All about Custom Boxes 

Custom boxes are something that for a lot of brands, it may be beneficial. With the amount of effort, time and money put into a brand, It’s almost like a baby, and you want it to be successful. If you’re invested, you want to do anything to make sure that it grows, and you want to let it start to naturally grow and take off. 

One of the best ways to create undeniable growth of your brand is well, custom boxes. Personalized boxes are something that will change the game, and you may not even realize it until you do this.  It’s something that’s also been proven with facts, so you’re not necessarily getting something incorrect here either. So what can it do for you? 

Stats on this

Here are some stats that prove that customized shipping boxes that are personalized may actually help. So over 60% of customers do admit that brand packaging is something that’s much more exciting than regular packaging. Almost 70% of customers also say that it does make your brand look a lot more high-end if you include this. 

Over half of customers also say that they will buy a product again and practice brand loyalty if they get something that’s in premium kinds of packaging. About 66% of people also say that if the packaging is like a gift, it can make them look at the brand in a certain manner. Over 40% of customers also like packaging that’s branded and high end, and they do believe that the price of the product is more worth it if they get product packaging that’s like this. 

Half of customers do believe that if they get a product that’s in branded packaging, they’ll recommend this to their friends. This can help with word-of-mouth campaigns and also makes you look even better. Finally, about 40% of people say that if they get a product with premium packaging, they’ll want to come back to the brand once more and will buy and shop for various items once again at a specific location. 

What else can I Do? 

If you’re interested in getting branded packaging that’s personalized, you’re not alone. A ton of customers have found out that they can get some different packaging adjustments to make this something that’s next-level for you and your business. For starters, packaging has custom sizes, which is something that fits the product packaging exactly. 

You can also get colors for your brand, a logo on the box, or other important brand0-related elements. That way, when people get the product, they can see that it’s your company. Finally, you can even customize the box. Some people like regular boxes, but other times, it may be better to get ta box that’s more subscription style, or a mailer to hep with this, and you can even make this branded for your needs. 

You can also customize not just what’s outside the box, but also the innards of the box too. For example, if you want to add a specific message or brand engraving on the inside of the box, you can definitely create a great impression. Remember that over half of the people that buy from a company that uses premi8um style packaging will do it again once they see it, so you should look into this. 

Personalized packaging is something that’s kind of a newer concept, but it’s not a bad newer concept, and it let you move the packaging towards higher, better levels for you, and it lets you really boost your brand awareness and customer repute. 

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