All About Digital Box printing 

One thing that customers see immediately is the packaging, and this is something that’s a huge part of most marketing. A lot of studies notice that the packaging design is what people do remember a long time after they toss out the boxes used. 

Making sure that the packaging is modern and up-to-date is something that’s vital for the identity of your brand. A lot of companies put off modifications or redesigning this because there’s various costs involved. With digital printing involved though, it’s not something that’s to be worried about. 

What are these boxes? 

These boxes oftentimes called cardboard boxes with digital printing is where you have the substrate get ink on this directly, instead of having to buy and use plates to get the images onto there. Thesis done by a digital printing agent that prints this on the design with every single line. There’s a variety of options for colors, which means you can put the design onto the box for very vibrant and images that look like photos. Because it doesn’t utilize printing plates, this printing helps to speed up the printing quality, without making it look bad, and it takes less time too to create premium images. 

How it works 

This is something that works similar to other kinds of printing that you do. Basically, you get out digital files, and also a printer that’s industry-grade, and then, you print nice graphics onto the substrate directly. This is something that is really great if you want to choose from different color spectrums or even effects and details used. 

When to choose the printing method for these boxes 

For some businesses, digital printing is a godsend, offering you a variety of options for colors, really good turn times, and the highest-quality finishes, and this is something that’s become increasingly popular. They’re great for the following options: 

  • If you need graphics in full-color or a lot of different kinds of colors 
  • You need this done fast 
  • The job is low in volume 
  • You need printing that’s photo quality 
  • You want something that’s vibrant, and gets the attention of people, especially for PoP displays 
  • Prototypes to see which options are the best for you 

Digital printing differs from these others since it’s quick, doesn’t need plates, and it’s good for high-quality realistic photos and also super-fast jobs. You may, however, want to use other kinds of printing. One type of flexographic printing, where the design is put on the box through a rolling motion, using just one color each time. it creates a smooth image on some rougher surfaces and is great if you have a lot of shipping containers you need to brand. However, the images are not of the highest-quality. 

Then there is lithographic or litho lamination, and this is something where you put the design onto the paper, and then put this onto the cardboard box using professional, sleek packages, and this is something that’s good for artwork that’s much more detailed, and also is good for the details that are foil, and if you need to emboss it.  It’s also good for large amounts of a packaging that’s premium, but it’s not very economic for those print jobs that are smaller. 

Regardless of what you choose, just know that you have the option. More and more companies are choosing this because it’s fast, offers high quality images, and is good if you’re looking to ensure that you get the best images for you to check out and the best for your printing needs. 

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All about Custom Boxes 

Custom boxes are something that for a lot of brands, it may be beneficial. With the amount of effort, time and money put into a brand, It’s almost like a baby, and you want it to be successful. If you’re invested, you want to do anything to make sure that it grows, and you want to let it start to naturally grow and take off. 

One of the best ways to create undeniable growth of your brand is well, custom boxes. Personalized boxes are something that will change the game, and you may not even realize it until you do this.  It’s something that’s also been proven with facts, so you’re not necessarily getting something incorrect here either. So what can it do for you? 

Stats on this

Here are some stats that prove that customized shipping boxes that are personalized may actually help. So over 60% of customers do admit that brand packaging is something that’s much more exciting than regular packaging. Almost 70% of customers also say that it does make your brand look a lot more high-end if you include this. 

Over half of customers also say that they will buy a product again and practice brand loyalty if they get something that’s in premium kinds of packaging. About 66% of people also say that if the packaging is like a gift, it can make them look at the brand in a certain manner. Over 40% of customers also like packaging that’s branded and high end, and they do believe that the price of the product is more worth it if they get product packaging that’s like this. 

Half of customers do believe that if they get a product that’s in branded packaging, they’ll recommend this to their friends. This can help with word-of-mouth campaigns and also makes you look even better. Finally, about 40% of people say that if they get a product with premium packaging, they’ll want to come back to the brand once more and will buy and shop for various items once again at a specific location. 

What else can I Do? 

If you’re interested in getting branded packaging that’s personalized, you’re not alone. A ton of customers have found out that they can get some different packaging adjustments to make this something that’s next-level for you and your business. For starters, packaging has custom sizes, which is something that fits the product packaging exactly. 

You can also get colors for your brand, a logo on the box, or other important brand0-related elements. That way, when people get the product, they can see that it’s your company. Finally, you can even customize the box. Some people like regular boxes, but other times, it may be better to get ta box that’s more subscription style, or a mailer to hep with this, and you can even make this branded for your needs. 

You can also customize not just what’s outside the box, but also the innards of the box too. For example, if you want to add a specific message or brand engraving on the inside of the box, you can definitely create a great impression. Remember that over half of the people that buy from a company that uses premi8um style packaging will do it again once they see it, so you should look into this. 

Personalized packaging is something that’s kind of a newer concept, but it’s not a bad newer concept, and it let you move the packaging towards higher, better levels for you, and it lets you really boost your brand awareness and customer repute. 

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The differences Between Litho and Flexo Box Printing 

With more and more changes being made in the realm of commercial printing that’s there, there are new types of printing that happen, and they are litho and flexo printing. What’s better for your boxes? The answers do depend, so don’t think that you’re right or wrong for using one or the other. 

Flexo printing 

Flexo, or flexographic printing is considered also surface printing which uses relief plates that are flexible. These are made in bulk and are made from a polymer or a rubber and also utilizes an ink that’s quick-drying so you don’t have to wait. 

The ink is then applied to anilox rolls, which are cylinders made from steel or aluminum with an outer layer that’s ceramic and comes with dimples to create inform distribution of the ink onto these surfaces. This of course transfers directly onto the boards that are corrugated, and then, the boards go into a dryer so that they don’t smudge. This has a lot of benefits including: 

  • It’s very economical and it offers you a chance to print everything at once 
  • Lets you print in bulk 
  • Works on a variety of substrates and surfaces 
  • Is compatible with different inks 

The disadvantages usually include: 

  • They’re not made for hard or complex artwork 
  • You do need to do more printing stages if you decide to use more colors, so it can get pretty expensive 

Litho printing 

Litho printing, or lithographic printing is another type of printing that uses different steps, and in this, a printing plate has ink applied to this, and then, it’s applied onto a blanket made of rubber through different rolls of the ink, and then is put directly onto the item you’re printing on through the use of the blanket. It’s indirect, but the image doesn’t get put directly onto there, and it’s also similar to lithographic lamination, where you print onto the paper surface and then, a laminated surface is put on top to make it more premium and glossy. 

The benefits of litho printing include the following: 

  • Good for large quantities or very vibrant and distinct colors 
  • Offers really good image quality 
  • Is really popular 

It does have some disadvantages though, which include the following: 

  • Is only used on materials that are flat 
  • Does get cracked and scratched 
  • Is pretty expensive. 

The similarities 

Both litho and flexo printing means are both the type to use plates and are both quite inexpensive when you’re printing basic items. There are some differences though, with litho accommodating a bit more. if you’d like to emboss or foil stamp something, you can do it with litho, but it does cost a bit more. Flexo printing is a little bit more limited, but the cool thing is, you can actually get more images carried from this before you have to replace it. 

Flexo is definitely flexible because it can be used on non-porous and porous areas, so if you’re a business that utilizes other kinds of substrates, this may be better. Litho in contrast does need surfaces that are smooth and flat, since it does need to be put on directly, and both of them do benefit from inks that are oil-based. 

Litho however, offers more colors and details, and it can offer more variety too So what’s best? Well, litho is good for printing in full-color and patterns that are detailed to offer more finishing options. Flexo is more direct and usually is a bit lower in costs but there aren’t many details. 

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Top Bad box Design mistakes and how to Fix Them 

If you want a custom box to truly hit, you want it to definitely do certain things It can cost you if your box design is really bad, and remember, just a couple of changes make a major difference. You’ll want to make sure that the box design is something that you’re aware of, and here, we’ll go over the most common mistakes when designing boxes, and what to do to fix them. 

A Bad, unprofessional Presentation 

If your design is bad and unprofessional, it’ll just make you look unprofessional. Customers don’t know how to run the business or their resources. The wrong packaging creates bad impressions of the brand and how they operate, and it can skewer your brand impressions. You can fix this by looking more professional and showing product pictures including the logo of the company, contact info, and their address, direction if needed to use this, and also some major selling points. 

You also make to make sure that your product packaging isn’t too busy or crazy before you decide to go and take care of this. 

The design if forgettable 

If you’re designing custom boxes, you’re going to fail if it’s not memorable. Packaging that’s unique and actually shows off the customer allows for the brand to have a chance to get those dozens of customers down the pipeline, offering better brand awareness, and boosting sales. You want to make sure you have proper colors, phrases, words, and images, along with taglines, and how you convey this. You also want to make sure that you do have a banging first impression before you sweat the tiny details of the product you have. 

Not User friendly 

The worst thing that customers don’t want is that you give them a package and product, and they struggle to open it. Frustration-free packaging is a good way to prevent customers from being in a bad mood when they work with the product that you have. 

The solution to this is to make the packaging much more user-friendly, make it simple, don’t have them bust out the box cutter or need a ton of patience either. A good folding carton is one of the best ways to convey a simplistic style without the unnecessary additional steps for customers, and it offers better product access than ever before. 

Bad Product Protection 

If your product doesn’t have nearly enough protection, then it’s bound to get messed up, and that’ll upset customers. They then want refunds or replacements, and box material that’s too weak to hold the packaging, too much space to cause the package to jostle, or not enough protective layers to this play a large part in this. The best way to prevent this is to make sure you choose boxes that are the correct size, are study, reinforced, and also have a strong type of way to them, and also include cushioning that’s there. 

Too much excess space. 

Excess space is something that a lot of customers complain about, and it’s something that a lot of people absolutely hate about product packaging. It not only puts something that is in there at risk of getting damaged, but it’s also too much money, and gives the customer the impression that you’re wasting packaging, which results in damage when you’re transporting it. It’s something that definitely can impact the brand reputation. 

The solution is simple. get a custom box, or the right kinds of packaging that definitely sit in the product packaging, and it can help protect this from future problems that may come with this and anything else too. 

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What is Custom Packages 

When you’re looking at making sure that you have the right packaging, a lot of boxes come in different sizes and shapes. When we open up a package, it’s usually in a box made for it, but what about those that fit the product in a perfect manner, and also has those personal touches that really benefit your business. That’s custom package types, and here, we’ll go over whether or not this is best for the business or not. 

What is It? 

This is something that’s tailored directly to the product, and is a step above a box that it might fit rightly in. Custom boxes and packaging basically enhance the presentation, offer protection, and renders the goods in a package that’s high quality and looks good. This is basically a way to make sur that the box not only fits right, but also offers those correct personal touches that other people love. 

What about Stock Packaging 

This is mass-produced generic packaging that’s more wholesale than anything. The reason why people might use this is because it’s cheaper for them to use, and it won’t harm the way the brand looks. Stock packaging doesn’t really help with the brand identity, and if it’s going to be on the shelf, it will not be a good thing for this. 

Generic bottles, foods that are canned, sauce bottles, and also jars for vitamins are examples of this. If you have a good label, you can get away with the packaging that’s there, and you also might want to make sure that you have a way to discern it so that customers don’t think they’re the same as the other packaging. 

Usually, the generic package is a lot more budget-friendly and is more time associated with it being cheaper. Some people, however, do look at the packaging though, so if you’re banking on packaging for this, you’ll definitely want to consider this as well. Stock packaging does have the advantage of for items that are mass-produced, people will pick this up because it’s cheaper, and sometimes, you can use the cheapness as a way to your advantage. 

Why Custom Packaging 

Custom packaging lets you take control of all of the elements of design, and dresses the product up in a way that lets you have more control as well. This basically ensures that the product you have fits perfectly. It also minimizes risks for the item to break, and also enhances the way brands look at the different product, showing off that there is definitely some exposure that’s there too. 

It also is good for those looking to bring the product not just to the store, s but also to online marketplaces, as this can help with ensuring that you get the right results from this too… This also has the advantage of making sure that the needs of the package are a priority, and it also means customers are kept safe and happy, offering more personalized touches to products, and appeals to the newer customers that are there too. 

This is great as well for building connections with customers that are there, and it lets you talk to the market directly, offering lasting impressions, and building a more loyal and ongoing customer base too. 

This packaging also lets you stand out, especially if you’re going to put this in places with hundreds of other bottles that are there. This packaging can be revolutionary, and custom packaging might be the answer needed for your packaging needs, and to really build that true connection with the business that you have. 

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Why businesses Should Work towards Sustainable packaging and Materials 

Sustainable businesses and packaging used to be a pipe dream, but now this is a total reality. Educing the waste that you have is a major part of sustainability, but the challenge does make it a big problem. Whether you say ecofriendly, sustainable, or recyclable, it’s something that’s good for all kinds of business. 

What is Sustainable Packaging 

You need to first understand the concept of sustainable packaging, in its of itself. This is a term that does span different industries, using materials that are good for the environment.t it’s got to be effective, safe, and efficient, and it also means that suppliers need to give you materials for your packaging that are not an environmental risk or a risk to human health and consumption, and also help you understand more informed and better consumption of products. This is anything from biodegradable packaging such as peanuts, or even just recyclable packaging for food. These are all variants of this. 

Ways businesses Can Do This 

There are certain ways that businesses can get the most that they want out of their packaging, and here are some of the best sustainable packaging means. First, you want to promote packaging that’s minimal, since this helps with maintaining the integrity and the protection of products that are there. 

Just because you’re using more packaging doesn’t mean that it’s better, since minimalistic kinds of packaging does lead to a waste and a reduced cost for the product. For example kraft paper is a wonderful way to reduce the amount of plastics utilized in shipping, Corrugated boxes are another great thing to consider, as they are lightweight, durable, and are environmentally sound. They also come in a variety of sizes, perfect to protect shipping too. 

The second thing is to loo at the right material. Changing the amount of packaging waste cab benefit you through the material changes. You can get plant-based product packaging, bad you can use this as an alternative to polystyrene, which is not biodegradable. It’s impossible to recycle certain items, such as packaging peanuts, but if you get biodegradable types, this is something that can be recycled and used without  having problems in the environment.  Corn packaging is also becoming very popular too, as it can break down naturally at facilities as well. Finally, you should also use materials that are reusable and recyclable in any case. This saves you money, time, and it also doesn’t cause the packaging to just be thrown willy-nilly in a landfill. It also helps you get products that are good, and also can be used once again for great things. 

Why reducing waste saves you Money 

If you start to look at sustainability in your business, one of the best ways to actually great this is to make sure that you also reduce the waste from the packaging. It’s cheaper to not use as much waste, and also is better for a lot, because it’s so much cheaper. If you udo get the right packaging for the products that you have this does result in shipping tat’s much more affordable, and something that’s much easier for you to definitely look at as well. 

Many people do benefit from sustainable packaging, and a lot of people definitely want that from their business. If you feel that your packaging could us ea little bit of an overhaul, you’re not alone, and from here, you’ll e able to build packaging that fits your needs, that conforms to the standards that you have, and that is fun for you to do. 

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Safely Packaging Food in corrugated boxes 

Food safety is becoming more and more important for a reason, but some people may not look at the packaging, and how this plays a part in the food. The right packaging for your food will help pathogens from spreading around, causing your hard-earned products to go bad in the process. Corrugated food containers are the best way for you to make sur that you get the food safely, and it reduces the environmental concerns of this. 

Corrugated Packaging for Food safety 

Compared to even 100 years ago, or a few decades in the past, food production has changed, and it’s become cleaner rand safer for consumers and producers than ever before. Foodborne pathogens are still around, but the FDA has managed to name all five of them, and they’re aptly called the big five. 

The most important one to watch out for are the ones that are commonly transmitted which include hepatitis A, norovirus, salmonella, E coli, and shigella. This is transmitted in food that’s contaminated and leads to calicivirus, or food poisoning, and in some cases, it can be so bad that you might die in some cases. Some of the other ones to watch out for include listeria, botulism, and vibrio as well. 

About 48 million people each year get sick from some illness which is food-bounce, leading to 128,000 people hospitalized and over 3000 people dying from this. There are a few issues that lead to this, usually bacteria, parasites toxins which are harmful, and containers that have chemicals that contaminate your food, which leads to these pathogens. 

Fi the food pathogen is there in the initial shipment and packing stages, it’ll multiple and get very big, very quick. The best way to prevent this is to stop those foodborne pathogens from reaching your consumers, and you want to make sure that the products are safe before you ship them. 

Both bacteria and pathogens live in practically every situation, but if it’s hot and humid like in warehouses or shipping places, it’ll be a lot more common. For companies that sell any food that’s contaminated and recalled, an outbreak means lawsuits, irreparable damage, and lost trust, which means that you need to stop this before it gets bad. 

How corrugated packaging helps 

Meat, produce, and fish are all perishable that do travel a bit, and they need withstand major temperature changes. To prevent this, you want to make sure that you do have the right packaging in order to stop the growth of all of this, creating safer places, and better shipping. Corrugated containers are effective at preventing this usually, and is good for shipping item safely since it can trap pathogens, pull them away from fruits and veggies, and also keep the freshness of the foods that you consume. 

It is also possible because in the process of this, the materials get exposed to temperatures higher than 180 degrees, and it will allow for the paper to bond with the cardboard, and most bacteria’s can’t survive in that. If it should happen, it’s trapped in the fibers, and it cannot multiply and survive, so shippers don’t need to worry as much. 

When it comes to packaging, the right transport has a lot of impact on this, and it’s important to look at the bacteria that you have, and also what the differences are for each, including how it helps with food packaging. You should be mindful of the packaging that you use and consider using corrugated packaging to help with keeping the freshness of the box, and protects the packaging too. 

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How much is Stretch Wrap 

Stretch wrap is vital for containing products and making sure that they’re shipped correctly. You need to know how much you’re going to require, and whether or not you’ll be manually stretch wrapping or using a machine. The costs are another big part of this too, and it’s important to talk to someone about this.  If you’re not sure whether you want to start this and want an approximate cost though, you’re not alone. Here, we’ll give you a straightforward response as to how much stretch wrapping costs, so that you can properly calculate it in a simple, yet effective means that will indeed benefit you. 

How much it costs 

Usually, stretch film has different price points depending on the type. Tinted films also have a much different array of costs compared to vented, and when it comes to pricing, each of these is unique. In order to make this simple for you, here well go over the costs of each of the type below. 

Hand stretch in general is something that’s done manually by hand, at about 20-50 dollars for a four pack of this.  This one is resistant to puncturing, is simple to apply, very clingy, and has different gauges and widths as well. Good machine stretch wrapping is a bit most, costing up to 80 dollars for a roll of this, and is good for palletizing some of the goods and containing major loads. It has a low level of noise, a high resistance to puncturing, good load retention as needed, versatile configurations, and different widths and gauges. 

There are also more study stretch machine wraps, which are good for containment and loading, but those can be over $90 a roll, and in many cases, it can be good for a reduction of source a lot of cost savings, resistance to tearing, good performance in terms of quality, can replace films up to 80 gauge, has much larger widths and gauges for you to check out. 

Finally, the ultra-high performance stretch wrap is there, which is the best of the best. Even at around the same price, it’s great for the best palletizing that’s out there. It is cost-effective, a good source retention product, has a lot of tear resistance to it, better than others, can replace up to 80 gauge stretch wrap, and has a thickness of 95 gauge available as well. 

Tinted stretch films 

Finally there are tinted ones, which are good for adding color to help with delineating the difference, helps with international shipping, or also to date your inventory as needed. These usually range about 50-70 dollars a roll, and is high performance, good for hand and machine kinds, available in all kinds of colors, and are good for stretching products. 

Vented films 

Vented films are good for items that do need to cool down after they’re wrapped, and it can be up to 30% efficient in a lot of cases. You can get this in hand or machine types of films. There are a range of these though for the price and are best figured out though a packaging specialize that can inevitably help you as well. 

This can be up to $200 a roll in a lot of cases, and can be pre-stretched, great for sterilizing any medical implements, are recyclable too, are much better on load costs, good for any frozen items, dairy, meats, flower, and even frozen items that need to stay frozen. It also gets rid of netting and offers really good load containment. There are a lot of options, and here’s the average lowdown of each. 

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Anti-Forgery Tech for Packaging 

If there is one thing businesses have a concern about, it’s making sure that their products are genuine, gotten to customers and that any forgeries along with fakes get stamped out. But the thin is, a lot of people can get around it, which is why new anti-forgery technology is there to help with the prevention of duping customers. 

There is a lot of different ways that customers can do this, and this is even done through embedding information at what’s called a sub-micron level, in order to create a better way to protect the packaging that you so want to utilize. Basically, these are here to make sure that there aren’t any fraud products on the market, and this is especially important for designer goods. 

Why Needed 

There are companies that are using this because there is a huge global problem with this, costing $600 billion every single year, and this isn’t just designer goods. This includes office management items such as copiers, fax machines, and printers. This is because there are fake inkjet and toner makers too. 

This is crazy to look at, since these packaging and cartridges are made to look just like the OEM cartridges that are sold, and this is something that is in the hands of so many people all around the world.  These new techniques and technologies are definitely helping to keep these products safe, and also to ensure that customers aren’t getting duped for the items that they buy. 

How this Works 

There are different kinds of technologies, and usually, this takes it to another level of security in most cases. One of the most common is SNOWLEOPARD technology, which is basically L2S Optical authentication security, and this is something that has the ability to create security codes at what’s called the sub-micron level of some items, including flexible film, cans, plastic, containers made of glass and so much more. 

This is something that allows for different elements of branding to be put directly onto the branding and packaging that’s there. The materials of this may be opaque,  clear, dark, light, or ay sort of color, with the codes applied directly to the product and also creating tamper-evident labels to offer another layer of protective packaging to the foray as well. 

Authentication done through security codes does happen for a brief second when they use a liquid mist made of vapor, and then, the code disappears shortly after this as well. 

The fast vanishing of this allows for authentication to happen, and it is hard to replicate, with the authentication occurring immediately, with instruments, tools, along with lighting not necessarily needed. This type of anti-forgery is done to make sure that your brand is safe, and also to prevent any chance of counterfeiting. This is something that is still being looked at, and wile thew technology is advancing, we’re still seeing major changes to this, and the result of the technologies that this is based off of. 

How it Can Help 

This is something that can be used to prevent you from getting your money stolen since you don’t have to worry about your products getting duped as well. If you’ve ever wanted to decrease any chances that bad actors may be putting your products and customers at risk, this is the way that you do it. 

For a lot of people, this is something that can be great for some kinds of packaging, and it’s best to get more information before you decide whether or not this is right for you, and the benefits of such on your packaging

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How much is Custom Packaging 

This is a question that a lot of people have, since they may not be familiar with the way this works, or the industry itself. The costs are definitely in your power though, so you can figure out what works for you based on your needs. The best way to start is to figure out the packaging that you have, and then narrow down the choices you have to figure out the full costs and what it may entail. The differentiation between e-commerce and retail kinds of packaging also affect pricing, as the packaging does serve some different types of customers too. 

Determining this also is based on the timeframe, and when you want the product to properly launch too, as this can play a huge part in this. Here, we’ll go over a few of the different factors that go into this, and how much it’ll cost you. 

Materials and finishes 

One of the main costs that you’ve got to look at are the materials and finish costs. There are tons of materials, all of which do have varying prices because in many cases, it may be cheaper to use one product over another. For example, corrugated boxes will be the cheapest, but it’s about $3 for a small box, but for rigid packaging, this could end up being $10 a box, depending on the different types of packaging. Folding cartons can be really cheap for really small items, but that of course does vary as well. 

You’ll want to go for packaging that’s cost-effective, as it’s much more efficient to create, and sometimes, opting for the highest quality is not the smartest move. You should also look to see how you can keep the costs down. If you don’t need a finish, then you shouldn’t try to splurge for that. 

You should understand that you get the right product packaging for the product that you have, getting something which does serve the item that you have, and also, through the material along with the finish of the box that you have too. You should also look at how many boxes that you need as well. Boxes that are few and far between will definitely cost more, and smaller are usually cheaper to make or to shift, but for those products that do need something studier, you will want to get something that fits this. You’ll be paying a lot less if you do make a bigger order, and usually, this does oftentimes play a role in the type of packing that you get. 

Types of finishes 

For boxes, you have a few options, and they include varnish, which is good for the efficacy of production. There is also lamination, which basically is great for artwork, but this is pricey. Coatings of wax are also cost-effective, but it may only be necessary for food or medical packaging, and if you do have organic materials, you don’t need this. Finishings of course are something that’s optional, and some people may not even need this if they want to keep the costs low. 

Consider the folding carton 

This is the cheapest option for those items that you don’t need to possibly have a ton of protection for. They are pretty easy to put together, and they are super cheap to ship. They also are lightweight, so it won’t eat up shipping costs like how other items may do so. When you get these though, do pay mind to the fact that if you do get this, it may possibly break, depending on the packaging and contents.

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