What to do when moving to a new climate

Even under the best of circumstances, moving can be a hassle. Add in a dramatic climate change and the already hectic process gains a new layer of challenge. Fear not intrepid reader, we are here to help you understand what to do when moving to a different climate. So grab your shipping supplies, take a deep breath, and read on.

Dress for success
The first thing that you’ll want to pay attention to when moving between climate zones is your wardrobe. In this case, it pays to plan ahead. If you’re moving somewhere cold like Maine, Minnesota, or Montana, then you’ll need winter weather gear for your whole family. In addition to long pants and sweaters; warm coats, gloves, and hats are a necessity. Cold spells typically don’t last a day or two up north, they last weeks or even months. Similarly, if you’re moving from north to south, be prepared for heat and humidity.

Shop local
Don’t go overboard buying new clothes ahead of time though, because you may be paying extra for clothes that are atypical to the region you’re leaving. Instead, buy the necessities for a few days, but plan to do most of your clothes shopping in the new locale. Not only will you be getting a wardrobe appropriate to the new location, but you’ll also gain firsthand knowledge of the local area as well.

Fun in the sun
If you’re trading in your ice skates for swimsuits, make sure you prepare for other sun-related conditions as well. It may sound like common sense, but proper hydration is key to beating the heat, so drink plenty of water. This is doubly important if there are elderly or children with you. Don’t forget that your pets will need extra water too. To beat sunburns or similar issues, remember to wear appropriate headgear to protect your face and buy and apply sunblock or sunscreen.

Don’t be bold in the cold
Just because you’re used to going without a coat or jacket when the nights get chilly down in warmer climates, doesn’t mean you can continue to do so once you’ve moved somewhere cold. Remember that the further your body’s temperature drops below 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, the more likely you are to suffer hypothermia. This can be quite serious, even fatal if ignored. So bundle up in layers, and keep warm when venturing out into the cold. Also, remember that just because the local news, your favorite weather app, or even the thermometer says it’s a certain temperature, you must remember to account for wind chill. That is, how cold does it feel when you take the wind into account.

Hot and humid v. dry heat
Just like those up north need to keep aware of wind chill, when moving to warmer climates you need to be aware of the humidity levels. In warmer areas of high humidity, you’ll find it’s harder to cool down. That’s because the amount of moisture in the air impedes your sweat’s evaporation. On the other hand, heat with low humidity will wick away moisture from your skin and clothes. This can lead to dry skin and similar irritants.

Regardless of where you move, it’s really best to simply go out into your new area and begin to acclimate. The more you stay inside and try to fight the climate, the harder it will be to get used to the new weather. So prepare for the weather, and enjoy your new neighborhood.

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Pack Hassle Free and Ensure Your Things Are Well Protected

One of the hassles that overwhelms us when it comes to moving is packaging. We need to ensure our packaging is durable, so that our valuable items remain intact and are safely delivered to our new house. Using proper packaging material is crucial as it can help us avoid costs from damaged goods. For example, using newspapers to wrap glassware results in the glass getting inky and dirty. This can be avoided by using good packaging supplies, which in turn also spares us the hassle of cleaning glassware after unpacking.

There are a number of places where we can buy packing material from, including: office supply outlet, mail service stores, and retail stores. It is best to surf online to explore through a variety of packing material. We can also compare prices of different companies. However, we should bear in mind that certain companies only deal in large quantity sales. We should first navigate the sites to make sure a smaller quantity can be purchased from there.

If we’re looking to save money, we can inquire from local stores for spare boxes that have been used to deliver goods to their stores. We can get a variety of boxes. It is best to find out when these storeowners receive their shipments, so we can get hold of these boxes before they’re thrown out or utilized elsewhere. Before using them, we should make sure we’re using proper sizes that are congruous with the items we need to pack. Using a bigger box than needed can have the items float around in the extra space, being more susceptible to damage.

Specialty Boxes

Specialty boxes are designed to decently fit items. They are available online and in stores. Items such as artwork and mirror boxes can also find themselves frame protectors that fit inside the box ensuring the corners are well protected from uploading and offloading impact. Frame protectors thoroughly secure corners while corrugated cardboard helps protect glass surfaces during transit. Other items such as lamps, guitars, mattresses and cribs also have fit-to-shape specialty boxes that can be found online. Although, for most people file boxes aren’t necessary, they are a worthwhile addition to our packaging supplies. When it comes to our paper files we can often neglect using a box for it. But having our paper file packed adequately helps us stay organized without having to reorganize all our papers into the file after shifting it.


Packing supplies entail some very convenient tools including tape dispenser, packing tape and paper, box cutters, markers, bubble wrap and packing peanuts. Even though, many people can manage without these supplies, using these supplies provides extra protection to our belongings. It greatly adds to our convenience and gives us peace of mind. It also keeps us organized and saves us time from cleaning off remnants of newspaper and tape after unpacking.

On a side note, it is useful to gather all the packing supplies in a separate box to keep things within our reach as we continue packing.

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Tips To Save Money On International Shipping

This is the busiest time of year for e-commerce sellers trying to fulfill orders for customers in a timely fashion. Many times, these small companies or even larger ones, overlook the opportunity to save money on the shipping end of the transactions. Shipping costs vary by country and state, including restrictive costly requirements or variations in the pricing. There are some ways that you can minimize your shipping budget by taking advantage of a few strategies.

Use Bundling Techniques
Many times the cost of shipping items is determined by weight and the number of packages. You can leverage the optimum price by finding ways to combine items into one package. By offering bundling discounts to customers, you are saving them money and cutting down on your own shipping costs. When promoting your products, show them with other products that would make sense for the customer to purchase together. As you minimize the number of individual packages, you are saving yourself countless dollars, which add up.

Target Strategically
The cost of doing business in the shipping industry can vary greatly from state to state or continent. It is important to research these charges as well as other considerations such as strict requirements or costly surcharges before targeting a place for promotion. North Americans can ship items less expensively to Canada or Mexico or even to the United States. Look at all the costs of where your target, such as tariffs and customs, which can vary. It may save you money to saturate one area where the shipping is reasonable than to promote your product everywhere and losing profits to hidden shipping costs.

Consider Outsourcing Your Shipping
There are a wide variety of companies that will fulfill and ship your products less expensively than you can. These fulfillment centers charge a flat fee and with their bulk discount, they can distribute your products cheaper. This also cuts down on time devoted to the logistics and transportation, which also saves you money. Fulfillment centers have a streamlined process that ensures the most cost-effective means of delivery. Just a short amount of research could save you substantially.

Consider Free or Inexpensive Packing Materials
The weight or size of a package can significantly affect the price of shipping. While it is very important for you to pack things safely, there are a variety of light materials that could suffice, which would save you money. Research the types of packing material that make work for you and uses the most cost-effective alternative. Some places even offer free packing materials and something just as simple as changing your packing material could greatly affect your costs and profits.

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, you should take advantage of every option to make you more competitive in the online world. Research can open up opportunities to save money and to make your company more cost effective. As you save money, you can offer savings and better quality to your customers, which improves retention and loyalty of your product.

Strategic targeting for promotions based on company friendly regulations helps you to find the best market for shipping supplies at the most reasonable price. Knowing your territories and the cost of doing business is imperative to being successful. Why fight upstream against almost impossible requirements or heavy tariffs, when there are places that welcome you with relaxed regulations and encourage your business.

Knowledge can be the most important asset to a business and your shipping information only helps you offer a less expensive price to customers who will return because of the value they get for their dollar. Don’t overlook shipping costs in your efforts to streamline your company.

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Mastering the Art of Packaging

Brand to a company is the same thing that culture is to a nation. People aim to distinguish their brand from others in the market and get more customers through the popularity of their name. To do something like this, you must go above and beyond with important issues like packaging, customer service, accident handling, and more. As far as the first one, packaging, you must be able to set yourself apart from thousands of competitors through a couple of important steps.

Be Informative, Yet Functional

Your product must contain some description that clarifies its purpose, instructions, nutritional facts (if edible), and so on. Similarly, if you are selling something that will be used, you should not package it away from customers who want to try it. Meaning, do not wrap clothing products so hard that they are impossible to try on. Finding the thin line between revealing too much and limiting free knowledge is hard, but this must be done if you want people to purchase your goods. After all, who would purchase a perfume, per se, if they could not see smell it or read about any dangerous ingredients?

Present the Brand Through Long-Term Packages

Those brands that use contemporary designs tend to switch them up often. This can hinder your brand because customers will never have a chance to get used to a package. The consequence of this is reduced customer loyalty as people now have to waste time looking for the latest re-design you made. Another message that you might be sending by constantly upgrading your packaging is a lack of longevity. People may see your endeavors and ask “If the package was good, why did it have to be replaced”? Having a revamped box or bag for some item can give away the impression that the last edition was not good. Branding your company will be impossible if customers are asking these types of questions!

Plan for Pricing and Consistency
If your package is going to be good, you must spend some money on it. Unless you shift these costs to your buyers, they will eat into your profit margin from items sold. That is the very last thing you want as you will begin losing money rapidly and then you have to get a new budget for the future. Thus, your package price matters and it should not be excessive. To go along with that, you have to stay consistent with pricing just as much as with the appeal. If people are used to paying a couple of cents/dollars per package, you should not increase your prices out of nowhere.

Environment and Customers’ Opinions Matter

You may have heard about numerous issues related to improperly discarded trash that has affected the environment over the last few decades. Nowadays, a lot of political movements fight against manufacturers who produce items that will hinder the nature and animals around us. To this end, your packaging supplies must be made in a way that shows no unnecessary elements that are bound to end on the side of the road. Furthermore, even if you have a perfect, nature-compatible product, customers might hate it. You must remain open to feedback as customers’ opinion should be one of the main drivers for your branding moves!

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eCommerce Packaging: Ensuring Safe Delivery and Impressive Presentation of Goods

Selling products online is a great venue to supplement sales, but what determines the success of this experience is the shipment of the product. When products are shipped individually, each product takes a different journey. In order to sustain supplying products online, and subsequently, the revenue earned from it, it is important to strengthen your expertise in the area of eCommerce product packaging. With resourceful tips, you can reinforce the service of your brand.

eCommerce Product Packaging

eCommerce packaging is built on the criteria, set by warehousing companies, comprised of size regulation, package efficiency, and product protection. The packaging process also takes into account where the product was purchased online and how the delivery will arrive at the consumer’s end. Customer feedback, reviews, and social media posts are primary factors that help generate sales and gain trust from consumers online. The foundation of eCommerce packaging is founded on these principles, putting individual customer satisfaction in the spotlight.

In contrast to traditional standards of shipping by brick and mortar retailers, where economical, sustainable and careful packaging was the deal, eCommerce packaging views their shipping priorities from different angles. This helps shipping single units from retailers to consumers, casting a stronger impression on them by focusing on presentation alongside other aspects. Quality packaging is extremely important in direct sales. Customers have benefited their consumers with these tips on the following types of products:

– Powders: Certain conditions that shipping processes are subjected to, can prove challenging to keep powdered items contained, especially if the single seal lids cannot keep the powder content from sifting out. To proactively resolve this issue, you can use a double seal lid. Even though, there’s an added cost to using a 2nd lid, it also adds to consumer-appeal, affording them a satisfying customer experience.

– Liquids: Despite using caps/coverings or closures, the chances of leakage aren’t eliminated entirely. A foil seal liner can prevent leakage by keeping the seal even and intact throughout any pressure being applied to the cap.

– Tube Packaging: When it comes to tube packaging it is ideal to use ‘heat seal liners’, especially, if you’re using dispensing or standard caps. This prevents leakage from occurring and protects your product from damages. Alternatively, you can also use a ‘blind head’ option of shipping supplies – this is in which the head of the applicator or the tube needs to be pierced in order for the contents to release.

– Spray Bottles: Since you cannot guarantee what mode of transportation will be assigned to your product, it is a worthwhile suggestion to incorporate caps that are seal lined with foil. This is especially useful if your spray bottle product is being transported via air, as there’s a greater chance of leakage. This would require a feature of induction sealing, but the sprayer can be included separately. Consumers, realizing the damage endurance level employed, will appreciate the extra efforts with a lasting impression on them.

The nature of consumerism is a constant changing dynamic. Brand owners have to work hard and keep up to date with the developing trends. A good packaging must not only serve its function but also make the consumer feel personalized and unique in his experience of shopping online from the company that he did. This helps beat competition and allows the company to prosper in a very competitive world of retailers. In the digital world words travel faster than vehicles in the real world. Hence, good eCommerce shipping supplies and skills can result in positive feedback and help companies retain their customers long into the future.
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Strong Product Packaging Practices

If you’re trying to get a product 100 percent ready for marketing, you have to think things through carefully. It’s always a mistake to dillydally and put things off. Delaying taking care of preparation matters will only make things harder in the long run. It’s critical to prioritize investing in smart packaging products. Strong packing supplies and techniques are essential for people who care about secure and reliable shipping. They’re also essential for those who care about keeping costs manageable and low. If you want to steer clear of outrageous shipping prices, then you need to emphasize the value of high-quality packaging supplies.

Strong product packaging is all about four straightforward and basic concepts. It’s all about regulations compliance, first and foremost. It’s critical for shippers to abide by regulations at all times. Ignoring regulations can lead to all kinds of issues further on down the line. Product packaging is all about high-quality defense, too. You have to be able to protect the products you ship from all kinds of potential issues and dangers. The last thing you want is for your products to break during the shipping process. Product packaging is all about minimizing costs. It can be a disaster to lose a significant sum of money on shipping. Product packaging, last but not least, also requires consideration that relates to appearance. Packaging is critical for businesses that wish to do well. If a customer sees packaging that’s shabby and visually unappealing, it can end up being a big turnoff. Remember, meticulous packaging is key for businesses that want others to view them in flattering and positive lights. Unattractive packaging that looks like an afterthought is always a mistake.

It can be tough for professionals to make choices that pertain to packaging. Options out there can seem more than a little overwhelming and confusing at times. If you want to make smart product packaging choices, however, there are several relatively easy things you can do. You can conduct an in-depth marketing survey. It can help significantly to assess the rest of your competition. What kinds of product packaging colors, shapes and materials do they prioritize? Are their product packaging techniques working? Do customers appreciate their efforts?

Select a kind of product packaging. Don’t assume that your choice is a final one, however. It’s critical to understand that adjustments are most likely going to occur. Look for a packaging supplies company that’s located in your area. Ask to receive a test. Order a small amount at first. You don’t want to make the mistake of ordering too much of something that’s simply not up to par. Once you receive your test, you can begin the experimentation process in earnest. Adjustments are commonplace at this point. You have to make adjustments until everything seems totally good to go. Don’t rush this part, either. Rushing can lead to all kinds of regrets later. The more time and effort you put into the in-depth testing process, the better. Testing can give you a lot of confidence.

It’s vital to take note of the details that you need to put on product packages. Your objective with product packaging should be to make sure that your customers are in the loop. They need to know about factors that relate to environment, health and general safety.

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Three Seasonal Shipping Errors and Ways Around Them

Small business owners and e-commerce retailers face great challenges throughout the holiday season. While the holidays are a warm and happy time, business must be taken very seriously, especially where shipping is concerned.

Providing customers with the shipping deadlines they expect is crucial to keeping business flowing successfully. When seasonal gifts are being shipped, a number of problems can arise, and it is especially important to be prepared for these obstacles and finding ways to follow through.

The following is a list of the most common shipping errors during the holidays and the best ways to avoid them all together.

1. Lack of due diligence on forecasting and past trends.

For individuals who have been used to the seasonal sales and shipping process for more than a few years, a system of projections should be in place based on past years. Expectations should not be an issue.
For the new business owners and managers, this is a new undertaking. For those who have no idea what to expect, the holiday season might be frightening. The frequency of orders, the destination of deliveries, and shipping volumes need to be accounted for.
Looking at your busiest period so far and expecting a similar fluctuation or higher will give you a promising idea of what to expect. If certain products you sell are expected to be big sellers for the holidays, you can expect the number of sales to rise
You can also seek assistance from freight service providers to give you an estimate of the holiday shipping season. This will help you determine the best price and transportation choices.

2. Not having an order deadline for shipping

Customers are often very on edge about getting their orders in just in time for the holidays. If your shipping cutoff or deadline is not clearly printed, you are risking losing business.
Having the deadline clearly printed in a graphic on each page of your website will ensure customers know when orders must be placed. Taking extra measures by posting it in a newsletter, on social media, on a blog post, and across the top of your landing page will ensure customers know the deadline.

3. Not studying all shipping options

Often retailers are misled into thinking their options are limited to shipping supplies at a fixed rate. However, there are so many options and it is important to study the various shipping options that will improve sales, cut costs, and satisfy customers. Having the diverse options available at checkout will ensure a better sales experience for both you and your customers.

Sometimes using the dimensions vs. flat rate will work out best, while other products will work best with a flat rate. Study the costs and hire a specialist for this task if needed, but make sure your shipping options are weighed. It will save you and your customers a lot of money and time in the long run.

Hiring an online service provider can guide your sleigh right!
Teaming up with a professional freight service provider can help you manage the details of your shipping services in ways that will save your business a lot of time to allow you to take care of the crucial details and ensure a smooth transition from location to the customer. Make this year prosperous and successful!

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New business startup market warfare…positioning your product packaging for success

New business startup market warfare…positioning your product packaging for success
One important feature that new businesses often skimp is product packaging. It’s often an afterthought. They have an amazing product that may be the best in its product category and then it doesn’t have packaging that accents the product. Think of it this way, if your product is marketed to an upscale clientele then the packaging should mirror its cachet. Likewise, if you have a product that is geared toward mass appeal and wants to show frugality the packaging should mirror that theme.

New companies must plan packaging supplies along with product development. They go hand in hand. Explore what might make your product stand out in a competitive market. Packaging can set off an otherwise mediocre product into a strong contender in its market niche. Color, sizing, unique structure, branding and cost all are components to consider in delivering effective packaging.

Packaging to some established companies is everything. Consider fragrance companies. It’s extremely competitive and fragrance companies have to dig deep in order to create a packaging scheme that positions and accents its product to support its brand. Can packaging elicit emotion similar to actual products? Design configurations must elicit the brand’s essence. This supports the product and its position in the market. Here are a few tips to engage designers to think about for product packaging.

Configuration & Specifications
If the product requires the standard rectangular box or square box it will all come down to where your product is being sold. Retail box shelving is extremely different than if your product were only being sold through online channels. This also includes whether the product packaging will be constructed with paper, plastic, cardboard, be bag-like or other configurations. There are millions of combination with good examples already on shelves. Consider options that are not currently on the market that are affordable.

In the last 20 years being eco-friendly or rather making and advertising your product as being environmentally friendly is a major differentiator for some brands who want to elicit a wholesome down to earth feel. And in some cases, this package feature is even touted and a benefit of the brand. This is another opportunity to differentiate the product from competitors.

Prominently display product feature and benefits
This goes without saying, but have you ever picked up a product that was not visible through the packaging and could not clearly read or understand its feature and benefits. This happens a lot and new companies must be clear and concise with its package messaging to ensure the purchaser clearly understands what is inside.

Package protection
The packaging not only must deliver the product features in a clear understandable manner it must protect the product in shipping and storage. This can increase the cost of the product if not designed correctly and if the product is consistently being damaged in shipping then it may be poor package design. This leads to more product returns and thus increasing your total product costs.

Lastly, branding should be creative, bold and epic. If the product is a luxury brand, then packaging must mirror the brand. Luxury product packaging should appear, well…expensive. It comes with the territory. It can and should be a major differentiator and deliver the emotion of the product. The packaging should scream the brand. Brand appeal drives sales and your packaging should convey the brand in every manner.

In Conclusion
Packaging must elicit the emotion of the product and deliver visually appealing advertising for the product. It should be clear and provides another opportunity to speak to your customer about the wonderful product inside. Continue to monitor how the product packaging is perceived and make adjustments when necessary or when profit levels allow.

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Ship Securely With A Freight Service Provider

Using a freight service provider for your logistical shipping supplies is very beneficial for the bottom-line of all sized businesses, especially small companies or mom and pop stores. A freight service provider has the tools to connect you with multiple shipping options. Companies benefit from their freight shipping management company because of the following reasons:

Shipping options
Freight service provider services have the knowledge and experience in shipping nationally and internationally. They know how to find the best rates within their carrier network. The service providers will analyze your shipping quantity and type based on your business needs and suggest how best to save you money and how to get your products and supplies to its destination quickly and in one piece.

Customer service
Hiring freight service providers means that you have a dedicated team of shipping professions who understand how important it is to get your products to your clients quickly to boost your customer service modules. Customer service builds trust from your clients to your business and your brand due to on-time deliveries. Keeping loyal customers gives a business a hand-up on its competitors. People want to be treated respectfully and with good customer service supplied by a freight service provider, customers will remember that you understand their needs.

Tracking and Security
Using logistic service providers to ship your freight gives your business advanced tracking technology. They can track your products in real-time, which means that if there are any issues that may arise during transit, your freight service provider knows precisely where, what, how and when. They can quickly resolve any risks that may otherwise arise.

To protect your shipping supplies against theft or damage, it is wise to have the right type of insurance.
Insurance companies generally determine what is the limited liability coverage. But this only covers your supplies up to a minimum amount, determined by a per pound percentage. A company can’t recover the amount that justifies any damage to their product. Choosing the right freight service provider means that you have professionals that knows the right insurance options to help you cover the exact value of your products or supplies.

Reduce Staffing
Using a freight service provider helps to reduce staffing needs and added payroll expense. Freight providers can process thousands of bills of ladings daily at a lower rate than what it costs to work directly with shippers. A freight provider allows a business to concentrate on their top resources at other locations.

TMS Tools
A transportation management system (TMS) is software technology that interacts with a company’s warehouse or distribution system with shippers. The benefits of a TMS includes the following:

• freight costs are lessened
• automated route details and cargo rates
• plans shipping loads and consolidates shipments into loads
• auditing features
• allocates transportation costs
• highlights freight tracking and availability
• guarantees on-time delivery shipments
• integrated web or cloud solutions

Let a freight service provider handle all your small business shipping logistics because they understand how to seamlessly move your freight into your warehouse or center, then onto its destination.

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How To Send Your Packages Securely

The holidays are fast approaching and there is nothing worse or more embarrassing than to have someone receive your present and it is damaged. But you took all the precautions – you stuffed the boxes full of material that is supposed to protect your gift – what happened? Yes, the postal service could bear some responsibility, but the box was not fully crushed, just dented, yet the contents got broken anyway.

Before you run to the post office to blame them, research different postal delivery rates to get the best price for safe delivery. You can save around 80% of possible shipping costs. Below are the top five packaging supplies to help prevent your shipment from becoming damaged.

1. Use new, double-walled boxes

Using boxes to ship your valuables is at the top of any shipping list. Double-walled boxes are the best because they offer better protection than a standard box. Cardboard boxes stand-up fair when shipped. If you are preparing to ship in a re-used box, make sure that it is still sturdy so that your item remains secure. When using re-used boxes, remove old labels or cover them up with your new labels. Always double check that your shipping address is current and correct.

2. Don’t Ship Expensive Items – if possible!

There are a few precautions and tips to observe when you want your package to arrive safely and securely. Look into insuring your package. Shipping insurance is not expensive, and it gives you peace of mind. If you are shipping expensive items like jewelry or antiques by postal service, find out what the maximum value of items are that you can ship. Also, ask what additional protection is available. Lastly, consider not sending everything at once – divide and ship.

3. Fabric or Cloth is Not a Shipping Protectant

Grandma used attractive fabric or cloth materials as part of her packaging supplies. But that will not work today because they do not provide any type of protection for your shipped items, even if you include bubble wrap as an added protection. Use material that is purposely designed to protect anything you ship so that your contents are not at risk.

4. Protect Your Items with Bubble Wrap

It doesn’t matter whether your shipping parcel is large or small, using bubble wrap as a padding is the epitome of shipping materials. Bubble wrap cushions your items to protect them from moving around and accidentally damaging your valuables. A good tip for shipping a fragile item, is to place it in the centre of your box and not have it touch any of the four sides. Wrap or surround your item with protective material like bubble wrapping. *
* Tip: Follow the packaging instructions by your postal carrier because they will not pay for any damage if you don’t follow their rules precisely!

5. Don’t Use Sellotape As Parcel Tape

Sellotape is good for attaching, joining, mending, and sealing household items or paper-related items. Shipping your valuables abroad or across the country through the parcel post is not the time to seal it with sellotape. Also, lesser price supermarket brand tape will not properly seal your box, no matter who many layers you use. Instead, seal your package with 3M parcel tape and be assured that your package will not get loose.

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