All About Digital Box printing 

One thing that customers see immediately is the packaging, and this is something that’s a huge part of most marketing. A lot of studies notice that the packaging design is what people do remember a long time after they toss out the boxes used. 

Making sure that the packaging is modern and up-to-date is something that’s vital for the identity of your brand. A lot of companies put off modifications or redesigning this because there’s various costs involved. With digital printing involved though, it’s not something that’s to be worried about. 

What are these boxes? 

These boxes oftentimes called cardboard boxes with digital printing is where you have the substrate get ink on this directly, instead of having to buy and use plates to get the images onto there. Thesis done by a digital printing agent that prints this on the design with every single line. There’s a variety of options for colors, which means you can put the design onto the box for very vibrant and images that look like photos. Because it doesn’t utilize printing plates, this printing helps to speed up the printing quality, without making it look bad, and it takes less time too to create premium images. 

How it works 

This is something that works similar to other kinds of printing that you do. Basically, you get out digital files, and also a printer that’s industry-grade, and then, you print nice graphics onto the substrate directly. This is something that is really great if you want to choose from different color spectrums or even effects and details used. 

When to choose the printing method for these boxes 

For some businesses, digital printing is a godsend, offering you a variety of options for colors, really good turn times, and the highest-quality finishes, and this is something that’s become increasingly popular. They’re great for the following options: 

  • If you need graphics in full-color or a lot of different kinds of colors 
  • You need this done fast 
  • The job is low in volume 
  • You need printing that’s photo quality 
  • You want something that’s vibrant, and gets the attention of people, especially for PoP displays 
  • Prototypes to see which options are the best for you 

Digital printing differs from these others since it’s quick, doesn’t need plates, and it’s good for high-quality realistic photos and also super-fast jobs. You may, however, want to use other kinds of printing. One type of flexographic printing, where the design is put on the box through a rolling motion, using just one color each time. it creates a smooth image on some rougher surfaces and is great if you have a lot of shipping containers you need to brand. However, the images are not of the highest-quality. 

Then there is lithographic or litho lamination, and this is something where you put the design onto the paper, and then put this onto the cardboard box using professional, sleek packages, and this is something that’s good for artwork that’s much more detailed, and also is good for the details that are foil, and if you need to emboss it.  It’s also good for large amounts of a packaging that’s premium, but it’s not very economic for those print jobs that are smaller. 

Regardless of what you choose, just know that you have the option. More and more companies are choosing this because it’s fast, offers high quality images, and is good if you’re looking to ensure that you get the best images for you to check out and the best for your printing needs. 

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