Packaging Inventions Worth Being Thankful For

We should be thankful for many things, and oftentimes, we don’t take the time to smell the roses and realize just some of the great packaging inventions that we have. Packaging is one of those things that many of us take for granted, but there are some packaging inventions worth being thankful for.  The packaging forms that are discussed are basically methods of packaging that are utilized for different ingredients, and are utilized in traditional thanksgiving meals and other ways.

Here, we’ll discuss a few of the best packaging tools that you can be grateful for, and be thankful for every chance that you get. 

Vacuum Packaging 

This is one that’s used for all sorts of products, including poultry and the like, all throughout the world. Most of the time, vacuum packaging is used for preserving the shelf life, and it doesn’t have any chemicals, or additives that’ll cause it to not be fresh, or impact the quality.

Nozzle packaging is one of the most popular, and it utilizes a nozzle, which gets put into the pouch or bag that’s there, taking the air out from that location. A lot of turkey providers will actually use this for mass production of the birds and other types of foods too.

There are also modified atmospheres used with this, and this helps to extend the shelf life beyond what the small amount of time might ask for. It can actually extend the shelf life up to several hundreds amounts of time, and in some cases, it can cause packaging to be able to be used for years, maintaining the freshness of the products that are there. 


Canning is a form of preservation, and there are lots of foods that are great in canned forms.

Canning is an old process, but it’s still used today, and it keeps pathogens out. There are some that have existed for over 100 years, and still are fresh. It’s not new tech, but it’s some of the best out there.

The premise of canning is simple. you heat this up, until all of the pathogens leave, and then, you seal this. due to the fact that a lot of fruits and veggies are only popular during certain months, you can use this ahead of time in order to have year-round foods. 

Flash Freezing 

This is another type of preservation, and it’s good for the people who dislike canned veggies and foods. A lot of people prefer to have this, since it’s better than just trying to do canning and preserving.  This is basically a freezing means that impacts the length it’s able to be kept around.

Normal freezing causes too much ice and crystals to form, and it can make it taste weird, and also cause freezer burn to occur.

Flash freezing basically allows for the foods to be frozen, giving them that pop that you want after they’re stored, and it usually causes a freezing that’s faster than normal freezing, and this is done with calcium chloride, which also may use liquid forms of nitrogen too.

This is great because it reduces the amount and even the size of the crystals made from ice, and it’s great for freezing green beans, broccoli, and even corn and other foods that you may have during these meals.

With more and more inventions coming down the pipeline, and a lot of people staying abreast of the newest changes, these are but a few of the many inventions that you can get, and they are great for food preservation and usage in the future as well!

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