How much is Stretch Wrap 

Stretch wrap is vital for containing products and making sure that they’re shipped correctly. You need to know how much you’re going to require, and whether or not you’ll be manually stretch wrapping or using a machine. The costs are another big part of this too, and it’s important to talk to someone about this.  If you’re not sure whether you want to start this and want an approximate cost though, you’re not alone. Here, we’ll give you a straightforward response as to how much stretch wrapping costs, so that you can properly calculate it in a simple, yet effective means that will indeed benefit you. 

How much it costs 

Usually, stretch film has different price points depending on the type. Tinted films also have a much different array of costs compared to vented, and when it comes to pricing, each of these is unique. In order to make this simple for you, here well go over the costs of each of the type below. 

Hand stretch in general is something that’s done manually by hand, at about 20-50 dollars for a four pack of this.  This one is resistant to puncturing, is simple to apply, very clingy, and has different gauges and widths as well. Good machine stretch wrapping is a bit most, costing up to 80 dollars for a roll of this, and is good for palletizing some of the goods and containing major loads. It has a low level of noise, a high resistance to puncturing, good load retention as needed, versatile configurations, and different widths and gauges. 

There are also more study stretch machine wraps, which are good for containment and loading, but those can be over $90 a roll, and in many cases, it can be good for a reduction of source a lot of cost savings, resistance to tearing, good performance in terms of quality, can replace films up to 80 gauge, has much larger widths and gauges for you to check out. 

Finally, the ultra-high performance stretch wrap is there, which is the best of the best. Even at around the same price, it’s great for the best palletizing that’s out there. It is cost-effective, a good source retention product, has a lot of tear resistance to it, better than others, can replace up to 80 gauge stretch wrap, and has a thickness of 95 gauge available as well. 

Tinted stretch films 

Finally there are tinted ones, which are good for adding color to help with delineating the difference, helps with international shipping, or also to date your inventory as needed. These usually range about 50-70 dollars a roll, and is high performance, good for hand and machine kinds, available in all kinds of colors, and are good for stretching products. 

Vented films 

Vented films are good for items that do need to cool down after they’re wrapped, and it can be up to 30% efficient in a lot of cases. You can get this in hand or machine types of films. There are a range of these though for the price and are best figured out though a packaging specialize that can inevitably help you as well. 

This can be up to $200 a roll in a lot of cases, and can be pre-stretched, great for sterilizing any medical implements, are recyclable too, are much better on load costs, good for any frozen items, dairy, meats, flower, and even frozen items that need to stay frozen. It also gets rid of netting and offers really good load containment. There are a lot of options, and here’s the average lowdown of each. 

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