Replacing stretch film and Strapping with just one material 

This is one of the best ways to secure and palletize larger loads that are heavy.  They usually get secured with more strapping bands, and then are wrapped with a variety of stretch film. This is a great way to ensure that the odd or heavy items get properly contained so that they don’t fall or they end up lopsided during storage and transit. A lot of companies will use both of these but the problem with that, is the price. 

Not just that, you have to also factor in load containment, and that can also make it hard for you to properly and optimally make your products fit everything that you have. In this world, cutting costs is something that we’re all trying to do, and it’s something that a lot of us struggle with, with rising packaging costs and materials.

A lot of companies are trying to look for ways to get rid of the extra packaging, and some have looked for the answer. Good news though, there is an alternative to this. There is now new plastic strapping that can accomplish this. 

Stretch Film for Heavy loads 

When the companies that make heavy products try to secure and contain all of this, usually stretch film, or a strapping option, accomplishes this. They products get heavy, and they usually combine this. This also prevents them from falling down during storage and transit, and it can also help make sure that you do pay for the materials and such. 

Many people do this since it’s costly, and you don’t have to use this for just a process, as it lets the loads get there on time, so that they’re contained. Lots of companies like to use this as it’s great for the containment of items. 

Usually, polyester or even polypropylene is something that’s applied to the pallets utilizing something called tensioners, which tighten this around the product, and this then wraps the pallet in the stretch film, holding the film roll or the dispenser of the stretch wrap inside a circle, until everything is wrapped correctly within a stretch film. 

You can also have this automated within a wrapper made of stretch, and it does require you to utilize different labor and time. You may wonder if there is a way to fix this though. Well, Steelflex titanium stretch film is actually making a splash in the packaging world of this reason. 

Why this works 

Why people are using Steelflex titanium stretch film is simple. this won’t break when you’re transporting anything made of steel, blocks of cinder, or any sorts of equipment that’s industrial, and it can’t even tear some of the heavier films that are there. 

Instead of spending money trying to make sure that the item stays, this film can contain all of the loads without possibly ruining the integrity of this. This is one that works with ultra-heavy loads, or even those that require both the stretch film and the strapping. 

This cuts a lot of costs so that you’re not spending as much, and you can reduce pallet costs y up to 50% in a lot of cases, and you can also save around 12 minutes for each pallet, and it also does start to save you a ton of money. 

For less than 200,000 loads, you can save in some cases almost a million dollars, so it does save you a lot, and if you’re tried of spending so much, this is the way to fix it, and also make things more efficient as well. 

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