Shrink wrapping for Ecommerce

Selling different products on Etsy, eBay, Amazon, or even on various websites is great for building a business and can be lucrative. If you like to make your own, or even just be a product reseller, you can now list different products you sell, and the sales will roll in with determination, and working hard. 

While sales are gotten, some other owners might consider different types of packaging for products.  This consideration is something that comes from want, or necessity. Some owners also find that the products they sell eventually get messed up during the transit process, while there are others that want to offer better, professional packaging.

Shrink wrapping is a solution for a lot of packaging problems, and this is something that offers a lot of benefits, and uses for different sales, and also the benefits that provide a wealth of different needs for people in the packaging sphere. 

Remember, this is different from vacuum and stretch film packaging, but shrink wrapping involves putting heat on something so that it shrinks and fits the product that’s wrapped. This is recognized in a lot of instances, and one good example is the film that’s surrounding cases of water bottles. 


There are different kinds of shrink film, but usually they’re made up of four different materials. They’re usually bought in single wound, or center folded types of rolls.  Single wound types come off in a flat type, and usually, they’re folded in a half sort of way lengthwise. 

Shrink bags are another that’s commonly used within shrink film wrapping and come in a variety of various sizes. Shrink tubing is probably the most common type of shrink wrapping that happens, and they usually come in flat rolls that lay in a flat manner.

Another common one is PVC shrink wrapping, and this is like cellophane wrapping. It’s crinkly because it shrink, and then, when the heat is put on there, it’s much more rigid. 

Polyolefin is definitely becoming a more common type that’s used within this due to the softer nature, and the PVC elasticity, while also being approved by the FDA for contact with food and the like. 

What you Need 

So you want to start shrink wrapping your products? 

Well, here’s what you need to make it work. 

First, you need a heat sealer, which comes in a variety of different styles, sizes, and different specifications based on the production levels and the sizes of the product.

Your most basic is going to be called impulse sealers, with a singular sealing bar that seals, and then closes the open ends. They’re purchased for less than 100 bucks and can be up to 400 bucks depending on the different sizes.

You can also get a high output production one called an L bar. These are more expensive, but they’re good with a centerfold type of shrink film, as they offer a lot of efficiency.  While more expensive, it’s important to consider these.

Second thing you need is a heating element.  You can get a heat gun, and usually, they’re good for smaller outputs of these shrink wrapped products, and for starting out with shrink wrapping. 

If you have a lot of products, then you can buy a shrink tunnel, which is like a giant oven.  The product goes in with the conveyor belt, it shrinks down, and then, the product comes out.

These can be very expensive, but if you have a ton of products, it’s much more efficient than other types of shrink wrapping items and elements in order to seal the product effectively.

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