Handling holiday Shipping Issues

Holidays can be great, but the problem with them is the shipping that occurs during this. It’s anxiety-inducing for buyers, especially for those looking to utilize this for their ecommerce business. The revenue is growing more than ever before, especially compared to the in-store and other types of pickup.  How do you fix them? Here, we’ll go over the different issues, and what to do.

Failing to Communicate the Cutoffs 

Maybe you’ve got a holiday promotion that was too good, and you didn’t communicate the proper cutoff date to the respective couriers.  Not everyone has the same type of turn time for this, and if the lead times for tips are longer, you’ve got to cut it off sooner. The solution to this is to do some research. Get informed of what other types of businesses are doing and look at your own cutoff times.  That, of course, means that you communicate when the last day to get something is, before they’re unable to ship it before the holidays.

Communicating tis reduces the disappointment, and offers realistic expectations, and the, you won’t have to worry about disappointing others. 

No clear Shipping 

Another problem that a lot of businesses have, is they don’t communicate the shipping, or there is no policy for shipping. The solution for this is to put together a shipping policy, and there are even generators of this.  they do tell you exactly how long it’ll take, and that of course, protects you from the wrath of holiday shoppers. Having it clear on the website is a good place to start. 

Packaging Issues 

Maybe you’ve got a great shipping policy, and you’ve been able to mitigate the problem of shipping too late, but there may be some issues with the packaging itself. The packaging may get crumpled, and the product gets messed up.

The solution to this is to do a packaging audit. Look to make sure that it can withstand the tussle of holiday shipping. It’s usually much worse than it usually is, so you want to treat this like cargo that’s precious, and you want to make sure that you do more than just label it correctly, but also add inside protection to this.

But of course, you don’t want to go too crazy with this. Treat this like a sustainable item and put it together in a smart manner. 

No shipping options 

Then of course there is the option that says that you have X type of shipping. But the thing is, if you’re struggling to find someone who will get it out, that might not be possible. People want things fast. They may be ordering sweets for a holiday party, or just want their holiday gifts here fast.

What are you supposed to do then? What is the perfect solution for this?  That solution is to leave it to the people who are buying from you. While it might seem smart to work with only the couriers that are cheap, that’s not the case. This is because people want things now, and customers are willing to pay a bit more for a faster package.  They’re willing to front the costs.

There are also 3PLs that can work together to get you the right types of shipping.  If you have the chance to offer faster shipping for a higher price because of the agreement with the 3PL, then offer it. 

Customers can afford the shipping costs, and you’re not paying for it out of pocket.

Holiday shipping is hard, but there are some solutions, and here, we went over a few of the ways to solve them.

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