How to Use the Five Sense for Packaging 

Many companies have moved to the online world, and it’s hard to really stand out in terms of your business. Here, we’re going to discuss how to build the best packaging possible, and to utilize five senses. 

The visuals 

First is sight. The best way to make your packaging stand out is to make sure that you create packaging that’s bold but is a bit minimalistic. Sometimes, using a simple, elegant style, and with some bold colors or fonts makes it look better. 

You should also understand that certain colors make certain emotions come out. Orange and yellow make you energetic and happy, whereas blue is a lighter and calmer color. Add the right colors that you want to evoke the right feelings. 

Smell the Memories 

Smell is a great way to make the unboxing experience better, since this can help to make the memories better. 

Scented packaging, or even just including scents within can help a customer remember the company, and it also will push them to make the correct purchases possible. 

Stand out with touch 

Another good thing is to stand out with touching.Make your packaging feel good. You want to make it a packaging that feels good to touch, that they’re willing to touch for a bit longer, and will draw their attention to what it is that you’re promoting too. 

How can you do this? Glamor bubble mailers of course! You have to choose from ither green, silver, blue, or other colors, and it can help add colors to the shipments. You also adding a textured feeling, and some metallic mailers that’ll leave customers looking with awe. There is also the idea of using textured packaging. While this does cost a bit of money, it can be good for you. 

The Crinkling Connection

How do you build sound with your packaging? 

Well, why not create a nice crinkling sound that people like. This can sometimes make them feel a connection with the package, and it does draw the attention. This of course, takes away just needing visuals in order to do this. 

Sounds are good because you can add a certain texture to this, and customers will remember it. Adding tissue paper, or perhaps the sound of a crinkling bow and whatnot, this of course will help the customers remember the brand as well. 

Impact of Taste 

Great taste is what leads to buyers buying more and more. Taste is one of the best experiences with unboxing since it can offer a great product itself. Good unboxing comes with using this in some way, shape, or form. Sometimes, incorporating like a free mint or chocolate or something of the sort may be a good option for you. 

If you really want to make your unboxing experience important, you want to make sure that you give something back to your brands. You want to make the unboxing experience something memorable. 

Whether it’s the outside packaging being different or the contents, having something with a little extra is something that is definitely noticed. It can help draw people to get the product and purchase it.  Understanding the senses is one way to gain leverage over other products, and helps you engage with your brand a bit further. 

Sometimes, just taking one of these and running with it is the best way to go about handling these. That way, you’ll be able to give your brands the experience that you want to have, and also use the sense of touch and other senses to really grow as a company as well. 

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