Packaging Healthy Foods Products

Packaging is actually being used to retranslate the foods that are there, increasing the sales of this for a reason.  Better for you, which is a sector of food for products that are low in sugar and fat, but high in proteins and fibers are starting to create a huge difference. 

With more lockdowns happening, some people have started to knead cakes and pizzas, while others have started to use this in order to create a chance to eat healthier. 

The sales of course have increased by over 70% in just one year.

Ferrero and Eat Natural along with others are actually looking to create healthier alternatives, which focuses on being better for you in this space. 

What packaging Does to Boost Purchases 

One way that packages do this is to communicate the product uniqueness especially compared to more traditional means.

You can also with this make your packaging stand out due to the feel and look of such.

Using a clean, minimal design that’s dominated by materials and pastel colors that border almost into pharmaceutical styles will help with this.

You can also position these products as a genuine, healthier, and a more sustainable form of lifestyle due to the eco friendly and the recyclable packaging experience.

You can customize and diversify as much as needed in order to properly engage this audience you’re looking to target.

The Best Examples of This 

Let’s take a look at a few examples of this. One meal that people are starting to look at for healthier means is breakfast.  There are now tuck end boxes with different flaps that can be glued. This is simple and allows for the graphics to stand out there.

There is also a brown that represents the primary ingredient, along with the logo that’s green. The focus is then placed on information in different shapes, including the fiber and the protein intake. There is also the connotation of this that it’s fair trade, and it’ll support farmers within the US. This is something that’s placed near the side of the packaging, offering a remarkable purchase. 

Then there is organic wheatgrass powder. The connotation of the product is pretty impressive. A material that’s made of cardboard talks about cereals and wheats. There is a blue and yellow color scheme to this, which invokes serenity, along with continuity with different elements of nature. There is also the idea of differentiating this text through different colored brands, and usually offers large and very dominant characters. 

The telling of the story does offer a primary focus on nutrients, vitamins, and various minerals used to boost your immune system.

Finally, with the gold foil finish, it conveys refinedness, along with exclusivity too. 

Pastas as well including beetroot and lentils are another one.  You can get boxes that are in common with the example before this, but the image drawn here is not a photo that’s actual. For a lot of the colors which are dominant usually incorporate beetroot red and green. There is also the clear call out of the cooking that needs to be done with this. Then there are meals that are ready to serve, and not intended for local markets, however quite enlightening in the process. A lighter background with a natural hue to it that references the different products that are in here. This is further used to impress the minds of the consumer. 

Healthier packaging is using this now more than ever before, and brands should keep informed of the different aspects of this, in order to enhance the value of said nutrition for it too. 

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