand due to on-time deliveries. Keeping loyal customers gives a business a hand-up on its competitors. People want to be treated respectfully and with good customer service supplied by a freight service provider, customers will remember that you understand their needs.

Tracking and Security
Using logistic service providers to ship your freight gives your business advanced tracking technology. They can track your products in real-time, which means that if there are any issues that may arise during transit, your freight service provider knows precisely where, what, how and when. They can quickly resolve any risks that may otherwise arise.

To protect your shipping supplies against theft or damage, it is wise to have the right type of insurance.
Insurance companies generally determine what is the limited liability coverage. But this only covers your supplies up to a minimum amount, determined by a per pound percentage. A company can’t recover the amount that justifies any damage to their product. Choosing the right freight service provider means that you have professionals that knows the right insurance options to help you cover the exact value of your products or supplies.

Reduce Staffing
Using a freight service provider helps to reduce staffing needs and added payroll expense. Freight providers can process thousands of bills of ladings daily at a lower rate than what it costs to work directly with shippers. A freight provider allows a business to concentrate on their top resources at other locations.

TMS Tools
A transportation management system (TMS) is software technology that interacts with a company’s warehouse or distribution system with shippers. The benefits of a TMS includes the following:

• freight costs are lessened
• automated route details and cargo rates
• plans shipping loads and consolidates shipments into loads
• auditing features
• allocates transportation costs
• highlights freight tracking and availability
• guarantees on-time delivery shipments
• integrated web or cloud solutions

Let a freight service provider handle all your small business shipping logistics because they understand how to seamlessly move your freight into your warehouse or center, then onto its destination.

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How To Send Your Packages Securely

The holidays are fast approaching and there is nothing worse or more embarrassing than to have someone receive your present and it is damaged. But you took all the precautions – you stuffed the boxes full of material that is supposed to protect your gift – what happened? Yes, the postal service could bear some responsibility, but the box was not fully crushed, just dented, yet the contents got broken anyway.

Before you run to the post office to blame them, research different postal delivery rates to get the best price for safe delivery. You can save around 80% of possible shipping costs. Below are the top five packaging supplies to help prevent your shipment from becoming damaged.

1. Use new, double-walled boxes

Using boxes to ship your valuables is at the top of any shipping list. Double-walled boxes are the best because they offer better protection than a standard box. Cardboard boxes stand-up fair when shipped. If you are preparing to ship in a re-used box, make sure that it is still sturdy so that your item remains secure. When using re-used boxes, remove old labels or cover them up with your new labels. Always double check that your shipping address is current and correct.

2. Don’t Ship Expensive Items – if possible!

There are a few precautions and tips to observe when you want your package to arrive safely and securely. Look into insuring your package. Shipping insurance is not expensive, and it gives you peace of mind. If you are shipping expensive items like jewelry or antiques by postal service, find out what the maximum value of items are that you can ship. Also, ask what additional protection is available. Lastly, consider not sending everything at once – divide and ship.

3. Fabric or Cloth is Not a Shipping Protectant

Grandma used attractive fabric or cloth materials as part of her packaging supplies. But that will not work today because they do not provide any type of protection for your shipped items, even if you include bubble wrap as an added protection. Use material that is purposely designed to protect anything you ship so that your contents are not at risk.

4. Protect Your Items with Bubble Wrap

It doesn’t matter whether your shipping parcel is large or small, using bubble wrap as a padding is the epitome of shipping materials. Bubble wrap cushions your items to protect them from moving around and accidentally damaging your valuables. A good tip for shipping a fragile item, is to place it in the centre of your box and not have it touch any of the four sides. Wrap or surround your item with protective material like bubble wrapping. *
* Tip: Follow the packaging instructions by your postal carrier because they will not pay for any damage if you don’t follow their rules precisely!

5. Don’t Use Sellotape As Parcel Tape

Sellotape is good for attaching, joining, mending, and sealing household items or paper-related items. Shipping your valuables abroad or across the country through the parcel post is not the time to seal it with sellotape. Also, lesser price supermarket brand tape will not properly seal your box, no matter who many layers you use. Instead, seal your package with 3M parcel tape and be assured that your package will not get loose.

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Internet Shops and Shipping Techniques

Shipping rates can be extremely off-putting to online shoppers. Online shoppers tend to steer clear of retailers that offer seemingly outrageous shipping rates, and understandably so. No one wants to spend a hefty sum of money shipping items. Expensive shipping rates can make people change their minds about purchases quickly and easily. High shipping rates can make people wonder whether or not certain products are actually even worth it in the first place. People who develop these concerns frequently exit online stores’ checkout areas rapidly. It isn’t uncommon for people to exit online stores feeling dejected and unhappy. That’s the reason it’s so important for online retailers to establish intelligent shipping techniques. Running an online shop can cost a lot of money. It can be tough to cover shipping supplies of all kinds. It can be difficult to cover all sorts of matters that pertain to shipping. That’s why intelligent and cautious planning is always the way to go, zero exceptions.

It’s critical for online retailers to develop shipping techniques that can affect margins minimally. It’s critical for these retailers to develop shipping techniques, at the same time, that are still highly enticing and welcoming to customers of all kinds. Research indicates that shipping and handling charges are a big culprit. People tend to say goodbye to their shopping carts when they notice shipping and handling charges that they find unreasonable. There are other factors that encourage people to say goodbye to their online retailer shopping carts as well. These factors can’t compete with exorbitant shipping and handling charges, however. Other factors include price comparison needs, steep product prices, not being prepared, lack of information, sluggish websites, excessive information requests and complex checkout processes.

There are ways to get around losing customers due to shipping and handling charges. Online retailers can do so by providing customers with shipping that’s 100 percent complimentary. Free shipping can do wonders for Internet retailers that want to steer clear of losing valuable customers. Online shops typically only provide domestic customers with the convenience of free shipping. Shipping charges can be steep for international customers. Retailers that want to thrive should make their free shipping policies crystal clear to all customers, too.

It can also be a good idea for online retailers to provide their customers with shipping and handling charges that are completely accurate. Shipping quotes that are “real time” can go a long way for people who want to maintain customers that are loyal and that believe in them. It’s important to note that tiny changes are possible. These kinds of shipping and handling charges, however, can usually promote fairness. They can often encourage shoppers to trust online shops more as well.

Flat rates, last but certainly not least, can also be a great option for online retailers that want to maintain their customers well. Consider providing customers with flat rates that apply to all packages. It can help to provide them with flat rates that apply to purchase totals and weight categories as well. If you want this technique to work well, you have to be willing to put time into it. You have to determine typical package shipping costs in advance. This is smart as it can reduce the possibilities of overcharging and undercharging. It can promote smooth operations all around, too.

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Things to Remember Before Moving to a New Place

Moving to a new house is an exciting prospect, but it can also become costly. The result is one of the most pleasant feelings, but the process is something people don’t always look forward to because of how complicated it can become. Most people know that moving will be expensive, but now people want to know how much it is going to cost. There are many factors to consider when trying to calculate the costs of moving and distance is only one of them. Here are some more things to take into consideration when planning the move in the first place.

When you are planning to move to a new place, t is necessary to know what kind of services you need to outsource. There is professional help available, and nowadays it is easy to organize and schedule it at the time of your convenience. You can customise the service to fit around your move and your schedule as well. Most people want to get the move done as swiftly as possible for the least amount of money.

Some of the options on the pricey end of the spectrum will include movers taking charge of the whole event and allowing you to sit back and relax. You won’t even have to package boxes yourself, but you have to ready for the bill in the end since it can cost you about 30 dollars per hour and the price depends on other aspects such as distance and location as well.

Another option that will not be as expensive will require you to pack the house up and leave the heavy lifting to a moving company. It means you’ll have to plan your time and work for it, but it will be much cheaper than the alternative. Most people decide to pack their things and then leave it to professionals to move it from point A to point B.

The cheapest way is to do the whole thing yourself and rent a truck or a van to move your stuff to the new place. This option has its benefits even though you will have to spend time and effort in the days leading up to the move as well as the moving day itself. Packaging Supplies play an essential part in this kind of move so make sure you are well armed when the day comes.

However, there is more to moving house than meets the eye at first glance and people who know the process will attest to it. There is now an application for your smartphone that will help you with the move and even allow you to see what the approximate cost will be. It is a handy tool, and the current buyers or renters will appreciate the introduction of modern technology into a process that otherwise seems unattractive and impossible to optimise for the use of technology advancements.

Other things you need to consider are your location, the distance you need to move as well as the season. It can change the bill you will have to deal with in the end if you move during the most active months for moving companies. The distance they will have to can change the bill as can some movers you need to help you with packing up the place and then unpacking everything the new place.

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5 Packing Tips for Your Big Move

Getting a new start in a new place is often exciting. What isn’t exciting is all the packing you need to do. You can feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. There aren’t many ways to make packing fun or exciting. But you can make the experience easier and efficient by following these tips.

1. Inventory Your Items
Taking note of your belongings is the best way to track your items. It’s time-consuming task, so put aside a few hours to get the job done. Write everything down in a notebook or use a digital app that helps track inventory. You might want to get friends or family to help, depending on the size of your move.

2. Take What You Need – Get Rid of the Rest
Now is the time to get rid of anything you don’t want or need. Parting ways with your belongings isn’t easy, but having less to pack is a relief.

Are there clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more? Donate them to a homeless shelter, give them to charity, or sell them at a consignment shop. There’s probably other thing to get rid of as well. Shoes you no longer wear, old books, children’s old toys – take an honest inventory of what you can do without.

3. Get the Appropriate Shipping Supplies
Nothing is more frustrating during packing than needing supplies you don’t have. Avoid this by thinking about supplies ahead of time. A few weeks before your move, take a look at your inventory list.

What shipping supplies do you need to safely pack your belongings? You’ll need more than just boxes and tape. Fragile items might require bubble wrap, padded boxes, or foam packing peanuts. If you need to save money, then you can ask local businesses if they have clean cardboard boxes to spare. Friends or family might have boxes as well. Wrapping fragile items in clothes is also an alternative to other padding materials.

4. Start with One Room
It’s less stressful to pack one room at a time. Some people pack everything at once all on the same day. That’s asking for frazzled nerves and a headache. Instead, consider setting aside two or three hours per day to pack a specific room. That will create less mess and keep it contained in one area.

If going one room at a time is too slow for you, then consider asking for help. Ask a friend or family member to pack a different room. A group effort would get the job done faster.

5. Label Boxes with a Permanent Marker
Labeling boxes is more of a way to make unpacking easier. When you reach your destination, you’ll know exactly what each box contains. You’ll know what you want to unpack and what can wait until another day. You also might want to group items on your inventory list before packing. Grouping helps you remember which items should be packed together.

Packing heavy items in smaller boxes is often a good choice. And packing lightweight items in larger boxes is recommended as well. Label each box with the contents and in what room it belongs.

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A Few Tips to Make Your Move Easier

Packaging supplies

Planning a move involves figuring out how you’re going to pack and move all of your items without too much trouble. Here are some tips that professional movers often give to people who want to make sure their next move will be as worry-free as possible:

Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Really Need

If you haven’t moved for a while, chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of stuff that you may not really need anymore over the years. Before you start packing for your move, you should go through everything you need and eliminate any items that you don’t truly need. Doing so means that you’ll end up with much less stuff to organize, pack, move, then unload and place in your new home.

Go through everything you have, such as clothing, furniture and household goods. Think of items such as a that broken lamp that is held together with duct tape sitting in your basement or clothes that you haven’t worn in years. If they’re not useful for you now, chances are they won’t be when you move to your new home either.

Avoid throwing away items such as furniture that you don’t need but is still in decent shape, clothes you don’t wear anymore or older electronics that still work and someone might find useful. Instead, you can give them away by listing them on a classified ad site like Craigslist or contact a local charity to see if they’ll be interested in taking them.

Make a Trip to the Hardware Store to Get Your Supplies

Hardware stores are a great source for a variety of supplies that will come in handy during your move. This includes not only packaging supplies like tape, but also tools that you might need to disassemble furniture items and then put them back together when you arrive at your new home.

Before you go, make a list of all of the items you’ll think will be necessary. This will ensure that you get everything you need in one trip.

Research Moving Companies Long Before the Date of Your Move

If you’re going to be using a professional moving company to move to your new home, there might be dozens of different companies offering their services in your area, especially if you live in a bigger city. In order to make sure that you choose the one that fits your needs and budget the best, you should do your research long before the data of your move. This will allow you to not only obtain quotes from various companies, but also to check out reviews on various social sites. By looking at what previous customers have to say about them, you’ll get a better idea of their overall reputation.

Mark Boxes Clearly

When you’re packing your items, don’t forget to take a Sharpie and mark each box with a description of its content. This will make unpacking a lot easier once you get to your destination.

Ensure That You Pack Fragile Items Properly

One of the biggest perils of moving is fragile belongings that get damaged during the loading, transportation and unloading process. This is why you should pay special attention when packing fragile items to ensure that they’re adequately protected against damage. Bubble wrap, packing peanuts and blankets can come in very handy here.

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