Why are Poly Mailers so Popular?

If you’re looking to use shipping mailers, there are a lot of different options, but the type of packaging is vital to the life cycle of the product. There are a few things that you need to factor in when choosing these mailers, and they include: 

  • Environmental impact 
  • The costs to ship this. 
  • The first impression that the client has regarding your company. 
  • The types of good transported 
  • How recyclable it is 

Over the last couple of years, one of the top options has been poly mailers, especially when you’re looking to have shipping on a budget. 

Why Poly Mailers? 

Well, let’s talk about why they’re so good.

For starters, it’s partially due to the mailer type that they are. They’re very lightweight, protective, and they ship items easily. They’re made from polyethylene, and they’re weatherproof, thin, and also resistant to most moisture, so it makes the packaging much more efficient.  They also tend to be gray and white, and also are available in different dimensions and sizes too. 

So why are they best for various transactions? The answer is simple: 

  • They’re very durable, and they can withstand a variety of different weather that’s there. 
  • They’re very light in terms of weight. 
  • They’re very thin, and they take up far less space than a box for shipping. 
  • They’re resistant to moisture and tears. 
  • Compared to boxes, they’re much more affordable and can save you on shipping costs overall. 

This is feasible,   and they’re more economic, and quite popular.  They’re also accepted by most courier companies, and there are some that even encourage this when you’re looking at the environmental aspects of this.  they also can be returnable too, so that if there is a problem, you just send it back with no problems.

What can you put inside these? 

They’re great for items that are pretty durable such as shoes, hats, and even fabrics and different clothing. However, before deciding on this, you also need to ensure that they’re not too fragile to be placed inside a poly mailer.

If the items that you plan to ship tend to be fragile, you might want to go for another option, the corrugated shipping containers.  That way, you can protect them.

But for items that are decently fragile, you can get a poly mailer with some possible cushioning to help with this, offering some protection to different items.

If you’re not sure whether o not a poly mailer is the correct option, talk to someone. If you fill this without deciding whether or not it’s the correct option for your product, it might cause problems with shipping, such as delays, or the item might get compromised. There is also the fact that, if you do get a poly mailer for something that doesn’t fit well inside that, it creates a scanning issue, which may further delay your stuff.

However, regardless of the type of mailer that you like to use, poly mailers are a wonderful option for getting the most that you can out of your shipping, and in turn, you’ll be able to ship out all of the goods that you have. 

If you’re looking to further protect everything that you have, a poly mailer is the correct option for you. They offer a lot of different items and options, making the experience that you have with them even better than before, and it’ll give you the shipping protection that you desire.

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