The most common Packaging Materials to buy

If you’re looking to add more custom packaging to your own personal repertoire, then you’re in luck. In this, we’re going to tackle some of the most common packaging materials, why some of these are better than others, and other factors to consider with this.

Corrugated Packaging 

Corrugated packaging is becoming super popular, as it’s very easy to work with. It utilizes a brown material, and it has fluting within it that’s sandwiched in between two pieces of paper.  This is strong, and comes in a variety of sizes, so it’s incredibly popular to use as well. 

Kraft Paper 

Kraft paper is the new guy in town. This is smaller, thinner packaging, but it’s made from recycled fibers. Considered the most eco-friendly of the packaging types that are out there, this is becoming super popular, as it’s very good for the environment, cheap, and easy for you to use. The one downside to kraft paper, is that for very heavy items and electronics, it might not be the best option to consider. 

Mailer Boxes 

These are super popular for subscriptions, and are boxes that are rigid, that come with flaps in some cases, and the lid of it is on top. When a person opens it by unsecuring the flaps or taking off the branded tape, the packaged item is there. These are super popular for the unboxing experience, for the sole reason that they are easy to open, are simple to do, and they showcase everything in a neat display. Plus, they don’t require you to add a ton of packaging inside either, so it’s great for showing a more minimalist branding.

Packaging Inks 

These days, companies are trying to move outside of the typical inks that used to be used. Petrol inks are popular, sure, but the problem with petrol inks is that they’re terrible for the environment, given that they’re petrol based, which isn’t a natural material. With that in mind, there are now new inks to consider. The most popular are the water-based and the soy inks.

Water based is great if you’re printing this on something that’s eco friendly, since this does wash off. The one downside to this one, is that usually, it doesn’t last as long, so if you’re going to be sending this from one location to the next, be mindful of this. Another option is soy based inks. These are also popular eco-friendly inks, as they’re very easy for you to work with.

Rigid Boxes 

Then there are the rigid boxes. These are boxes that are very sturdy and are usually an outer box. This is super popular in the realm of packaging for those luxury items, as they’re very easy to put together. However, the downside to this is that they tend to be more expensive, and there is always the fact that they are hard to store, especially through stacking.

This type of box is always good for those who are selling a luxury item, and you can get these in different ways, including a pull-out box so that people can pull the item out and look at it. There are tons of different packaging types to choose from, and you can customize this even further today. If you’re interested in taking your packaging to the next level, this is how you do it, as there are tons of great ways to boost your packaging, and make it really shine in all of the right ways.  Try out these different types today, and see for yourself just what it is that you need to do.

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