The journey for Inclusive Packaging

Did you know that using inclusive packaging could change a person’s lives. 

One example is menstruation, which is something that a lot of people overlook, and some don’t even know that it’s a natural part of a woman’s body.  Having it is not a choice for many people, and it’s something that a lot of people still underestimate, even shame. This is something that is natural, and some also do raise their eyebrows if you do buy this sort of thing.

One thing that some companies have been doing is to make packaging that covers this, creating a more inclusive, fun design. 

One company is unique.  The co-founder Lisa Iannello was one that helped make it easier for women to buy feminine products.  She’s one of the top entrepreneurs out there, and even is a part of Forbes Olympus as well. 

But The unique is basically what a lot of people want when they’re trying to have packaging for their menstrual products that’s unique, inclusive, and something that can boost a person’s well-being. You can actually customize the pads, the tampons, and anything else that’s needed for this. 

How it Started 

The Unique was born from four people who were between Turin and Milan, with different cities in a lot of areas, but primarily working logistics in Turin.  The product is basically a post-pandemic product.  They changed their lives due to the difficulties of covid, and they were able to bring these different backgrounds together to create something truly remarkable. Truly, what you would say, Unique! 

The differences 

This is a product that’s different from the other menstrual products that are out there. a lot of people still consider menstruation as a taboo subject. When they found that this was happening when they studied the subscription models, they then started to figure out a way to bring this monthly need to them.

Menstruation subscription services were an answer! 

It’s created to be eco-friendly and good on the wallet too.  It also left out the current hassle of the monthly buying of these products.

This is something that had a lot of issues to them, since there were a lot of different factors.  The ones in the supermarket are typically made of plastic, which is something that’s not good for the woman, but also not that good for the environment. It can cause irritation within the pubic areas, and a sanitary pad takes up to 5 centuries to degrade over time. 

That’s a problem, right? 

Well, they did focus on environmentalism, and this was a necessity, a priority, and not something that you can avoid. 

The Unique is also tied into sustainability, while also making menstruation a topic not to be disregarded. 

The unique plants communicate that there is a taboo there, and it’s something that is not a violent by-product, but is incredibly stigmatized.

They’ve made sure to broaden the spectrum into personal care and sexuality, while also being environmentally conscious. 

The goal is for the person to customize their product. Everyone’s got a different cycle, and there is no specific roadmap for sexuality, so everything’s inclusive for the needs of a woman.  They also talk about menstruation not just as women experience it either.  It’s something that has become a major thing, as not everyone who is menstruating is a woman. This is an inclusive, no-gender company and product. It allows you to identify with the type of category, but also makes it more comfortable for you, and gives awareness to a topic that otherwise is usually swept under the rug too.

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