The best subscription Box Ideas to try 

If you’re someone who does subscription boxes, you realize they’re fun, but also a challenge to get perfect. What’s the best ideas for subscription boxes? Here, we have some of our favorites. 

Dates in boxes 

This is great if you have couples that you typically sell to. This is usually a problem for them, especially if they don’t know what to do. This is something that’s great to help with those really needy expectations, giving them something easy and fun to work with. 

Some of the fun ideas that you can put in these include: 

  • Herb garden seeds 
  • Intimate questions to ask your partner 
  • Recipes they can cook with ingredients 
  • A coupon for some wine if that’s what you like to sell 

For a lot of couples, this could be the lifesaver that you’re looking for! 

Makeup boxes 

If you’re someone who likes to sell makeup or does, ten a makeup subscription box is a wonderful idea. If your customers are those who want unique makeup, or someone who wants some pretty content for them to look great, then here is a great idea to try. 

If you sell this towards women, include nail polish, facemasks, matte lipstick, eyeshadow pallets or shades, and try to make sure that you keep the items fitting for different skin tones.  This is something that will really get people to buy. If you want it for specific skin tones, then opt for different shades.  You should also consider adding some makeup tutorials, or different links to help them learn how to use this product. 

Guys it’s pretty similar, except different items.  You can give them monogrammed razes, mirrors, combs, and even grooming kits for their eyebrows. This is something that a lot of people do like, and if you’re stumped on the next subscription box, for beauty and skincare companies, this could be the lifesaver you’re looking for. 

Ways to boost Self-Discovery 

Did you know that you could possibly start subscription boxes that push for self-discovery? We all could use a little bit of that.  If you’re working with customers that have been with someone for a while, or maybe they just like dating for a bit, this is something that can help them take some time to better discover themselves. 

You can make boxes that encourage people to move towards focusing on themselves. This can be something they do about once monthly and whatnot. But guided meditations and journals, trail hiking books, bath bombs for them to use, some nice, luxurious candles, and even some reading items or a DVD and playlist that they can enjoy just for themselves. You can use surveys to help gauge interest to figure out the best items to try out. 

If you’re looking to do this, don’t forget to use subscription boxes in order to ship it. This is something a lot of companies can use, as it’s a way to reflect what’s the box theme, and also the ideas of the items that are there. 

A good way to tell people about this is to look at the items and print out on a piece of paper to let them know what they’re getting, putting that on the lid of the box. This is something that lets you actually connect with them, and something that they can take advantage of. Subscription boxes are great if you know how to use them, and in this, we went over the best ideas that will really get people excited for more and for their next box as well. 

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