The Top Questions about Stretch Wrapping

If you’re interested in using stretch wrapping, or maybe you want to get new stretch wrapping, you’re not the only one. You might wonder if there are certain things to know before you buy. It might feel like you have to do in-depth research before you buy this, and it is a genuine concern. Here, we’ll go over the top questions that people have about stretch wrapping, and what to consider before you purchase a new stretch wrapping for your needs. 

Why Stretch Wrapping 

This is a big question for a lot of people, since you might wonder if you actually need this.  While this might be trivial at first glance, it actually saves the company and others a lot of time, and it’s good if you’re looking to optimize assets.  Why would you need to use this though? Well for starters, they’re safer compared to using people to wrap this.

Pallet wrapping by hand does require a person to walk a bit fast in circles, and if you’re shipping out a lot, you’ll have to have people do this for hours at a time. 

This is something that can be hard for people to deal with, but with stretch wrapping that’s done by machine, or even just by hand, it’s much easier on the employees.

It also maximizes the containment of the load, so you’ll also be using far less, and it saves you a ton of money too. This is something that, depending on the laborers that you have working on this, will also save you some money. It is something that also has a lot of returns too, so you’ll actually make money when compared to wrapping by hand in a lot of cases. 

Do you have the space for It? 

This might seem like a dumb question, but trust me, it’s not. In fact, a lot of times people get a stretch wrapper, and then, they realize it doesn’t fit in their space. This is something that can definitely be a problem, especially if you spent the money trying to save time, only for the opposite to happen.

This is something that is good, and it can help with navigating phone calls, the paperwork, or even the emails to use this type of machinery that’s there.

You should look at the specs, figure out the space that’s needed for this, and then optimize it as needed in order to get the machine to work properly as well. 

The Type of Film 

You may wonder if you have to use a specific type of film. There are machines and hand stretches. If you have people who are going to wrap this, you’re going to use hand stretch wrap. 

This is also important for people to understand though, because you can’t use the film that the laborers use on the machine, since they are different. Automated stretch wrapping is something that you might want to use, but you can’t use the hand film on this. if it does, it actually can cause issues directly with the machinery, and also may create mechanical failure, and other problems involving safety.

In general when you upgrade to stretch wrapping, especially done by hand or by machine, you’re going to see the difference. It also improves the overall safety of the place, since you’re using something that doesn’t cause your laborers to dance with it for hours on end.

It’s also safer too because if you choose to use a machine, it’ll ultimately be able to give you everything that you need, and to help with properly taking care of the place.

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