Are Mailing Bags Recyclable

A lot of people are looking for ways to recycle.  With ecommerce rising in popularity, the other thing people look for are means to be sustainable, as this is something that’s become a major focus in the recent years.

This is the best time to start being sustainable, as this helps show off that you care about the environment, and also revolutionize the packaging process that’s there.

Recycling is the best way to reduce the waste that’s there, and there are now new and better ways to recycle than ever before, that are driving both sales, and engagement.

Mailer bags are some of the best things that brands have started to use to send out sturdy items, and also clothes too. 

However, not all mailer bags are considered equal when it comes to sustainability.

It’s important to note that if they’re based on cardboard, or even paper, it’s usually recyclable, but if there are those that are bubble wrap or polyethylene, this might be a different story.

Is Bubble Wrap Easy to Recycle 

This is something that some people might see when they get items in mailer bags.

Sadly, it’s not recyclable, and this is due to the polyethylene that’s in them, so they can’t usually be recycled the normal way. But there are a few supermarkets and other drop-off locations that allow you to put the bubble wrap there, allowing you to recycle this and other types of materials that are based on plastic. 

You should, however, consider a more eco-friendly type of void fill. There are now those that even break down with water and are still good for making sure everything is properly protected, and they’re the better option if you’re someone interested in creating a sustainable void fill experience.

What About Padded Mailers 

Padded mailers are another type of mailer bag that you can usually use, and they usually offer the best protection possible.

So are they recyclable? 

Unfortunately, not always. This is because the innards of this have bubble wrap, or even foam, since they are good to protect this.

But it can’t be recycled because of the plastic packaging.  The bag that it came in might be possible to recycle, but you need to take the extra time and effort to separate these two, which becomes overly convoluted if you’re not careful.

What can We do with them though? 

are usually something that’s low in terms of costs, resistant to water, and good for storage. 


Can you recycle those? Not at the moment, since they are made from polyethylene. But if they’re made from low-density kinds, there are some collection points. The best way to deal with these, is to actually reuse them, especially since they offer some great storage. 

So what Can Be Recycled 

This is a good question. Right now, most of the time, unless they’re labeled as eco-friendly, chances are they’re not going to be recyclable. 

There are now new mailing bags that are made from plastic that’s plant-based, which is actually completely biodegradable and compostable. Some of these are made from cornstarch too, which is also biodegradable. After about 90 or so days, the mailing bags become an organic fertilizer.  You can also get them in the form of water-based inks that are there too, which helps to create the eco-friendly experience for you to get. 

The best way to create the ideal eco-friendly experience is to discuss this with a supplier and try for yourself to see if there is any sort of means to help you get the ideal packaging, and one that’s easy for you to recycle.

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