Custom Vs. Stock Packaging

For those choosing the ideal packaging solutions, it’s hard to choose whether you should go with custom packaging, or stock packaging. There are two differences, and if you’re having a hard time for choosing one or the other, you’re in luck, because here, we’ll go over the usages and differences for every single one. 

Stock Packaging 

Stock packaging is basically a ready-made, generic type of packaging that you just have to affix a label to. You won’t see any custom elements as much as the boxes would be. But they’re the best for if you want the most  bang for your buck. And, if you’re trying to buy in bulk for a cheaper price, this is how you do it.

Some companies like to use a mixture of both, like stock packaging for stuff that they don’t need custom, and then the custom for customer packaging. Unlike product packaging that’s custom, the stock usually comes in just one size, so you’ll only have a couple of dimensions for you to choose these boxes from. 

When to Use This 

Not everyone needs stock packaging, but it can be good for a few reasons.  Keep in mind that customers won’t be as impressed, but some people can benefit from it.

Some of the reasons to use stock packaging include: 

  • The budget is limited. This usually is cheaper for you to start with, and then you can adjust and then move to a more fixed budget. 
  • A subscription box service is a great way to help with using stock packaging.  Plain packaging is a lot cheaper if you’re shipping out a ton of the same thing.
  • If there are issues with lead times. While it’s great to have custom ready options, sometimes this is something that you might need to use if it’s taking way too long to get the packaging
    issues with production. If there are issues with the supply chain, you might just want to use stock packaging, and it’s produced in an inexpensive manner, and there is less chance of there being stock issues too. 

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging is literally just the opposite of stock packaging, where certain kinds of product packaging is branded and tailored to this, offering different styles of graphics, shapes, colors, and even sizes to suit the needs of the customer.

Usually, customized packaging also uses certain kinds of printing, where you’ll have the designers give some unique and different designs in order to elevate all of this.

One reason why business people opt for this, is because it boosts the experience of the customer. It actually transforms this into a much better experience for you to enjoy, and it boosts the excitement that the customers have. 

When to Use this 

There are a few reasons for you to use customized packaging and other solutions: 

  • If you have luxury or fragile products, you should use customized packaging. This offers better protection against items that get broken or lost during transit 
  • If the item is oddly shaped. You should use boxes and packaging to make sure that the items don’t get damaged when going through transit, or get warped when in the boxes that they’re in 
  • New branding. If you want to try out new branding opportunities, then you’ll want to use customized packaging, with different colors and images too.
  • New businesses. If you’re trying out a new product and the like, you can use customized packaging to improve this venture, growing it so that it’s even better than before. People love it when they see new business products and venture, so it’s something worth checking out! 


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