Kraft Paper Designs to consider

Kraft paper is a type of paperboard that’s created when chemical pulps are made utilizing the kraft process. 

This is a material that’s totally eco friendly, easy to recycle and it decomposes after a couple of weeks. A lot of packaging designers that are out there use kraft packaging because it’s durable, clean, strong, and looks good.

Here are some designs for you to look at next time you wish to change your kraft paper experience. 


This is a company that teamed up directly with This if Pacifica, and they’re known for creating a kraft paper smoked salmon type of packaging.  This is extended to sustainable, along with natural types of practices.  They are incorporated in terms of cut-outs and other designs.  The illustrations allow a person to see products, understanding the packaging and the fish that it portrays. 

Dark brown paper that’s kraft is a great contrast from this and the salmon that’s there, and it creates an aesthetic that’s striking and great, making it meaningful and memorable. 

Scandinavian Airlines 

They are a company looking to reduce the carbon that they put out, and also are taking other sustainable types of initiatives. 

They are working to create food packaging that minimizes waste.  They use kraft paper that’s food grade into the packaging that they have, because it’s light, and very easy for a person to recycle.

Because of this, they were able to save over 51 tons of plastic every single year and reduce the onboard mass for less fuel that’s wasted when traveling through the air.  They take pride in being sleek, minimalistic, and sustainable, which is something unique for an airline company like this. 


This is a straw company that’s known for the reusable types of straws. They redesigned the packaging they offer in order to improve the environmental activities, providing less pollution due to straws. 

They want something that’s sustainable, and also is good for incorporating more eco-friendly types of practices that the company needs to have too.

The newest design for their packaging utilized kraft paper that’s unbleached, and a totally plastic free type of shipping. 

Kraft packaging, especially with the pastel coloring, provides inviting, fun experiences for those looking to add more eco friendly packaging to their lives. 


This is a vision people have when they’re looking to make ice cream that’s guilt free, and also is more natural. 

Riesco is used to reduce the packaging and plastic waste, so they’ve changed all of the packaging to a more food grade sort of kraft paper. 

This is a new packaging that’s contemporary, providing a premium sort of look to this, and ingredients that properly be used within the ice cream that they have. 


Finally, we’ve got Zoomin, which is a photo service personalized, and something the company’s been working on making sure that they’re able to create what matters the most, which of course, involves impacting the world around them.

They decided to use more eco-friendly types of kraft paper when it came to their packaging. The ultimate goal for this was to be economical, clean, and fresh as well.

They also use a zentangle type of pattern to show their name, and also a design that’s almost zoomed in, in order to create the best branding experience they can.

Kraft paper is great for a lot of different uses.  Here, we went over a few of them, and why, when you use kraft paper, you’ll be able to, throughout all of this, create the best situation you can for your needs.

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