How to Get Free Shipping Supplies  to save on Packaging 

Shipping is something that you’ll want to look into, especially to save money. It’s imperative for fulfillment, but shipping can eat into profit margins. Lots of people want fast shipping that’s good and cheap, and it’s something that can easily make or break a business. It’s important that, as a supplier, you look at the different ways you can offer the best shipping for your customers, and here’s how you can get free shipping supplies. 

Places that Offer It

There are certain carriers that offer free shipping supplies. However, there are certain types of conditions for this.  You can’t take it from one packaging supplier to the next, as that’s not really fine with it. UPS of course offers boxes that are different for every kind of service you need. You just have to call them, and they can offer it. FedEx offers this too, and this is something that they offer if you go to their location or if you order it online.  If you ship this with FedEx, they do offer complimentary shipping. The cool thing about this, is that they can offer free boxes, and even other supplies as needed, in a wide variety.  They also come in various sizes to make it easier for everyone. 

What about USPS 

USPS does offer some free shipping boxes, especially if you’re going priority mail express, padded flat rape, global express, guaranteed, and others.  The thing here, is you need to pay for that service if you want the free packaging. However, they also offer free flat rate shipping and boxes directly on the site. So if you want to send first class mail, priority mail, or media mail, you can with this. 

There are certain boxes that they offer for free too. Priority mail medium boxes that are flat rate, or anything that’s flat rate and large are oftentimes an option. They do not have poly mailers for free, but you can get flat rate envelopes that are free and also are plastic with their priority mail service, if that’s something that interests you. 


DHL is something that does offer free supplies for shipping, such as envelopes, labels, waybills, mailers, and even boxes. The thing is, if you want it through there, it’s important to ensure that you do get it online, as their physical locations. 

The Catch 

There are a few catches to this, and there are some different aspects that are worth looking at. First, you need to make sure that if you’re going to use this, you only bring it to the carrier that it’s from. For example, if you bring a UPS box to FedEx, that’s not kosher, but a FedEx box at FedEx is fine. 

They also may require specific carriers too.  Usually, this also includes free labels and shipping, so if you want it to work, then you’ll have to use that. Finally, try not to order too much, especially if you don’t need it.  I get it, it’s very tempting, but this is something that’s offered free as a notion of etiquette. If you want to offer more than you need, sure, it can be a problem for others who need this.  It’s better if you just get what’s necessary, and from there, if you need more, just work to order this. 

It’s important to loo into this option for shipping supplies. That way, you’re getting shipping that’s good and fast, and also won’t eat into your profit margins, and with the right supplies, it protects the packaging that’s there as well. 

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