Color Psychology and Packaging

When we think of color, we usually don’t take into account the psychology of it. It, however, can say so much about the brand without even uttering one word. Think about how you’ve walked down the aisles, picked up something, and noticed the color immediately. With only 90 seconds to get their decision, and 90% of the decision being made on color and only color, you have to take this into account. 

It isn’t just pretty colors though, but also how they will influence decisions based on the marketing and branding. 

Want to find out how this works? Well strap in, and let’s look at color theory, and how it applies to packaging! 

The importance Of color 

Color is something that works well in our world today. 

Our brains are hardwired to feel different ways towards certain colors. 

For instance, brighter, inviting hues are fun. Black is sleeker and more sophisticated. Red is passionate and pulls you in. 

On a deeper level however, the target audience formed an opinion just from viewing color the moment they get the package. 

So what can color do for packaging? Well, tit can make your customer far mor likely to buy something. the appearance contributes to impulsive buying, since results showed that the more attractive this packaging is, the more active the brain part associated with impulsivity kicks in. 

There is also less activity in the areas that are responsible for logical, reflective thought. 

Interestingly enough, attractive forms of packaging also trigger better reward responses. On the flip side, unattractive options triggered less favorable emotions. 

Color, overall appearance, and the way packaging looks makes customers more likely to be impulsive, and bypass the reflective thought once more, and are more rewarded in these purchases. 

What to Expect with color 

One cool thing that color does with packaging is that colors tell the customers about what’s within it, prior to any engagement. 

For instance, let’s take sweets and drinks.   You’ll notice when you find the exterior of the product, it reflects the color of the fruit inside. yellow bottles for instance usually have a pineapple or lemon flavor.  The same goes for red and strawberry.

Customers associate those colors with flavors. For instance, think about salt and vinegar, and how it’s usually a blue container. 

This is important, because a lot of times people will get upset if you do the switcheroo around with that type of product. 

There are even disputes that have happened because of this. 

Color does also enhance the expectations and tastes of customers, and how they like the product overall. According to cheese research, it was discovered that the people who had lighter colors thought they’d get mellower flavors, and deeper hues conveyed a sharper, bolder sort of taste. 

This is good for spicy products too.   If you give it reds and blacks, it can associate the user’s senses with spice. 

Remembering this is important, because you’ll want to make sure that you also focus on the packaging that you wish to. 

How to Choose the right color 

The best way to choose the correct color is to consider the branding and image, and how you want to communicate. Make sure you know what the intent of the packaging is, and whether you want it to be professional, elegant, and also will reinforce the identity. 

Make sure you know your commitment to the environment, sustainability, and so much more.   this is a good way to not only figure out the different aspects of your own brand, but also to better understand the colors, and the conveyance of such. 

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Innovative Food Packaging to Stand out

When you’re innovating your packaging, you want to stand out. But it’s more than just standing out amongst others in retail places. It is also catching the eye of shoppers, and to really make it so appealing that people want to buy this. 

Packaging of food does need to be mindful of the world around you, and is designed to use far less materials, and more sustainable elements.   Innovative forms of food packaging also need to consider the safety of food, and ease of usage, from the packaging of these items to shopping the items directly into the home. 

Here, we’ll share different customized food packaging expert tips to consider from our team, and also some of the more innovative parts of this to give you a fresher, more exciting look to your products. 

The Essentials of food packaging 

First, we want to give you the basics of food packaging, and the best elements to look at when choosing food packaging and design. 

  • Branding, which should reflect the whole brand itself, and not just on your label. For foods that are specialty, make sure to consider different materials used for this packaging, in order to reflect your brand. 
  • If you specialize in foods that are easy to make and quick, or something that’s grab and go, you want to make the packaging easy to open, and strong enough that it won’t spell when on the road. 
  • Understand your audience needs next.   Does the customer you’re trying to advertise to like fresh, organic, and healthy foods? Or do they want something convenient and comforting.   Maybe they want something that’s fancy? Whatever the case, make sure your packaging reflects this to make it simple, fresh, and palatable to shoppers. 
  • Keep this simple. While packaging that’s eye-catching is important, you don’t want to make its complicated so that people don’t want to mess with it.   instead work towards simpler, sleeker designs that allow the food to really shine. 
  • Know the materials you’re using.   Whether the major concern is sustainability or strength, materials that are used do have their own pros and various cons. 
  • The biggest challenge is to find a material that’s correct for products and customers alike. 
  • Plastic packaging does work to do its part by focusing on reduction of waste, adopting more items that are sustainable, and circularity. This results in packaging which is strong, lightweight, and is both tamper and leak-resistant. 

Now that you know what to do with the , here’s the step-by-step process to get this done. 

A concept 

It all begins with a concept, where the packaging needs are reviewed, and the requirements and purpose are outlined. 

After that, the engineering concept needs to be developed in order to meet the needs and budget of the business. 

Whether in-house or hand-in-hand with your clients, we create ideas, evaluate the needs of the business, and our in-house design team provides the initial designs with innovative, simple solutions. 

The in-house design team does provide initial designs with no-obligation quotes within a week’s time. 

Along with providing initial designs and a quote, you’ll also get realistic rendering of what the product will look like, in order to showcase the appearance of the item at hand. 

Review of the Concept 

During this part of the step, you can continue to review the renderings and drawings, in order to provide revision feedback. This is a chance to get further into the details for packaging. This includes color, thickness, materials, coating, and barrier. 

We then prototype and also mold and tool, giving you what you need.

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How Custom Mailers Enhance a Packaging

When you want to make sure that clientele know who you are, you need to give them a brand impression that matters. You’ve got to stand out and create the ideal first impression from the get-go. Custom mailers are a solution to this. it provides multiple advantages when you correctly use this in a business. 

The integration of these mailers is effective for packaging. It only requires some steps. You might wonder how you can use this to impress other people, and the advantages of these mailers. Well, we’ve got the answer for the packaging tips, custom mailer power, and the benefits that come from all these.  Learn today how to make branding unforgettable. 

Boosts Brand Recognition 

A customized mailer does enhance brand recognition. Companies can show the key elements, logos, and the like. It’s so much different from just a boring, white and customized type of mailer. 

For example, custom packaging lets you identify those company values.  It also lets you understand the personality and messaging via a custom design.  It’s a custom-mailer that’s eye-catching, bold, and brand matching. This alone speaks volumes to customers whenever they get them. 

Boost your Unboxing 

Customized poly mailers are worth getting if you want to make some excitement rumble when they receive this. Mailers that are customized do enhance this experience a whole lot. That’s because it creates a good, special moment for others. It also is the right packaging solution that connects with your customers. 

With mail, you’ll be able to encourage these clients to get the goods or products from the company again and again. it creates a great first impression, especially if you want exemplary packaging and products. 

Customer retention is a huge impact, and it’s what makes the ideal custom mailer experience and unboxing that you can. 

Distinguishes Branding 

A lot of brands, both large and small, want to stand out. This is a challenge for many. But with these mailers, you get a customized experience, which lets you stand out, especially with the logo, messages, and their designs too.

Customized mailers allow you to enhance the brand in your own way. The colors, font choices, and even design, send the ideal branding message that’s totally different from the many others that are within your industry. 

How to design these 

If you’re looking to make a mailer that will stand out, then you’ve got to harness the power of your packaging types. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when building a brand packaging design.

To create this, you first need to know the customers. This includes what’s appealing to them, and what will capture the preferences there in the ideal designs. The best way to do this is through market research.

For instance, you’ve got a huge clientele that will sell different cloth napkins that are made with recycled fabric. 

In that instance, you’ve got to create eco friendly items and packaging that really improves this.

Make sure that you also focus on the brand-specific messaging and encourage people. 

Different designs for different fun.

Finally, make sure to use different designs of mailers for more fun. The goal of this market is to get an edge over the competitors. You can do this with the packaging.

Don’t be afraid to get different and unique with these, in order to stand out from others. 

The right packaging and mailers will help you grow. Being able to make customized ones with different designs isn’t just a good solution for you to put out today, but it’s a certified branding strategy that does really work. 

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How Much Does Luxury Packaging Costs

You might be interested in stepping up your packaging game. While most of the items that you sell don’t require frills and are simple, others are much more dependent on the product packaging to bolster the branding. In order to decide what’s ideal, you’ve got to understand that there are luxury packaging options there. 

Luxury packaging utilizes higher-quality sorts of materials. 

For instance if a customer is worried about sustainability, then the packaging may be sourced from items that are recycled.  Luxury packaging might also have further additives such as embossing and even different colors. They’re additions that’ll cost more, but the costs get absorbed if the product is high-end.  You might get luxury items with bulk packaging, so the price is much smaller. 

If you’re concerned about how much it might cost to go with luxury packaging, we’ve got the answer here. we’ll give you the ballpark estimate you need on your luxury products and shipping. 

How It’s Calculated 

There are certain factors that go into the different ways that luxury packaging is calculated. 

The first is size. If you’re going to be shipping something in a rigid and luxury box, it won’t be able to be flattened, so the shipping costs are much larger. 

The same goes with volume.  It can definitely be a major thing for luxury packaging types. Printers will spend thousands on the glue and color tests before the final product is printed. So if you only pay for just 100 boxes, you’re still paying for the sunk costs initially.  While the total does increase, the prices per box does drop if you’re buying more.

 The materials will also play a part.  Some types of materials for luxury packaging such as inks and such may seem identical. However if you add matte or UV finishing, it does cost more. You should figure out whether or not the product benefits from this finish, or the design, prior to choosing the materials. 

The surface treatment and printing process also may have major ramifications when it comes to that final cost.  A lot of multi-colored packaging does increase the costs. The same goes for custom inks and decals.  You should be mindful that the processes cause the costs to be increased as well. 

Finally, track the difficulty and the costs of packaging. If you’re a shipper in the US, you’re going to definitely have to spend more if you’re shipping outside of the US, compared to maybe an overseas supplier. But some people prefer the US supplier due to the time zone and convenience of it.  however, it’s ultimately up to you. 

Obviously, before you commit any money, time and resources to adding this type of packaging to your repertoire, you should always do your research. Talk to multiple suppliers and get some quotes from them.  then, you can determine whether or not the product will need deluxe or regular shipping. Once you’ve figured out the printing and packaging, then you can find a supplier, which will then help you with costs. 

Keep in mind too that there are definitely more unpredictable costs than before due to the supply chain disruption that happens and the price increases within the packaging industry.  It has to do with the costs of shipping being higher, a higher price for raw materials, and fuel prices fluctuating.  So, make sure that before you begin, you get that real-time quote for this type of packaging. That way you can ensure there are no extra fees there.  even some well-established manufacturers are trying to change, finding new materials to make customers happy.

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Choosing the right Packaging Tape

Using the right tape is important. The right tape will allow you to protect items.  Using the wrong tape can result in damage of products and their shipment. This causes customers to be unhappy, and they might not purchase from you once again. 

It also creates more costs, since you will have to replace the item that’s damaged and then ship this again, all of which aggregate costs. 

Finally, it also causes excess waste, since they can cause more carbon emissions and landfill cluttering. 

So you want to make sure that you choose the correct packaging tape, if only to avoid this very wasteful and frankly costly scenario that’ll occur. 

Considerations when Choosing Packaging Tape 

There are a few considerations that’ll happen when choosing the right packaging tape to get for this. 

The first is the box weight. Try to tailor the tape by handling the box weight. Light boxes need a normal adhesive, but heavier ones require a much stronger type of tape. 

The second is storage conditions. There are different conditions for packages to be stored into. These include hot, cold and humid environments. Different types are made for handling these, so make sure to choose the right ones accordingly. 

 There’s also shipping and handling as well. opt for the tape with a strong type of senile strength for items that are shipped long distances or with different handlers. 

Finally, there’s printability. Customized and printed packaging tape is great for marketing. About 61% of these shoppers online mention that branded types of gift packaging improves their excitedness about getting items.  Choose tape that allows for printability if you want some customized branding. 

Different Types of Packaging Tape 

There are different kinds of packaging tape, all of which you can choose from quite easily. 

First, you’ve got the acrylic tape.  This is every man’s sort of tape. It’s versatile, good for any surface, environment, or temperatures. Ti works great for applications that involve products refrigerated or when you need UV resistance. 

It’s professional, won’t yellow, and is great for white printed cartons.  It is long-lasting too, so there isn’t a chance it’ll rescue the shelf life of products. 

The biggest downside is that it won’t work well on boxes that are heavy, as it tends to be a little too weak for that. 

Then you’ve got hot melt tape.  The hot melt tape is strong, easier to use, and also creates an incredibly strong adhesion to this. It’s great for heavier boxes, cartons that are overstuffed, and shipments which have rougher handling. It’s also the best choice for boxes that have a lot of recycled content. 

It’s very user friendly, since it’s very easy to unwind, easy to adhere to, and perfect for both machine and hand applications. This type of tape is also great for customized printing too. The downside to hot melt tape is it doesn’t do well in humid or extreme temperatures, especially refrigerated locations. The tape may also yellow over time too. 

There’s also rubber tape too, so it’s good in hot, humid, and cold conditions. With great adhesion to virtually any surface, it’s great for applications on dry and dusty places. Easy to shape and a go-to for tapes that don’t’ stick, it’s a great one to try. The biggest downside is the pieta, as it tends to be more, and the tape yellows far quicker than the others. Find the types of tape that you want and choose  for yourself what you wish to use for your packaging needs. See how it works, and the results of these efforts. 

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Why it’s important to Sample Packaging Before working with Amazon

Amazon can be a great way to sell products. However, they do have specific packaging requirements that are important to consider. Here, we’ll go over why it’s better to work with packaging suppliers that’ll understand these requirements, and how to get started with someone. 

The Packaging integrity 

The packaging needs to stay intact and is capable of product protection. This is especially true when there’s damage during the shipping process. It should withstand the environmental conditions and transportation. 

Weight and Size 

There are certain dimensions and weight limits that amazon has, and if they’re oversized, you’ll be the one paying out of pocket if there’s additional shipping fees. In addition, there might be delays too as they may not be able to handle the packaging that size. 

Information on the Product 

The product information also needs to be there. This includes the brand, model name, and any important warnings that’ll help and the instructions that are there. 

In addition, you need barcodes that are scannable. This includes the ISBN, UP, and the EAN. This is all unique, corresponding to the amazon listing. The labels need to be affixed in a flat manner and are easy to scan. 

Frustration Free Packaging 

You also might need to also consider frustration-free packaging. This means that it’s easy to open, and not bogged down with items that will contribute to waste. FFP does require the product to fit the different requirements, so be mindful of what Amazon wants from these. 

Expiration dates

These include any visible and clear expiration dates and information on the package. This ensures that customers get products that are adequate in shelf life. 

Things that are prohibited 

There are restrictions on various materials that are there. for instance, they don’t allow certain bubble mailers, polybags, and glass. If the materials don’t meet the requirements, the product may get removed. You also might incur penalties. 

Requirements for Shipping boxes 

Shipping boxes that use this to package and ship out the product have different requirements related to weight, size, and even durability. It should ultimately protect this product and the packaging within during the transit process. 


If there are promotional inserts or materials that are included in this, they need to comply with the guidelines, so that they don’t interfere with the packaging or other integrity. 


They finally need to be easy to inspect and reseal packaging, especially if there is a return. Having a good return policy with amazon is important too. 

SIOC Packaging 

If you’re curious about the different types of packaging you can get, there is SIOC. 

This means “ships in their own container” and is made to protect, ship, and help with products on Amazon. This is of course, without that need for more over boxes and shipping.  It also is part of the amazon program that reduces waste, and bolsters sustainability. 

Like other types of amazon packaging, there are requirements. This includes the packaging type, durability, labels, and even information on sizes and weight. It reduces the packaging and the materials that are used, properly optimizes the shipping areas, and improves the sustainability of the ecommerce operations. 

Get a Supplier 

If you’re looking to really improve your packaging, especially for larger orders, then you’ll want to get a packaging expert. 

They understand, and with the variety of requirements that amazon has, the right company will highlight the way that these products move, ultimately protecting them. If you have packaging that has certain requirements, definitely get someone today and save yourself the trouble of Amazon packaging.

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Types of Packaging Samples to Choose From

Packaging samples are essentially a mockup of the product and its packaging, with a goal to offer companies a chance to try before they order. Samples give one a chance to find the ideal type of product choice without having to pay for the entire run of production. 

The samples get delivered within a few days of the packaging companies with an in-house design, and the capabilities of production. Others may take weeks, especially if complicated. 

The samples are great as well because you can opt for them as a pre-production choice. They’re fully-rendered factory samples of finished pieces that’ll come off this production line. It’s a professionally printed sample that’s ideal if you wish to have a smaller type of run before you commit. 

If you’re curious about samples and want to get an idea of the appearance of this, then you can get these digitally too. While it won’t be just like the finished item, it gives you an idea of the design that you’re going to get. 

White proof samples are those that are made with CAD technology, but it won’t give you that crispness that a pre-production sample offers. White samples are great and they fit the dimensions that are there. however, they don’t match the integrity within factory samples. 

When you enlist in packaging providers that feel like you’re trying to get this before committing, it will ultimately save money while also avoiding potential problems. They’re convenient as well for pitching to new retailers. 

If you’re pitching to retailers that have different requirements for packaging, like Costco and Sam’s club, a packaging sample can be pitched, allowing for these products to work, and fit your needs. 

Types of Samples to Choose from 

The cool thing with packaging samples is that, depending on the company, you can choose whatever design, materials, sizes, and even costs to choose from. Luxury packaging options and inexpensive paperboard and plastic are also good to choose from. You can also find different samples that’ll reinforce the branding and image.

For many packaging suppliers, you can walk through the retail processes for outlets such as BJs, amazon, and even Costco. They’ll also offer advice on how to optimize this packaging. For instance, luxury products may get luxury gift boxes that are rigid to highlight this.  they may also use PET packaging so that people can see the product prior to purchase. 

There are tons of different types of packaging that are available for you to choose from. Whether it’s lithium corrugate or folding cartons, or even laminated boxes, there’s a lot.

Regardless of the needs, there is someone who can help with product showcases, in order to keep the costs at a reasonable level. 

How Customizable Are These 

There are a lot of customizations that can match what you want, based on what you desire for each individual piece.

With packaging samples, suppliers offer high-end luxury forms of packaging, and all of it is totally custom-made.  There’s no standard size, design, or even composition. You can even tailor this packaging to represent the brand and products. 

If the products normally don’t fit within a packaging design, you’ll want to make sure that the partner you work with offers an orthodox packaging. They might be able to make it fit in rounded, hexagonal boxes that are affordable. They’ll be able to figure out just what the packaging product needs, and what they want from every single supplier. 

So yes, custom packaging samples are the way to go. They’re ideal for your own specific needs and are the right form of packaging.

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Why you should never Skip a Box Mockup

When putting together the packaging design and engineering of the box, the most important part is the box mockup. Here are a few reasons why you should never skip this vital step. 

Concept Validation and Visualization 

Mockups for boxes are a great tool for visualizing this packaging design in a more tangible manner. This offers a representation of three dimensions of the packaging, letting you see just how this product will work when it’s in the hand of a customer or on the shelf. 

It’s invaluable to validate the design of this, ensuring this aligns with the messaging and brand identity.

Creating this allows you to look at the flaws in the design, various inconsistencies, and issues that could happen from the start, and avoid the costly mistakes that can happen. 

This is extremely vital when you’re working on complex, innovative forms of packaging, allowing you to refine these ideas and make the right adjustments before you continue. 

Testing in the real World 

Yes, you can take your mockups and other supplies for this and see how they work in the environment. 

You’ll be able to subject these mockups to different environmental tidbits, including temperature, humidity, and even how the package is handled in order to see how these stack up in the real world. 

It helps with uncovering the weaknesses in packaging, something that may not be super apparent if you only see this in digital simulations. 

For instance, let’s say that you’re designing a solution for a food item, and box mockups are used. This can help with exposing the moisture and any resistance that’s needed. 

For testing fragile items, this simulates the handling of it roughly to make sure that the product is aptly protected. 

The identification of these vulnerabilities during this point saves you a lot of money from recalls which might be costly, and overall customer dissatisfaction in the future. 

Presentation and marketing. 

In our competitive world, packaging does attract the customers and will convey the message of a brand. 

Well-designed mockups are great for marketing, allowing you to create some amazing images for the website, social media page, and other materials for promotion. 

With good, high-quality mockups, you’ll build confidence in the packaging design to the investors that are out there, including stakeholders and retailers, giving them a more tangible look to what’s happening there and making it far easier to secure partnerships, along with funding. 

Conducting surveys and focus groups as well can help with gathering the ideal, valuable feedback that’s there for the target audience. It can provide further refinements to the design of the packaging, resonating with the customers in order to meet expectations. 

Saves you money! 

It actually does save you money. This means that you have the right testing, validation, and the like, preventing flaws from transpiring in the errors of production, and preventing costly redesigning of these items, recalls, and reprints too. 

Investing in this allows you to rectify and identify these issues, before they become huge, expensive problems.  This also allows you to make better decisions about the materials, techniques to print, and production, which leads to greater cost savings. 

Better Innovation 

Finally, they are also great for allowing innovation in.  If you want to experiment with designs, shapes and textures, it creates a real packaging solution that’ll surely stand out. 

It also leads to better improvements in the world of sustainability. 

It provides the ideal test environment for eco friendly materials, design concepts, and to reduce the environmental impact of waste. This dedication benefits the planet, providing a better competitive edge. 

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Packaging for Snack Foods

Snack foods are great for a variety of reasons, but they require a few different forms of packaging. Here, we’ll go over the best ways to package snack foods, so that you’re happy with the results of them! 

Chips and Snacks 

Snacks that are corn or grain-based in their ingredients such as potato chips get packaged using oxygen barrier packaging. A lot of producers choose more flexible forms of packaging with oxygen barriers in order to reduce moisture and oxygen. 

A lot of flexible packaging types for these feature foil interiors for barrier properties. Maintaining the moisture and the oxygen levels for this will keep the snap in these chips and snacks. These rigid snacks will also contain some laminated interior parts to help with moisture control and oxygen too, protecting it from crumbling and crushing too. 


Grains such as baked goods, cereals, and rice all have oils that can get really gross if you don’t store these in the correct manner. Waxy and poly-coated flexible or rigid kraft packaging are a favorite for controlling the saturation of the oil, and preservation of these grains. 

Many baked goods are packaged with different materials, so that will impact the shelf life and handling. Some may get flow wrapping. Poly bags, shrink wrapping, rigid containers, kraft bags, and a whole lot more. The production time to consumer intake is determined to preserve this product, so the packaging is adopted, trialed, and used for this. 


Seafood and fish do need to be frozen and chilled quickly the second it’s caught. Flash freezing does eliminate spoilage and drying and is used for these types of snacks. Once this is frozen, the fish get put into some flexible packaging, or on coated types of cartons, sealed from moisture, freezer burn, and oxidation. This is a modified form of packaging and helps to increase this freshness while also prolonging the storage life of these products. 

Other fish are usually cooked and sealed in some flexible types of barrier packaging, eliminating the presence of oxygen. 


Produce is used with varying types of packaging. You get bine cartons that transport a lot of volumes of this. Once the veggies and fruits get ready for shelves, they’re put in some mesh bags, and the flexible poly holders are usually used to package this. they also may be overwrapped, or displayed in some bulk manner, or placed in produce bags that a person can take home. 

Light, and oxygen, are two of the biggest factors when packaging this. Canned veggies and fruits are a different story. Due to the bacteria that’s there, and other factors, canning does require different acidity levels depending on the product, and when you apply heat, it does cause the seal to lengthen. With safe and controlled kitchens, canning works well to extend this shelf life, and offer an excellent alternative for excess pieces and bits. 


Finally, we’ve got meat. Meat has a lot of different options for packaging, beginning with a meat type, with bones or without and how long you wish to store it. For those larger and bone-in types of primal cuts, they’ll use a thicker flexible type of packaging. 

Red meat gets vacuum sealed, and poultry uses a heat shrink to keep it together and can offer frozen storage for a whole chicken. For shorter term storage of meats, you’ll get overwrapping. When transported and displayed, materials that are inexpensive protect the juices while offering surfaces for labels and stickers. These are the common ways that foods are packaged, and can help with storage needs.

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The Origins of Cardboard Boxes

We see cardboard boxes all around these days, but where did they really come from? Here, we’ll go over the origin story of cardboard boxes, and what they mean. 

First Discovery 

The material known by many as cardboard boxes, was first invented in China during the 1500s, and was created in the same way that it is today, utilizing pulp from plants and trees, mostly the mulberry. Over time, this started to go through Europe, all the way to the Silk Road 

However, it’s something that may have ties to it, but it was first created back in 1817, and this was in Blighty by a company named M Trever ton and Son.  Later on, there were future records of these boxes being made in Germany, which has been designed to contain what’s called “The Game of Besieging.” 

This was incredibly popular, as it was based on a war strategy. The board of the game and the pieces that came with this are all handmade.  This was effective at protecting this, but the truth of the matter was, the boxes took a ton of time to make, and were expensive too. 

The Invention of the Cardboard Boxes 

Now let’s go fast-forward a few decades to the silk manufacturers back in 1840s France. They realized that hey, cardboard is suitable for many needs, to the point where they made their own boxes in order to transport moths and the eggs, after discovering what ideal material cardboard has for this purpose, such as good airflow, is secure, and is lightweight in order to block out light. 

Because of this success, this production became a huge part in the industry, especially in southeastern France. This lasted for the next century as well. 

Now, let’s look as well at England, as in 1856, there was a patent that was lodged by Edward G. Healy along with Edward E. Allen for corrugated boxes that we know of today. This cardboard, however, wasn’t used for boxes, but rather it was for top hats. These two Edwards ended up seeing how versatile cardboard was however, and due to the wavy shape of it, it was soon found that this helped hats stay tall while also having some flexibility. The hats created from this therefore became a lot more comfortable and durable too. Then in 1871, in NYC, they finally realized the destiny of cardboard, a material used for all sorts of shipping purposes. Albert Jones was the one to patent the use of single-sided baseboard made of corrugated fibers, as a type of wrapping structure to protect bottles and glass lanterns. 

This single-sided corrugated boxboard is simply just sheets of both corrugated and pleated paper as in the case of top hats and was lined on a side of this with some cardboard. 6

These days, we’re so used to corrugated paper being in between lining, this is definitely a tweak that’s unique, due to Oliver Long that pretty much took the improvements that jones made and then brought it a step further. 

We ended up with the boxes that we have today thanks to a man named Robert Gair, who in 1870 represented the UK, and was a Scottish bit. He had a paper bag manufacturing plant in Brooklyn.  He ended up accidentally making this one day during the manufacturing of seed bags, hence the situation that we have today. 

So there you have it, the origins of cardboard boxes, in order to help you better understand the aspects of each of these, and to help with the improvements of your boxes too. 

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