Designing Display boxes

For those who have products that they wish to display, you want to make sure that they get the audience’s attention, encouraging them to buy the items that’s there. But with more and more competition and customers that are dealing with more and more products, it’s not simple to make a branding material that sticks around for a few days. 

But with the right packaging and material, it can change the way sales look. Display boxes, also known as counter boxes, are basically glued beforehand, and they get flattened, similar to the way cardboard boxes are. You just have to “pop” the sides into the right location, displaying all of this to showcase the logo, and other information, to help customers learn about products, and also give one new product that are there. Here are four tips to display and design the boxes that you want to do. 

Make Sure it Fits the Brad 

People want something that fits the brands needs that they have, and you want to make sure that the box includes the logo of course, but also other information, and you want to figure out the patterns and designs to use, and what colors will fit the eye of the customer. 

Size is also a big part of this, so if you stack the products in a way that’s vertical so that the packaging is closer to the eye of the customer, or displaying different boxes in a horizontal manner, this will help to capture the space better too. 

Go for Inserts 

Inserts are a great way to display products. If you want to look refined and sophisticated, you’ll want to do this. When you display a product in a haphazard manner, people get turned off by this, since it’s hard for them to see the product, and also, it takes away from your design and branding that’s outside of the area of the box. 

Inserts are the best way to show it in a way that really shows that the product is high-quality, and it also makes it much easier to ship it from the store to the shelf, and the packaging isn’t very complicated. It actually can drive the packaging price in some cases up to 25% though, so make sure that you also keep this in mind. 

A New Addition 

If you’ve got a new product that’s coming down the pipeline, try to incorporate testers and samples. This lets customers understand what they’re getting and also allows them to try before they’re able to buy. It also helps them understand the popularity of a product. For example, if everyone’s guessing this based on the samples, it can help with this. The display boxes are great for this, and you can have them near the entrance, or even the checkout counter if you want to get them to notice this all right away. 

You can Package Everything in These! 

The one thing that people get wrong with this, is that only cosmetics or bars for nutrition are the only things that go in there. 

But you can get pretty creative. Milk light for example, a milk carton company, uses these display boxes to showcase the different products that they have. It’s a new way for the customer to see this. 

You see it with other products too. From lighters to even pens and what not, there are a lot of products that benefit from this, so assess your packaging and see if it’ll work for this. If you want to try it, you just have to buy it and see for yourself!

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