AI Packaging and The Future

AI packaging is one that’s growing in massive popularity, because let’s be real, artificial intelligence is something that’s more common than before. For the various applications that it has, and the major differences in the way that you’re able to search and find stuff, people are able to create amazing artwork through the use of AI software, and this is something that businesses are beginning to use to better their own abilities. 

There is also AI packaging, and this of course, is something that’ll change the way that the world works. AI is moving at a rapid pace, and here, we’ll look at what else it has to offer. 

What AI packaging is 

Simply put, AI packaging is one that’s designed, put together, and then manipulated through the use of artificial intelligence in some manner to entice and appeal to consumers better, and the end game of course, is sales that are much better.

So who uses this? The answer of course is actually tons of companies that are looking to use this. But right now, AI is still in the early stages of modeling, designing, creating a prototype, and various other actions that AI can benefit from.  There are companies looking to add AI to their business, and there are various companies that are hiring these positions in order to see the use of AI in their packaging.

This is something that’s created a massive job market for many people. When a lot of major players within the industry are able to take different actions, it’s definitely moving the traction towards this focus. This is something that is starting to become quite serious and will be used even more vary soon. Some have already started to venture into these waters and these dynamics, which we’ll see some major repercussions and even reflections of the future of the packaging and the applications. 

How this works 

So how in the world does this work?  Let’s take a few examples. One example is Studio Blackthorn, which is a pretty known spirit communications and beverage agency. They offer boutique packaging for a ton of products, including sodas, spirits, and even wines and hand sanitizers. 

They have worked with a lot of big brands, but they’re focusing on how to deliver this new tech to the customers that are there. For them, AI packaging is booming, and this is something that they’ve dove into as well. They wanted to see just how much I would be able to accomplish in the design of this. So they were able to complete a full packaging design through the use of AI.

What they discovered is that AI is actually responsible for putting together 80% of the packaging within the experiment, and then 20% of the human interaction was used at the end. 

The experiment used a feature packaging that was created through AI, and they put it in non-alcoholic drink cans. They used IA tools to design the packaging and the branding, and they created different illustrations to serve as the artwork. They also used another IA to generate the branding, the marketing, and even the advertising and the copy that would be used to get the attention of the customers. 

They were able to find that most of the completion was done through the use of AI, especially the usage of different AI tools. What does this spell for the future of these companies? Right now, you can still do things without AI, which is great, but we may start to see more and more usage of AI to help with various tasks. 

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