Why are Poly Mailers so Popular?

If you’re looking to use shipping mailers, there are a lot of different options, but the type of packaging is vital to the life cycle of the product. There are a few things that you need to factor in when choosing these mailers, and they include: 

  • Environmental impact 
  • The costs to ship this. 
  • The first impression that the client has regarding your company. 
  • The types of good transported 
  • How recyclable it is 

Over the last couple of years, one of the top options has been poly mailers, especially when you’re looking to have shipping on a budget. 

Why Poly Mailers? 

Well, let’s talk about why they’re so good.

For starters, it’s partially due to the mailer type that they are. They’re very lightweight, protective, and they ship items easily. They’re made from polyethylene, and they’re weatherproof, thin, and also resistant to most moisture, so it makes the packaging much more efficient.  They also tend to be gray and white, and also are available in different dimensions and sizes too. 

So why are they best for various transactions? The answer is simple: 

  • They’re very durable, and they can withstand a variety of different weather that’s there. 
  • They’re very light in terms of weight. 
  • They’re very thin, and they take up far less space than a box for shipping. 
  • They’re resistant to moisture and tears. 
  • Compared to boxes, they’re much more affordable and can save you on shipping costs overall. 

This is feasible,   and they’re more economic, and quite popular.  They’re also accepted by most courier companies, and there are some that even encourage this when you’re looking at the environmental aspects of this.  they also can be returnable too, so that if there is a problem, you just send it back with no problems.

What can you put inside these? 

They’re great for items that are pretty durable such as shoes, hats, and even fabrics and different clothing. However, before deciding on this, you also need to ensure that they’re not too fragile to be placed inside a poly mailer.

If the items that you plan to ship tend to be fragile, you might want to go for another option, the corrugated shipping containers.  That way, you can protect them.

But for items that are decently fragile, you can get a poly mailer with some possible cushioning to help with this, offering some protection to different items.

If you’re not sure whether o not a poly mailer is the correct option, talk to someone. If you fill this without deciding whether or not it’s the correct option for your product, it might cause problems with shipping, such as delays, or the item might get compromised. There is also the fact that, if you do get a poly mailer for something that doesn’t fit well inside that, it creates a scanning issue, which may further delay your stuff.

However, regardless of the type of mailer that you like to use, poly mailers are a wonderful option for getting the most that you can out of your shipping, and in turn, you’ll be able to ship out all of the goods that you have. 

If you’re looking to further protect everything that you have, a poly mailer is the correct option for you. They offer a lot of different items and options, making the experience that you have with them even better than before, and it’ll give you the shipping protection that you desire.

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The best ways to Send out Packages to People that make you look Professional

Interested in sending out items? Well, you want to make sure that you have the right packaging.  The correct packaging is really important, and while you may already have some customized types of packaging, there are a few more things that you can do to really wow the customers, especially if creating a perfectly fine opportunity for spending and also growing your business is the game here.

Official Documents in the Right Packaging 

There are different types of boxes that you need for certain things. Many companies like to put their documents which are official in packaging boxes that you can get rather than just the boring old white ones. You can further color these according to the designs that you want to have, and they’re customized, printed out in the styles that you desire, and it’s great for improving the way that the boxes look.

Be Eco Friendly 

When you go customized, you’re already sending out a unique item, but the thing is, if you want to send out packaging that’s professional, you want to also factor in the eco-friendly aspects of this too.  There are a lot of different ways to be environmentally friendly, and it not only gives the packaging better protection, but it will further save you some money too.

The biological substances that are used to make these postal boxes are of course good for looks overall, and also are good for improving the amount that you get, reducing your overall investments too! 

Different Box Styles 

The cool thing about these boxes is that you can offer different styles and forms too.

We use boxes for a variety of different items, and there are even formal documents and different areas that are divided out into being more sensitive than others. In order to maintain confidentiality, you can make different types of segments for boxes too, so that way, you can offer different boxes for each different type. Customized boxes offer different forms that are good for documents of all kinds as you implement them.

It’s pretty simple to do this, and the beauty of offering these custom boxes, is that you can create a look that’s elegant, and exclusive to what you’re selling, creating a better look and appearance to everything.  The coolest thing about customized boxes, is that not only can you customize the materials used for this, but the box sizes, and also, the styles of these boxes too are very important for ensuring that they are high quality, and also help to minimize the issues too.

Right Colors, Right Choices 

Finally, another great way to establish professionalism is to look at the colors.

While you may just opt for boring, traditional colors, a lot of times, they won’t look as good.  It can cause the shadows to appear, reducing the overall quality of this.  The one great thing about these boxes, is that there are different boxes, in which you can get the colors necessary for this, and these high-quality colors will offer different kinds of ways for this to look.

You can get colors to make the branding shine, and colors that work. 

If you haven’t thought about getting customized boxes yet, now is the time. You’ll be able to, with customized boxes, offer the best in high-quality and reasonable packaging, making it really shine, and something to show off to others when you’re trying to improve the way that you make it look, and also to make it so that customers are happy with the results too.

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Softening the Blow of Corrugated Box Price increases

When you’re putting together the budget that you have annually, a lot of companies will account, and further plan for increases in the costs of packaging. Even when you’re planning responsibly though, there is sometimes extra pressure that goes with this.

So how can you soften this? Well, here are a few ways to do so.

Make the Shipping Box Sizes Correct 

You want to make sure that you’re moving to custom boxes, rather than the same old boxes. This is because many customers already assume that you’re going to make it like this. You might think that they’re pricey, but the thing is, they do fit into budgets and the like, and it reduces the costs. And of course, you can actually save a lot of money, especially if you’re using more than just one pallet every month or so.

Increase the Order Volume 

This is something that you’ll also want to look at. The quantity will help you save on the costs of such. The box runs usually have a machine cost setup and of course, this is based on each run. Through increasing this box size, you’ll be able to boost the boxes and also, this does keep the costs a whole lot lower, especially in the long haul.

Corrugated materials do need to be purchased based on the square footage. So the higher that is, the lower the price of the materials will be.

Make the Materials Efficient 

For those of us who are using way too much product or even materials, you can talk to a designer to help with this. They can change the style, reducing the costs based on the pack out and assembly, and it’s something that does reduce the overall costs over time.

Being more efficient is definitely one that offers a material efficiency that you can uphold too.

Consolidate the SKUS 

Another thing that you can do as well, is to consolidate any SKUs that are just there on their own. Putting all of these into one singular box means that you’re using less stock, and of course, you have more control over the inventory of this.

Change the Board Grade 

This is something that you also will want to look at too.

Changing this to different combinations will offer you the best options for these applications, and there are a lot of substitutions that will save you some money, while offering protection, and a good, ample sort of performance.

The increases of this can be challenging, that they offer an improvement in your overall methods of packaging, creating positive and better sorts of outcomes too. The board grade is something that you can change at any time, as you might not need something with a high board grade, but you can get something with a lower grade for much cheaper.

That difference in price does benefit you in the long haul, and you’ll be able to improve the types of packaging that you have, without breaking the bank.

With that said, take some time and assess the boxes that you need, and choose ones that best fit the needs of your brand. Whether they’re heavy duty boxes or even Kraft paperboard boxes, being able to adjust this and change this will help.

With everything going up in price, being able to soften the blow of this, especially during the budgeting periods, will help to improve your overall packaging business, and also, through the use of this, make this even better for you in the long haul, especially when assessing the packaging needs you have.

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Handling holiday Shipping Issues

Holidays can be great, but the problem with them is the shipping that occurs during this. It’s anxiety-inducing for buyers, especially for those looking to utilize this for their ecommerce business. The revenue is growing more than ever before, especially compared to the in-store and other types of pickup.  How do you fix them? Here, we’ll go over the different issues, and what to do.

Failing to Communicate the Cutoffs 

Maybe you’ve got a holiday promotion that was too good, and you didn’t communicate the proper cutoff date to the respective couriers.  Not everyone has the same type of turn time for this, and if the lead times for tips are longer, you’ve got to cut it off sooner. The solution to this is to do some research. Get informed of what other types of businesses are doing and look at your own cutoff times.  That, of course, means that you communicate when the last day to get something is, before they’re unable to ship it before the holidays.

Communicating tis reduces the disappointment, and offers realistic expectations, and the, you won’t have to worry about disappointing others. 

No clear Shipping 

Another problem that a lot of businesses have, is they don’t communicate the shipping, or there is no policy for shipping. The solution for this is to put together a shipping policy, and there are even generators of this.  they do tell you exactly how long it’ll take, and that of course, protects you from the wrath of holiday shoppers. Having it clear on the website is a good place to start. 

Packaging Issues 

Maybe you’ve got a great shipping policy, and you’ve been able to mitigate the problem of shipping too late, but there may be some issues with the packaging itself. The packaging may get crumpled, and the product gets messed up.

The solution to this is to do a packaging audit. Look to make sure that it can withstand the tussle of holiday shipping. It’s usually much worse than it usually is, so you want to treat this like cargo that’s precious, and you want to make sure that you do more than just label it correctly, but also add inside protection to this.

But of course, you don’t want to go too crazy with this. Treat this like a sustainable item and put it together in a smart manner. 

No shipping options 

Then of course there is the option that says that you have X type of shipping. But the thing is, if you’re struggling to find someone who will get it out, that might not be possible. People want things fast. They may be ordering sweets for a holiday party, or just want their holiday gifts here fast.

What are you supposed to do then? What is the perfect solution for this?  That solution is to leave it to the people who are buying from you. While it might seem smart to work with only the couriers that are cheap, that’s not the case. This is because people want things now, and customers are willing to pay a bit more for a faster package.  They’re willing to front the costs.

There are also 3PLs that can work together to get you the right types of shipping.  If you have the chance to offer faster shipping for a higher price because of the agreement with the 3PL, then offer it. 

Customers can afford the shipping costs, and you’re not paying for it out of pocket.

Holiday shipping is hard, but there are some solutions, and here, we went over a few of the ways to solve them.

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The Cs of Customer Packaging

When you rate a diamond, the experts always talk about the five Cs: the cut, the clarity, color, certificate, and the carat. The industry does recognize that it’s important to have these ideas there. The system is standard, easier to offer a peace of mind for those who want to purchase diamonds. Custom packaging is similar in a sense, and here, you’ll learn the Cs of customer packaging to help you give the best experience that you can this holiday packaging season.

Customer Experience

This is the top priority. Remember, first impressions are everything in the world of packaging, and they are basically what tells people about you. You want to give them a package that includes the colors of the brand, has good brand images, and other cues.

Personalized options such as tags, notes, and cards thanking them is good. You can also use eco-friendly incentives with this, showcasing the commitment to the control of the quality, and the world around you. Custom inserts are also good for ensuring that the product is protected better than before.


Packaging has laws and regulations like everything else, especially when you ship things internationally. Failure to follow this causes big fines, and you want to make sure that you don’t have any of those fines when you ship out products.

Make sure to search and get familiar with the correct packaging guidelines that come with this, so that if you ship out packages to certain places, you’re able to improve the chances of it getting to the customers however it needs to be.

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint is another big part of this. When you source certain types of items, you want to use types that are recyclable and sustainable. This is great for improving the environment, and it also tells the customers that it’s more than just dollar signs for you, but also that you care about the world around you, and the future of this planet.


Try to be simple, and you should work on making the packaging as simple as it can. If you’re struggling with making your packaging simple, just look at what you can eliminate to make things easier. The goal of this is to offer a straightforward experience to customers, so that they can open up the package and get what they need.

Make it so that wrap rage is not a thing, and when they’re done with it, give them an easy means to toss out, or even recycle the contents before they go about their day, and their life. Make it as simple as you can to make it easy on everyone, and people won’t complain about this if you do it like that. 


Finally, you want to keep it as cheap as possible, and also make sure that it also protects the packaging. A few bucks saved may not be worth it down the line. Cheap packaging not only looks bad to customers, but there is also a chance that it might damage the items that are there, and it then costs you more money in order to replace it.

But the cool thing about this, is that when you know how much packaging your product needs, you can make this simple, and from there, easier for everyone.

Overall, following these five Cs will help you not only provide the ideal packaging experience to other people, but also, t can help you with improving the state of your packaging, creating a great product that’ll help you not only do better business, but also create better and higher regard for customers too, so everyone wins in the end!

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What to Use: Plastic or Paper

If you’re looking to ensure that you get the most out of your business, you need to look at the details of the business. You should decide on the right kinds of bags, because this can help you understand the kind of bag that you’re offering. If you want to choose the right bag for the job, then here are the two major types: paper, or plastic bags, and the differences between each. 

Bags that are Plastic 

Plastic bags used for different items have a variety of different materials, designs, and even styles. There are bags that you can offer the items in, such as clothing bags, or you can get small bags that show thanks for someone to guy from you. 

They tend to be the most sanitary, since they’re not porous, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting onto there. Some even encourage you to utilize plastic bags due to this.

It also stops any leaking of liquids, so that if something does get damaged, it won’t impact the bag, or destroy it. It’s also pretty flexible, so if you’re getting items that are oddly shaped, or weird, they are right there for you to enjoy.

However, they have their own cons. Due to the way some states are charging bags for people, customers may not want these, and it can impact the way that customers look at you, especially the bags that you own. 

They also don’t break down as fast, but they also are not good for overall environmental health, as they usually take a while to break down. 

Bags that are Paper  

Paper bags are those that are made of paper. These tend to be a lot more sturdy, and they usually come in different sizes, styles, and even without or with handles. Some of them come in a variety of sizes too. The main pro is that they usually hold heavier items easily, and it doesn’t require the double gagging that plastic bags offer, so you won’t have to worry as much about excess waste either.

It also shows off the brands well. If you use bags to show off your brand, you might want to use these, since they can be displayed easily.

They are also more environmentally friendly compared to plastic bags. Despite the debate, most people see paper as far friendlier, so if you’re a brand that focuses on going green, this might be the better option, since it makes you look better.

The biggest con from these, is they won’t be waterproof. If you live in places where it rains a lot, you might not want to give the paper bag option. They don’t have water resistance, which causes them to tear and then ruin the goods far easier, which is a downside for a lot of people, especially those who are just trying to get the bags and groceries from point A to point B. 

Finally, there are always the custom options too. If you’re a brand who does rely on this, you can get paper, or even plastic, of different kinds of sizes and types, and they offer peak customization, offering better recognition. This is something that your customers will like, as it offers far better usages for you as well.

Plastic and paper are the two major types of bags that people use, and they tend to come in a variety of different sizes. If you’re someone who is used to using both of these, they both do the job, and they both have their own pros and cons to worry about.

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The Value of using Custom Packaging with ecommerce

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably know most people do shop online. It may seem like most of the time, people just buy the stuff, open the package, and then dispose of it without another thought. But the problem is, if the packaging isn’t properly made in a branded way, it can impact the image people have. Custom version of packaging are one way that a lot of owners are showing off their brand than ever before, because those that are designed in the correct manner, and offer packaging that’s custom does improve the quality of this, and how the detail is put there, offering a more positive way that it looks to a lot of customers.

It also is important to understand that the design of the packaging further improves the functionality of this, as it can also include instructions, various sales and promotions, freebees, and even just little thank-you notes that improve this.  When you do invest in this, it does come back to you, as it can improve the loyalty, make the customers come back, and with how competitive this is, having that does make a difference.

Why don’t you overlook this.

For a lot of people, they just think that the box or the envelope they’re sending it in is just that—something that they send. But the big thing is that it does improve the overall way you interact and experience various companies.  In our world, packaging is basically a point of connection. When you invest in custom packaging, you have the following benefits: 

  • Less returns
  • A better way to unbox 
  • More cost-effective 
  • Less waste to accrue 
  • Upgraded exposure to those in the world. 

We’ll go over a few of these points here 

Less returns 

If you’re experiencing a lot of returns, you might want to consider packaging that’s custom.  It’s annoying to have this happen, and usually, it results in a lost customer. But when you have packaging that’s custom, it’s fit to the product, so that there’s less chance for things to get damaged. They go from point A to point B without any problems.  When you have a customized package that shows a good protection and thought in this, it’s good for the business, and it also helps reduce the chances of replacements and the like too.

Better for unboxing 

Unboxing is really popular amongst people these days. A good box that shows off a lot of fun little tidbits improves the unboxing, offering better anticipation, excitement, and a much higher level of customer satisfaction too. When you’re able to create a fun experience that’s easy for people to engage in, that’s when people enjoy your company. When you make opening up the package frustration-free and easy, it’s something that’s enjoyable to customers too. 

If you’ve got packaging that’s easy for you to open, it reduces the chances of the products getting damaged when they are unpacked. 

It offers Less Waste 

Finally, there is far less waste, since of course, you’re making the package fit your needs. People hate waste, and it shows that you don’t care as a company when you engage in this. The best way to prevent waste is to make sure that everything fits. When you’ve got customized packaging, it offers much less waste, but also, it’s something that’s a whole lot better too.

Custom packaging is in, and if you want to improve your ecommerce presence that’s there, and improve the way things are, you’ve got to start taking this into your hands and working on packaging. 

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Questions about your Corrugated Materials for Packaging

When you want to ship something that’s been developed, or something sourced, business partners that are responsible would like to ensure that the material holds this weight, but also offers safe transport. Corrugated packaging is the solution, due to the fact that it’s probably the strongest, most eco friendly packaging that doesn’t ruin costs. The solution that people want for shipping long distances is corrugated packaging, and this can offer protection from different drops, bumps, and other pressures, without any worry or incident.

For those looking to get into logistics and shipping, here are the main questions that corrugated materials are commonly asked about, including boxes too, and some of the most commonly asked questions regarding this type of box and shipping. 

Why is Corrugated Cardboard a P{packaging Materials 

This is one of the strongest materials out there. Remember, corrugated packaging does include the fluted layer, along with two liners.  If they need some more protection, layers are great for being added. They can also offer different variants, such as a single face on this, offering an extra face, but it isn’t very durable, and it’s good for box and the like too. 

Thing is that corrugated cardboard is also good for other reasons too. For starters, it’s very easy for people to recycle, so it’s very sustainable.  It’s also got some good cost-effective measures, as these are some of the least expensive types of options, and they usually don’t need to have some tools that are costly, or labor costs that are higher.

It’s also very easy for you to use, and quite lightweight too, both for storage, and for shipping. They don’t add a ton of weight, but they’re good for distributors and manufacturers as well.

What Exactly is Corrugated Packaging 

It’s basically a name for a combined board, and it uses the liner, along with the medium.  They usually are made of different types of papers that are known as containerboard. The line board tends to be flatter on the outer parts of this, but on the inner part, and it also holds to a specific medium, and it’s glued between both of these different facings. 

Do Packages Need to be in This? 

That’s a question some people have when they’re beginning to use this, and the simple answer is nope, the materials don’t need to be shipped with this, but it’s usually a popular product, because it’s very easy to work with. 

If you’re looking to ship long distances, corrugated is a recommended material, but not a requirement. 

Are they Eco friendly? 

Of course! They’re actually a pure eco-friendly choice, because they’re super easy to recycle, and many cities offer things that are similar to the way that you get the trash collected.

It’s also very easy to customize in order to recycle this. It takes those eco-friendly inks such as soy and water-based inks easily, and it won’t ruin the packaging. 

This reduces the overall waste that’s there, and the material that’s wasted after you use this, since the boxes are very recycled. They can be used once more, or then broken down easily to be recycled.

Recycling is definitely at an all-time high, and you can usually recycle this, and many of them are made from a majority of recycled materials. Some are made from totally recycled materials, and when you recycle those, they can be reused up to twenty-five different instances, making it a great choice for those who want to recycle. Corrugated is still a great packaging material for many to use and to ship the products of choice.

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Using Corrugated Boxes to Stand out

For those who have subscription types of boxes, you may want to make sure that you have a box that also does the job. Boxes go through a lot, including the jolts and the bumps that come with shipping. But they also are a part of your brand, both outside and inside, and you can get custom-printed types of boxes that are easy to use. 

Why go Custom for Subscription Boxes 

The thing with subscription boxes, so that they’re a very tough market to appeal to. However, there are now more people than ever before who are interested in getting subscription boxes.  This has markedly increased by over 100% every single year, and it’s a billion-dollar industry. But remember, it’s a huge industry, and custom subscription boxes are something that will help you stand out.

That’s why, going custom, and offering a more intuitive kind of packaging and means to ship, will allow you to improve your own business, and make you stand out.

How to Create this 

Well you want to do this through the customizing of the packaging, but you also need to look not just at the outside of the box, but also on the inside too, because the inside is a huge part of this.  In this day and age, it’s all about what’s inside, rather than just outside. You also want to look at the void filler that you use, the type of tape that you use, even the inserts that you throw in there. There’s a lot to focus on, but the thing is, it’s mostly just based on the type of box that you want to bring out, the customer’s demands, and of course, what you can do with your imagination.

Remember that every sort of contact is a chance for this to be a means to boost loyalty and the sales too, so you should always look at this.  For box covers,. You want to first and foremost be inviting. Custom boxes are going to be the first thing that people see. The best way to improve this includes: 

  • Having bright colors 
  • Creating images that are unique 
  • Building the proper word choice for people to get excited about 
  • The logo looking sharp 
  • Offers that are exclusive 

This is just as important as on the inside too. 

Why the inside matters 

The thing with the inside, is that not only is it protecting the packaging, you want to also keep in mind that this is a way for people to build a connection with you. If you’ve got inserts that you throw in there, you’ve got printable means to make this work. You can usually put the logo onto foam inserts, or even funny taglines and messages that are there too.

But you also want to make sure that you have the proper void filler in there too. If you’re selling any sort of fragile item, you need something that will help keep it in there, and properly protected.  But there are other cool things that you can do with this too. While packaging peanuts has a bad rap as being harmful for the environment, you can actually use foam peanuts that have custom scents too, so if you sell coffee, you can add that in there.

It’s important to consider when designing a subscription box to consider all aspects of the packaging. Subscription boxes need to have real thought put into them, and through this, you’ll be able to build the ideal custom packaging that people want more of too.

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The Best Ways to Use Old Packaging Boxes

More and more of us are looking to save money, with inflation running rampant and the ongoing climate crisis.  You may have old boxes just laying about that you want to get the most that you can out of them. Here are some great ways for you to do this. 

Magazine Files 

Magazine files are great for you to hold all of the items that you have, and if you’re someone with ongoing subscriptions just piling on and getting large, this is a great way to create the best answer.

There’s tons of different ways for you to make this out of different packaging types of boxes, and you can use this as a means to tidy up the space a little bit better. 

Gift Tags  

Gift tags are little tags that you can put on boxes and packaging that you end up getting. This is a good way to reuse these.

You can cut out the cardboard boxes into a bunch of different kinds of shapes and interesting arrays, and you can even add paint, stamps, and so much more to these too! 

Wall Art 

If you’re someone who likes to give their walls a bit of an added touch, you can pretty much take old boxes, add them there, and create some fun wall art.

You can even add different letters to this, decorating them, or even adding different sheets and sequins of different cardboard to offer photo displays too.

Drawer Dividers 

Drawer dividers are great too for helping to create a more organized space, reduce the clutter, and make it much simpler for you to get exactly what it is if you want to use it. If you’re someone that needs a place that holds a lot of different stationery or other small pieces, you can use this to make it easier. If you have socks and underwear, this can work as a good drawer divider that really shines. 

Labeling Veggies 

Maybe you’re someone who has a bit of a green thumb and wants to make sure that you see where everything you’ve planted is in the proper location.

You can take old boxes, add little markers and label exactly where they are. That way, you’re not rifling around in the drawer just to find the potatoes. 

Have them get composted 

Finally, if you’re still not sure what to use, you can always compost them. The ground definitely will thank you for this one, and if you compost the items, you’ll be able to give your soil something worth growing in.

But. Do be careful if you do compost, because you need to make sure that there are no tape or glue attachments to this. Remove them before you throw them into the compost pile, in order to get the most out of this.

Use them for Deliveries 

Finally, if you’re someone who loves to deliver items, or maybe you’re going to give packages to people for their birthday or otherwise, you can use boxes.

You may have to put a sticker or label discussing what this is, but when you do this, it’ll tell other people what it is, and it looks better too.

If you’re someone who loves to deliver goods, or offer unique products, you can reuse boxes.

There are so many different ways for you to use boxes in novel ways. Here, we went over the best ways for you to reuse your boxes, in order to give you the best type of experience possible, and to also give back to the planet and help it too.

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