The Psychology of Retail Ready Packaging

Retailers and manufacturers all know that first impressions are key. This is because the way that products look on shelves do impact whether or not customers will buy them. 

Retail ready packaging is one that’s gotten increasingly more popular for solving problems. The goal of this is to make the product accessible, and more appealing visually to various consumers. 

But, what’s the psychology behind this? In here, we’ll talk about the psychology surrounding retail ready forms of packaging. 

What it is 

This is packaging made specifically for easy and quick placements on shelves. It’s known as shelf-ready packaging as well. 

Retail ready packaging is one that’s easy for a person to open up and then display to others. This is so that the retailers that are there can get the product on the shelf faster so that customers can see and get the product. 

This type of packaging takes a lot of forms, including pre-packed toys and cartons  easy to open. 

It’s also customized to fit your retail needs. The goal of this is to make a more effective supply chain, boost sales, and then reduce the waste. 

The psychology behind this as well is that consumers are more inclined to get products that are easy to access and appealing visually. Through designing packaging that you can display and stack, you’ll be able to as well save money on the stocking too, so you’re saving a bit on labor. 

How this works 

There are a few elements that come with retail ready packaging for them to work: 

  • They’re easy to identify by the name or the description 
  • Very easy to open up, even if the customer has limited dexterity 
  • Easy to put on the shelf, stacking up in as small of space as you can 
  • Put in a way that’s logically and visually more appealing ion shelves. 
  • Easy to dispose of, so you’ve got minimal waste on the packaging 

Now that you know what the features are, let’s look at the benefits of such. 

The Benefits of This Packaging 

There are certain benefits that come with this which we’ll go over right now and will help you with better understanding as you use this type of packaging. 

First, it’s easy to stock.  With very simple instructions and also a lot of packaging that’s added, it makes stocking very easy. Shelf-ready forms of packaging are made with elements that are perforated, which means you can open these up without blades or knives. After they’re opened, you just put these on the shelves. The retailers can recognize this type of quick inventory, so it simplifies the process. 

It also is very easy to minimize the labor that’s needed. with retailers worried about the hours and potential labor costs, and also the safety of the workers. 

With shelf-ready packaging, the workers don’t need blades, knives, or razors to open up the packaging, so it limits the liability risk that comes with this, especially when restocking the shelves. It gives a chance for product to go to the floor, and then, to recycling once it’s been unpacked. This reduces the labor costs by a lot. 

Promoting Brands 

It also is very easy to use as advertising space and is something advantageous for that reason. Making the packaging apparent for the brand the product it has is great for making seamless customer experiences. This packaging is set up in a variety of ways, offering a chance to consider every facet. 

It’s easy to see and offers the immediate promotions and advertisements that you need.

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