Why Cardboard is the sustainable Packaging Choice 

With a lot of debate on what’s the best packaging to use, it’s important to understand that not all packaging is bad. Corrugated cardboard is one that offers a chance to get the materials from resources which are rentable and properly managed areas. In most cases, it’s made from a high amount of recycled items too. The paper sourced is also from the other suppliers that help to ensure that it can be used again. 

Recyclable Boxes 

There are recyclable boxes when you use corrugated cardboard. Typically, boxes are about 80% recycled, 20% wood pulp that comes from forest sources which are sustainable. Corrugated cardboard is also one of the most widely used types of recycled kinds of items. 

There are also biodegradable kinds of cardboard boxes.  All cardboard is able to be biodegradable, without question, and it’s something that can break down over time. So pretty much carton board, rigid paper boxes, cardboard tubes, and corrugated boxes are all able to be broken down, which is really good for the environment of course. 

Environmentally friendly Printing as well 

Another good thing about this, is that when you have these types of boxes, you also can get printing that’s safe for the environment too. That vegetable, environmentally-sound pigment inks are great for your packaging, and it lets you as well make sure that you’re taking care of the environment with this too. 

Until recently, the printing used to be done by solvent-based kinds of inks, which have a lot of toxins in them. But now there are a bunch of different options, and you’ll be able to get the benefits that you need right away.

You can get this, and you can have it printed directly onto there too, so you’re using a whole bunch of different means to offer the best packaging types of options that you can, and you’ll be able to, without fail, get the most benefits that you can, and really improve on your packaging experience. The beauty of this type of packaging is that you can give your customer the proper branding with the inks, but also make sure that it doesn’t harm the environment too. 

It’s cheaper and Better for Everything 

The thing with this kind of packaging too is that it can save you a boatload of money down the line. See, with environmentally-friendly packaging through the use of cardboard boxes, you’ll be able to use boxes that you’ve had before, and when the customer gets them, they can as well break them down and use them again. 

The beauty of this is that over time, it can also be broken down, so unlike plastic and other sorts of materials, this will be better for the environment since it allows for people as well to have the best type of experience possible. They can reuse the boxes, and you’ll notice that, when they do this, it can definitely be a great way to improve on your packaging. 

If you haven’t switched over to corrugated packaging, this might be something you’ll want to consider. For a lot of people, there are plenty of benefits to be had with all of this, and a whole lot that can be done. If you’re interested in taking your packaging to the next level, then you can with this, and from there, you’ll be able to not only improve on the experience so that your customers are happy, but you also won’t be making a bad dent in the environment as well, offering a whole lot of great results from this as well too. 

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