Top Bad box Design mistakes and how to Fix Them 

If you want a custom box to truly hit, you want it to definitely do certain things It can cost you if your box design is really bad, and remember, just a couple of changes make a major difference. You’ll want to make sure that the box design is something that you’re aware of, and here, we’ll go over the most common mistakes when designing boxes, and what to do to fix them. 

A Bad, unprofessional Presentation 

If your design is bad and unprofessional, it’ll just make you look unprofessional. Customers don’t know how to run the business or their resources. The wrong packaging creates bad impressions of the brand and how they operate, and it can skewer your brand impressions. You can fix this by looking more professional and showing product pictures including the logo of the company, contact info, and their address, direction if needed to use this, and also some major selling points. 

You also make to make sure that your product packaging isn’t too busy or crazy before you decide to go and take care of this. 

The design if forgettable 

If you’re designing custom boxes, you’re going to fail if it’s not memorable. Packaging that’s unique and actually shows off the customer allows for the brand to have a chance to get those dozens of customers down the pipeline, offering better brand awareness, and boosting sales. You want to make sure you have proper colors, phrases, words, and images, along with taglines, and how you convey this. You also want to make sure that you do have a banging first impression before you sweat the tiny details of the product you have. 

Not User friendly 

The worst thing that customers don’t want is that you give them a package and product, and they struggle to open it. Frustration-free packaging is a good way to prevent customers from being in a bad mood when they work with the product that you have. 

The solution to this is to make the packaging much more user-friendly, make it simple, don’t have them bust out the box cutter or need a ton of patience either. A good folding carton is one of the best ways to convey a simplistic style without the unnecessary additional steps for customers, and it offers better product access than ever before. 

Bad Product Protection 

If your product doesn’t have nearly enough protection, then it’s bound to get messed up, and that’ll upset customers. They then want refunds or replacements, and box material that’s too weak to hold the packaging, too much space to cause the package to jostle, or not enough protective layers to this play a large part in this. The best way to prevent this is to make sure you choose boxes that are the correct size, are study, reinforced, and also have a strong type of way to them, and also include cushioning that’s there. 

Too much excess space. 

Excess space is something that a lot of customers complain about, and it’s something that a lot of people absolutely hate about product packaging. It not only puts something that is in there at risk of getting damaged, but it’s also too much money, and gives the customer the impression that you’re wasting packaging, which results in damage when you’re transporting it. It’s something that definitely can impact the brand reputation. 

The solution is simple. get a custom box, or the right kinds of packaging that definitely sit in the product packaging, and it can help protect this from future problems that may come with this and anything else too. 

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