Cheap Moving Boxes For The World

You know that Coke commercial from the 60s or 70s where it’s a bunch of international hippies standing on a hilltop, each of them holding a Coke (because Coke is universal, apparently), and they are singing this really clever song: “I’d like to buy the world a Coke, and keep it company…”?  If I know that song, than you have to know that song, because I know very little when it comes to catchphrases and popular witticisms and ditties that have taken the world by storm.

But yes, I would like to change that song to make it go like this, “I’d like to buy the world some cheap moving boxes…”  Because a Coke is really great for AFTER you move, and all that, but you aren’t even going to be able to afford it if you have spent as much money on moving supplies as I have heard of some people spending.  The hugest drag about moving isn’t so much stuffing the boxes but purchasing the boxes with which to stuff.  Cheap moving boxes are just a scarcity, and everyone knows it.

Oh, I suppose you can buy cheap moving boxes online in a plentiful quantity, but way too many of us procrastinate to have that as a legitimate option.  And then you’ve gotta pay for shipping.  So are you really saving money if you are paying for shipping?  I suppose you could do the math… How much better would it be, though, if there was this non-profit organization that you could call, or fill out a survey online, and tell them you are moving, and when, and how big your place is, and then they send you a kit of cheap moving boxes.  And I’m talking like cheap cheap.  Not just saving ten percent kind of cheap, but legitimately cheap so that you are actually saving enough money to make this a nonprofit organization.

I suppose the premise would have to be that you re-donate the surviving boxes to the cause so that another soul, even halfway across the world, could benefit from the same services.  And then maybe they would discover an old bill of your that got stuck in a crease and you guys become pen pals, and then best friends, and then you wind up getting married.  I mean, that would be pretty sweet, if you ask me.  And then you would drink Coke together for the rest of your lives.

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