All about Peel and Seal Packaging

Peel and seal packaging is a new, amazing way to revolutionize the world of packaging. As the name states,. It’s a variant of packaging utilizing the adhesive strips that are exposed through taking off the protective layer over the top.   Then, you apply some pressure, and then it binds to the packaging, and protects the items inside. 

This is usually seen in the world of ecommerce because it’s incredibly easy to use, offers security, and overall versatility. Used for a lot of products, such as books, clothing, and even cosmetics and electronics, you see this in boxes, mailing bags, and even envelopes. 

Parts of the Peel and Seal Packaging 

The mechanism of this is simple. You’ve got a strip of adhesive, and a layer to protect. 

The adhesive is usually made from an adhesive that’s pressure sensitive, meaning it only works when pressure is implied. Hotmelt glue is a common one. Basically, when you press it against something, there’s a bond that is formed. This is a type of adhesive that’s designed to withstand a lot of conditions and temperatures, so it will ensure that the package is secure during the transit process.

Then, you’ve got the layer of protection, which is a material strip that’ll cover this adhesive until ready for use. The layer is easily peeled and reveals the adhesive under it. The protective part also prevents the adhesive from sticking towards other surfaces, and it in turn, preserves its effectiveness. 

Uses of Peel and Seal 

Peel and seal is used in ecommerce a lot because there are a ton of benefits to be had. 

It offers the most reliable means to seal packages, and is very secure, so it allows for customers to get the items, the same way that they saw them online.   This is especially good for packages that will travel long distances and go through various stages until they get to the customers. 

Another big benefit is especially for returns. A lot of ecommerce people use peel and seal to help facilitate the returns to their customers. Including peel and seal strips here, the person can reseal their packaging, and then enhance the experience through a faster return.

Products that are Packaged with Peel and seal 

It can work for virtually anything, but most commonly is used for clothing, as this offers security in the shipping, and also accommodates packaging of clothing in different sizes and shapes. Peeling and sealing also helps to keep your clothing protected and clean within the transit process. 

Books and electronics work well here too, along with homewares, and cosmetics. It’s a world of versatility with peel and seal, and is a great choice for different products, offering a reliable, efficient type of packaging for your ecommerce business. 

The Benefits 

Peeling and sealing have a ton of benefits. The biggest one is that it offers security. It’s good for tamper evident packaging, as the adhesive has a strong bond, which offers tamper resistance. So yes the products will be protected during the transit process. 

It’s also very easy to use. This process of peeling off the layer of protection, and also sealing the package is straightforward and simple, so it’s easy for a bunch of staff in the warehouse to package this in an efficient, quick manner. It improves that effectiveness, and overall saves time with reduction of costs, and removes that packing tape need. 

Also, it’s good for the environment, as most of the time, this type of packaging is made with recycled items. So if you’re looking for an innovative way to change your packaging, peel and seal is the way to go.

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