Vacuum Sealing in reduction of Food Waste

Did you know that we produced over 136 billion dollars in food?  How much of that was wanted because of spoilage though? 

About 30%, up to 40% is, and this is something that a lot of people deal with. With a lot of food purchased, and then stored in pantries and fridges, a lot of customers throw this away due to the shelf life, and the shortness of it.

There are a lot of different ways to prevent this from happening. A lot of people will use vacuum packaging, and with bags and a sealer, you can make the times be a lot longer in terms of storage length.

Food waste is what also drives up the costs as well, so when you store food for longer, it reduces the waste of food, so you’ll save some money and time. 

Vacuum Sealing and Food Waste Reduction 

Vacuum sealing works the way it does because it creates an atmosphere that’s modified.  Did you know that it takes out the number one reason for food spoilage: oxygen? That’s right. 

With the air removed from this packaging, the content and oxygen is thereby reduced. The reduced amount of oxygen also allows for the products to last a lot longer when they’re stored. When this is used with some frozen storage, there is a large increase of the shelf life, and the lengths in which this goes. 

Prevention of Freezer Burns 

Did you know it stops freezer burns? 

While you can eat freezer burnt items, the taste is affected, and it doesn’t look as good. Vacuum sealing prevents this, because it takes out the moisture, so you don’t have to worry about the taste and nutrients being lost.  It’s basically got a huge barrier there, and also, it takes out the moisture that’s there. 

Saves Money 

It does save a lot of money in the long haul.. you can buy vacuum sealers, get some food in bulk, and from there, repackage all of this into smaller amounts. 

You can get homemade vacuum sealers, and it’s actually better than getting Ziploc bags.  This also causes less ice crystals to form, and better storage for this.  it does work, and you’re saving a lot on costs. 

It lasts Longer 

With those vacuum sealers, you can get food that lasts longer, or sometimes just as long, as storing it through conventional means. 

For instance, meat is only good for a few months in the freezer before freezer burn sets in. but, through vacuum sealing bags, you’ll be able to extend this shelf life for a lot longer. It might be a little bit impractical at first, but it saves you so much, and you can buy stuff in bulk.

You can get large amounts of meat and cuts, and you’ll be able to save this for a long time.

Saving Leftovers 

You can save those snacks and leftovers that you don’t finish. You don’t want it getting stale because of a lack of freshness. With food getting tossed in a few days, you want to prevent that from happening, and you can save those snacks and foods, especially after the holidays.

All of this works, without compromising the taste of foods. The food bags are smaller, and they take up far less.

Did you know that you can also make ready-made meals, and you can save some of the best bakes with just a little bit of the price?  It saves so much money, and if you use a vacuum sealer, it saves you tons in costs as well.

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