4 Supplies You Should Have at Home Instead of Getting at the Shipping Store

Packaging supplies can be expensive if you’re relying on your shipping store to provide everything and all you brought was your item to be shipped. Rather than fork out more cash just to ship something to a family member or friend, think about getting your own supplies to have at home so you can package your own items for cheaper. Check out our list of things you can buy to save at home.

Packing materials.

Whether you opt for packing peanuts, bubble wrap, packing paper, or all of the above, you’ll save more than 3 times as much by simply purchasing your own instead of letting the shipping store upsell you on these things. You’ll like the idea of your item getting to its destination safely with the proper packing material to ensure it’s not damaged, but shipping stores make bank off of people who don’t have their own.

Shipping boxes.

This may be something you prefer to let the shipping store fit to your item, and you can’t be blamed for that. You won’t always find the perfect box lying around your house ready to go, so don’t panic if you have to pay the shipper for one. However, purchasing a few for the future is never a bad idea, especially with how versatile cardboard is.


I’m not even sure that you would be charged for packing tape anywhere you would go, but having some of your own allows you to package your own items at home nice and neat, and it also goes a long way around the house in general. You never know when you need some heavy duty tape.


These are great to have in case you’re in a hurry and need to drop an item off to be shipped immediately. Having the shipping store gather your information and print out a label can be time consuming, especially if there’s a line at the store. But if you have your own stamps or labels, you can have an item ready to be shipped in an instant, and all you’ll have to do is drop it off and go.

While this is an exhaustive list and you may be thinking “well, that’s everything I need to ship an item,” you’ll definitely save a few extra bucks each time you make a trip to the shipping store, even if you don’t have all the packaging supplies on this list.

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3 Alternate Indoor Uses for Cardboard This Winter

We all know how useful cardboard is throughout the year. You use it to store things away. You use it to move items from one house to another. You use it for crafts with the kids. These all seem to be ways that boxes are used “positively” or as they were intended to be used when you first obtained them.

But what about uses you hadn’t thought of? What about uses for cheap moving boxes you have lying around that are a little more on the side of clean up? What about uses that will ultimately destroy your old boxes?

Well, here’s a list of ways you can put your old, tattered boxes to use this winter and not mind them getting destroyed in the process.

Cover a leak in your garage.

Not sure if you’ve ever seen your dad or grandpa do this, but if there’s been an oil spill or leak of some sort in your garage and you don’t have the means to soak it up with a typical clean-up salt or powder, portions of cheap moving boxes do the trick in a pinch. Just rip a slab off and place it on top of whatever liquid is pooled up in your garage. After a few hours, it’ll have soaked it up well enough to discard the cardboard.

Placeholder for firewood in your house.

If you’ve got a fireplace but no indoor wood rack, you’ll eventually get tired of walking out into the cold to grab wood off your porch. Even though you may not want to fork out the cash to go get an indoor wood rack or even build one yourself, placing a strip of cardboard on your floor will protect your flooring from wood even when it’s stacked up and it shifts around.


Speaking of fires, sometimes it’s tough to find the smaller pieces of wood used for kindling, especially if you don’t use firebricks. Cardboard can get the fire going nicely since it burns slower than paper and can serve as your backup kindling whenever you’re out of the necessary pieces to kickstart your flame.

So, the next time you think about tossing your old boxes because they’re ripped, slightly wet, or just falling apart in general, create a stash to use during the winter for these few things. You never know when you may want to use something like this as a means to save some cash and time.

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3 Types of Moving Boxes You Didn’t Know Exist

When it comes to making a move, it’s likely that you have a fair amount of cardboard boxes to execute the move. Your things are in order. You’ve got everything packed nice and neat. Sure, some boxes are overflowing a bit at the brim, but those are usually the ones with clothes, blankets, and other things that won’t get damaged.

But what about your dishes, your pictures, or your lamps? What about the fragile, awkwardly shaped items that don’t necessarily just “fit” right in to any box? You’ve probably got a few lamps standing or laying in your back seat, your picture frames stacked in a box with some blankets around them, and your dishes are wrapped individually in newspaper.

But here’s the thing: that’s all unwieldy, time consuming, and still doesn’t guarantee protection. You want the ease of packing as all your other items and protection for those things more delicate than others, right? We’ve got a few options of cheap moving boxes for you when making the move.

Dish boxes.

Didn’t know this was a thing, did you? These boxes are still corrugated but have a partition kit within them to keep your dishes separate from one another and also provide layered protection. They’re about as good as you can get for your dishes when it comes to moving.

Picture frame boxes.

While you may not need one of these for every single picture frame you have, these are amazing for the ones you cherish, such as antique frames/photos or even expensive artwork. They’re thin boxes that typically come in three different sizes as to fit various picture sizes, and their protection is unmatched.

Lamp boxes.

These boxes are great for the awkwardness of lamps. They usually come wide enough to accomodate for your lamp’s shade, too, so you don’t have to worry about packing the shade separately. Of course, these come in a variety of sizes as well to fit smaller or bigger lamp shades.

Though you may have gotten past a few moves with blankets, newspaper, or other unsafe alternatives for your fragile items, think about choosing some of these cheap moving boxes and some bubble wrap the next time you move. Not only will you make it to your new location with all of your items in tact; they’ll be organized and you’ll have taken no time to do so in the process.

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4 Essential Supplies You Should Have at Your Office

How often do you think about the essentials you need in your desk at the office? It kind of sucks when you really need a pair of scissors and don’t have any. Or when you’re out of staples because you didn’t think you would need to refill for a long time.

Having your desk at the ready with the things you need on a daily basis shows you’re thinking ahead, on track, and prepared for the unexpected.

Avoid looking underprepared by having to ask around for office basics by grabbing these ____ supplies.


You’ll want it for pinning notes to your desk. You’ll want it to mend tears. You’ll want it to repair your cracked pen (maybe you should go get more of those, too).

Tape is one of the main items people think about when they hear “office supplies.” There’s a reason for that: it can be used in so many different ways.


Sharpies aren’t just for writing on cardboard boxes and other shipping boxes. They come in handy a lot of the time around the office, too. Whether you’re addressing a package on a manilla envelope or writing a notice to be hung on your door, sharpies are too useful to not have in your desk’s drawer.

Also, while black is the go-to color that everyone needs, having a red sharpie can help to draw attention in the case of important notes.


Plastic, cardboard, wooden. Whatever the case, having some sort of box, even old shipping boxes, is great to have in case you need to take documents or other work home.

You can even have two as “trays.” One for finished work, one for unfinished. Get crafty if you like.


Ahh. The thing you never seem to have when you need it most. It’s one of those items that you question purchasing: “If I do buy it, I’ll never use it. But if I don’t buy it, I’ll need it at some point.”

At the very least, have some in case coworkers need it. Important documents with mistakes written in pen normally can’t be fixed, but white-out does the trick in a pinch.

When it comes down to it, having important office supplies is better than not having them. Make it a point to take a trip to the store and check the essentials off your list so that you can be better prepared when the time comes.

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How to Secure Your Furniture When Moving

When moving, the first thing you usually think about is how strenuous the process will be. Lifting heavy furniture, carrying it through tight doorways, and being exhausted at the end of a long day all plague your mind. It’s a draining task, for sure. But what a lot of people fail to keep in mind is having the appropriate gear for moving. Do you have a trailer for all of your furniture, appliances, and items? Just a truck bed? What about dollies?

These things are likely the first things after cheap moving boxes that you’ll think of when it comes to planning a move. What may slip your mind, however, are items that can help secure and protect your belongings. Those things are ratchet straps and furniture blankets.

Boxes and furniture shift during a move. It’s the nature of driving your things to a new location. And you can’t really control their shifting unless you have straps.

Why straps are a must.

Straps, or cargo straps, only have a list of pros when it comes to why you should use them. Because they’re available in a range of weight capacities, come with different kinds of hooks, are lighter than chain, and won’t scratch finished items (like all of your wood furniture) the way chain can, they’re versatile, extremely useful, and essential to your move.

Cargo straps most often come with some sort of ratchet that enables you to easily secure your furniture tightly. Additionally, they always have hooks (that come in a wide variety) that latch onto an anchor point in your vehicle, trailer, or whatever else you’re attaching it to.

To emphasize how useful these things are, note that they can also secure heavier equipment like motorcycles, boats, ATVs, and large equipment to trailers. They’ll also strap down snowblowers, lawn mowers, and even lumber in pickup trucks. Pretty versatile outside of just moving furniture, huh?

Furniture blankets (the Swiss Army knife of moving furniture).

I never really knew the importance of furniture blankets until moving into my first apartment outside of college. That’s when I started getting actually nice furniture. And that’s when I was introduced to furniture blankets. (Let it be noted that they’re usually heavy duty like quilts, so even old, think blankets or quilts would work in place of blankets designed specifically for furniture.)

This type of blanket’s primary purpose is to save your furniture from rubbing up against other pieces of furniture. This protects your items from rips, tears, scratches, and other marks you wouldn’t want. Typically, you would want to place the blankets between each piece of furniture in your trailer. That’s a lot of blankets, however, so some pieces of furniture need it less than others (i.e., your less expensive pieces or those less prone to damage).

The secret benefit of furniture blankets, though, is dragging heavy furniture over door thresholds and along floors. Washers, dryers, and fridges can be especially tough to move in and out of houses without scratching hardwood flooring, yet they’re usually too heavy to pick up and move inside tight spaces (without the use of a dolly). Furniture blankets double as moving equipment in that you can drag things along floors!

The next time you plan to move or help move someone in, invest in a few furniture blankets and cargo straps. They make all the difference in securing down items, whether they’re loose or in cheap moving boxes.

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How to Come Up With Smart Packaging Design

If you’re serious about the growth of your business, you’re likely looking at every factor that affects your revenue and bottom line. While you brainstorm for things you can improve in the near future, you shouldn’t forget that the packaging supplies you turn into custom product packaging are an important part of your business.

By making smarter packaging design decisions, you can have a very positive impact on your business overall. However, before you go about changing anything, you need to remember that due diligence and thorough research are needed when making decisions about your packaging materials. Here is some advice that will help ensure you’re making the right decisions:

Take Advantage of the Power of Qualitative Research

Effective packaging is able to create a strong emotional response in consumers. When they choose whether or not to purchase a certain product, the decision isn’t always guided by purely logical thought. Instead, in many cases the consumer will choose based on the emotional response that your product packaging gave them.

For this reason, you should do some work to uncover qualitative data that is highly relevant and crucial to your success. By doing qualitative research, you can find out what drives your target audience to behave in a certain way. For example, you can learn whether they prefer one color of packaging over another and determine what makes them attracted to a certain style of packaging.

Stay on Top of Changes in Your Market

Having a strong brand identity at the present moment doesn’t guarantee that you’ll always enjoy success in the future. Markets constantly evolve and so do your customers. You’ll get new consumers who reach the age of your target market and current ones who age out. Their preferences and interests may be quite different from the previous generation of consumers.

Even your current consumers may see their tastes evolve over time. This may require you to adapt your packaging to their new ideals and preferences.

While successfully changing your packaging to meet new consumer preferences may seem a bit complicated, there are certain things you can do to get an idea of what your customers want. You can start by taking a look at what the leaders in the retail space are doing. Have they made any changes to their packaging strategies and how did that seem to resonate with their audience? Do some competitive analysis to see what similar brands are doing. That way, you can better keep up with evolving preferences.

Back Up Any Small Change With Research

If you distribute your products through retail channels, your packaging will be one of the most important factors in determining whether a consumer will choose your product or one from a competitor. What you put out on the shelves must be designed to make a positive impression with your target market. The packaging type and style, colors, size and included messages all have the capability of creating an emotional response in shoppers. These emotions are also what helps drive their purchasing decisions.

The next time you order packaging supplies for your products, remember that even tiny changes you’ve made to the design of your product packages can have a big impact on the overall consumer experience. This is why you always need to conduct proper research before you make the decision to modify your packaging.

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Want to Design your First Package? Here’s How to Do It

If you think packages are just made by the fly, you are very wrong. There is an entire art industry around the design of containers and labels. Designers have to pay attention to materials and their characteristics as well as apply solutions for package preservation.

However, this comprehensive science around good packaging design has never stopped anyone from producing their own packages and boxes at the comfort of their homes. There is a lot of benefit in designing your own packages, it is a fun experience, you can explore and extend your creativity to the limit, and it allows you to make personalized packets for your product, not to mention that there is a whole career opportunity around it.

First, we have to understand that the proper package design means three different steps:

  1. Developing a general idea of your package in a 2D space;
  2. Logo, Design, and Brand
  3. Printing and finishing your product.

Designing with Illustrator

Many professional designers have to choose between 2D programs like Adobe’s Illustrator for the production of their art. Both programs allow you to produce art in the vector format, which is the industry standard. Others prefer Adobe’s Photoshop because of its wide variety of functionalities, options, customization and the option for a photorealistic design.

Illustrator is terrific for someone just starting off, as it allows you to have a general idea of how your package looks like when opened, something called a “Dieline.”

Dieline is the lines that define the layout of the physical package; it is a diagram that marks the folds and cut lines of your design. Have you ever taken a cardboard box, opened it completely and flattened it into the floor? This flat design is the dieline, and it is crucial for your final product.

If you are not familiar with Illustrator, there is some self-adjusting to do, but the program is simple once you get the hang of it. Start your dieline and don’t forget to indicate where the cut lines and the folds are, using different colors or dashed lines to differ them from each other.

You can find inspirations on the internet if it helps. There are countless designs that you can look at, and, beyond that, there are many types of boxes that you can choose with different materials. Also, you are not limited to boxes at all. Tubes, bottles, bags, and pouches, for example, aren’t beyond your design possibilities.

Giving Purpose and Personality to your Package

Beyond the dieline and the general format of the package, there are still many adjustments and applications to do.

If the package is for a brand, a product, it probably contains a logo, and you should think about where you want to include it. If there is any product description, quote, association logo, symbols or additional imagery that you want to add in your package, take the time to think about where to put them. There is a consensus about prioritizing the logo on the center of the front of the package, but many artists do not limit themselves to this framework.

Ready for Printing

Now that you have finished your 2D design, you are ready to contact a professional printer to print your product and provide packaging supplies. Discuss with them your general guidelines and necessities. You can also make a 3D mockup of your product, something many package designers do to be more accurate with the measurements, and it can be done on Illustrator as well, or Photoshop.

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Shipping Supplies for Your Home or Business Needs

When you are in the process of moving, whether it is into a new house, a smaller apartment, or even your local college dorm room, you will always need a certain item to make the move go smoother. That item is a cardboard storage box. In most cases, you will need at least a few boxes to make the transition easier. For many, cardboard boxes are difficult to find, even though they are an important part of any packing process you are in. They are useful when you are in the process of relocating or downsizing.

Additionally, these types of boxes are great for when you are running a small business and need boxes to mail your product in. Online shipping costs are often quite expensive, so having the right shipping supplies available for your products will help your business grow. Your customers will see how carefully you pack and ship your products and will wish to purchase from you in the future.

Box Styles

We can provide you with many different cardboard storage boxes in a variety of sizes and styles for all of your shipping needs.

Are you looking for a box that will store your items for the time being? Maybe you need a good, sturdy box to ship your merchandise safely. The Regular Slotted Container, or RSC, easily folds up and can then be secured with the use of either staples or tape.

For those looking for a self-storage box, the Half Slotted Container, or HSC, is the perfect fit. The HSC has a cover that is able to be removed and replaced over and over again. This box is also smaller and is perfect for shipping smaller, fragile items that do not need a large box.

If you are shipping something and you expect rough conditions or you need extra sturdy boxes for rough storage areas, choose the Full Overlap container, or FOL. The FOL is made with corrugated material for heavy-duty protection.

Finally, when you need to separate a package, use the Corrugated Pad, or PAD, to do so. The PAD allows you to separate your package by layers.


We are here to provide our valued customers with reliable, sturdy boxes that will help make packing and storing various items much more convenient. These boxes are sturdy and solid, so there is no need to worry that your items will be damaged or broken. There is no minimum amount required for purchase, so feel free to buy just one box or place an order for dozens. We are here to provide you with whatever you need, in any quantity you desire.

While most cardboard storage boxes come in the standard brown color, we can provide other colors upon request. This allows businesses to develop their own unique brand identity when it comes to their shipping materials. Not only do we offer multiple color schemes, but we also provide free printing on the storage boxes. This is called Flexo Printing and is always provided at no charge.

You can place your order today through PayPal. We do not share your information and your payment is kept secure. You can then track your shipment online. Every shipment is typically delivered within one to two weeks.

Please contact us today for all of your shipping and storage needs.

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10 Ways to Trim Shipping Cost

For small business owners, the cost of shipping can be one of the biggest factors in paying large operational expenses for the company. In order to offset these expenses, however, many of today’s’ entrepreneurs are being very creative in reducing the amount that they pay. 

Of course, when the research is being done, names like Fred Dubois usually comes into the picture since he was striving to reduce expenses for this shipping from the inception of his business in 2007. This is because his laptop business was costing him about 500 dollars per 50 batteries that his customers ordered. While he started his shipping services by contracting out work to FedEx Ground, as time passed, he changed his overall shipping strategy by varying who he used to ship his laptops by. For instance, he decided to use U.S. Postal Service to help with the shipping and was able to cut this shipping cost at a rate of 50%.

Today, to make sure that he has a solid plan that works for his business, he has split the shipments in half by giving part of the business to the U.S. Postal service and the other half to FedEx Ground. So, for those of you who are interested in what it takes to keep your shipping cost down, here are 10 tips that you can review. 

1. Make Sure You are Negotiating with Multiple Carriers 

If you want to make sure the cost of your shipping services is kept to a minimum, you should negotiate prices with multiple carriers. Even small businesses can take advantage of this strategy since they are more likely to compete to get your business and you can compare which ones will fit your plans best. 

2. Establish an account number 

Accounting numbers are essential to reducing the amounts that you will pay in expenses. With the accounting number, your volume can be tracked and will often lead to cheaper prices as the volume rises. 

3. Carrier Packaging a Must 

Using the carriers boxes is also critical to reducing the amount that you pay. This is because the dimensions of the carriers boxes are used to set the rate. For instance, if you place a 1 pound box in a Fedex envelope after you have used all of your shipping supplies, you can reduce the shipping cost by as much as 15%. 

4. Use Your Regional Carrier 

Even though FedEx and the United Postal Service are a great option for shipping packages, you should not forget the fact that there are other shipping carriers that supply these services too. So, scout out those options in your area (Spee Dee Delivery, On Track) 

5. Discounts Available With Online Shipping 

Another way to save money is to use online shipping services. When you pay online for your shipping, you can save up to 16 percent and more on express mail and priority mail services. 

6. Prepaid Shipping is an Investment 

To save as much as 20% on your shipping cost, you can also diversify the way you pay your shipping expenses by using prepaid shipping options. 

7. Purchase 3rd Party Insurance 

The savings associated with third party insurance is also great for many businesses today. This is because the third party insurance providers will usually reduce their rates for insurance coverage quite dramatically. Specifically, compared to the well known names like Fedex. 

8. Before Billing Customers for their Items — Factor in Shipping Fees 

To keep from absorbing the cost of extra fees charged on the items that you sell you should make sure that the customer’s price for a product includes all of their shipping fees. 

9. Hybrid Services Can Reduce Your Expenses 

If the speed of a product is not the highest priority for you and your customers, you may want to consider hybrid services. This type of service consists on one carrier pickup the package and the other carrier delivering it to its destination. 

10. Inquire About discounts from Associations 

Based on the size of the organization and the industry that they represent, there are some discounts that can be taken advantage of. So, you should ask in advance what the company has available.

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Why Packaging Matters In Your Business

If you run a business of any kind, everything you do matters. You want to pay close attention to all the little details. It’s the little details that really make things come alive for your clients. One of the most important of all such details are the kinds of packages you use. Packaging is a valuable tool that says a lot about your items. It will protect your products from any environmental stresses. Packing also make sure each item arrives in good condition. This way, you aren’t going to have unhappy clients demanding a refund because the product was not in useful condition after you shipped it. Packaging also helps speed up production by making it easy to place items inside. In short, the right use of the right shipping supplies can really pay off.

Shipping Protection

Your business may involve shipping lots of products. Even if you don’t ship a lot of items all year long, there may be times when you’ll be busy and need to things in great quantities. Shipping items means making sure they get to your clients and get there in the best condition. As the products hit the mail truck, it may bounce around there from poor handling. Accidents can also happen as the product is sent shipping. You want to make sure the product is protected at every moment. When you use the right packaging, you’ll reduce the risk of having problems once the end user opens it.

No Refunds

Today’s modern clients have high expectations. They expect any products they order are products that will get to their office immediately ready to use. Even the slightest hint of a problem can cause trouble. For example, minor wear and tear to a coffee table book will essentially destroy the value of the book in the market. When you make sure the packaging is right, your customers will appreciate this and understand you’re someone they can rely on for help and products that arrive precisely as promised. If they get damaged, you’ll be out any profit you might have made.

Modernizing Your Systems

Packaging items can take up a lot of your time. You may spend lots of time looking through the box and making sure that everything is arranged just right. This can take a lot of time that might be better devoted to other things instead. Think about the design of your boxes. You want to have boxes on hand that make this process of packing much easier and more efficient. This way, you can get it done quickly and know it’s all correct before you start to ship.

You Look Great

Inviting and wonderful packaging can serve as a brand ambassador. When the end recipient sees the packaging, this can make a powerful first impressive they’ll remember for a long time. This is why you should think about why you should have boxes that immediately make a statement. Great packaging will establish you in the public mind and help people think about buying your products. Consider specifics such as the colors you plan to use and the kind of materials that will go into the finished box. You’ll benefit from well designed boxes that offer something special and your own to your clients.

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