Are custom Bubble Mailers Available 

When you were younger, you probably remember getting different items when you went to the mailbox. Wouldn’t it be cool to have that same vibe still.? Well, now you can. One way to do it is through bubble mailers. These are pretty much-padded envelopes that can be custom made, and it’s a great way for brands to have the right brand awareness without it costing a ton, and it’s a great way to safely et this into the hands of customers and build a business too. The cool thing is that it’s pretty easy to get this, and here, we’ll go over how to get it. 

How to Get Custom Mailers 

If you’re ready to explore this, you can order them online, and it’s pretty simple to get exactly what you want. You can typically go to a packaging website and choose the option to get bubble poly mailers, and then the chance to design. You can even customize these as totally recyclable, waterproof mailers too. 

How you use the design tools on this is also pretty simple too. You can choose the background color, and even add colors that represent the brand well. If you’ve got a logo that really shines, you can also just upload that, and that’ll show up directly on the mailer, adding as many images or even different logos and locations as you might like. You can even move this around, and add different sizes to this as well, so you can add a big logo and a smaller one too. 

If you’re someone that doesn’t have specific images or logos to add to this, there is also stock artwork that you can use on this too, and it’s a great way to really design everything the way that you want. 

The beauty of this is that you can use so many different ideas. You also can add text too, including company slogans, mission statements, or whatever you want. Once you’re done designing, then you’ll get charged, and you can even get a few to start, to even bulk custom options to really get the most out of this. Remember when you order these, the cheaper they’ll be the more you get. You can then add this directly and then they’ll take care of printing this for you. 

Different Custom Ideas 

If you’re not sure what to include on this, here are a few different options: 

  • Logos 
  • Mascots or images 
  • Colors of the brand 
  • Slogans 

You can also look at holiday features too. 

Why use these?

There are a few reasons for this. First and foremost, people will know it’s your brand the moment they see this, and they’ll associate the logos along with other designs with the brand itself, making it more exciting too. It offers a good first impression to the customer too, offering a lot more exigent and fun. 

If the design looks good, is creative, or even funny or clever, the customers do remember those different options. Finally, tie’s cheaper too. It’s definitely one of the cheaper ways to build brand awareness with the packaging that you have. It’s pretty easy to actually buy, and the cool thing too, is that it’s a cheap way to really stand out.

So the next time you plan on shipping out something that you think would work in a more customizable sort of sphere, consider this, since it can help to really brin the brand’s message forward, and will make it look cool for you as well, and truly benefit everyone who looks too. 

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