Shrink Vs. BOPP Film 

When you’re looking at flexible packaging types, you may wonder if you need shrink film or biaxially oriented polypropylene film (known as BOPP).

You may not know what the types of these are, and you also may not know the difference too. 

You may not also have a comparison of either or as well, which is where we come in. 

Luckily, we’ll do it for you, to help you choose the packaging that you need. 

Shrink Film 

Shrink film or shrink wrap is flexible packaging for food, games, and other goods. It’s made from either polyethylene, polyolefin, or polyvinyl chloride, so there are tons of ways to use this. 

When using this, the package is then put into a sleeve made from this, called a sealer, and from there, it moves from one conveyer belt to another, and then a heat tunnel. 

Then, it get sheated up to create a seal, and then it’s packed to be shipped out. 

What about BOPP? 

Bopp of course is flexible packaging, and it’s heated as well in a tunnel, but then there’s an overwrap film that’s on there to package the products in place. Overwrap film applies the film over products or to other film containing said product. 

BOPP is usually used to package food and usuaually is done with this.  They are also using this as a replacement for cellophane in terms of applications, such as ciarette or other packaging. 

This is becoming more and more of the packaging tha’ts used because it’s more sustainable for lower costs as well. 

It usually also has increased barrier factors including the water vapor and oxygen resistance in this, and it is better in BOPP ythan the shrink film altnerative. 

What to Use? 

At the end of the day, it’s your choice on what types of flexible packaging should be used. 

For starters, do the products react to heat, then if yes, use BOPP for this. 

If you want something that holds the packages and products in a uniform manner, then you’ll want shrink film. 

If you want to increase the barrier of oxygen and water vapor, then also choose BOPP over traditional shrink film. 

If you want a lighter gauge of packaging for this, and if you believe so, you should use light gauge shrink film for this kind of packaging. 

If you’re looking to have a larger resistance to impact along with flexcrack, then BOPP is ideal for packaging. 

If you want to avoid using plastic, well….neithe rof those are rightful choices. 

And finally, if you want biodegradable packaging for your products, the best option out of those wis shrink film that’s biodegradable. 

Hopefully, this does help you with choosing. 

Again, if you’re not sure whether or not you’re ready to use one or the other on these, talk to the provier and see what they can get for you, along with any other perks and benefits they might offer. 

There are a lot of great alternatives to regular packaging film and different factors that go into it. Iuf you’re not sure, you may want to look into this, and you should definitely make sure that you do factor in all of the costs before you begin.

But of course, you definitely will benefit from this, and it’s something that will definitely become easier over time. Shrink film and BOPP film are definitely different, and at the end of the day, you should wqeight in the options, talk to the provder, and from there, make sure that you’re getting the results that you want from your plastic packaging ventures as well. 

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Mastering Unboxing 

As people unbox your items and review them as a paid promotion, others watch it, and it really gives you a look at the product and what it entails. 

This is a great marketing tool, but if ignored or even neglected, you could lose out on the others. 

That’s why the packaging needs good treatment to improve the interest, and also the intrigue of this too. 

Here, we’ll go over what unboxing is, and the experience of this. 

What is it? 

This is the unpacking experience from this, and it’s become one of the most important parts of this. The first impressions of products matter, so the correct packaging does lead the customers to having good ideas of the product, even before they’re done drying it out. 

The unboxing experience happens the moment the order gets there, so the planning must be careful in order to offer the best unboxing experience. 

So how can you improve this? 

Well, read on. 

Ways to improve your unboxing experience. 

There are a few ways to improve your unboxing experience that’ll help you, and they’re listed below. 

First, you want to give products that you have that sort of “wow” feeling to them.  You can do this with custom packaging that gets the attention to the point where it is hard to ignore it. This gives them an excuse to open it too.

You want to make sure that it’s both clean and green. If you’re not ready to pull the trigger on investing in this packaging, fear not, for eco-friendly packaging that’s functional, preferable, and affordable for customers does offer more to them, and won’t make them feel bad. 

Next, create an unboxing experience that’s seamless for them. You want to make it in a way where it’s simple. Don’t try to create packaging rage, but instead, just use simple custom boxes that have the tear-away strip in order to open it. The easier the better is what you want to go for here. 

Next, you don’t want to overpack products that are there. Paper, plastic, or cardboard in packages is viewed as a waste by those who buy from you, and they think you’re not responsible if you do this. 

The products should be protected, but don’t be too obnoxious with that. 

Finally, make returns easy, and hassle-free as well. If customers decide to change their feelings, even after you’ve shown them the packaging, you want to make sure that product returns are easy, and you should make sure packaging is reused so customers aren’t left looking for boxes to return the items. 

You can also make it so that the box is easy to return and try to make it so that it is easy to return, and easy to get to. 

Another big tip is to make sure that you have packaging that’s reused, and is less likely to be jostled around or damaged too. It definitely is good to focus on this, and it definitely is something that will impact you.

Remember that your unboxing experience does play a part in the eventual results of the way the people look at what you have. 

There’s a lot that is going on, and a lot that’s going to impact the future of your business. 

If that’s the case, you should definitely be mindful of the different kinds of ways to make the unboxing experience great, not just for you, but also for those who will be also getting the items that you have, since it does impact the way things transpire down the line for those who buy. 

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Packaging Market Trends: Who is Responsible for Sustainable Packaging?

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you may have noticed that there has been a lot of talk about sustainable packaging. The most recent discussions are about who is responsible for this type of packaging. Manufacturers, retailers, or consumers?

The truth is that everyone needs to be working together to make an impact on sustainability. For example, manufacturers need to work with retailers and consumers by using materials like recycled paper, plant-based plastics, and compostable containers to create products with less environmental impact than ever before. 

Retailers should be more educated on what types of packaging are more sustainable, so they can inform their customers and provide them with options when shopping online or at brick-and-mortar stores. Lastly, consumers need to be more educated on what types of packaging are better for the environment to make a conscious effort and hold retailers accountable by using their voice if necessary.

Packaging is an essential aspect of our lives because it helps products get from manufacturers to us while also protecting them and providing information about what is inside. With the increased awareness of the environmental impact, now more than ever before, it’s essential for everyone to be doing their part in making an effort towards sustainability.

Who is responsible for sustainable packaging? Everyone needs to work together! Manufacturers need to use materials like recycled paper, plant-based plastics, and compostable containers so they can create products with less environmental impact than ever before; retailers should educate themselves on which types of packaging are better for the environment so they can inform consumers and provide them with options when shopping online or at brick-and-mortar stores; consumers need to be educated about what types of packaging are better for the environment as well as holding retailers accountable by using their voice if necessary. 

Packaging plays a huge role in our lives because it helps products get from manufacturers to us while protecting them and providing information about what is inside! With the increased awareness of the environmental impact, now more than ever before, everyone needs to be doing their part towards sustainability.

Who do you think should have responsibility for sustainable packaging? Everyone needs to work together! Manufacturers need to use materials like recycled paper, plant-based plastics, and compostable containers so they can create products with less environmental impact than ever before; retailers should educate themselves on which types of packaging are better for the environment so they can inform consumers and provide them with options when shopping online or at brick-and-mortar stores; consumers need to be educated about what types of packaging are better for the environment as well as holding retailers accountable by using their voice if necessary. 

Packaging plays a huge role in our lives because it helps products get from manufacturers to us while protecting them and providing information about what is inside! With the increased awareness of the environmental impact, now more than ever before, everyone needs to be doing their part towards sustainability.

Manufacturers should have responsibility for sustainable packaging. They need to use materials like recycled paper, plant-based plastics, and c

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Using Custom Printed Tissue Paper to Promote Your Business

The first impression means a lot for every business, and that is why it is important to work on the things you term as minor details. For instance, customizing your products helps the clients to put your company at the top of their minds. You can use custom printed tissue papers to promote your business at a low cost. Let’s see how custom printed tissue papers help your business to stand out. 

Create a First Impression That Promotes Your Brand

When consumers receive products from your business, what they see first is what will promote your business. It is advisable to associate your brand with the product they are receiving. Ensure the packages have a huge logo of your brand, which will be a form of brand promotion. 

Promote Your Brand Past Shipping

Custom printed shipping paper is reusable, so it is possible to see it beyond your original client. Some people may throw it away once they get their product, while others may offer the paper a second life through reusing it. It is also possible for others to reuse it for shipment making your brand circulate all around the globe. This means that a small investment of custom printed tissue paper will keep your brand visible. 

Pair Your Customized Packaging with Other Shipping Materials

From printed bags to tailored corrugated cardboard, you can use your packaging in both in-person and shipping formats. Even in the external packaging, take advantage of the chance to make the packaging a branded experience. By pairing your custom tissue paper with customized shipping and packaging material, you create an entire brand experience for everyone who will open it. 

Pack Your Gift Bags for Occasions

The best way to stand out at any event is to have branded gifts. To add an impression and appeal to your premium gifts, make some adjustments to the packaging of your product. This is also a way of increasing favorable opinion and brand awareness. If you package the gift bags using branded tissue paper, the extra effort to put a customized message or company’s logo will make you stand out. Branded tissue paper is one of the easiest ways to stand out in a competitive industry. 

Make Customers Remember Your Business for Less

You can get custom printed papers in bulk at a time tailored to meet your needs. The papers might be competitively priced, so every order has its customized price. The price is based on factors such as the specific paper you want, artwork selected, and size. Also, note that buying in bulk will reduce the costs and draw from a big supply that will meet all your needs. As you spend smartly, ensure your logo is present in every interaction to promote your brand. 

Finally, ensure you get printed tissue paper ideal for filling the packaging. Also, use tissue paper that is fit for stuffing and protecting goods from damage or shifting during shipment. Consider getting a material that will suit your company’s custom packaging and shipping needs for years to come. Ensure you contact experts who can advise you, so you use the right quality and type of tissue paper.

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Determining the right vendor management solution

It’s a problem experienced time and time again. 

A company has a warehouse where they take in products and then ship them out. The problem is if too much product is being placed in the warehouse, of which the space, (as large as it may be) is limited, the whole logistics scheme falls apart in a hurry.

A big part of the problem is the packaging. Most items in your warehouse, before they are shipped out and put on a truck need to be packaged up. And whether it is cardboard boxes, display packaging for retail, foam products, custom boxes, or more, incoming products are rarely suitable for outbound shipping but have to be massaged, so to speak.

The problem is that all of that packaging material takes up a great deal of space in your warehouse

Have too much packaging and you lose money by being unable to accept additional incoming products.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough packing material, then an outgoing order may be significantly delayed while you order and then wait for the packing material to arrive.

 The solution? Vendor Management inventory systems. 

When a company installs a vendor management inventory system, whether electronically, or through the use of bar code readers, as a product is ordered to be shipped out, the vendor automatically sends the required packing materials to your warehouse so the order can be shipped on time.

Another benefit of vendor management inventory systems is to keep track of critical manufacturing changes.

Let’s say you have 10,000 bags of Frito Lay Doritos in your warehouse, and you regularly stock grocery stores or retail stores such as Target. 

However, Frito Lay decides to run a special Superbowl promotion, with a nifty photo of Tom Brady throwing a football.

Yes, you have the chips, but do you have the new displays that Frito Lay wants to promote?

With a vendor management program, you will automatically be sent the new and timely displays to go with the product. 

Another benefit of vendor management solutions is that the vendors deal with a great many warehouses. They have substantial data to determine where surges in orders are likely, and either by electronic mail or with your permission, just automatically adjust your packaging order to meet the expected demand. 

And by working with vendors through a vendor management program, the vendors themselves can stock up, when necessary, so that when demand suddenly peaks, you will not have to wait for them to restock themselves.

Vendor management systems are extremely efficient to make sure that a warehouse owner keeps his warehouse humming along at peak proficiency. 

One small barcode scan is all it takes for a vendor management system to jump into action.

And these types of systems do a variety of tasks such as:

  •  Identify low and out of stock products 
  •  Keep track of inventory (usually by UPC Code) 
  •  Identify needed inventory when it is bundled with another product such as toys and batteries and many more. 

Modern, vendor management tracking systems are essential to operating an efficient and profitable warehouse. 

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9 Branding Tips For a Better Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the center of a branding process. Great branding requires a well-thought-out branding and marketing plan as well as the skill sets that push a brand forward. This article will deliver powerful tips on how to incorporate branding with packaging.

1. Packaging With a Purpose

There are many products that are sold exclusively online while others are sold in a physical retail environment. When a product is mailed, it requires packaging that can protect it. When a product is sold in a retail environment, packaging will need to be more alluring. 

2. Consistency is Key

A brand can be identified by color and other factors. Keeping colors and other factors consistent is key to having people recognize the product. Think of a company logo, such as Target, and the color of the logo will pop in the head.

3. Be Recognizable

Consistency is important and more will lead to the identification of a company. When a package is on a shelf or coming in the mail company recognition is needed. This may be a logo on the box or a color scheme that makes the company recognized. 

4. Audience Expectations

Customers may know the company or be experiencing their first interaction. It is important to address expectations and package products accordingly. A company might be fun and spontaneous in design and capturing this in all sales forms is important. 

5. Special Marketing Campaigns

Many times packaging may get a make-over for a special holiday or even a changing season. These are opportunities that are important to use as a selling tool. Clever packaging that stays on target can raise brand awareness and even increase sales. 

6. Branding Extensions

Companies use a logo on the website. However, when a customer buys a product they actually touch and interact with the packaging, which is different than online interactions. It is important to have branding efforts extended across all platform types. Consider the most important branding elements and incorporate the elements.

7. Balance of Function and Simplicity

One of the biggest issues with a branding campaign is the over-designing of a package. Telling a story without distraction is key, such as using only the logo and brand color. Simplicity is very effective when combined with a strong message. 

8. Values and Principles

Branding requires consistency and this is more achievable when keeping a brand’s values at the forefront of the mind. If a company is a company that is fun and interactive, a joke on the packaging could be a great interaction. If a company is an inspirational company, a beautiful quote could compliment the companies values and principles. Some companies have used handwritten notes with delivery and others have even sent candy with every order. Be creative and stick to the company’s principles and values. 

9. Hire a Professional Design Team

Many times branding is a task that needs to be outsourced to a professional branding company. Once a company has found a branding story, the concept can be handed off to a professional designer. The designer will turn the concept into a functional design that will be crisp and clean. There are many differently priced options when hiring a designer. 

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Sustainable Approaches To Packaging: Tips On Better, More Sustainable Packages

In the world of business, it’s not often that you hear about sustainable packaging. And yet, this is an area where many companies are looking to make improvements. With every product sold comes a package for it- and these packages can have a significant impact on the environment and even your business. What’s so important about sustainable packaging? Below are some tips for creating more sustainable packages.

Cardboard Products

Did you know that cardboard is a naturally occurring fiber? This makes it a great option for creating sustainable packaging. Cardboard can be recycled, and in fact, there are communities in the United States that have zero landfills because they simply recycle every bit of their trash after using it. They are mainly used by shipping companies, though you can also find them in retail, among other places. Boxes that are made from cardboard, either for shipping or retail purposes, can be recycled.

Cardboard is an inexpensive option for packaging, making it a good choice for businesses of all sizes. Recycled paper is another sustainable approach to packaging, as it contributes to reforestation efforts- an important component of environmentalism. If you need your product to ship quickly, cardboard is also an ideal choice, as it is lightweight and easy to transport and making it a valuable option for businesses of all sizes.

Custom Bags

Another great way to create sustainable packaging is with custom bags. These are extremely versatile, and you’ll find them at grocery stores, retail, music festivals, schools, libraries- pretty much anywhere people are shopping or consuming products, there are custom bags. Bags can be made out of a variety of materials, including plastic or other forms of paper. They’re also easy to ship, as they’re lightweight and take up minimal space. Custom bags can also be designed to meet specific needs, so you will find that they are extremely versatile. Whether you need bags that hold heavy items or ones that are easy to carry, there is likely a style that can work for your business.

Custom reusable bags are definitely the wave of the future in regards to sustainable packaging. Many companies out there make these types of bags, and you can even get your business’s logo printed on them, so they advertise for you while customers use them. This type of product also benefits businesses by saving money because it doesn’t have to be replaced as often as traditional plastic or paper sacks do, making it an environmentally friendly choice for marketing your business.

Plastic Products

Many plastic products are recyclable, which is a great thing for sustainable packaging. This includes yogurt containers, soda bottles, and more. It’s important to make sure you dispose of these properly. If you do not recycle them yourself (such as by bringing them back to the store where they were purchased), then it’s likely that your local recycling center will take care of this for you. Make sure the container is clean first; otherwise, there may be issues with recycling it- though some recycling centers can handle dirtier items than others.

Plastic bags are traditionally not recyclable, yet many modern recycling plants now have processes that allow them to be turned into something new, such as park benches. This is a great way for grocery stores and other retail outlets with lots of plastic bags to reduce the amount of waste they produce, as all of those plastic sacks can be ground up and recycled right along with paper products.

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Silica Gel Packets have a Variety of Uses

I’m sure you’ve found many silica packets in the packaging of the products that you buy. You’ve probably found them in the pockets of clothing, electronic boxes or even in sporting goods boxes. Have you just been throwing them away? If you have, you might want to start saving them because I’m about to show you how to use them to protect the items around your house.


Have you ever had your cell phone in your pocket and got caught in the rain? The next time this happens, take your phone and place it in a plastic bag filled it with silica gel. The gel is very effective at absorbing moisture and might save your phone. The gel is also effective at absorbing the sweat from your headphones and will help keep condensation off your camera lens.


Do you ever worry about preserving your important insurance paperwork, old military documents or your birth certificate. Extreme humidity is a natural enemy to all paperwork. Just place your documents in a bag with silica and stop worrying about it. The silica will remove the moisture and save your documents. You can do the same with your old photos, collectables and scrapbooks. No one likes seeing their childhood memories turn yellow and smell musty.


You’ve probably never thought of using silica to protect your tools and screws. Try tossing a few silica packets in your toolbox to keep your tools and everything else in there from rusting. You can even drop a few packets in your fishing box to protect all those irreplaceable lures and hooks.

Jewelry and Collectables

Are you trying to keep your jewelry from tarnishing? Adding a few packets of silica to your jewelry box can help slow the process. Just make sure your jewelry box is clean, dry and airtight. Silica can also help keep your expensive silverware from tarnishing. If you have a coin collection, try dropping a few packets into the container to keep your collection dry.

Seasonal Items

No one likes opening up their camping gear after it sat all year to a giant sniff of mildew. Try tossing a few packets in the bag that holds your sleeping bag. You can do the same thing for your tent, hiking boots and the clothes that you wear for camping. Don’t forget about the holidays. Silica can help keep all your Christmas, Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations from being destroyed.

Household Areas

Basements tend to be areas where moisture likes to collect, so take a good look around your basement for anything susceptible to moisture damage. Take anything you don’t want destroyed and place it in an airtight container with lots of silica packets. Once you’re done in your basement, do the same thing in your garage, shed and attic. You can even keep a handful of packets in your car to fight condensation buildup on your windshield. They might even keep your car smelling fresh and free from mildew.

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Returnable Poly Mailers Solve Problems in Shipping Returns

Let’s face it. People are on the move. With technology making many processes easier and more efficient, customers just don’t have the time or patience to spend hours standing in line at the post office. With everything modernizing, it makes sense that the return process is modernized as well. Returnable poly mailers allow customers to save time and money on parcel packaging. With these handy mailers, customers just need to package, label, and send it back. No need to spend time waiting to purchase packaging material. This change is especially for businesses that encounter the following scenarios. 

With the rise of e-commerce stores, more people need to ship returns through the mail. Today, many customers purchase from e-commerce stores rather than brick-and-mortar stores. This has changed how returns function. E-commerce stores tend to have about a thirty percent return rate, compared to a nine percent return rate for brick and mortar stores. This is expected because there are often more variables that customers did not account for when purchasing from an online storefront. Compared to the ability to see and touch items in a traditional store, products bought online more often might not meet customers’ expectations when they see them in person. 

Returns are now also more common for product defects. There are two possibilities for defects: during the manufacturing process and the shipping process. Either way, the process of getting the product to the customer can cause issues in a product. It’s frustrating to receive a damaged or defective product and even more frustrating if it is a hassle to return. Using returnable poly mailers enables customers to return defective products more easily, making the process smoother and more positive. 

Another shipping problem that can occur is when the wrong product is shipped out. Some warehouses have a large volume of products, and mistakes can happen. This is a simple fix, and instead of turning it into a big problem, returnable poly envelopes make it easy for customers to return the wrong product and receive a new one. 

In addition, some types of products are returned more frequently than others. Online clothing and apparel companies know customers often return items because they need to try on the products to see how they fit. Companies can use returnable poly envelopes to make this process smoother. Returnable Poly mailers are flexible and perfect for clothing. Companies can use expandable poly mailers for bulkier sweaters or overcoats. Expandable poly mailers have a gusseted bottom that expands for larger items. By shipping a return label with every order, customers can easily try and return any unsuitable products. Companies that make this process easier can enjoy the success of a loyal customer base.

Returnable poly mailers are an effective and economical solution for easing the return process for both customers and businesses. They are easy to use and durable enough for multiple trips through the shipping process. When a customer applies for a return, all they need to do is place the products they want to return into the mailer. There is a second strip of adhesive that they can activate and use to seal the mailer. All that’s needed is a return label, and the return is ready to go. 

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Polyethylene Bags for Shipping and Storage

Article Text: 

Whatever your shipping or storage needs are, polyethylene bags have it covered. Their wide assortment of shapes and sizes are sufficient, no matter how large or small your package is. Available in more than just one color, polyethylene bags will protect documents from the sun’s harmful rays, they will offer privacy for sensitive documents, and they can be used to make a statement for your company. If it’s strength you need, polyethylene bags are tough, long lasting, impact resistant, and they’re easy to clean. They insulate cold storage items and they are reinforced to handle even the heaviest of objects.

Polyethylene Bags are Versatile 

Versatility is the name of the game these days. When shipping needs require protection , thickness is important. For businesses or everyday use, you can safely ship items without worrying about damage during transport. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes, shapes, and colors to ship or store important items affordably. No matter what you type of package you are shipping or storing, polyethylene bags are an excellent choice.

Safely Ship, Store, and Protect Your Items

Polyethylene bags are used to safely ship or store items from moisture, dust, and dirt. They are used to protect homework, business documents, certificates of merit, material used for important business presentations, and so much more. Bulky items can be safely shipped or stored in polyethylene bags because they are available in a variety of sizes that expand so that items are not damaged during shipping. They offer you the much needed room you need so items will arrive at their destination undamaged. For additional privacy, polyethylene bags come in a variety of colors with logos of your choice. Logos, designs, and colors will help your brand stand out from others.

The Most Common Uses of Polyethylene Bags

No matter what your shipping or storage needs are, high quality polyethylene plastic is one of the most common high density materials used today. Polyethylene bags are constructed in a variety of thicknesses for adequate protection. With several available styles, they are custom crafted to best fit your needs for whatever you are shipping or storing. There’s no limit to what polyethylene bags can be used for. Hospitals, doctor’s offices, colleges and schools, restaurants, post offices, libraries, and normal everyday households use polyethylene bags every single day.

Sealing Polyethylene Bags

You select how you would like to seal your package when you order polyethylene bags. They are available with grip seals or easy slide seals. Both work well for shipping and storing most any type of item. Whether you are in need of a garment bag while traveling, a cover for your mattress, or for a mailing a secure document, resealable grip and slide seals keep items safe during storage and shipping.


Polyethylene bags are long lasting, impact resistant, and light weight. They come in a variety of colors, thicknesses, shapes, and sizes for easy during shipping and storage. For businesses or everyday use, they will affordably keep any item safe and dry. No matter what size your package is, no matter how heavy your package is, polyethylene bags are versatile and convenient. 

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