Safely Packaging Food in corrugated boxes 

Food safety is becoming more and more important for a reason, but some people may not look at the packaging, and how this plays a part in the food. The right packaging for your food will help pathogens from spreading around, causing your hard-earned products to go bad in the process. Corrugated food containers are the best way for you to make sur that you get the food safely, and it reduces the environmental concerns of this. 

Corrugated Packaging for Food safety 

Compared to even 100 years ago, or a few decades in the past, food production has changed, and it’s become cleaner rand safer for consumers and producers than ever before. Foodborne pathogens are still around, but the FDA has managed to name all five of them, and they’re aptly called the big five. 

The most important one to watch out for are the ones that are commonly transmitted which include hepatitis A, norovirus, salmonella, E coli, and shigella. This is transmitted in food that’s contaminated and leads to calicivirus, or food poisoning, and in some cases, it can be so bad that you might die in some cases. Some of the other ones to watch out for include listeria, botulism, and vibrio as well. 

About 48 million people each year get sick from some illness which is food-bounce, leading to 128,000 people hospitalized and over 3000 people dying from this. There are a few issues that lead to this, usually bacteria, parasites toxins which are harmful, and containers that have chemicals that contaminate your food, which leads to these pathogens. 

Fi the food pathogen is there in the initial shipment and packing stages, it’ll multiple and get very big, very quick. The best way to prevent this is to stop those foodborne pathogens from reaching your consumers, and you want to make sure that the products are safe before you ship them. 

Both bacteria and pathogens live in practically every situation, but if it’s hot and humid like in warehouses or shipping places, it’ll be a lot more common. For companies that sell any food that’s contaminated and recalled, an outbreak means lawsuits, irreparable damage, and lost trust, which means that you need to stop this before it gets bad. 

How corrugated packaging helps 

Meat, produce, and fish are all perishable that do travel a bit, and they need withstand major temperature changes. To prevent this, you want to make sure that you do have the right packaging in order to stop the growth of all of this, creating safer places, and better shipping. Corrugated containers are effective at preventing this usually, and is good for shipping item safely since it can trap pathogens, pull them away from fruits and veggies, and also keep the freshness of the foods that you consume. 

It is also possible because in the process of this, the materials get exposed to temperatures higher than 180 degrees, and it will allow for the paper to bond with the cardboard, and most bacteria’s can’t survive in that. If it should happen, it’s trapped in the fibers, and it cannot multiply and survive, so shippers don’t need to worry as much. 

When it comes to packaging, the right transport has a lot of impact on this, and it’s important to look at the bacteria that you have, and also what the differences are for each, including how it helps with food packaging. You should be mindful of the packaging that you use and consider using corrugated packaging to help with keeping the freshness of the box, and protects the packaging too. 

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