What Ecommerce Brands Are Doing to make packaging different 

There are lots of great ways that ecommerce brands have changed packaging, and packaging is one of the most important ways to have the best first impression that’s there. Here are some grandstand what they’re doing to make their business stand out, and how you can emulate them to make your brand really shine too. 


This is a brand that has learned how to make the niche subscription box thing work. They focus mostly on makeup and beauty products, and they create little subscription boxes that are based on the taste of the customer. 

Not just that though, they’re a subscription box that comes with very unique packaging types. They use a very gorgeous, floral design, and they create unique designs for ther themed boxes. The crazy thing is, every single box is unique, and it is something that really creates a unique product even before they open it. 

This is something that a lot of subscription boxes can learn from. Beautiful packaging does triumph, and if you want to create an experience that customers will remember forever, this is the best way for you to do it. Not just that though, it’s great for unboxing, as their packaging is definitely the type that goes viral and really stands out. 

Seventh Generation 

This is a cleaning product that’s a bit different from what the other brands are doing out there. The game is sustainability, where they offer totally ethical along with sustainable detergents, soaps, and other products to help with cleaning. 

They’re free from chemicals which are toxic, which is what keeps the environment and the people in it nice and safe too. It also is something that uses plant-based and recycled packaging, and they don’t use anything that’s got chemicals in it, whenever they can. 

Their packaging is also super biodegradable, and for those that are brands that focus on being more ethical, this is one of the best brands to look at. 


There are also some brands that basically help take the generic and make it more extraordinary. This is a brand for baby items including strollers, which are great for storage, and transportation that’s all-terrain, and they even are convertible into high-chairs. 

They’re eco-conscious, and centric in terms of sustainability. However, they do something a bit different, because they take the sustainable packaging and make it so that people can do something with it that’s useful. 

For example, you can unpack and make it into a toy that’s interactive, e including puppets, balloons, birdhouses, and even animals. It offers another life, and it’s great for parents looking to give their children new projects. This is great too because once you’re finished, you can just toss it into recycling. 

So if you’re a brand looking to stand out, consider creative packaging when you’re choosing to create something sustainable. 

Happy Socks 

Finally, we’ve got happy socks, since this is one that is simple in terms of product, and it takes something that doesn’t really seem unique, since well, patterned socks are somewhat fun and they are in. 

However, they do something different, offering colored and unique designs to their packaging, including camo prints! 

The cool thing about this is that they even make it so that the box fix the product. They don’t put the aesthetics over the functionality of this. They actually make the box as well one that is great to store items, and they even come with a window that’s clear so that you can see your socks, which is a great way to use and keep customers. 

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