The Best Ways to Use Old Packaging Boxes

More and more of us are looking to save money, with inflation running rampant and the ongoing climate crisis.  You may have old boxes just laying about that you want to get the most that you can out of them. Here are some great ways for you to do this. 

Magazine Files 

Magazine files are great for you to hold all of the items that you have, and if you’re someone with ongoing subscriptions just piling on and getting large, this is a great way to create the best answer.

There’s tons of different ways for you to make this out of different packaging types of boxes, and you can use this as a means to tidy up the space a little bit better. 

Gift Tags  

Gift tags are little tags that you can put on boxes and packaging that you end up getting. This is a good way to reuse these.

You can cut out the cardboard boxes into a bunch of different kinds of shapes and interesting arrays, and you can even add paint, stamps, and so much more to these too! 

Wall Art 

If you’re someone who likes to give their walls a bit of an added touch, you can pretty much take old boxes, add them there, and create some fun wall art.

You can even add different letters to this, decorating them, or even adding different sheets and sequins of different cardboard to offer photo displays too.

Drawer Dividers 

Drawer dividers are great too for helping to create a more organized space, reduce the clutter, and make it much simpler for you to get exactly what it is if you want to use it. If you’re someone that needs a place that holds a lot of different stationery or other small pieces, you can use this to make it easier. If you have socks and underwear, this can work as a good drawer divider that really shines. 

Labeling Veggies 

Maybe you’re someone who has a bit of a green thumb and wants to make sure that you see where everything you’ve planted is in the proper location.

You can take old boxes, add little markers and label exactly where they are. That way, you’re not rifling around in the drawer just to find the potatoes. 

Have them get composted 

Finally, if you’re still not sure what to use, you can always compost them. The ground definitely will thank you for this one, and if you compost the items, you’ll be able to give your soil something worth growing in.

But. Do be careful if you do compost, because you need to make sure that there are no tape or glue attachments to this. Remove them before you throw them into the compost pile, in order to get the most out of this.

Use them for Deliveries 

Finally, if you’re someone who loves to deliver items, or maybe you’re going to give packages to people for their birthday or otherwise, you can use boxes.

You may have to put a sticker or label discussing what this is, but when you do this, it’ll tell other people what it is, and it looks better too.

If you’re someone who loves to deliver goods, or offer unique products, you can reuse boxes.

There are so many different ways for you to use boxes in novel ways. Here, we went over the best ways for you to reuse your boxes, in order to give you the best type of experience possible, and to also give back to the planet and help it too.

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