Softening the Blow of Corrugated Box Price increases

When you’re putting together the budget that you have annually, a lot of companies will account, and further plan for increases in the costs of packaging. Even when you’re planning responsibly though, there is sometimes extra pressure that goes with this.

So how can you soften this? Well, here are a few ways to do so.

Make the Shipping Box Sizes Correct 

You want to make sure that you’re moving to custom boxes, rather than the same old boxes. This is because many customers already assume that you’re going to make it like this. You might think that they’re pricey, but the thing is, they do fit into budgets and the like, and it reduces the costs. And of course, you can actually save a lot of money, especially if you’re using more than just one pallet every month or so.

Increase the Order Volume 

This is something that you’ll also want to look at. The quantity will help you save on the costs of such. The box runs usually have a machine cost setup and of course, this is based on each run. Through increasing this box size, you’ll be able to boost the boxes and also, this does keep the costs a whole lot lower, especially in the long haul.

Corrugated materials do need to be purchased based on the square footage. So the higher that is, the lower the price of the materials will be.

Make the Materials Efficient 

For those of us who are using way too much product or even materials, you can talk to a designer to help with this. They can change the style, reducing the costs based on the pack out and assembly, and it’s something that does reduce the overall costs over time.

Being more efficient is definitely one that offers a material efficiency that you can uphold too.

Consolidate the SKUS 

Another thing that you can do as well, is to consolidate any SKUs that are just there on their own. Putting all of these into one singular box means that you’re using less stock, and of course, you have more control over the inventory of this.

Change the Board Grade 

This is something that you also will want to look at too.

Changing this to different combinations will offer you the best options for these applications, and there are a lot of substitutions that will save you some money, while offering protection, and a good, ample sort of performance.

The increases of this can be challenging, that they offer an improvement in your overall methods of packaging, creating positive and better sorts of outcomes too. The board grade is something that you can change at any time, as you might not need something with a high board grade, but you can get something with a lower grade for much cheaper.

That difference in price does benefit you in the long haul, and you’ll be able to improve the types of packaging that you have, without breaking the bank.

With that said, take some time and assess the boxes that you need, and choose ones that best fit the needs of your brand. Whether they’re heavy duty boxes or even Kraft paperboard boxes, being able to adjust this and change this will help.

With everything going up in price, being able to soften the blow of this, especially during the budgeting periods, will help to improve your overall packaging business, and also, through the use of this, make this even better for you in the long haul, especially when assessing the packaging needs you have.

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