Bad Packaging Fails to watch out for

How bad can your packaging get? Well, the answer to that is really bad.  There are some good packaging and some bad packaging. Not all packaging will be sustainable, or as serious as everyone expects to be. In fact, some are so bad, that they’re not even good, and instead are part of wrap rage, and also will bamboozle you.

Here is some bad packaging fails that you probably won’t believe. 

The Wrong Chocolate Character 

This is a strange one.  One packaging company packaged some chocolate Christmas items. But, when the person opened up the Father’s Christmas item, they got….a bunny instead? 

Not sure how this happens, but the thing is, it’s important to understand that if you’re not careful, this can happen to you. Always be careful, and make sure that you trust everything that you do. Otherwise, you’re going to be giving refunds till the cows come home. This is customer misleading too, and it’ll negatively impact any brands they want to have a good, strong relationship with. 

Cutting out the Scissors 

This is something that’s very frustrating for people. They get packaging, let’s say scissors, and then they need to cut out the scissors with scissors.

Well, that kind of defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?  you may not have scissors on the side, so then you’re stuck with dumb packaging that you can’t even use.

The main thing to remember with this one, is don’t make your packaging inaccessible. This is a major turnoff for a lot of customers. When you offer ease of access, you’ll be able to open up that packaging without complaints too! 

Overly Air-Filled Packaging 

This is one that we see all the time in the snacks that we consume. Let’s say that you get a bag of chips, and then, you open up. That bulging package is actually super filled with air, and half of them aren’t there.

This is misleading consumers and will make it a little bit disappointing, but the truth is, it’s a bit deeper than that.

Nitrogen is used in our dried food packaging, and that of course will improve the shelf life.  It’s not just that air that’s there too, but also that.

You do need it, but you also want to make sure that you also keep in mind the space. The reason why a lot of chip manufacturers put air in there is so that they’re not crumbs by the time you eat them. 

The main thing to take away from this, is that make sure you’re not using too much void fill and nitrogen.  Offer a cushion, but make sure that you’re not making it so much that it can’t give the person enough treats for the job. 

Bad Seals 

One thing that you need to also look at as well, is the seals.

Some people will make seals so that you can have better packaging and better quality control. But, if the seal is wrong on this, then the second it gets to the customer, they’re going to be pissed. They’re going to wonder just what in the world happens, and you might wonder if there is any way for you to get the right quality control within your assembly line.

The main takeaway here, sit or make sure that if you’ve got seals, you take care of them. If they’re bad, then just toss the packaging.

Packaging fails are common, and these are some of the most common that you’ll get to see, and they teach a valuable lesson in the way that you handle the packaging supplies that are there.

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