What Ecommerce Brands Are Doing to make packaging different 

There are lots of great ways that ecommerce brands have changed packaging, and packaging is one of the most important ways to have the best first impression that’s there. Here are some grandstand what they’re doing to make their business stand out, and how you can emulate them to make your brand really shine too. 


This is a brand that has learned how to make the niche subscription box thing work. They focus mostly on makeup and beauty products, and they create little subscription boxes that are based on the taste of the customer. 

Not just that though, they’re a subscription box that comes with very unique packaging types. They use a very gorgeous, floral design, and they create unique designs for ther themed boxes. The crazy thing is, every single box is unique, and it is something that really creates a unique product even before they open it. 

This is something that a lot of subscription boxes can learn from. Beautiful packaging does triumph, and if you want to create an experience that customers will remember forever, this is the best way for you to do it. Not just that though, it’s great for unboxing, as their packaging is definitely the type that goes viral and really stands out. 

Seventh Generation 

This is a cleaning product that’s a bit different from what the other brands are doing out there. The game is sustainability, where they offer totally ethical along with sustainable detergents, soaps, and other products to help with cleaning. 

They’re free from chemicals which are toxic, which is what keeps the environment and the people in it nice and safe too. It also is something that uses plant-based and recycled packaging, and they don’t use anything that’s got chemicals in it, whenever they can. 

Their packaging is also super biodegradable, and for those that are brands that focus on being more ethical, this is one of the best brands to look at. 


There are also some brands that basically help take the generic and make it more extraordinary. This is a brand for baby items including strollers, which are great for storage, and transportation that’s all-terrain, and they even are convertible into high-chairs. 

They’re eco-conscious, and centric in terms of sustainability. However, they do something a bit different, because they take the sustainable packaging and make it so that people can do something with it that’s useful. 

For example, you can unpack and make it into a toy that’s interactive, e including puppets, balloons, birdhouses, and even animals. It offers another life, and it’s great for parents looking to give their children new projects. This is great too because once you’re finished, you can just toss it into recycling. 

So if you’re a brand looking to stand out, consider creative packaging when you’re choosing to create something sustainable. 

Happy Socks 

Finally, we’ve got happy socks, since this is one that is simple in terms of product, and it takes something that doesn’t really seem unique, since well, patterned socks are somewhat fun and they are in. 

However, they do something different, offering colored and unique designs to their packaging, including camo prints! 

The cool thing about this is that they even make it so that the box fix the product. They don’t put the aesthetics over the functionality of this. They actually make the box as well one that is great to store items, and they even come with a window that’s clear so that you can see your socks, which is a great way to use and keep customers. 

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Packaging and how it impacts the Shipping Rates 

For a lot of customers, the way something is shipped is something that impacts the revenue generated as well.

In a world where we need to cut costs, we need to look at the big picture, optimize the packaging, and keep the leaders happy with the way the department cuts the costs and reduces expenditures that aren’t needed.

Shipments can grow and sometimes may need special care or faster turn time for shipping.
Packaging usually impacts how much it weighs, but usually, the destination that it’s going to does impact the special requirements too, since packaging can possibly increase or decrease the rates of shipping.

How Packaging Impacts This
The packaging that you have does affect the shipping rates. Depending on the costs of freight, the weight, the branding, and damages, the effect that’s on there can be quite immersive if you’re not careful.

For a lot of people, there is a lot to factor into this. Weight is usually the main cost, factor since a lot of carriers focus on this and this alone.

This is usually based on the fee that’s there for the weight, which is determined, and if you get past that, you may have to pay more.

If you’re using this flat rate, it does cost more the heavier it gets. The materials that are used for safety and packaging do impact the shipment weight, and it can impact the costs too. It’s super straightforward usually unless you’re shipping something that is oversized, or shaped weird, which in that case, the carrier will have specific rules to determine the prices for this.

How to approach this

Depending on what kind of packaging or goods you have, you’ve got a few ways to cut down on costs.

The first, is you want to make the containers a bit smaller and switch to fill that’s lighter, including bubble wrap or air pillows to help with this since it does cost less in the long haul.
If you do have the budget and time, try to place the cushioning and the support features in different ways, since you can add the same type of foam in specific ways without ruining the product.

If you’re paying for the dimensions of the package, you may want to look at possibly adjusting to smaller boxes, since that may help with decreasing the size.

You should be mindful however because, for shipments that are palletized and then utilize the weight after the adjustments, you’ll want to make sure that it is optimized so that it doesn’t reduce the pallet capacity.

Optimizing the dimensions

For a lot of people, you probably are more focused on the dimensions that are physical, since this is usually sometimes the way that it’s determined.

Packaging usually plays a role in this, since it can impact how large the package is, without it being super heavy in terms of weight.

If you notice that you need something bigger, you’ll have to pay a higher dimensional weight, since it is the bigger goal to fix this one, is to be form fitting. You may want to consider talking to a packaging vendor to help with shipping this so that you don’t need to add an over box so that you’re not spending more. You want to find the right box that fits your needs, and also have a group of them, adding it as needed.

Finally, if possible, consider using a custom packaging company, as they can create specific boxes that go with the order, and that way, you’re not paying way too much.

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How to Get Free Shipping Supplies  to save on Packaging 

Shipping is something that you’ll want to look into, especially to save money. It’s imperative for fulfillment, but shipping can eat into profit margins. Lots of people want fast shipping that’s good and cheap, and it’s something that can easily make or break a business. It’s important that, as a supplier, you look at the different ways you can offer the best shipping for your customers, and here’s how you can get free shipping supplies. 

Places that Offer It

There are certain carriers that offer free shipping supplies. However, there are certain types of conditions for this.  You can’t take it from one packaging supplier to the next, as that’s not really fine with it. UPS of course offers boxes that are different for every kind of service you need. You just have to call them, and they can offer it. FedEx offers this too, and this is something that they offer if you go to their location or if you order it online.  If you ship this with FedEx, they do offer complimentary shipping. The cool thing about this, is that they can offer free boxes, and even other supplies as needed, in a wide variety.  They also come in various sizes to make it easier for everyone. 

What about USPS 

USPS does offer some free shipping boxes, especially if you’re going priority mail express, padded flat rape, global express, guaranteed, and others.  The thing here, is you need to pay for that service if you want the free packaging. However, they also offer free flat rate shipping and boxes directly on the site. So if you want to send first class mail, priority mail, or media mail, you can with this. 

There are certain boxes that they offer for free too. Priority mail medium boxes that are flat rate, or anything that’s flat rate and large are oftentimes an option. They do not have poly mailers for free, but you can get flat rate envelopes that are free and also are plastic with their priority mail service, if that’s something that interests you. 


DHL is something that does offer free supplies for shipping, such as envelopes, labels, waybills, mailers, and even boxes. The thing is, if you want it through there, it’s important to ensure that you do get it online, as their physical locations. 

The Catch 

There are a few catches to this, and there are some different aspects that are worth looking at. First, you need to make sure that if you’re going to use this, you only bring it to the carrier that it’s from. For example, if you bring a UPS box to FedEx, that’s not kosher, but a FedEx box at FedEx is fine. 

They also may require specific carriers too.  Usually, this also includes free labels and shipping, so if you want it to work, then you’ll have to use that. Finally, try not to order too much, especially if you don’t need it.  I get it, it’s very tempting, but this is something that’s offered free as a notion of etiquette. If you want to offer more than you need, sure, it can be a problem for others who need this.  It’s better if you just get what’s necessary, and from there, if you need more, just work to order this. 

It’s important to loo into this option for shipping supplies. That way, you’re getting shipping that’s good and fast, and also won’t eat into your profit margins, and with the right supplies, it protects the packaging that’s there as well. 

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Reduce pallets with one-sided cling Stretch Wrap 

If you have issues with pallets sticking together, and then they tear and fall, compromising what’s in there, you might wonder what to use. One of the best things is one side cling stretch wrap. This is used to secure, contain, and offer pallets for the items when they get shipped and transported. This is something that’s in a ton of warehouses, and this is something that’s good for stretch wrapping it can help with the transit and storage of various items. 

This is something that does get stuck when you transport the pallets, or store these in quarters which are close. This can cause tearing, loads that are lopsided or collapsed, and a whole lot of other headaches to it, which can compromise the way your customers feel.But with stretch wrap, this is something that can get rid of those awful headaches, ensuring that everything is contained in a safe, effective manner. 

What is it? 

This is literally a stretch wrap that only has the clinging ability on one side, with the other being not super tacky. The loads that are wrapped with a singular side don’t’ stick to one another when you store and transport them. This works by creating different compounds which, when applied create a stickiness to the inner part of your wrap, and this also adds a slip additive so that they can slide as well in an effortless manner. If the product does have slight overhang, this can help keep the pallets directly next to one another, so that with the next order, everything is neatly put together. 

It also lets you wrap the various films with the cling being located on the inner part of the load that’s there, with almost no cling on your side part, and you separate this without creating damage to the film or the load. The cores also are printed with different arrows that will help with making sure the operation is easy to use, and it also will help keep things nice and clingy together. It not only saves money, but offers faster transport, and it also is great for those people who want to ensure that products get to customers in a good, quick fashion. 

Is it worth it? 

Yes it is.  There are other kinds of options too, where you can have different clinging abilities, where one of the film attaches on both sides, or no attachment at all, and it offers different levels of attachment. There are also options for not clinging, which is great for PET bottles and other lighter products. If you’re curious about this, it’s something to look into, especially if you’re interested in getting these items. 

You can also purchase all of these for the pallet needs, and the cool thing about this, is that there is a lot of different options. Plus, if you know that one type is better than another for your stretch wrap needs, you can include it. With all of these great options, you can create some great ways to utilize stretch wrap in a way that’s appealing to your customers, and also gets everything transported correctly. One side of stretch wrapping is always good, and for a lot of people, there are a lot of great benefits to be had with this. Luckily, with all of this, you can definitely create a great, easy to use experience that’s immersive, and does help not only with improving the security and transport, but also keeping the loads together and also keeping the pallets together as well for you too. 

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What the future of Packaging Entails 

When you look at packaging, there is no chance you’ll be able to predict the future, but there are a few telltale signs, and it’s important to look at the positives that are there, along with areas that do need to be improved. Because of a lot of packaging ending up in landfills, with energy that’s wasted, and labor, it’s imperative that we look at the resources there understanding some of the main trends that come with packaging in order t help you. Whether you’re a small business looking to grow, or one that’s a big business looking for new expansion ways, there are certain trends that the future of packaging does hold for some people, and it’s important to know these. 

Expansions of Ecommerce 

Probably one of the biggest changes is ecommerce, and the expansion of this. Mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ecommerce, especially from Amazon and the like, this is something that has let customers get products online, without needing to visit a physical store. It’s growing quite a bit and is setting up the stage for customers to figure out where to shop, before they even consider this location. 

Companies are now looking to target customers and also looking at the behaviors of customers in order to drive the product.  A lot of ecommerce companies out there including Walmart and Amazon work to reduce waste, eliminate the packaging that’s there and offer packaging that’s eco-friendly, sustainable, and good for their customers. Packaging also needs to continue to provide unboxing for customers, especially with safety, protection, getting rid of waste, and more brand awareness. 

Eco friendly and Sustainability 

These are two major buzzwords within the realm of packaging, but they are some of the largest trends taking the world of packaging by storm. This is something that customers want, since they’re paying for it more often, and a lot of companies are setting up to be more sustainable by offering suppliers a chance to minimize the packaging that they have, and also creating penalties when you don’t follow this. 

Packaging is something that’s become a commitment for a lot of people, and it’s something that a lot of suppliers are beginning to require, as it can help reduce waste, maximize recycled materials, and also offer a packaging focus that minimizes your carbon footprint. 

A ton of suppliers are also getting packaging from natural ingredients, including starches, veggies, algae materials, or even making this dissolvable and edible. 

This is now the future of return packaging, since it also just pushes people to return it, and get a lot of benefits from this. You can literally return it and get some money. There are also now more pills that dissolve over time, and it creates sustainable packaging through recycled items, and it’s something that people are willing to pay for, so offer it to your customers. 


Another big part of this is designing. The biggest thing to remember is that if you want to get the right efficiency for space, servings, and storage you definitely want to make this easy for you to use, since this is some that lets customers get the products that they want. Plus, with less packaging, the better it will be. 

A lot of brand owners also do try to protect the packaging through smart tags and RFID labeling, which are new design concepts. There is also a lot of packaging that saves space, and it’s something that will definitely change the world of packaging. What else is in store? Well, right now only time will tell, but there are a lot of changes. 

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How to Store, Onshore, and Back Packaging Supplies. 

For a lot of people, getting packaging supplies in our current climate is different even than it was five years ago. Because of a lot of bad supply chains, the disruption of the oil industries and businesses struggling to figure out what to do, it’s getting more and more complex. The stressors of this are forcing people to rethink how they’re sourcing the packaging supplies that they have, both internationally along with domestically. What are the benefits of this though? Is it the right move? How can it impact your supplies and getting this? 

The protocols today for onshoring 

Onshoring has changed in the last ten years, with more companies looking to purchase more affordable types of supplies for packaging, and you want something that’s as affordable as they can. Most companies will buy from suppliers overseas noticed that they have a lot cheaper prices, and those which are kept at a warehouse are also something important. 

Companies are looking to buy more American-made and local products, and they also want to supplement this with Chinese purchases. Right now though, there is a 25% increase on different tariffs which are imposed in China, and this is something that they’re looking to bring back to America. This is because of the lack of access to packaging supplies, compounded by disruptions of your supply chain, larger and higher shipping, different delays, and other problems that are there. 

A lot of packaging supply access, along with supply chain issues have created disruptions. Plus, with the trucker protests, the backlog from the pandemic, supply chains are a mess which is why keeping everything closer to home matters. 

You should make sure that you have inventory stocked for client demand, and there are new offshoring protocols there too. You can also get inventory, put it in warehousing, and then, supplement it with overseas imports. You will eventually pay more for premium if you bring this over, and it’s something that a lot of businesses need to look at. While the tariff price may not be much, this does add up. 

Leads for Supplies 

Another thing to look at as well is the lead times for supplies. If you’re changing the process to get it to meet certain levels, longer lead times will destroy your business. So understanding the lead times for both international and domestic supplies is vital. Those that are made of paper, plastic, cardboard, or other materials also come with larger lead times, especially in our current world. 

Lead times for packaging can be anywhere form a couple weeks to almost a year, so you should definitely keep that in mind with packaging supplies. 

Dependability of Manufacturers 

Another thing, is you want manufacturers which are dependable. Some countries are shut down still, and there are many scrambling to catch up. There were even places where container ships weren’t there. It’s important to make sure that you’re not buying from limited areas. As things start to tighten up, you have to factor in the population, how reliable it is, and also, what you need to look at as well for product needs, and how long this will take to get to point A to the customer. 

You also need to understand that this is something that you might not get from everyone either. The cost of this is a major factor that domes with this, and you need to understand costs as they’re related to businesses, so factor all of this in when you’re looking to change your suppliers, to fit the ever-changing supply chain out there. 

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How you can Shed some Pounds with lightweight Chipboard Boxes 

While you may be preparing for swimsuit season, you definitely will want to look at a variety of different ways for you to get the most that you can from this.  Boxes and packaging are something that you might want to look into, and if you’re someone that’s looking for chipboard packaging that’s light, but you don’t know if the light version will help with this, or if you’re someone who wants to ship products which are durable and smaller, and need to lighten the load, here are a few things that you can learn to create the best packaging using lightweight chipboard boxes

Lighten it up 

If you’re someone who is interested in using this, first thing that you’ll want to do is lighten up the load.  The chipboard doesn’t actually have chips inside of it, but instead, it’s lightweight board that’s created with recycled paper that’s pushed together to make brand-new materials for packaging. 

One side typically is a lot more durable compared to the other, which is what makes this best for products which are lighter, or those that don’t need the excess padding. Corrugated boxes made with cardboard tend to be a little bit thicker, are made through two fiat pieces of cardboard with some fluted padding placed between them. 

Package This 

Now that there is a difference here in place between corrugated and chipboard boxes, let’s discuss the items that are best for this. Chipboard is deal for different items that need a partition within this. 

Glassware, ornaments, cosmetics, and some other items definitely are examples of what you can use to package this up. However, if you tend to e someone who is not totally worried about something breaking, but a partition would be useful, you should look into chipboard inserts. Plus, the inserts do make the products look a lot more sleek and organized when they arrive, and it’s cheaper than getting boxes for every single item, that’s for sure. 

A Big Punch 

This is something that you should always consider when you’re looking to make your packaging look good. This is imperative, since first impressions do matter in most cases, and you also want to win over the loyalty and customer satisfaction of the different customers. 

While chipboard is more lightweight, you definitely want to also look at the logos and whatnot that you can put on this.  You want to keep the boxes light, but that doesn’t mean you have to hide the packaging as needed. That means, your product is able to shine with this packaging, and it lets you create a sheer panel, and it also lets you feel up the texture of what’s offered. You can also get super creative, and also make it match, so that you’re able to showcase some of the cool different aspects of this, to match your product’s narrative. 

The cool thing about chipboard is that you don’t have to do much to give it the proper product, and you never have to worry about offering more than what’s needed. Cut the bulk down, keep the costs low through this, and explore the different means to offer the best chipboard packaging, and different options that go along with this as well. 

You can use chipboard today to offer the best and most amazing packaging to offer, and from there, you will definitely be happy with the results and it’ll give you the packaging that you could only dream of, and packaging that definitely will stand out for customers as well, making them excited to purchase more. 

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The best subscription Box Ideas to try 

If you’re someone who does subscription boxes, you realize they’re fun, but also a challenge to get perfect. What’s the best ideas for subscription boxes? Here, we have some of our favorites. 

Dates in boxes 

This is great if you have couples that you typically sell to. This is usually a problem for them, especially if they don’t know what to do. This is something that’s great to help with those really needy expectations, giving them something easy and fun to work with. 

Some of the fun ideas that you can put in these include: 

  • Herb garden seeds 
  • Intimate questions to ask your partner 
  • Recipes they can cook with ingredients 
  • A coupon for some wine if that’s what you like to sell 

For a lot of couples, this could be the lifesaver that you’re looking for! 

Makeup boxes 

If you’re someone who likes to sell makeup or does, ten a makeup subscription box is a wonderful idea. If your customers are those who want unique makeup, or someone who wants some pretty content for them to look great, then here is a great idea to try. 

If you sell this towards women, include nail polish, facemasks, matte lipstick, eyeshadow pallets or shades, and try to make sure that you keep the items fitting for different skin tones.  This is something that will really get people to buy. If you want it for specific skin tones, then opt for different shades.  You should also consider adding some makeup tutorials, or different links to help them learn how to use this product. 

Guys it’s pretty similar, except different items.  You can give them monogrammed razes, mirrors, combs, and even grooming kits for their eyebrows. This is something that a lot of people do like, and if you’re stumped on the next subscription box, for beauty and skincare companies, this could be the lifesaver you’re looking for. 

Ways to boost Self-Discovery 

Did you know that you could possibly start subscription boxes that push for self-discovery? We all could use a little bit of that.  If you’re working with customers that have been with someone for a while, or maybe they just like dating for a bit, this is something that can help them take some time to better discover themselves. 

You can make boxes that encourage people to move towards focusing on themselves. This can be something they do about once monthly and whatnot. But guided meditations and journals, trail hiking books, bath bombs for them to use, some nice, luxurious candles, and even some reading items or a DVD and playlist that they can enjoy just for themselves. You can use surveys to help gauge interest to figure out the best items to try out. 

If you’re looking to do this, don’t forget to use subscription boxes in order to ship it. This is something a lot of companies can use, as it’s a way to reflect what’s the box theme, and also the ideas of the items that are there. 

A good way to tell people about this is to look at the items and print out on a piece of paper to let them know what they’re getting, putting that on the lid of the box. This is something that lets you actually connect with them, and something that they can take advantage of. Subscription boxes are great if you know how to use them, and in this, we went over the best ideas that will really get people excited for more and for their next box as well. 

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Cardboard Furniture? A New type of Furniture 

One type of usage for cardboard that some people don’t actually realize is that you can make furniture out of it. Cardboard is eco-friendly and durable, and it’s something that’s easy to recycle. It’s made from wood pulp and paper, and what’s cool is that heavy cardboard works well for different uses, including furniture since it is environmentally friendly and versatile. The furniture made via cardboard is well, custom-made, and what’s cool is you can create unique shapes that are not even seen in regular furniture. The best part is that the furniture is also low cost too since you can get cardboard for a super cheap price, sometimes even free. 

Those who want to utilize peak sustainability should look no further than cardboard as a major alternative to both wood and metal. Most kinds of cardboard media can be recycled, which makes it the peak eco friendly material, and it’s something that’s great if you love to splurge on furniture, without a splurging budget. 

Types of cardboard furniture to make. 

Let’s talk about the kinds of cardboard furniture that you can make. You can make your own, including bookshelves, chase lounges, and these offer resources that you can use in order to make these. You can also learn how you can make cardboard furniture, which offers step-by-step guidelines on how to do this. 

There are also companies that do this and then sell it. One kind that’s incredibly popular id Kroom. They’re known for making custom cardboard furniture designs, and handcrafted pieces that are well, utterly amazing. If you’re curious about artists that enjoy this, Frank Gehry is one that’s designed and made different chairs and other items that will make it even better for you. Have a table you want to put together? Lear how you can make tables from corrugated boxes, directly from scratch. 

If you want to make a cool chair or footstool, there are unique printable that help you fold and create simple stools and chairs that you will love. Need help figuring out how to do this? There are even unique videos on how to make these, which you can use and follow to make it better for you. There’s also the cardboard furniture project site, which is a site that’s really cool because they show you how to make cardboard furniture, and of course some unique points that’ll help you get the most you can out of this. 

There are even unique systems you can make with this. Storage systems can be made out of cardboard, which is a good, eco-friendly way to use resources better, instead of metal boxes or plastic means. There are also recycled chairs, which are basically chairs made from cardboard, which of course makes them unique, resourceful, corrugated furniture. Finally, if you’re curious about whether or not cardboard furniture can look good, or if it looks cheap, look no further than the cardboard furniture that’s made to look good. Just because something is made with supposedly a “cheap material doesn’t mean I’s not stylish 

And there you have it, some of the coolest types of ways to use cardboard for furniture. If you’re someone who loves to make stuff and have been curious about using cardboard, then check out this hot furniture. The furniture is not only good for you because it’s cheap, but it’s also sustainable too. Stop filling up our landfills with cardboard and start to recycle this today! With cardboard furniture, this is indeed possible and helps you get the most that you can out of this, including when looking at ways to utilize cardboard. 

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Are Custom Mailers the Option for You 

Custom Mailers are great for offering the perfect fit, but they’re also the best for branding and customization, which is vital for improving the presence you have in the marketplace, and it’s a great investment. Here, we’ll go over what they are. 

So what are They? 

This is basically what it sounds like. They’re custom made, and they’re tough, hard mailing boxes with lids that are hinged and get custom made inside and outside to help withstand different processes for shipping. 

They’re meant to help with small packaging of products, or even subscription boxes, but the thing is, they’re so versatile in the branding that they help to create the ideal shape for your box needs. There are questions that come with this. You may wonder what kind of packaging to use, the costs, the benefits, and of course, we’ve got that here. 

Do you Need These?

There’s a few things to consider with custom boxes, which we’ll go over now. First, you’ve got cost. You want to look at the costs that come with custom mailers and mailing boxes. When you’re looking to get price quotes, you need to have an idea of the size, quantity, and the design, and how much you’ll need. You also want to look at die cutting for these kinds of boxes. Unique boxes, however, help to enhance the brand imagery on a whole new level, so it’s not just the pros and cons, but also the full gamut of what you’re going to get from one of these. 

Finally, you’ve got the size aspect. You can literally choose any size with this, which means that you want to choose something that’ll fit your mailers. And remember, you can always get different sizes to keep these on hand for other boxes and projects. Finally, you want to consider the design. The custom mailers come in a variety of different colors that are printed both outside and inside with the designs that are so different, and they’re amazing. 

If you want colors that are solid or themed for certain holidays, or if you want it with a logo printed, then you’re good. If youwnat to make it so that the customer has the top experience for what’s inside their boxes, well this can help. 

The beauty of this, is that different companies utilize different options for packaging depending on the needs of the customer. Do you need shipping or gift wrapping? Packing? Do you need to use a box or a bag? The thing is you need to look at all of these to ensure you’re getting the customer’s best response and results. 

Custom mailers for shipping are impactful, as they help to retain customer bases too, and for branding, youwnat to also look at the different eyes that’ll be looking at this, and make sure it looks good for them. who knows, you might even get someone who’s never heard of you suddenly interested in your brand! 

Why Custom Boxes 

There’s a few reasons why people may choose these For starters, they look great. You can create some amazing colors and messages to offer creativity and stand out. 

It also helps promote different sales, and it lets you personalize the promotions. From there, it lets you enhance the brand, and it lets you create a totally good, branded type of experience for your customers, so that they can recognize the brand, and the boxes too. Finally, it’s the best way to ensure that products are totally safe, especially during transport. Boxes are the way to go, and they’re always great for customization. 

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