Are Mailing Bags Recyclable

A lot of people are looking for ways to recycle.  With ecommerce rising in popularity, the other thing people look for are means to be sustainable, as this is something that’s become a major focus in the recent years.

This is the best time to start being sustainable, as this helps show off that you care about the environment, and also revolutionize the packaging process that’s there.

Recycling is the best way to reduce the waste that’s there, and there are now new and better ways to recycle than ever before, that are driving both sales, and engagement.

Mailer bags are some of the best things that brands have started to use to send out sturdy items, and also clothes too. 

However, not all mailer bags are considered equal when it comes to sustainability.

It’s important to note that if they’re based on cardboard, or even paper, it’s usually recyclable, but if there are those that are bubble wrap or polyethylene, this might be a different story.

Is Bubble Wrap Easy to Recycle 

This is something that some people might see when they get items in mailer bags.

Sadly, it’s not recyclable, and this is due to the polyethylene that’s in them, so they can’t usually be recycled the normal way. But there are a few supermarkets and other drop-off locations that allow you to put the bubble wrap there, allowing you to recycle this and other types of materials that are based on plastic. 

You should, however, consider a more eco-friendly type of void fill. There are now those that even break down with water and are still good for making sure everything is properly protected, and they’re the better option if you’re someone interested in creating a sustainable void fill experience.

What About Padded Mailers 

Padded mailers are another type of mailer bag that you can usually use, and they usually offer the best protection possible.

So are they recyclable? 

Unfortunately, not always. This is because the innards of this have bubble wrap, or even foam, since they are good to protect this.

But it can’t be recycled because of the plastic packaging.  The bag that it came in might be possible to recycle, but you need to take the extra time and effort to separate these two, which becomes overly convoluted if you’re not careful.

What can We do with them though? 

are usually something that’s low in terms of costs, resistant to water, and good for storage. 


Can you recycle those? Not at the moment, since they are made from polyethylene. But if they’re made from low-density kinds, there are some collection points. The best way to deal with these, is to actually reuse them, especially since they offer some great storage. 

So what Can Be Recycled 

This is a good question. Right now, most of the time, unless they’re labeled as eco-friendly, chances are they’re not going to be recyclable. 

There are now new mailing bags that are made from plastic that’s plant-based, which is actually completely biodegradable and compostable. Some of these are made from cornstarch too, which is also biodegradable. After about 90 or so days, the mailing bags become an organic fertilizer.  You can also get them in the form of water-based inks that are there too, which helps to create the eco-friendly experience for you to get. 

The best way to create the ideal eco-friendly experience is to discuss this with a supplier and try for yourself to see if there is any sort of means to help you get the ideal packaging, and one that’s easy for you to recycle.

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How to Make Unboxing Fun

Unboxing is the process of opening up stuff, and a lot of ecommerce brands are struggling to make the ideal first impression. No storefronts means that it’s harder to use physical parts of this, but if you’d like to stand out, you can use an unboxing experience.  Unboxing is literally the process of opening up a box, and the feeling that you get when you open these boxes. 

You want to make sure that customers remember everything about the brand, what it is able to stand for, and understand it’s more than just opening boxes, but it’s on the happiness that the customers will feel the moment they open these.  Good unboxing makes a huge difference in the way a customer will perceive you.  You should use certain unboxing characteristics to make it something that customers feel satisfied in receiving. But it’s also not bad to consider the element of personalization, and also creating a relatable experience for the customer too. 

Offer the Brand Story 

Brand stories are great fort telling others about this.Unboxing is something that’s pretty custom based on the type of product that it is. You should use this to your advantage, as it will show customers something unique, and something that they’ll remember you from. 

For instance, a note that’s personalized to customers and also offering information about the company, the history, and the future is a good way to gain excitement, and also, to offer the peak unboxing that you’d like to offer to these people. 

Social Media Is Key 

One thing that you can do, is to plug in your social media, in order to offer content that’s indirect to the brand. Almost half of the customers that you’re marketing to will share what they got on social media to other people. If you want to create a great unboxing sort of experience, you want to use social media, as it gets others to discuss the brand that’s there.  This is also a natural gateway to get different customers as well to see the various products that you have and get them interested in purchasing all of this.

You also have the option to fully leverage the content that you have too through the use of sharing, giveaways, various organization for activities, and even beginning conversations that matter. 

Build Customer Retention 

Finally, you want to make sure that you create an experience that retains customers. 

Through this, you’ll be able to retain over 50% of the current people, and they’ll even recommend it if you give them something unique and branded in order to create a valuable experience. 

The Best Techniques to Create 

Here are a few tips to help you make it better for you to unbox stuff. First, always make sure it’s easy for them to open up and take out the package. If you don’t do this, they’re not going to be happy, and the frustration of packaging creates bad reviews. Think small. Big boxes can translate to looking wasteful. Keep it small, to reduce chances of wastes, and also create a more cost-beneficial experience. 

Get rid of anything filler. Customers don’t want this, it’s a waste of money and time, and it’s bad for the environment. Finally, consider offering little incentives within this. Discount codes, little freebees, and even small notes are great for people, as they encourage people to try the product, and it can boost customer retention. A big part of boosting your customer morale and growing, is through the use of unboxing.  Add it today, and craft the ideal unboxing experience today!

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AI Packaging and The Future

AI packaging is one that’s growing in massive popularity, because let’s be real, artificial intelligence is something that’s more common than before. For the various applications that it has, and the major differences in the way that you’re able to search and find stuff, people are able to create amazing artwork through the use of AI software, and this is something that businesses are beginning to use to better their own abilities. 

There is also AI packaging, and this of course, is something that’ll change the way that the world works. AI is moving at a rapid pace, and here, we’ll look at what else it has to offer. 

What AI packaging is 

Simply put, AI packaging is one that’s designed, put together, and then manipulated through the use of artificial intelligence in some manner to entice and appeal to consumers better, and the end game of course, is sales that are much better.

So who uses this? The answer of course is actually tons of companies that are looking to use this. But right now, AI is still in the early stages of modeling, designing, creating a prototype, and various other actions that AI can benefit from.  There are companies looking to add AI to their business, and there are various companies that are hiring these positions in order to see the use of AI in their packaging.

This is something that’s created a massive job market for many people. When a lot of major players within the industry are able to take different actions, it’s definitely moving the traction towards this focus. This is something that is starting to become quite serious and will be used even more vary soon. Some have already started to venture into these waters and these dynamics, which we’ll see some major repercussions and even reflections of the future of the packaging and the applications. 

How this works 

So how in the world does this work?  Let’s take a few examples. One example is Studio Blackthorn, which is a pretty known spirit communications and beverage agency. They offer boutique packaging for a ton of products, including sodas, spirits, and even wines and hand sanitizers. 

They have worked with a lot of big brands, but they’re focusing on how to deliver this new tech to the customers that are there. For them, AI packaging is booming, and this is something that they’ve dove into as well. They wanted to see just how much I would be able to accomplish in the design of this. So they were able to complete a full packaging design through the use of AI.

What they discovered is that AI is actually responsible for putting together 80% of the packaging within the experiment, and then 20% of the human interaction was used at the end. 

The experiment used a feature packaging that was created through AI, and they put it in non-alcoholic drink cans. They used IA tools to design the packaging and the branding, and they created different illustrations to serve as the artwork. They also used another IA to generate the branding, the marketing, and even the advertising and the copy that would be used to get the attention of the customers. 

They were able to find that most of the completion was done through the use of AI, especially the usage of different AI tools. What does this spell for the future of these companies? Right now, you can still do things without AI, which is great, but we may start to see more and more usage of AI to help with various tasks. 

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The most common Packaging Materials to buy

If you’re looking to add more custom packaging to your own personal repertoire, then you’re in luck. In this, we’re going to tackle some of the most common packaging materials, why some of these are better than others, and other factors to consider with this.

Corrugated Packaging 

Corrugated packaging is becoming super popular, as it’s very easy to work with. It utilizes a brown material, and it has fluting within it that’s sandwiched in between two pieces of paper.  This is strong, and comes in a variety of sizes, so it’s incredibly popular to use as well. 

Kraft Paper 

Kraft paper is the new guy in town. This is smaller, thinner packaging, but it’s made from recycled fibers. Considered the most eco-friendly of the packaging types that are out there, this is becoming super popular, as it’s very good for the environment, cheap, and easy for you to use. The one downside to kraft paper, is that for very heavy items and electronics, it might not be the best option to consider. 

Mailer Boxes 

These are super popular for subscriptions, and are boxes that are rigid, that come with flaps in some cases, and the lid of it is on top. When a person opens it by unsecuring the flaps or taking off the branded tape, the packaged item is there. These are super popular for the unboxing experience, for the sole reason that they are easy to open, are simple to do, and they showcase everything in a neat display. Plus, they don’t require you to add a ton of packaging inside either, so it’s great for showing a more minimalist branding.

Packaging Inks 

These days, companies are trying to move outside of the typical inks that used to be used. Petrol inks are popular, sure, but the problem with petrol inks is that they’re terrible for the environment, given that they’re petrol based, which isn’t a natural material. With that in mind, there are now new inks to consider. The most popular are the water-based and the soy inks.

Water based is great if you’re printing this on something that’s eco friendly, since this does wash off. The one downside to this one, is that usually, it doesn’t last as long, so if you’re going to be sending this from one location to the next, be mindful of this. Another option is soy based inks. These are also popular eco-friendly inks, as they’re very easy for you to work with.

Rigid Boxes 

Then there are the rigid boxes. These are boxes that are very sturdy and are usually an outer box. This is super popular in the realm of packaging for those luxury items, as they’re very easy to put together. However, the downside to this is that they tend to be more expensive, and there is always the fact that they are hard to store, especially through stacking.

This type of box is always good for those who are selling a luxury item, and you can get these in different ways, including a pull-out box so that people can pull the item out and look at it. There are tons of different packaging types to choose from, and you can customize this even further today. If you’re interested in taking your packaging to the next level, this is how you do it, as there are tons of great ways to boost your packaging, and make it really shine in all of the right ways.  Try out these different types today, and see for yourself just what it is that you need to do.

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Kraft Paper 101

Using kraft packaging is a great way to give you the correct business decisions. 

Through the use of custom packaging, you have a lot of different options. While cardboard is bland and boring, kraft is new and popular, and while it is dull in color, the rustic look to this, and its durability is what makes it popular. 

But here’s what you need to know about kraft paper, and a few ideas to start. 

What Kraft Paper Is 

Kraft paper in essence is a kind of paper that comes from the pulp that’s utilized during the process of Kraft. The word kraft is German for strength, and that strength is what makes the paper possible. 

How this works is simple. the virgin pulp or the natural fibers from the wood are used for this.  It has the highest amount of sulfur compared to the other types of processes such as SBS processor using recycled paperboard. 

This means that they are strong, and the cellulose doen’st degrade over time with this. 

When coated, the unbleached types of Kraft products doesn’t have any extra bleach, and it contains the dark brown coloring that’s popular with this. 

It’s totally ecofriendly, which is why it can be further bleached to create a white pulp. 

This is used to create corrugated cardboard, and then, it gets layered to add more tenacity and strength.  This is something that’s much tougher than the regular corrugated cardboards that are made from the test paper. 

Why Choose this 

There are a few ways to choose the type of paperboard that you use, and kraft is something that’s become way more popular for a reason. 

For starters, this is vital for the ecofriendly companies that want to choose something much more sustainable, and better for recyclability. This allows for you to see that, as a brand yourself, you’re making a much more conscious decision about the boxes that you have, and also giving this to customers who can also learn by recycling the box, or the choosing to compost it. 

It is not totally degradable if you have coatings and finishes, so if you are going to add lamination, keep in mind this is not something that can be composted. 

It’s also versatile and durable.  The boxes that are on this do resist the moisture, and will tolerate rough handling and heat, which makes them the ideal choice for packaging those products that are delicate or heavy, such as jewlery or electronics. 

They’re also very easy to ship and are versatile. There are a ton of box options that go with this. 

How to Get Inspired for Kraft Paper 

There are a few things that you can try with your kraft paper. 

The first, is eco-friendly ink such as water or soy-based ink, and it’s something that’s far more sustainable than the petroleum-based ink.  This also offers foil stamping, embossing, and the like to boost the packaging looks. 

You can also add inserts that are made of kraft too, which helps mitigate the damage that’s there, and it also offers a fascinating, better unboxing experience. This is great for a lot of packaging that’s far more delicate than the other types of packaging that are out there. 

Finally, consider cut-out windows, which is basically a window that showcases the product so that they touch it. 

This eliminates the plastic usage, and you can leave this without the coverings. You can also create open cuts on these cartons, offering the sneak peek that people can see. It’s ecofriendly, and it works. 

These are some of the best ways to use kraft, and why it works so well.

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Designing Display boxes

For those who have products that they wish to display, you want to make sure that they get the audience’s attention, encouraging them to buy the items that’s there. But with more and more competition and customers that are dealing with more and more products, it’s not simple to make a branding material that sticks around for a few days. 

But with the right packaging and material, it can change the way sales look. Display boxes, also known as counter boxes, are basically glued beforehand, and they get flattened, similar to the way cardboard boxes are. You just have to “pop” the sides into the right location, displaying all of this to showcase the logo, and other information, to help customers learn about products, and also give one new product that are there. Here are four tips to display and design the boxes that you want to do. 

Make Sure it Fits the Brad 

People want something that fits the brands needs that they have, and you want to make sure that the box includes the logo of course, but also other information, and you want to figure out the patterns and designs to use, and what colors will fit the eye of the customer. 

Size is also a big part of this, so if you stack the products in a way that’s vertical so that the packaging is closer to the eye of the customer, or displaying different boxes in a horizontal manner, this will help to capture the space better too. 

Go for Inserts 

Inserts are a great way to display products. If you want to look refined and sophisticated, you’ll want to do this. When you display a product in a haphazard manner, people get turned off by this, since it’s hard for them to see the product, and also, it takes away from your design and branding that’s outside of the area of the box. 

Inserts are the best way to show it in a way that really shows that the product is high-quality, and it also makes it much easier to ship it from the store to the shelf, and the packaging isn’t very complicated. It actually can drive the packaging price in some cases up to 25% though, so make sure that you also keep this in mind. 

A New Addition 

If you’ve got a new product that’s coming down the pipeline, try to incorporate testers and samples. This lets customers understand what they’re getting and also allows them to try before they’re able to buy. It also helps them understand the popularity of a product. For example, if everyone’s guessing this based on the samples, it can help with this. The display boxes are great for this, and you can have them near the entrance, or even the checkout counter if you want to get them to notice this all right away. 

You can Package Everything in These! 

The one thing that people get wrong with this, is that only cosmetics or bars for nutrition are the only things that go in there. 

But you can get pretty creative. Milk light for example, a milk carton company, uses these display boxes to showcase the different products that they have. It’s a new way for the customer to see this. 

You see it with other products too. From lighters to even pens and what not, there are a lot of products that benefit from this, so assess your packaging and see if it’ll work for this. If you want to try it, you just have to buy it and see for yourself!

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Recyclable, Compostable, and Biodegradable Packaging: The Differences

There are no more eco-friendly options than ever before, and all businesses and people are definitely learning that it’s become a hot way to package items, as it does breed more sustainability, and it helps the planet too.What’s the best way to do it? Is there a difference between each? Yes there is, and here, we’ll go over the differences of each. 

Recycled Packaging 

Recycled Packaging is basically any type of packaging which well, can be recycled. 

You can get rid of it easily, just by putting it in a recycle bin, or throwing it into a unit to recycle. 

Most metals are recyclable, and all card and paper based products that don’t have adhesives that aren’t biodegradable are considered recycled. So long as it’s not filled with anything, you can. 

There is also recyclable packaging too, as many of the packaging companies are starting to make this too, since plastics are becoming a way to help recycle these products too. 

If you’re going to use this, you should always check to make sure that the recycling is made up of totally recyclable materials. While there are a lot of boxes that are made of card, and are considered recyclable, some of them do have multiple different layers and substances that are adhesives that aren’t considered to be eco-friendly. 

What about Compostable Packaging 

There are a lot of packaging options that do break down a little bit, and they also can be composted as a form of disposal as well. Compostable is pretty much made from materials which when it’s presented in the proper conditions, will then break down slightly. These usually are then disposed of in a compost heap or a type of place that gets rid of this type of product in a way that’s beneficial to many people. 

Composing involves organisms that literally eat at the different materials that are being broken down, and also destroy these so that they’re not around, while also improving the compost quality too. 

Compostable items include any organic compounds, which also may be trees that are made of paper, wood, or even card. 

In order to engage in composting packaging, you do need to shred or break down anything made of card, wood, or some compostable packaging in order to start. Over time, they decompose all of this, which is a better alternative to those who recycle, especially if you’re someone who is going to use the compost, such as farmers and gardeners of all kinds. 

Biodegradable packaging. 

This is basically a type of packaging that doesn’t need special kinds of conditions, or a compost in order to break down the materials so that they’re biodegradable. 

Instead natural fungi and bacteria break this down, and there is a mix of both moisture and heat that works together.

When it comes to packaging everything, anything that’s considered compostable will also be considered biodegradable, so anything that’s made of paper, card, or wood are fair game with this. 

There are also types of packaging that are specifically called biodegradable, so it can be something that you can have broken down, and it won’t harm the environment. 

The one downside to this type is that while it does break down, it takes a lot longer, and some people don’t like it, since it’s not totally eco-friendly. 

But, if you’re someone who wants to engage in more eco-friendly packaging, and actively make sure that you’re getting the full benefits of this, you’ll definitely want to consider this for your packaging needs, and what it can do for you as well too.

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PCR and PIR Packaging Materials

If you’re curious about PCR and PIR packaging, you may wonder what else If you are similar to other companies, chances are you want a sustainable kind of packaging solution  for you to check out.  You should look for different kinds of packaging, including biodegradable or even recyclable ones. 

You should know a little bit about post-consumer recycled along with post industrial recycled types of materials for packaging. You’ve probably seen these words on websites, as this is something a lot of distributors do encourage you to use. But just what are they? Here, we’ll go over what they are and why they’re the new hit packaging types. 

What PCR Packaging Is 

PCR is a term used to stand for post-consumer recycling. This is made directly from previously utilized materials for packaging and is recycled in order to create new supplies. This also means that they’re made of different plastics that got purchased, utilized, and then tossed away in a facility used for recycling. 

Tons of companies use this when they want to meet the sustainability goals that are mandated for this. Both companies and consumers like to use this, since it means less of an impact on the world around them. 

What About PIR? 

PIR is basically post industrial recycled, which are supplies that are made directly from the plastic packaging and the waste associated with this. These are usually materials that are never directly made to the consumer and are basically manufacturing byproducts that are there. 

tons of PIR packaging actually helps with this packaging. Usually, these are made directly from the waste materials that a client is able to produce. Some stretch films for example are those that are collected from different packaging firms, and then recycled, and that turns them into new utilized stretch films. 

You can actually profit from this in a lot of cases, and you can get paid to do this with stretch film. If you choose to do this it does require some legwork to get paid, as you need to make sure that the stretch films are baled and sorted. 

You also must collect a volume that’s high enough for you to qualify for stretch film picking, especially since it does require a specific kind of film in order to pick up the purchase that are there. The stretch film recycling also does require different types of minimums for what gets baled, sorted, and what is qualified for a paycheck and a pick up. 

If you decide to do stretch film recycling, they usually pick up the unsorted along with the unbaled types of films to recycle it. If the stretch films are not directly sorted and baled, they won’t pay for it, since you will have to give them work for it. 

In a lot of situations, the company that does the recycling will have to do this, and it does cost it.

If you want to ensure that the used and wasted stretch film is properly recycled, make sure that you take the time to bail and store this before you do it. 

The Packaging Materials 

Both of these are good packaging materials. They are great for ensuring the proper environmental impact, and a lot of consumers love these. It also may be good for generating more sales of the products by using these materials for those who are environmentally conscious, and who want to have the packaged materials that are in line. If you’re a business that wasn’t to use this, find out more about how this can benefit you, and make sure that you start to use it.

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Cut Packaging Ideas to Consider

If you’re looking to take your packaging to new levels, you’re not alone. In fact, lots of people like to have packaging that’s easy to use, super unique, and lets you compete in markets that are saturated. This is something that lets you have packaging that’s unique, creative, and better than others. Are there any ways to stay ahead of the game though? Here are some cute packaging ideas to consider if you’re going to put together packaging that’ll help the business you have. 


Theme packaging is one that’s fun, as it helps customers get excited, are creative, and very fun. Tying themes with this is great for making sure that you don’t have to totally reimagine the packaging, but instead, you create it so that it reflects the different themes. This simple theme lets you enhance a lot of the packages, with endless possibilities, and it’s more of a matter of choosing who you want to implement it, and what types of color schemes are being used on this. 

Fun Campaigns to Infuse Other People Into It 

Some people actually like different personalized campaigns that are there. The “share a coke” campaign was one that was successful for the Coca-Cola brand because, while simple, it helped create a personalized packaging, and gives you something that’s also kind of specific. 

This can build relatable types of imagery, and also is guaranteed not only to help with sales, but a lot of consumers are able to generate content that’s unique online and can share it with others. It also makes customers feel better about themselves, and that’s something that you as a business can tie into, and really enjoy too, especially if you want to really build that connection with others. 

Be more thoughtful 

Sometimes, you shouldn’t worry so much about how much you’re putting in it, and sometimes, more of the thought that’s in it. Less packaging actually is better for increasing focus on product packaging, and it proves to the current customers that you also care about the environment. It shows that you’re not over here super focused on the packaging waste that plagues a lot of this, and instead you’re creating stuff that’s simple, elegant, and also more minimalistic. This also is something a lot of designers actually do go for, since the minimalism trends are in, and it’s something that does look a lot better when looking at how to compare to current design trends. 

Eco Friendly 

Packaging can be both entertaining, engaging, and also eco friendly. There’s a ton of different packaging that can be used, all of which can be recycled and made from materials that are recyclable. Opting for something that is durable, and also environmentally friendly especially materials like cardboard for example help to create reusable packages. This is something that can actually not only help you, but it also shows you’re willing to care about the environment. 

Plus, if the packaging is cute, you’ll be able to get people to use this again and again. Printed bags for gifting, cardboard boxes, and the like, are all great options for being environmentally friendly. You can also get packaging which utilizes the vegetable-based inks that don’t leak chemicals that are harmful back towards the atmosphere, and from here are simply discarded. 

You can choose different items that reduce the waste and also reduce the chances of it possibly harming the products when the shipping happens. Packaging that’s cute and fun does make a difference, and more people are going towards this for a few reasons, and these ideas do help.

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Things to Consider When Choosing Custom Packaging

There are lots of things to choose when looking for custom packaging. Here are some of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing a custom packaging provider, or any kind of custom packaging. 

The Quality 

Nobody wants something that’s damaged on arrival, and it’s important to make sure that the packaging accounts for this. You want something that’s strong, made of a high quality, and something that is good for the types of items that you need. You may need a single wall, a double or triple wall for something that’s more fragile, or other kinds of boxes. 

You should consider what type of journey the packaging will go into, and you should know at this point what types of sturdy packaging should be used, and also the weather resistant elements that are there. 

Is it wasteful? 

This is something that you should look at.  If you’re getting packaging, only to discover that this is totally not what you need, and a waste of money, well then you’re paying for it, and you’re not using it. 

You want to make sure that the materials that are used are necessary. 

When you’re designing the packaging, the requirements of the size are some of the top figures to uphold. 

you should make sure that all of the packaging that’s in excess doesn’t go to waste, so make sure that you buy it, and make sure that it fits with the proper packages that you have so that you’re not wasting resources and money as well. 

Is it Eco-Friendly 

This is something that a lot of brands should focus on, as being eco friendly is the new hit thing, and a lot of people will buy from certain companies because of their eco friendly nature. 

There are a lot of options for packaging, so make sure that you choose the ones that are considered eco friendly before you buy. Anything that you put inside, including biodegradable pillows of air, the void fill, and the like also may be good for reducing the consumer waste that’s there. 

How it promotes your Brand 

The right recognition of your brand is the key for proper revenue generation, which is why the right logo, or the right colored box is something that lots of companies stress.

If someone sees your brand through the packaging, then that’s a winner. 

You’ll want to make sure that you do pay a bit more, as you want it to be totally represented. They do pay for themselves though, so make sure that you understand that the more you put in, the better it will be. 

The Security 

Finally, when choosing this type of packaging, make sure that there is a lot of good inner packaging that’s there as a proper line of defense. Newspapers, bubble wrap the corrugated cardboard, and the like is something that can definitely help in lots of cases. Void fill is something that’s really good for securing the products that you’re not sure you’re ready to put in boxes due to the size and the shape. 

Here are a lot of custom packaging options that offer functionality that the inner parts of the packaging have. Anything that cushions so that it doesn’t damage is always good. Lots of people like bubble wrap for this reason alone, as it’s something that you should look at. 

When choosing packaging, look at all of these factors, and definitely buy a packaging that fits into the standards that you need for your packaging, to secure the product that you plan to sell to the customers.

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