How to Make Unboxing Unforgettable 

Shipping packages is the most direct point of touch for e-commerce brands and businesses, and it’s something that you must use to in order to get more and more business. Think about the thrill of getting a package in your mail as a kid. It was a huge event, right? That experience is so ingrained in us that there is a feeling of adrenaline still to this day. 

Ecommerce is also growing a lot too, and nearly half of those who are premium shoppers will purchase once more based on the packaging, especially if it’s custom, with over 40% of them expecting inner circle packaging that’s custom, and there are also almost 40% of people who share the packaging on social media. So yes, it can be really good, and it can improve the unboxing experience. How can you make this better though? Well, read on to find out. 

Make sure it’s branded 

This is something that’s probably been discussed at great length, and even just having a logo and whatnot can lead to the excitement on the point of the recipient. Even if it’s just a small little loo, that creates a more personalized experience. Something as small as a sticker showing the logo of a company doesn’t have to break your budget. 

Keep it Custom 

You want to make sure that you have the right box and filler for the package that you’re sending out. The worse thing that you can do is submit something that doesn’t fit in the package correctly. Make sure it’s neat, professional, and made for the item. You want to have an envelope and a box that fits the needs of your business and is packed correctly. 

Make it Neat 

Presentation is everything, and having a neat, clean look does make the opening better for people. Loose items aren’t safe, and it looks terrible for the business. Instead, secure everything correctly, and design it with unveiling and unboxing at the forefront. A proper packed and put together package rather than just Styrofoam shoved in will make the customer feel proud and excited for the box. 

Add a bit of a Personal touch 

Again, this doesn’t have to be expensive, but adding a little note thanking the person for their purchase and to encourage a review will help to make a difference. 

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