Kraft Paper Packaging Uses

If you’re someone who is looking to change your packaging, you’re not alone.

One of the most common ways to change this is kraft paper. They’re great because they are paper that’s coarse and offers good strength. This is made from the process that makes this, and it includes these chemicals that help with loosening the fibers that are there. The wood pulp is then cooked with these chemicals, making a stronger paper type than the normal bleached paper that you get.

It’s also made from extra wood pulp, and also comes in varieties that are more recyclable. Due to the way that it’s used, it can actually be recycled in a continuous fashion. With a ton of thicknesses for you to check out and try, kraft paper is vital for void fill and other types of packaging that’s there. It’s also good as well because you can use recycled kraft paper rather than bubble wrap, or even packaging peanuts in order to cushion these products, protecting them when you’re shipping them. 

Here, we’ll talk about some of the other usages of kraft paper that’ll change your packaging experience.

The uses of Kraft Paper 

The paper made from kraft gets used in all sorts of things including cardboard that’s corrugated, and also packaging for retail and whatnot. Some of the papers that are used with this help with directly wrapping the products.

Poly-coated kraft paper is best for products that are made of metal, as they’re used to prevent various corrosion too.  There are also other types of kraft paper that you can use too, and you can crush these up for protecting the shipments of products.

You want to crumple up the paper and then help with stuffing the inside of this. This reduces the movements and also mitigates the impact of the packaging when it’s being transported. 

Newsprint and copy paper don’t offer the same tensile absorption of energy. 

To help with this, you’ll be able to look at your studies. It was found that kraft paper had a lot more absorption for various objects, including transformers, especially when they’re placed inside these boxes to transport them. 

A Paper Weight 

The kraft paper comes with different types of weights, and the thickness is actually measured through the paperweight.

Heavier weights mean a paper that’s thicker, and usually, this is the weight that comes with pounds for every ream.

Reams come in 500 sheets of this, and that totals about 3000 square feet. 

The heavier your team is, the thicker the paper will be in many cases.  The more precise sort of measurement is the paper caliper, and usually, it is the second choice. But for the most part, paperweights are indeed the most common form of weighing the paper and determining the thickness.

Lighter paperweights will not offer the same level of adoption as thicker types of paper weights especially when you crumple these to make void fill.

When you crumple something that’s thicker, it may even feel like you’re just crushing boxes. For instance, using 75# for the kraft paper, it’ll feel like you’re pushing down on a box.

You can use this for thicker and heavier objects, but in general, when you’re using kraft paper to help with this, you want to go with a 30# paper weight, because they’re usually better for smaller, lightweight packages.

There are a lot of great ways to use this, and if you like Kraft paper, you probably already know the benefits of kraft paper, but this article talked about others you may not know either.

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