Anti-Forgery Tech for Packaging 

If there is one thing businesses have a concern about, it’s making sure that their products are genuine, gotten to customers and that any forgeries along with fakes get stamped out. But the thin is, a lot of people can get around it, which is why new anti-forgery technology is there to help with the prevention of duping customers. 

There is a lot of different ways that customers can do this, and this is even done through embedding information at what’s called a sub-micron level, in order to create a better way to protect the packaging that you so want to utilize. Basically, these are here to make sure that there aren’t any fraud products on the market, and this is especially important for designer goods. 

Why Needed 

There are companies that are using this because there is a huge global problem with this, costing $600 billion every single year, and this isn’t just designer goods. This includes office management items such as copiers, fax machines, and printers. This is because there are fake inkjet and toner makers too. 

This is crazy to look at, since these packaging and cartridges are made to look just like the OEM cartridges that are sold, and this is something that is in the hands of so many people all around the world.  These new techniques and technologies are definitely helping to keep these products safe, and also to ensure that customers aren’t getting duped for the items that they buy. 

How this Works 

There are different kinds of technologies, and usually, this takes it to another level of security in most cases. One of the most common is SNOWLEOPARD technology, which is basically L2S Optical authentication security, and this is something that has the ability to create security codes at what’s called the sub-micron level of some items, including flexible film, cans, plastic, containers made of glass and so much more. 

This is something that allows for different elements of branding to be put directly onto the branding and packaging that’s there. The materials of this may be opaque,  clear, dark, light, or ay sort of color, with the codes applied directly to the product and also creating tamper-evident labels to offer another layer of protective packaging to the foray as well. 

Authentication done through security codes does happen for a brief second when they use a liquid mist made of vapor, and then, the code disappears shortly after this as well. 

The fast vanishing of this allows for authentication to happen, and it is hard to replicate, with the authentication occurring immediately, with instruments, tools, along with lighting not necessarily needed. This type of anti-forgery is done to make sure that your brand is safe, and also to prevent any chance of counterfeiting. This is something that is still being looked at, and wile thew technology is advancing, we’re still seeing major changes to this, and the result of the technologies that this is based off of. 

How it Can Help 

This is something that can be used to prevent you from getting your money stolen since you don’t have to worry about your products getting duped as well. If you’ve ever wanted to decrease any chances that bad actors may be putting your products and customers at risk, this is the way that you do it. 

For a lot of people, this is something that can be great for some kinds of packaging, and it’s best to get more information before you decide whether or not this is right for you, and the benefits of such on your packaging

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