Packaging and how it impacts the Shipping Rates 

For a lot of customers, the way something is shipped is something that impacts the revenue generated as well.

In a world where we need to cut costs, we need to look at the big picture, optimize the packaging, and keep the leaders happy with the way the department cuts the costs and reduces expenditures that aren’t needed.

Shipments can grow and sometimes may need special care or faster turn time for shipping.
Packaging usually impacts how much it weighs, but usually, the destination that it’s going to does impact the special requirements too, since packaging can possibly increase or decrease the rates of shipping.

How Packaging Impacts This
The packaging that you have does affect the shipping rates. Depending on the costs of freight, the weight, the branding, and damages, the effect that’s on there can be quite immersive if you’re not careful.

For a lot of people, there is a lot to factor into this. Weight is usually the main cost, factor since a lot of carriers focus on this and this alone.

This is usually based on the fee that’s there for the weight, which is determined, and if you get past that, you may have to pay more.

If you’re using this flat rate, it does cost more the heavier it gets. The materials that are used for safety and packaging do impact the shipment weight, and it can impact the costs too. It’s super straightforward usually unless you’re shipping something that is oversized, or shaped weird, which in that case, the carrier will have specific rules to determine the prices for this.

How to approach this

Depending on what kind of packaging or goods you have, you’ve got a few ways to cut down on costs.

The first, is you want to make the containers a bit smaller and switch to fill that’s lighter, including bubble wrap or air pillows to help with this since it does cost less in the long haul.
If you do have the budget and time, try to place the cushioning and the support features in different ways, since you can add the same type of foam in specific ways without ruining the product.

If you’re paying for the dimensions of the package, you may want to look at possibly adjusting to smaller boxes, since that may help with decreasing the size.

You should be mindful however because, for shipments that are palletized and then utilize the weight after the adjustments, you’ll want to make sure that it is optimized so that it doesn’t reduce the pallet capacity.

Optimizing the dimensions

For a lot of people, you probably are more focused on the dimensions that are physical, since this is usually sometimes the way that it’s determined.

Packaging usually plays a role in this, since it can impact how large the package is, without it being super heavy in terms of weight.

If you notice that you need something bigger, you’ll have to pay a higher dimensional weight, since it is the bigger goal to fix this one, is to be form fitting. You may want to consider talking to a packaging vendor to help with shipping this so that you don’t need to add an over box so that you’re not spending more. You want to find the right box that fits your needs, and also have a group of them, adding it as needed.

Finally, if possible, consider using a custom packaging company, as they can create specific boxes that go with the order, and that way, you’re not paying way too much.

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