Using Corrugated Boxes to Stand out

For those who have subscription types of boxes, you may want to make sure that you have a box that also does the job. Boxes go through a lot, including the jolts and the bumps that come with shipping. But they also are a part of your brand, both outside and inside, and you can get custom-printed types of boxes that are easy to use. 

Why go Custom for Subscription Boxes 

The thing with subscription boxes, so that they’re a very tough market to appeal to. However, there are now more people than ever before who are interested in getting subscription boxes.  This has markedly increased by over 100% every single year, and it’s a billion-dollar industry. But remember, it’s a huge industry, and custom subscription boxes are something that will help you stand out.

That’s why, going custom, and offering a more intuitive kind of packaging and means to ship, will allow you to improve your own business, and make you stand out.

How to Create this 

Well you want to do this through the customizing of the packaging, but you also need to look not just at the outside of the box, but also on the inside too, because the inside is a huge part of this.  In this day and age, it’s all about what’s inside, rather than just outside. You also want to look at the void filler that you use, the type of tape that you use, even the inserts that you throw in there. There’s a lot to focus on, but the thing is, it’s mostly just based on the type of box that you want to bring out, the customer’s demands, and of course, what you can do with your imagination.

Remember that every sort of contact is a chance for this to be a means to boost loyalty and the sales too, so you should always look at this.  For box covers,. You want to first and foremost be inviting. Custom boxes are going to be the first thing that people see. The best way to improve this includes: 

  • Having bright colors 
  • Creating images that are unique 
  • Building the proper word choice for people to get excited about 
  • The logo looking sharp 
  • Offers that are exclusive 

This is just as important as on the inside too. 

Why the inside matters 

The thing with the inside, is that not only is it protecting the packaging, you want to also keep in mind that this is a way for people to build a connection with you. If you’ve got inserts that you throw in there, you’ve got printable means to make this work. You can usually put the logo onto foam inserts, or even funny taglines and messages that are there too.

But you also want to make sure that you have the proper void filler in there too. If you’re selling any sort of fragile item, you need something that will help keep it in there, and properly protected.  But there are other cool things that you can do with this too. While packaging peanuts has a bad rap as being harmful for the environment, you can actually use foam peanuts that have custom scents too, so if you sell coffee, you can add that in there.

It’s important to consider when designing a subscription box to consider all aspects of the packaging. Subscription boxes need to have real thought put into them, and through this, you’ll be able to build the ideal custom packaging that people want more of too.

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