Kraft Paper 101

Using kraft packaging is a great way to give you the correct business decisions. 

Through the use of custom packaging, you have a lot of different options. While cardboard is bland and boring, kraft is new and popular, and while it is dull in color, the rustic look to this, and its durability is what makes it popular. 

But here’s what you need to know about kraft paper, and a few ideas to start. 

What Kraft Paper Is 

Kraft paper in essence is a kind of paper that comes from the pulp that’s utilized during the process of Kraft. The word kraft is German for strength, and that strength is what makes the paper possible. 

How this works is simple. the virgin pulp or the natural fibers from the wood are used for this.  It has the highest amount of sulfur compared to the other types of processes such as SBS processor using recycled paperboard. 

This means that they are strong, and the cellulose doen’st degrade over time with this. 

When coated, the unbleached types of Kraft products doesn’t have any extra bleach, and it contains the dark brown coloring that’s popular with this. 

It’s totally ecofriendly, which is why it can be further bleached to create a white pulp. 

This is used to create corrugated cardboard, and then, it gets layered to add more tenacity and strength.  This is something that’s much tougher than the regular corrugated cardboards that are made from the test paper. 

Why Choose this 

There are a few ways to choose the type of paperboard that you use, and kraft is something that’s become way more popular for a reason. 

For starters, this is vital for the ecofriendly companies that want to choose something much more sustainable, and better for recyclability. This allows for you to see that, as a brand yourself, you’re making a much more conscious decision about the boxes that you have, and also giving this to customers who can also learn by recycling the box, or the choosing to compost it. 

It is not totally degradable if you have coatings and finishes, so if you are going to add lamination, keep in mind this is not something that can be composted. 

It’s also versatile and durable.  The boxes that are on this do resist the moisture, and will tolerate rough handling and heat, which makes them the ideal choice for packaging those products that are delicate or heavy, such as jewlery or electronics. 

They’re also very easy to ship and are versatile. There are a ton of box options that go with this. 

How to Get Inspired for Kraft Paper 

There are a few things that you can try with your kraft paper. 

The first, is eco-friendly ink such as water or soy-based ink, and it’s something that’s far more sustainable than the petroleum-based ink.  This also offers foil stamping, embossing, and the like to boost the packaging looks. 

You can also add inserts that are made of kraft too, which helps mitigate the damage that’s there, and it also offers a fascinating, better unboxing experience. This is great for a lot of packaging that’s far more delicate than the other types of packaging that are out there. 

Finally, consider cut-out windows, which is basically a window that showcases the product so that they touch it. 

This eliminates the plastic usage, and you can leave this without the coverings. You can also create open cuts on these cartons, offering the sneak peek that people can see. It’s ecofriendly, and it works. 

These are some of the best ways to use kraft, and why it works so well.

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