All about cardboard Envelopes

Cardboard envelopes might seem like a general type of envelope, but there are some unique benefits to using these. Here, we’ll go over what it is, and why people are choosing cardboard envelopes for their shipping options. 

About Ecommerce Packaging 

This is a type of material and a process that’s used to protect your products as they’re ordered online, especially during the transit process. 

It is a very broad term, but it encompasses many different packaging options, including a cardboard envelope, boxes, various bubble wrapping, and a lot more. the main purpose of this ecommerce packaging is to ensure that the products do reach their customers in the best condition, while also playing a major role in the customer satisfaction and branding.

Choosing the correct ecommerce packaging is a precarious act, where businesses need to consider the environmental impact, costs, the protection of the product, and experiences that customers have. While there are tons of options available, cardboard envelopes are becoming a type of product packaging that’s popular for businesses, because they offer many benefits. 

What Cardboard Envelopes are 

Cardboard envelopes are known by the name of paperboard mailers and are essentially a type of ecommerce option that’s made from rigid, thick paper. Typically used to ship these flat items, including documents, books, and electronics, these cardboard envelopes get appreciated for the lightweight option, durability, and also the use that comes with this. They are also very easily sealed with adhesives and are opened up with a simple strip that tears it.

A huge advantage these have over other options is they’re nice to the environment. They’re usually made from recycled materials, so they’re totally recyclable. An optimal choice for those looking to reduce their overall environmental footprint. The size is compact, and the shape is flat, making them the ideal option for shipping, and they take up far less space than even just the filler material that you have. 

Choosing the correct Envelopes 

When you’re choosing the right envelopes, you need to consider different factors. Right now, you just want to make a package that’ll enhance your overall branding, improve the overall customer satisfaction, and even reduce your costs. It’s worth it to properly understand the options, and then choose the cardboard that will best fit your needs. 

Size and Weight Factors 

The biggest factor when choosing these cardboard envelopes is of course, size and weight of the products inside. you’ll want a product that’s large enough to put the items inside, without it being overly wasteful.   You should also have protection that’s sturdy enough for the products to be protected during transit. 

A lot of suppliers offer different sizes and thicknesses, so it’s worth it to consider them if you don’t need any extra features. But if you do, they have corners that are reinforced, and even padding inside, for packaging protection of these fragile items. 

Customer experience and Brand Image 

The packaging is a physical point of touch between the customers and your brand, so yes, first impressions matter.

The quality and design of these envelopes do reflect the brand values and image. For instance, if you’re going to use these as a luxury brand, you want to use high-quality, custom envelopes that are printed with a unique design. For more eco-conscious types of brands, you’ll want one with a more rugged look, and made from totally recyclable materials. 

You should also factor in the unboxing that you want for the customers. Tear-away strips, tabs that are easy to open, and finally custom printing will make the experience far more memorable than it was before.

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