How to Market a Product Through Packaging

A smart entrepreneur will sometimes use their product’s packaging as a trick to gain new customers. They would only have to be creative, and they need access to packaging supplies that would give them the best deals. In the 21st century, because of the existence of technologies that allow the creation of these items, many businesses have shifted from using the old packaging style to using a fancier packaging that would leave their customers in amazement.

They wanted they products to become a viral hit, and business people will be investing a lot to make sure that their products will provide a lasting impact to the public. Some of the examples of these newer packaging styles are the following:

  1. An egg carton which uses the picture of a female chicken, giving an optical illusion that it is laying eggs.
  2. A white gum arranged in the same manner as the human teeth, and then it is covered with lips.
  3. A swimwear that is tied to a picture of a woman’s back. When the product is removed, it emulates how women are removing their bathing suits.
  4. A pickup that is printed on a matchbox. When the matchbox is pulled out, it shows that the truck extends in size.
  5. Peaches from China that were given a set of lingerie, to give the optical illusion that these are the tiny back of a woman.
  6. An earphone that is arranged in a manner that will provide the buyers an illusion that it is a note.
  7. A tea bag that is shaped like a goldfish. When the tea bag is dipped in a cup, it will look like a fishbowl.
  8. Waterproof watches that are packed inside a pouch filled with water.
  9. Sugar cubes that are arranged like a jigsaw puzzle.
  10. A box of spaghetti pasta that is arranged like the Empire State Building in New York City.
  11. A stick of parmesan cheese that comes with a sharpener. Applying it as a garnish to dishes would require an individual to sharpen it, just like a pencil.
  12. Tetra packs fruit juices that are packaged using printed fruit skins.
  13. Cupcakes packaged in a small cardboard oven.
  14. Native American teas that are packaged in sachets shaped like a teepee.
  15. A baguette shaped like a gnome’s hat, packed inside a piece of paper that depicts a gnome in it.
  16. Beer can that provides an illusion that is a mix between a factory and lingerie.
  17. A tea that looks like a t-shirt, hanged inside the box.
  18. Body soap packed in plastic containers that are shaped like the human body.
  19. Cookies that are packaged in a cardboard oven.
  20. Paper bags that are printed with a beer case. This gives an illusion that the person carrying the paper bag is carrying a whole case of beer with them.
  21. Toilet papers that are packed to mimic fruits.
  22. Tissue papers that are arranged in a fashion that would make it look like a smoke coming out from a house, a paper coming out from a typewriter, and a waterspout coming out of a whale.
  23. Buns that looked like abs.
  24. Pastas that looked like blonde hair.
  25. Air fresheners which have caps that look like an actual fruit or ice cream.
  26. A sparkling wine that looks like an upside down bouquet.
  27. A grape wine that is packaged inside a container that is shaped like the human heart.
  28. Nails that are packed like a matchbox.
  29. Cookies packed in a can which depicts a bear with a big mouth.
  30. Paintbrushes that looked like human hair.
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The Best Ways To Avoid Stress During A Move

Stress should be avoided when moving to a new home. A reputable moving company will make the experience easier. They should have credible reviews and a lot of experience. There are tips to help with the additional preparation and planning. The best way to plan, pack and sort is to ensure time has been set aside specifically for the move. Sometimes this can be accomplished on the weekend and sometimes it is necessary to take time off work. Talk to friends, family or a babysitter to ensure the children and pets are taken care so the focus can be placed on the move. Packing is more consistent without distractions. Friends and family may be willing to offer assistance with the move. The schedule must be clear to avoid stress and rushing at the last minute.

Allow several weeks prior to the move to sort everything out room by room. Decide what will be moved and what is unnecessary. The unnecessary items should be placed in piles for selling, throwing out and donating. Take the donations to the desired locations because they may be tax deductible. Some charities will pick up the items. This eliminates furniture, home goods and extra clothing. Many people will benefit from what is no longer needed. A yard sale will eliminate old belongings or items can be advertised online. Remove any clutter by recycling or throwing away anything that cannot be used such as broken or damaged appliances. This will reduce moving costs and make the move easier.

A strategic plan is required for packing. The easiest way is a systematic approach from room to room. Each room should be completed before moving on to the next room. This will waste valuable time and is not efficient. Use shipping supplies to make certain every box has a clear label. Rooms can be color coded to make the process easier and more festive.

Boxes containing valuables and breakables should be labeled as fragile on the label. A short description of what is in the box can also be included. This will provide organization and let the movers know where to put the boxes while unloading. Pack a suitcase with essentials such as clean clothing and a toothbrush. This includes any items that require immediate access. Place the suitcase in the car so it can be easily located. This is especially helpful when moving long distances. Having to dig through numerous boxes the day of the move to locate soap and a toothbrush is unnecessary.

Always remember the reason for the move because it is usually exciting. Moving is not easy and requires a great deal of work. This is even more difficult if the individual is not sleeping due to worry. The work becomes even harder if lack of sleep leads to crankiness and exhaustion. It is important to take the time for consistent breaks.

Make certain to remain hydrated and ensure snacks and meals are consumed on a regular basis. This will help provide a feeling of relaxation and refreshment through the course of the move. Rushing at the last minute can be avoided when preparation is done in advance. When a person is rushing it will increase the feeling of stress. The key is to remain organized and prepared, avoid rushing and take a calm and steady approach.

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How Your Startup Company Will Succeed With These Five Design Tips

It is not just about the product anymore. It is also about the package design. You need to have an excellent packaging design to get your core customers interested. Think of it as another form of marketing. Market strategies come in different ways and packaging supplies are one of them.

How can your company make the most of their packaging supplies? How can your company entice an already skeptical audience that their company will fit their needs?

1) The first thing you need to do is study your industry. It is one thing to say your product is unique. It is one thing to say that you offer something no one else is? It is quite another to prove it. You need to put your money where your mouth is. The only way to do that is to study the demographics.

Study other products that are similar to yours. Find out what packaging has worked in the past for others and then tweak it. There are industry standards that need to be followed. That is part of what makes the product a success.

2) Okay, so you are ready to hit your market with your product brand? What is your market? Did you even define it? You need to before you move forward. That is probably the biggest issue for any startup. It is one thing to define your product and what it does. It is quite another to find your niche market and capitalize on it.

Another thing you need to consider with your packaging is your end goal. Do you want to tailor your product and packaging for people who shop at Walmart? Do you want to tailor your packaging to someone who shops at Saks Fifth Avenue? There is a big difference in the quality and the customers.

3) The next step is to figure out who is going to buy your packaging. This is sort of like what I mentioned in number 2. Do you want to reach high-end shoppers? Do you want to reach out to general shoppers who are just ordinary people? You can do one or both, but you need to decide. People who shop at a high-end store are going to perceive your product to be of higher quality versus a simple drugstore brand.

The products in the high-end and drugstore may be the same thing, but the perception is different. Your packaging needs to reflect the perception of the value. The two are not always mutually exclusive, contrary to popular belief.

4) You should consider your price point and how it reflects your value. You price it too high. You may not have many takers. Your price it too low. You may lose some money in the process. You need to know how much your customers are willing to pay for the value you offer.

You should keep in mind that a product worth only a few dollars will require different packaging versus a product worth a few hundred. You should also note that not all expensive products are worth the price you pay.

5) You also need to recognize when your product is ready to be shipped versus when it is in the prototype stage. Not all prototype products are fit for consumption.

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Tips You Should Know: Packaging and Shipping

Have you ever received a gift (or even a package), only to realize that it had shipped broken, wrinkled, or was just trashed beyond recognition? If you are going to be sending an important gift that took forever to pick out for a client, it will be really horrible if that client receives a gift that is just a broken mess. The correct packing and shipping is certainly need for these types of things. So, here are some tips for shipping and packing.

It doesn’t matter if you have been shipping packages for years now, it is always a possibility that you have been packaging the wrong way or not as well as you could have been doing.

Removing Older Shipping Labels

Are you someone who makes use of your older shipping labels. It is a good idea to save money. It is a very frugal and ecologically responsible idea. The real question is going to be: are you someone who removes the old shipping labels or barcodes? You should really try to remember that the older barcodes or addresses that are left on your box are able to make it so that your package is delivered to a location you might not have wanted it to go to. You will notice that this at least causes confusion, and could possibly cause the shipping process to be slowed down. Also, another thing to consider is the fact that old labels make it seem as though you are not someone who cares.

Snagging Free Boxes From Your Shipper

You will find that the most important shippers along with the U.S. postal service are all going to be providing you with free boxing and packaging choices. So, this means that if you are sending a reasonably sized item you might be able to get some free boxes for shipping.

Making Use of The H-Tape Method

This is a method that is a proper way of applying tape to a package. Now, you may be thinking, but that is stupid, or who doesn’t know how to tape a package? However, if you are not in the know on how to tape a package properly you might find that it opens up when you are shipping it, and that could end in damaged or lost items. To use this method simply use the tape along all of the seams that are open at the time that you are sealing it. That’s all there is to it.

The Tape That You Are Using Does Make a Difference

You will find that when you are sealing your packages the tape you use does change the outcome. If you make use of plastic or reinforced paper that has been designed for shipping supplies, the tape should work fine. This means that you are going to have to get tape that is around a min of 60-lbs grade. You may think that normal tape would work just because that’s what you would use when you are moving somewhere, but it takes longer than a couple of hours for an item to reach its destination and that is why it is so important to find the right tape.

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Be Wary of These Common Scams from Movers

Be Wary of These Common Scams from Movers

Moving is already a stressful and frustrating experience without having to worry that your movers aren’t treating you right. Certainly, if you could handle this by yourself, you wouldn’t need to hire others. That means you’re dependent on professionals, so the only thing you can do is to educate yourself about the most common scams and be prepared to haggle.

The Scams

The Hostage
In this scenario, the movers are holding you hostage by holding your possessions hostage. Everything seems legitimate, until they have your belongings in their possessions. Once they do, they begin to add on extra fees and costs, knowing you have no choice but to pay to get your things back.

Bait and Switch
Here, the movers quote you one low price in your estimate, but raise that price later. Typically, you don’t know they plan on charging more until the move is complete.
Trumped Up Extras
Some movers may end up charging you extra fees. In the most common circumstances, they will tell you that the extra fee is due to weight overages. Since you have no way to verify this, you’re forced to pay the extra money. Other reasons they may tack on fees is by saying they had to use their own packaging supplies, because your items weren’t properly packed. They may also claim you weren’t packed and ready at the scheduled time.
Delivery Problems
While this may not be an intentional scam, it can still pose a huge problem for you. The mover may call and tell you that your delivery will be late, because your items are blocked in by another customer’s furnishings. You will have to wait for that client to be unloaded, before you can receive your items.
There may also be a problem, if the mover isn’t properly registered with the Department of Transportation. If they get cited, the truck will likely be impounded…along with everything you own.

Protecting Yourself From Scams

First in the process is to find a good, reputable moving company. You can ask friends and co-workers about moving companies they have used and you may also want to ask your real estate agent for recommendations. Eventually, you should narrow your picks down to two or three moving companies.
At this point, go to each mover’s location to verify they are what they claim. A legitimate moving company will have a business location. After you feel satisfied that your selected movers operate a legitimate business, invite each company to your home to conduct an on-site estimate. This will help ensure accuracy and it will help you weed out potential scams.
Once you have selected your movers, resist any request for a deposit. Movers requesting a deposit are likely trying to rip you off. Similarly, avoid paying in cash. By paying with a card or check, you can establish proof of the transaction. If something does go awry, you may need this to pursue legal action.
Make sure the moving company has branded and registered trucks. Ask to see up to date registration certificates.
Be sure to read your contract carefully. It should fully list everything to be moved and should be completely filled out. If you see blank spaces or if it’s not two pages or longer, you shouldn’t sign it.
Finally, request additional insurance coverage in case of an accident or damages to your property. You should also request a copy of the company’s claims policy in writing. If the movers do damage your property, you will need this to make sure you’re compensated appropriately.

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Avoiding Illegal Movers: Truths About Dishonest Moving Companies

We have all heard it, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” Still, we cannot help it when someone presents us with an offer that seems like the deal of the century. It is like hitting the lottery without having to purchase a ticket. The problem is that someone else won the lottery by preying on our naïve or greed intentions.

There are too many dishonest movers in the industry that preys on people who do not know any better. These unethical companies often lure their customers with websites that look legitimate. Potential customers contact them and receive quotes that beat out the competition. Thinking that they have gotten a bargain, they schedule an appointment. When the representative from the moving company shows up at the customer’s home, they load up their furniture and leave. Unfortunately, that is often the last time the customer will ever see their property.

You can protect yourself from this type of unscrupulous activity. Before committing to conducting business with any company, do some research to find out everything you can about the company and their reputation. To help you determine whether a moving company is legitimate here is some information to be aware of about dishonest moving companies.

1: They do not have a business license.

The government has no information on unlicensed companies. Therefore, the government does not monitor them, nor do these companies follow any governmental regulations. Since there is no regulatory oversight, there is little recourse for the customer who hires them.

2: Extremely low prices.

Operating a moving company is expensive. Moving companies must pay for skilled drivers, trucking and fuel expenses, warehouse and storage fees, and taxes. These companies charge the rates that they charge because of the cost of operating a business. If they set their prices too low, it will be impossible for them to remain in business. Therefore, if this one company beat the competition by hundreds of dollars, it should be cause for concern. Companies that outbid their closest competitors by unrealistic margins are not more business savvy. They are most likely thieves.

3: They are uninsured.

Inquire about the company’s insurance options. An unscrupulous moving company may present a flimsy certificate of insurance. Check with the supposed insurance provider to get more information on the coverage. If your property becomes damaged during transit, you will need to be able to file a claim.

4: There is no physical address.

A moving company without a verifiable physical address is not a legitimate moving company. Illegitimate moving companies that don’t maintain a physical address can quickly close their website, disconnect the phone, and leave town. Think about all the equipment, trucks, and shipping supplies that it takes to operate a moving company. If you locate the company in cyberspace, but can’t find a physical location, they probably don’t exist.

Another thing to consider is whether the moving company belongs to any industry organizations, such as the American Moving & Storage Association, it is probably not legitimate. The American Moving & Storage Association requires moving companies to be licensed, have a good reputation, and maintain high standards.

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Improving And Simplifying Storage Techniques

Are you overwhelmed trying to keep your entire home better organized? Are you also struggling to find storage solutions to streamline the messiest spots?

If so, here are some decluttering tips and ideas for organizing kitchens, closets and other rooms in your home.

By fastening little jewelry boxes together you will be able to craft divided storage
partitions for lipsticks, fragrances or any messes in the drawer.

Another plan for jewelry would be to hang necklaces and bracelets on a coat rack mounted to the wall. Jewelry can be hung from corkboard and straight pins as an alternative. And to keep handbags and purses better organized, shower curtain hooks could be draped across a closet bar.

A desk organizer might be just the right method to sorting cookie sheets, cutting boards or kitchen pans or it could also be used to hold bathroom essentials, such as cotton swabs or combs and brushes.

Another trick, which involves the use of glass jars underneath a shelf or table, works in the garage, the basement or possibly a home office. Simply nail the lids of the jars to the outside part of the surface and twist the jars into place. You can add nails, wood screws or post its.

Clear-topped spice containers can also be utilized to hold office supplies such as rubber bands, paper clips and more.

The use of velcro tape can hold on to electronic cords after a small hook has been added to keep bundled wires out of sight. An alternative would be to attach adhesive file-folder labels with the tag of the cords devices, such as TV or DVD.

Another tip would be filling empty tissue boxes or a cardboard paper towel tube with plastic grocery bags and store them under the sink to remove them when you need a bag.

Place a tension rod to keep pot lids from clattering in kitchen drawers. And place napkin sets and mats in large zipper-sealed plastic bags.

By making the most of a paper towel holder, gift wrapping can be trouble-free. Simply slide spools on to the post stacking them from largest to smallest.

For children’s art supplies and coloring books, a dish drying rack may just be the answer. Load up the books, similar to loading plates while storing crayons and markers in the utensil holder.

A unique way to store wrapping paper or gift bags would be to clip individual sheets to a pants or skirt hanger. A shoe organizer is an excellent place to put away scissors, tape and gift tags.

A pegboard, with various sized holes, can be quite the place to keep sports equipment such as helmets, gloves, balls and more.

And clear plastic boxes or containers provide a great place for packaging supplies, storage and combining children’s crayons, glue sticks and more.

Filling votive-candle holders with small items such as paper clips or bobby pins gives them a useful function or filling them with toothpicks and serving them with appetizers gives them an alternative function.

What’s more, using colored bins for each member of the family is a great organizational idea. For example, the purple bin or basket can hold mail or keys so they are easy to take hold of.

While it may seem there is always more organizing to be done, these tips should let you know storage just got easier.

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Moving Your Beloved Fish to Your New Home

Moving to a new home can be an exciting time in your life. From picking the perfect size home, the location and any modifications that you may want or need to putting the final signature on your new abode can be mind boggling. Next comes the sorting, the packing and the preparation for the actual move. But what about your pet fish?

There are some very careful steps that should be taken in transporting your pet fish from your current destination to your new home. These include for the actual fish themselves as well as their own home, the tank. Moving for fish can be quite stressful as their aquarium is not just their home but their entire world. By following the list below this will help you with making the transition as smooth as possible for your aquatic friends.

1. Be prepared. Having the necessary supplies for your fish to move is essential. Clean leak proof 5-gallon buckets with lids that you can poke holes in for ventilation are specifically needed for moving the fish. You will also need a water siphon and a fishing net to catch the fish. Shipping supplies such as bubble wrap, packing paper and packing tape will help with the securing of their tank. Do not feed your fish for 24 hours prior to the move, as this will help keep the water in the buckets clean while in transport.

2. Use the siphon to drain water directly from the first tank into a few of the 5-gallon buckets filling them approximately two-thirds full. By only filling them up two-thirds of the way this will help avoid any spill disasters along the way.

3. Count the number of fish that are in your tank. Very carefully gently catch each fish one by one with the fishing net, transferring them from the net to one of the buckets of water. Depending on the the number of fish that you have more than one bucket may be need for this. Use your best judgement, as you don’t want your fish to be overcrowded during the move. After you have transferred all of the fish from the tank to the buckets count them again to make sure that you have the same number of fish that you had when they were in the tank. Put the lids on top of the buckets securely, making sure there are holes in the top of the lids so that the fish can still breathe.

4. Take out all decorations and accessories such as heaters, filters, rocks and plants and dry them off. Wrap these items in bubble wrap and packing paper and pack in a box.

5. Now it’s time to drain the water that is left in the aquarium. As soon as it is empty, wipe the inside down with towels to dry it as much as possible. Wrap the outside with bubble wrap, the air filled protective material with tape, then wrap again with thick moving blankets. It’s always a good idea if possible for two people to move a fish tank. Make sure that the tank remains flat while being transported.

6. Once you have arrived to your new destination it is best for your fish if they are the very first thing to be unpacked. Set up the aquarium first, then move your fish back to their home.

Happy moving!

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Cardboard Box Creations Anywhere, Anytime

The trend these days is to use what you have and find smart ways to find use for things we use to throw away. Cardboard boxes are a big throw away item, yet they are used frequently in many ways. Whether it’s the big cages filled with them at your local box store, or the products delivered to most companies and homes. Cardboard is plentiful.

Just in your home alone there are undoubtably cardboard boxes around, unless you’ve already sent them to be recycled. There are ways to use those boxes in your home to help organize. With a little craftiness and some simple packaging supplies it will amaze you how these simple ideas won’t need to be hid in the storage area of your home.

Organizination is a big business and some of those cute totes and boxes for your things can actually be quite pricey. Before dropping old clothes to the Goodwill you can actually use some of those great patterns as a cool way of covering your cardboard boxes. Some cutting and sewing will create some really stylish boxes for storing towels, books, or whatever else needs a home.

Now if you’ve ever gone to the craft store and not visited the scrapbook isles your missing out. There are so many different scrapbook papers available that will mock wood grains, designer fabrics, newsprints, and so so much more. All of these papers can be used with a little mod lodge, a superb glue you paint on to stick and over to seal. A little acrylic sealer and you can have any design you want. This is a great option for a room that follows a specific pallet of colors.

While in the craft store you should take a look at getting some black cardstock and a white paint marker. Both of these are great for making fun chalkboard like tags that you could adhere to the front. The options are endless and it’s a lot more fun that just picking out storage at a store and way more personalized.

That good old craft store or your local hardware store will be your best friend while your upcycling your cardboard boxes. If your looking to paint the boxes a good spray paint and a couple coats will give you great coverage. This is a much quicker way than painting with a paint brush. There are also paints that mimic different textures. It’s referred to as faux painting and can be very cool.

Adding handles or hanging ties can allow your creations to hang from walls or just make them easier to pick up. Old belts can be cut up and used for sturdy handles. Just a few binding post screws will hold the handles in place. This will come in handy when it’s something that you move from place to place or that you want to pick up. Children will be able to walk around and pick up their toys easily.

Whatever the box and whatever your making get your boxes and some packaging supplies to help you shape your creation. Then go to town and make it fun. Come up with your own new way or add your personal touch.

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Foam Packages: Why They Work

People who work in glassware often have to send out packages. They often have to find high-quality packaging choices, too. Foam packaging can often be terrific for professionals who are part of the glassware field. Foam packages, first and foremost, look fantastic. They also protect items from significant destruction and harm. Those things are just examples. Foam packages can be great for glassware professionals for an abundance of reasons.

These packages are eco-friendly and as a result won’t wreak havoc onto the environment. You can use these packages repeatedly. You can discard of these packages without much effort, too. Doing so won’t hurt the precious ecosystem. These packages don’t give off pollutants during manufacturing. That’s one of the reasons so many people are turning to them these days.

Foam packages are hassle-free. Dealing with them doesn’t require any planning or prior training. Basically anyone can manage them. Handling foam packages is never overwhelming or perplexing.

Packages of this type are associated with outstanding cushioning. This is extremely important. If you regularly pack products that are particularly weak, foam packaging can make you feel a lot more peace of mind and ease. They can be particularly suitable for jewelry, glass and anything that’s not especially sturdy and tough. If you use foam packages, you don’t have to lose sleep at night wondering how your items are handling transit.

Costs are always major considerations for people who handle shipping duties. If you rely on foam packages, you don’t have to think much about expenses. That’s because foam packaging is great on the budget. It makes a fine economical choice for professionals who take on many shipping responsibilities day in and day out. People recycle these packages all of the time. They use them repeatedly all of the time, too. Those things both contribute to their affordability. Foam package manufacturing and upkeep do not cost a lot of money. Foam is also a notably lightweight material. Shipping it, as a result, tends to be pretty budget-friendly. If you’re interested in the combination of affordability and superior product defense, then you need to explore foam packaging as a shipping choice right now.

Foam packaging can be optimal for all varieties of shipping applications. It’s suitable for items big, small and in the middle. It’s suitable for items that cover all kinds of shape categories as well. Foam packaging is even a good match for items of many weights. Foam packages can help products that are rather heavy and bulky. It can help products that are the total opposite. It’s equipped with molds that have the ability to tend to many products.

If you’re searching for shipping supplies that can accommodate your requests wonderfully, you should focus on foam packages without a minute of delay. Foam packages are commonly seen in many industries at the moment. People are picking up on the value they offer. It isn’t a piece of cake to find materials that can help defend your items well in times of shipping. Shipping can be quite an unpredictable thing. Workers can accidentally drop boxes on the ground. Things shake and shift when they’re in vehicles and on planes. If you’re looking to provide your items with the highest degree of defense possible, then foam packaging may be the answer. It’s a trusted packaging choice for many.

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