Future Packaging Trends to Watch Out for

There are some unique packaging trends that we should all be watching out for, both in terms of boxes, sustainability, and growth. Here, we’ll look over some of the future packaging trends that we know are coming, and why each of these unique changes matter a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. 

Economic and Demographic Growth 

The first are the economic and demographic trends that are supposed to go over the next decade or so, which is boosted by the markets. Even with the small disruptions and tariffs, it’s continuously rising, so yes, customers are spending a whole lot more on goods that are packaged. 

They will grow in China, India, and the urbanization rate will continue to grow. It translates to greater incomes for spending on these goods, and exposure to modern channels of retail, and aspiration among the middle class in order to engage with some of the global brands. 

With the life expectancy rising in certain developed markets, there is now a greater demand for skincare, healthcare, and pharmaceuticals. There’s’ also a demand for easier opening and packaging adapted to the needs of those that are older. 

There is also a demand for proteins that are made for single-person places, and a convenience such as reseal ability or that it’s recyclable


The concerns over your environmental impact that products have has been a phenomena, and it’s been a growing interest. With some reflection of this in the government and municipal regulatory actions, more customers are becoming conscious of the packaging communications. 

The EU also pioneered this area, and with more of a focus on the plastic waste, and a high-volume, single-use type of packaging that’s recently come under scrutiny, there are now more strategies used to address each of these including substitution towards alternative types of materials, and investment of bio-based types of plastics, and are designed to make them easier to recycle, and improve on these factors. 

With sustainability being a motivator for a lot of consumers, brands are becoming aware of the materials, and the designs that show the commitment towards the environment. 

With over 40% of the food not eaten, minimizing waste is a huge part of this. there are now barrier pouches, and other types of cooking that add to the shelf life,  along with a lot of people using more intelligent sorts of packaging.

Consumer Trends 

There are a lot of people that also are starting to buy more and more, with an increased expenditure, with more demand for corrugated items that will be able to ship through complex channels of distribution. 

A lot of people are getting food, drinks, and medicines on the go, so you want a solution that’s flexible, convenient, and flexible plastics. 

In line with this, especially moving towards single-person types of living, a lot of consumers, especially those that are younger, do become more inclined to go shopping for groceries in a more frequent and smaller quantities manner. This has grown within the convenience store types of retail, and boosts demand for more convenient and smaller types of formats. 

More consumers are also taking matters into their own types of hands, and also engaging in healthier lifestyles so yes, there is a demand for packaged items such as goods, especially foods and beverages that are healthy.

Knowing these demands, and becoming aware of them is important, for it offers you a chance to not only give your customers exactly what they want, but also to prepare the customer for the future, and for the ever-changing trends that come with this as well.

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