Returnable Poly Mailers Solve Problems in Shipping Returns

Let’s face it. People are on the move. With technology making many processes easier and more efficient, customers just don’t have the time or patience to spend hours standing in line at the post office. With everything modernizing, it makes sense that the return process is modernized as well. Returnable poly mailers allow customers to save time and money on parcel packaging. With these handy mailers, customers just need to package, label, and send it back. No need to spend time waiting to purchase packaging material. This change is especially for businesses that encounter the following scenarios. 

With the rise of e-commerce stores, more people need to ship returns through the mail. Today, many customers purchase from e-commerce stores rather than brick-and-mortar stores. This has changed how returns function. E-commerce stores tend to have about a thirty percent return rate, compared to a nine percent return rate for brick and mortar stores. This is expected because there are often more variables that customers did not account for when purchasing from an online storefront. Compared to the ability to see and touch items in a traditional store, products bought online more often might not meet customers’ expectations when they see them in person. 

Returns are now also more common for product defects. There are two possibilities for defects: during the manufacturing process and the shipping process. Either way, the process of getting the product to the customer can cause issues in a product. It’s frustrating to receive a damaged or defective product and even more frustrating if it is a hassle to return. Using returnable poly mailers enables customers to return defective products more easily, making the process smoother and more positive. 

Another shipping problem that can occur is when the wrong product is shipped out. Some warehouses have a large volume of products, and mistakes can happen. This is a simple fix, and instead of turning it into a big problem, returnable poly envelopes make it easy for customers to return the wrong product and receive a new one. 

In addition, some types of products are returned more frequently than others. Online clothing and apparel companies know customers often return items because they need to try on the products to see how they fit. Companies can use returnable poly envelopes to make this process smoother. Returnable Poly mailers are flexible and perfect for clothing. Companies can use expandable poly mailers for bulkier sweaters or overcoats. Expandable poly mailers have a gusseted bottom that expands for larger items. By shipping a return label with every order, customers can easily try and return any unsuitable products. Companies that make this process easier can enjoy the success of a loyal customer base.

Returnable poly mailers are an effective and economical solution for easing the return process for both customers and businesses. They are easy to use and durable enough for multiple trips through the shipping process. When a customer applies for a return, all they need to do is place the products they want to return into the mailer. There is a second strip of adhesive that they can activate and use to seal the mailer. All that’s needed is a return label, and the return is ready to go. 

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