Best Packaging Supplies

Best Packaging Supplies with quality products make for an incredible parcel, and mail arrives safely in such bundles every day. Companies spend millions of dollars a year on prime packaging in which to place products and to attract buyers who see their goods in stores. More times than not, the packaging can be recycled or used with DIY projects one may want to try out.

In addition, used in primary and secondary packaging for companies, fiberboard and paperboard together are far thicker and more indestructible than a regular paper material. Paperboard can be found as cereal boxes, candy boxes, juice cartons, milk cartons, frozen food boxes and more. The thinner paper ends up as butcher paper, paper bags, labels, stamps, kraft paper and more.

In any case, fiberboard of fluted fiberboard has been tried in the birth of corrugated boxes, and it gives up better protection than paper. Fluted fiberboard has been the choice for secondary packaging more than 95 percent of the time. It is estimated that at least ten percent of retail expense is in packaging costs. There are an array of wonderous containers and delightful packaging materials in which to place a company’s exquisite products.

What is more, both polyethylene terephthalate and high-density polyethylene are far better plastics than any other. They have superior resistance to moisture and lend a tough, protective construction. HDPE and PET are mostly used as jugs and bottles, but milk cartons are also made from them since they are harder and made heavier than a PET material.

Truly tough material excellent for packing primary and secondary merchandise is that of low-density and linear low-density polyethylene. In every nation under the sun, this remarkable substance is made good use of.

Packing materials of linear and low – density polyethylenes are used for primary and secondary products all over the globe. This packaging allows one to toss it without the container coming apart. It is a soft material that makes punctures nonexistent. Indeed, polyethylene is made into a variety of useful products, such as flexible tubing for packing.

Furthermore, LDPE is manufactured into films, assortments of bags and flexible tubing for packing. These can be used to pack foods, auto parts, animal treats, Low-density tools or any number of things, they are called poly bags and tubing, and they come in different sizes. Low-density polyethylene is made into shrink bundling film to use for cases of can foods and water in bottles. LLDPE is slimmer than the LDPE, and it can be found on or around platforms of packaged merchandise.

All that having been said, aluminum is the most commonly produced packaging. It is used in beverages, makeup, hospitals, foods, cans and such. Even though about 700 billion foil containers and cans are made in a year, aluminum ends up in other areas where protection is best for the products. Moreover, glass is still used for alcohol and nonalcohol containers, foods, personal care and glass can be found as more of a container than any packaging supplies.

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14 Tips for Shipping Perishable Foods

Most people often ship or mail a variety of items without any problems. Shipping perishable food, however, can be much more difficult. The following tips provide information for shipping supplies that contain perishable food.

1. Pick a Quick Shipping Option
Next day air service is the quickest shipping option for perishable food items. Ground service may be more economical but it just isn’t as fast as next day air service.

2. Keep Recipients Informed
Let the individual receiving the package know when it is expected to arrive. This ensures that they can get the food into the appropriate storage as soon as possible.

3. Choose the Best Time to Ship
It’s recommended to ship food items at the beginning of the week. If they’re shipped near the end of the week they may end up sitting in a warehouse over the weekend before being delivered.

4. Use a Strong Box
Choose a thick box that is relatively new. It’s important to remember that boxes can weaken if they’ve been used several times.

5. Wrap Foods Securely
This means using plastic or foil wrapping to keep food items secure. Never put food in boxes or any other type of packaging that isn’t securely wrapped.

6. Pack Items Tightly
Pack all food items securely by stacking them or putting them in a tin. Wax paper should be used between baked goods.

7. Secure Bottles and Jars
It’s recommended to provide 2 inches of thick cushioning around glass and other fragile items. Make sure all bottles and jars are completely sealed.

8. Don’t Pack with Newspaper
Newspaper is too thin to provide adequate cushioning. It’s better to wrap food in some type of foam or bubble wrap.

9. Be Careful with Duct Tape
While duct tape has many uses, it’s not always the best choice for sealing packages. It can loosen in cold weather and even melt when it’s hot.

10. Avoid Brown Paper Packages
Brown paper can easily tear and string can get caught up in sorting belts. It’s best to avoid these types of packaging.

11. Insulate Cold Items
Use foam to insulate cold food items. Either put cold items in a cooler or use planks made of polystyrene to make a “cooler” inside of a box.

12. Use Gel Packs or Dry Ice
Use plastic wrap or cardboard to separate the dry ice and gel packs from any food items. Dry ice will work longer but can have safety risks.

13. Dry Ice is Hazardous
When shipping supplies such as food it’s important to remember that dry ice is considered a hazardous material. Wear goggles and gloves when handling ice to prevent burning the skin. Don’t wrap dry ice since it could explode. It’s important to place the food into a plastic bag that is sealed. Then put the sealed bag on top of the dry ice in the box.

14. Check with the Company Before Shipping
Check with the shipping company being used before shipping perishables, fragile items, international shipments, or anything that is potentially hazardous.

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How to Ship Delight-Provoking Packages

When shipping items, you want to ensure that your package invokes a great feeling when received by the recipient; however, in order to do so, they must be packaged properly. And while this may seem simple to do, there are a few set rules or guidelines that must be followed when shipping your items in order to guarantee a pleasant arrival.

Select the Right Package

Presentation is key when it comes to creating an appreciable out-of-box experience for the receiver. Therefore, begin by selecting a presentable package for your items.

Secondly, when shipping packages, rather via shipping boxes or envelope, it is important to ensure they have enough breathing room in order to withstand the vigor of being hauled and delivered. Therefore, select a package that provides adequate space in addition to an appropriate filler to cushion the item and fill the void.

Select a Filler

Packing Paper

Packing paper is the simplest yet sufficient way to secure lighter items and provides a far more attractive choice than newspaper. It is also reusable. Just be sure when selecting a paper that it is sturdy enough to withstand vigorous handling, so that it won’t compress during the shipping process.

To cushion your package, simply crinkle a sheet of paper and then place it into the package to fill the space.

Bubble Roll

Bubble roll provides superior cushion protection, and it is light, easy, and reusable.
It also features user-specific features, such as anti-static and self-cling properties, and more.

However, since bubble roll does not conform to shapes, it can permit items to move around during shipping. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to tape around the item in order to create a more snug-fitting package. It is also important to note that once the bubbles erupt, it no longer provides sufficient padding for the package.


Peanuts, or popcorn, are a light cushion product that provides yet another sufficient way to fill voids in your package. However, this material can be a bit messy and have high static electricity. They are also sometimes challenging to reuse, store, and dispose of.

Packing Items That Require a Greater Level of Protection

Heavy Items

Heavy items, such as books, furniture, and some art can move around during shipping, so securing them is important to preventing injury to the item or the handler.

When packing heavier items, fill the space to the top to prevent mobility, and use stretch wrap and cover-up sheets to safeguard furniture from marks. Furthermore, investing in more costly heavy-duty shipping boxes and packing tape will help make sure the bottom remains in place.


When packing delicate items, it is important to include an added layer of protection, such as bubble roll or popcorn to fill the space. You should also place a fragile sticker on the outside of the package to help ensure it remains damage-free.

When packing more than one item, secure them separately and then hold them together using stretch wrap so they’re not lost in the fill.


Using a mailing tube, cardboard envelope, or padded envelope to mail your legal documents helps ensure they remain crisp and damage-free while in transit. You may also consider purchasing insurance for high-value documents.

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Plan Your Move So Your Personal Belongings and Treasures Will Move Safely

If you are planning a move, large or small, near or far, PLAN YOUR MOVE. The safety of your belongings is all in the planning and care you provide.

The idea of planning your move is organization. Only pack items you want to keep and need for your new residence.

Things to consider:

  • Rule of Thumb – Smaller boxes are good for heavier items such as books and magazines, dishes, utensils, and glassware. Books should be packed in small boxes because of the weight books create.
  • Lighter items can be stored in larger boxes.
  • Towels and blankets are terrific for protecting lamps, lining boxes that will contain breakables such as dishes, crystal, and other fragile articles after properly bubble wrapping individual items.
  • Weighted items should be packed at the bottom of a box for weight support. Don’t make a box top heavy, so that it tips over during the move crushing other boxes.
  • Secure bottom of each box with tape before you begin to pack items in it.
  • Properly mark the box for ROOM, CONTENT, and COLOR CODING, if organizing by room.
  • Try not to leave empty areas in the box. Items tend to move around when too much room is left vacant in a box.
  • Seal each box with tape to secure the contents. Wrap tape around the box for added protection, ensuring the shape of the box and protecting it from stress damage during the move.
  • Color Code the boxes by room using colored sticky dots colored felt tip pens, etc. i.e. Blue – Bedroom 1, Gray – Bedroom 2, Pink – Bathroom, Yellow – Kitchen, Purple – Living Room, White – Linen Closet, and so forth.
  • On a cross-country move, I once created an Excel spreadsheet by room, by box number. It was easy to find any item we needed when we arrived at our new home. The movers had placed the color coded boxes in the appropriate area, and I had printed the spreadsheets out by room and box number. That was my easiest move ever.
  • Organized moves are key to a successful hassle-free move and ease of unpacking your belongings and treasures.
  • Secure your containers with adequate tape to protect them from damage. Not only sealing the boxes with tape, but wrapping tape around the box to ensure the shape of the box is maintained and avoid breakdown of a box from the weight of other containers.

Planning a long distance move? Additional care needs to be considered. Although breakables must be wrapped and protected for any move distance, cross country moves require further attention and consideration.

Purchasing Cheap Moving Boxes and Materials:

  • Cheap Moving Boxes ensure the boxes and wrapping materials you buy to protect your breakables are made of quality material. The quality of box must support other boxes placed on top and around the container while traveling in a truck or vehicle.
  • The protective wrapping you choose to wrap breakables should not a thin exterior covering. Not everyone handling your move will care as much as you do about your belongings, and accidents do happen.
  • Ordering your packaging materials online can save a considerable amount of money. Look for quantity purchases and remember more tape is always advisable rather than not enough tape.

If you cherish your personal belongings, take extra care in planning and successfully packing your items. You’ll enjoy the beauty of your items if take a few extra minutes to organize for the future and safety of your belongings.

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Because Packaging Matters: How to Do Marketing through a Proper Packaging

When you build a business around selling your product, you might want to branch out to other parts and regions of your country or other countries as well, which will then require a lot of thought on how to package your products successfully.

Although you want to put the customer’s opinion in the first place, you have to account for the cost of the package, the time it takes for the process and the material you’ll be using as well, not to mention that you have to fill the box with stuff to prevent any damage to the product.

In that case, save some time to think about the following items:

First, you have to consider that the packaging is part of the advertisement. Investing in a package that sells the image of your brand is important because it is the first impression of new clients who order a product from your business.

With that said, fill your Packaging Supplies with the face of your brand and the colors that you want it to have. Try not to cut expenses when designing the package, and be smart about it. When you think of the most successful businesses that ship their products, you can safely state that their packaging shows the image of their brand and make a distinct appearance, standing out from the rest of the companies.

If you’re on a budget, consider changing the material and making tests before you make the final decision on how the packaging will be done. Sometimes, you can’t have all the good stuff from the beginning of your startup. While it is important to stick to a potent advertisement, you have to make sure that you won’t bankrupt yourself by being greedier than what you can afford. If on a budget, make smart decisions to cut expenses.

A good tip for businesses on a budget: Ordering Packaging Supplies in a big number is much better than ordering single packages from time to time. On the long run, this will save a lot of money from the packaging process, which can be used to improve the service or something inside your startup. Ordering the packages in bulk will eventually save a lot of hassle.

Another important thing: Make sure there is a variety of boxes and package sizes if you are selling different products of various shapes and forms. This sounds self-explanatory, but it is important to stress that, if you don’t account for this detail, it can end up hindering the entire process later on.

After you’ve designed the entire package, make a few tests. This is the only step where you should order a single box or even a few samples to see if they have a nice appeal, sell the company’s image and can take the stress of being transported around. While testing, make sure that you analyze all of the traits that you consider important for your company; because after you order a lot of these packs, it is a bullet in the wallet if you decide that this is not the right package for the business. Test it.

While it is true that packaging is a crucial marketing tool, it also has to be practical. Keep in mind that your clients want to receive their product in good shape, and that the package, for them, serves to make their order arrive safely at their doorstep.

Now that you are ready, go make the design of the Packaging Supplies of your startup. The possibilities are endless!

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Moving with Kids

If you’ve got kids and are planning to move, there are some considerations that you should make in order to streamline that process and not have to deal with any unforeseen headaches. However, with the proper planning and organisational skills, moving with kids can be a lot less difficult than the Herculean task it might seem – and at the end of the day your kids might actually be more help than hindrance when it comes to moving. As such, here are a few tips on moving when you have kids, so that things can go smoothly and you can avoid a chaotic mess.

Ask them to help
Moving is hard enough as it is, and when you have kids sometimes it can become even more difficult. It’s really obnoxious when they’re just standing there in the way and not doing anything while you’re busy packing things and lugging around boxes of stuff – so the best solution to this is asking them to join in and give you a hand so that everything goes smoothly. After all, the more hands the better.

Give your kids something to do
While related to the first point, you should really delegate tasks for your kids to complete when you’re moving rather than just encouraging them to help and expecting them to figure out on their own what they ought to be doing to give you a hand. So if you want things to go smoothly, it’s really important to tell your kids what to do so that they can actually be helpful – and the good news is that oftentimes kids are very much eager to do something useful if only you give them clear instructions.

Be prepared in advance
It should go without saying that you should be ready for moving day well in advance of when you’re actually planning to move. Being prepared means things like obtaining cheap moving boxes and planning exactly how you’re going to get everything to your new home while still giving yourself enough time to go through everything and get it packed up or sent off to charity. It’s really important when you’re moving to make sure that you’ll be properly prepared, and even if you don’t have kids it’s still an important step. But assuming that you do have a child or several around the house, it’s all the more important to make sure that you’re well prepared in order to have everything go smoothly.

Be clear with your communication
It’s true that raising kids requires clear communication, and when you’re actually moving with them it’s just as important as it would be otherwise. However, aside from when you’re actually dealing with your kids in the move, it’s important to communicate to you’re friends and relatives who are helping out. The last thing you want is your kid throwing a tantrum because the box of toys to be kept was the one they hauled off to the Salvation Army.

Make the most of your time when the kids aren’t around
If you’re moving, it can be a blessing when your kids are asleep or off to school because then they won’t get in the way when you’ve got your cheap moving boxes and are sorting through which toys to keep and which to donate. So make the most of this time.

Moving is totally draining
It’s really important to consider how much time and effort you’ll need to put into moving if you want your move to be a successful one. It’s one of the most stressful things that you can do, so keep this in mind both for your own sake as well as for your kids – the process is totally draining, and while you’ll eventually acclimatise to your new surroundings that doesn’t make it any easier.

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Making goods feel comfortable

Shipping goods have become a huge industry in the last decade and there are more than ever different options for the consumer. Whether it is truck, air or rail shipping if fragile goods are being shipped it will need packaging supplies. Over the years there have been several options. Nowadays there is an alternative that makes sense for several reasons and it is called foam packaging. Foam, in its raw form, is a widely-used substance. From car seats to the living room sofa, foam is present in our daily lives. Therefore, it is not only humans that find foam comfortable, but objects also. The following is a list of reasons why foam packaging is the best option for shipping.

Foam packaging is re-usable. Yes, foam packaging can be used again and again, automatically making it one of the most environmentally friendly shipping products. Not only that, the way this product is manufactured is not toxic for the atmosphere. Alternative packaging materials such as Styrofoam is not only highly toxic to use but to manufacture also.

The next reason why foam packaging is a good product is simplicity and ease of use. Anyone can learn how to use it properly. This product is also highly malleable, which is what makes it so versatile. This means it can take whatever form to suit the shape of the goods being shipped! In fact, this is perhaps one of the first, inexpensive products capable of doing so. No longer do people have to worry about broken padding and broken contents.
All things that get shipped obviously do not have the same weight. This means that packaging supplies cannot have the same thickness or density. Objects that are heavier and have sharp edges need packaging that can handle them. Again, this is where foam packaging makes the most sense. Foam can be made to different densities and thickness. This is very important to consider and can mean the difference between having broken or intact goods in the mail.
Foam density is measured by the weight it can handle. Therefore, a high-density foam can handle 1.8 lbs per cubic foot. This type of foam would be ideal for sharp and objects that are on the heavy side. There is foam packaging material capable of 8lbs per cubic foot! However, these are more used for very heavy objects.
If goods that are sensitive to humidity is being shipped, ask for hydrophobic foam. It is not waterproof, but it will do an excellent job of keeping humid air from ruining whatever it is being shipped. Paintings and similar artwork would be an example of products that would find hydrophobic foam useful.
Foam has incredible compression capability. This means it takes only very little space for it to be stored. This kind of capability is called liquid volume, and it can be measured. Foam can expand as much as 270 times its liquid volume. Put simply, one cubic foot of compressed foam, will expand to 270 cubic ft!
From all of this, it is very clear that foam is the one stop solution for all packaging supplies. The sheer versatility,low expense, and ease of use are unbeatable.

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Why Do You Need Shipping Supplies For Your Business?

Shipping supplies you use for your business will help you pack up every purchase your customers have made. They buy from your company because they trust your brand, and you will find it quite simple to send out each shipment when you are selling. You may build your own shipments, and you will be ready for the shipping company when they arrive. The shipments you create will be quite safe once you have used the proper shipping supplies, and you will learn quickly that there is a safe way to manage each shipment.

#1: Choosing Boxes

You must choose boxes that will suit the items you are shipping. The items must fit in the box perfectly, and the items must be easy to wrap with plastic or a bubble wrap. You may wrap your items with the bubble wrap, or you may line the box with bubble wrap. You may make your choice at any time, and you may choose boxes that will fit everything you sell.

Shipping Supplies

#2: Choosing Tape

You may choose tape that comes with its own dispenser, and you will notice how simple it is to use a tape dispenser when you are shopping for supplies. The dispenser will help speed up the process of packing each box, and you will feel much better about using tape because it may be applied in seconds. The tape you use must be heavy duty, and it must be chosen for freight shipping.

#3: Folding Boxes

You must choose boxes that are easy to fold, and you will find that boxes are easier to fold when they have been made for freight shipments. Boxes that are designed for heavy items are made from a stronger cardboard, and you may select a box that has a location for the label and a manifest.

#4: Creating Shipments For The Shipping Company

The shipments you have created for the shipping company will be picked up on their schedule, and you must secure the boxes before you give them to your freight shipper, and they may recommend supplies that you will use. Ask them to show you how to pack each shipment, and you will saver quite a lot of money when you are shipping your items. Someone who is searching for a better way to ship their items to customers will find that there is a supply to meet every need.

#5: The Design

The design of each box will benefit certain shipments depending on what you plan to do. There are many different people who are building their own shipments with the wrong boxes, and the may be using the wrong style of tape. Ensure that you have chosen the proper items to use in each shipment, and you will learn quickly how easy it is to create better shipments using the products you have found.

The shipments you are sending out from your business will help you ensure their safety, and you may find a freight shipping company that will help you ship each box. They will pick up your boxes when the time is right, and they will explain how you may build the shipments you want. There are many different people who are searching for a better way to ship their items, and you must find a supply house that will help you.

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Preparing For Moving Day

Moving to a new home across the country or in the same neighborhood can be challenging and stressful. You never know where to start or how to start. I t just seems like a big chaotic mess. With the proper packaging supplies it doesn’t have to be chaotic, stressful, or challenging. The basic supplies that you will need are: a clipboard, packing labels, packing paper, bubble wrap, and moving plastic wrap.

Lets start with the packing labels, these are going to help organize the boxes. When it is time to move you will know what is in the boxes/container and where they go when it gets to its new destination. Put a label on the box and write on the label what section of the house it goes in and what is in it. That way all you have to do is put the container in the right section of the new house.

The clipboard is also an efficient supply to have. They packing labels that you put on you boxes are now going to be recorded on the clipboard. The list will have the same thing as the labels on the boxes have, what is in the box, and what part of the house it goes in, this way when everything gets in your new place you will know what is missing or if it has been moved to a different part of the new house. The clipboard is also going to hold other documents that are part of the move.

Packing paper is a total necessity to have. This material is going to be used as a pillow and a wrap. Think of it as wrapping presents. Individually wrap your plates and saucers. Glasses, cups, and bowls stuff them and then individually wrap. Stuff all the holes and cracks of the container once it is filled, so the dishes are not sliding into one another and break.
Bubble wrap is another amazing packing supply that is a must to have. Bubble wrap is used for other delicates and breakables. Some these items for example are: knickknacks, trophies, the family china, things that can break or be damaged when moving. The bubble part of the bubble wrap serves as a cushion. Just like the dishes individually wrap your items. If you want you can also choose to stuff the cracks and holes with the packing paper. For bigger items such as lamps and floor mirrors double wrap it, for precautionary measures of not getting broke during the move.
The last item on the list is the moving plastic wrap. This very thick plastic that is going to go around your furniture. The plastic is going to protect your furniture from the weather, dirt, and debris. You can also use the plastic wrap, to wrap around the legs of your furniture to protect them from damage.
The packaging supplies are going to aid and simplify your move. So if you plan on moving remember these five packaging supplies to make the move less stressful. Also the bubble wrap after you have moved is good to keep the kids entertained or just to pop for yourself.

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Five Promotional Box Design Tips for Your Product

When creating a custom made box design for your product, you need to think like a consumer. You also need the design to be eye-catching to the consumer. We realize making a design decision can be difficult. So, we would like to offer you five great tips to help you with your design.

1) Don’t rush your decision take your time.

It never is good to create anything quickly and without thought. In fact, by doing so, you may even make your design look unprofessionally or unattractive to the consumer. Instead, our advice to you is to take the time to think things through thoroughly until you have defined your product design in detail. Taking your time can only be applied when the company the design is for allows adequate time to do so.

2) Less is more

If you place too much on your box design, it may take away from the actual statement that you are trying to present to the consumer. Remember, the goal is to stand out on the shelf, so there is no need for the extra content. In fact, the majority of box designs that thrive only have simple layout designs. The best way to get a statement or point across is by using the unspoken words. In other words, keep graphics and pictures to a bare minimum. However, we are not implying that your design should be uninviting.

3) Be sure that your box design is balanced.

When creating a design for your box keep pictures dominant, use good color contrast, and text to make your point stand out. Ask someone to look at your design; they may have a few more ideas that will enhance your design even better. Remember, there insight and view of your design will be different than yours, but we urge you to take their ideas to heart and try them.

4) The box size matters

Always keep the product’s design in mind as well as the shipping supplies when choosing the size of your box. If you’re creating a box for many different products for the same company, you will want to be sure that each product can fit adequately in the box. For instance, if the product requires a tight fit, so it doesn’t break, choose a box that will be snug enough to protect the product. It is recommended to leave approximately 1/16″ around your shipping supplies.

5) The thickness of the box matters

You not only should have the right size of a box but you also should take into account of the depth of the box design. Keep in mind, when transporting shipping supplies, it is possible that the shipping well-designed box could shift not only causing damage to the box as well as the product. With that said, if the box is not made thick and strong enough to handle the shipping process, the product could become broken. Naturally, a consumer doesn’t wish to receive damaged products due to the box not being thick and secure enough.

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