Why More Companies are Switching to Poly Mailer Bags

A lot of businesses and individuals of all different kinds that sell products through amazon, Etsy, and other types of sellers are now looking to switch from their old packaging over to poly mailer bags. 

Are you looking to switch? Here, we’ll talk about the benefits of switching from a bag, box or a poly mailer. 

The Factors to Consider 

If you’re someone who is so used to packaging boxes and the like, and have created custom boxes that are printed, you might wonder why you should switch to a poly mailer.

Branded boxes may be your bread and butter, and they might cost a lot more to redesign this artwork for a poly mailer bag. Not to mention, there are other factors that stop you from switching, however, remember that there are a lot of different factors, and when you make this business decision, you consider all of the different factors that go into this, such as the affordability of this, the requirements of the packaging, and the environmental impact that comes with this. 

Reducing Shipping Costs 

When you switch, there is a chance that poly mailers will be able to reduce those shipping costs.  This is one of the biggest factors when you switch from a corrugated box to poly mailers and bags. 

The shipping costs do get big over time, and you can reduce this a lot just by switching the packaging. It’s that simple, and in a way, everyone wins. It’s cheaper because poly mailers weigh far less than boxes, and the weight of these is usually less than half an ounce. A box for instance will weigh a whole lot more. Not to mention, they also look at dimensional weight, so the size of this plays a factor in this, and many times, if you’re shipping something in a bigger box, you’ll be eating those shipping costs.

They are also far cheaper to make too. Poly mailers are far smaller, weigh far less, and are much less based on unit costs, especially when compared to corrugated packaging, especially when you also factor in the customized printing. Yes, it’s cheaper to get stuff printed on these mailers than actually on boxes, so a lot of people are making the switch because the price point is so much less.

Also of note, you also will be better in terms of protection in a poly mailer due to the fact that they’re water resistant, unlike a box, so keep that in mind. 

Less space 

They also take up far less space in a vehicle, but you also want to look at the materials used in packaging. When you’ve got a box, you need to sometimes keep it upright, instead of flat. All poly mailers are flat, so they take up far less room. Not to mention, the materials to seal are also better too. You can even get sealing mailers that are cheaper too! 

Better for the environment 

Finally, they are better  at environmental impact. One problem with poly mailer bags is the fact that they’re made from plastic, and thereby oil, and this is something that can be a problem if you get the wrong ones. 

Corrugated boxes are made from a renewable resource, a tree, and with proper management, can be better.

While both are made via recycled types of materials and both can be recycled in most cases, a lot of people struggle to recycle corrugated products, so in a lot of cases, it can be better in the long haul to get poly bags.

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