What to Know about Kraft Paper Boxes

When businesses need a more lightweight sort of packaging, one option is a Kraft paper box.  They’re lightweight, not expensive, and vital for storing goods that are fragile, along with food items. Here, we’ll go over the different types of boxes, and the uses for each of them. 

You should look at the packaging supplies, and what they offer, providing the right types of packaging supplies that you need for your packaging experience. 

What they Are 

Kraft paper boxes are essentially the difference between this and a corrugated box. 

They function similarly to corrugated and cardboard boxes, but they’re a little different. This is because they’re made from multiple layers of some kraft paper, which is then pressed and laminated together in order to make this more durable, and like cardboard.  This is called paperboard, and is further reinforced for you to use, and that’s called chipboard.  This is something that’s similar in nature but corrugated boxes use a type of flirting that’s a kind of enforcement that’s ideal to ship out items.  Kraft paper boxes are a little different because the goal with them is packaging the items, creating a more attractive, much cleaner look than regular boxes. 

When to use These 

If you’re not sure about whether or not this fits the needs, there are certain situations where this is handy: 

  • Anything that’s delicate such as handmade items and jewelry that are used during transit. The strength, durability, and the materials offer a protection that’s necessary 
  • Items that are heat sensitive.  Delivery items are good, so you don’t have to worry about the heat cracking them, or major temperature changes 
  • Food types of items.  Takeout boxes are now starting to be used in replacement of Styrofoam, because they insulate and absorb water better. This traps liquids and greases. 

If this is something that you sell, you might want to use this. 

The Benefits 

There are benefits that come with kraft paper boxes when compared to other types of packaging, including other boxes. 

First, they’re much more sustainable.  They are an ethical type of packaging solution. Many are made from biodegradable, compostable material. They’re also low in terms of carbon usage. The raw types of materials and the manufacturing used to create this is fully sustainable.  It’s ideal for many customers, as it gives them a better packaging option when they choose these boxes. 

They’re also very customizable.  You can get some custom labeling and packaging design, which is used to reflect a variety of the branding terms and options. 

They also are best for ROI and other marketing. This is because you can add them as branded boxes for your products. You can even use this for product photos, improving the marketing.  They’re low in cost, and the customized options do make this the ideal choice for maximizing the ROI on a lot of packaging, including the supplies that are there. 

For many people, these boxes are a better option than a regular cardboard box. While corrugated boxes have their own usage, and are good for a lot of different reasons, you want to make sure that you consider kraft packaging, as this is a better, more durable type of alternative when compared to cardboard.  Especially since it uses compostable materials, providing a more sustainable type of experience for people. 

When choosing the right types of packaging for your products, consider these, as they offer the best packaging for you to use, and can be the best for your needs, and also delivered to you right away, providing you with the best products that you can use.

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