How combination Packaging Meets the Needs 

Recently, the straight delivery systems, a product of Intersect ENT Inc., created a new sort of mini sinus implant. The launch of this created “customer-led innovation” and a huge network of people. The SDS has recently gotten the PMA, and since then was created after surgeons asked for another sort of delivery means for the bioabsorbable polymer sinus implant. The original system for delivery is curved, suited for more anatomies and the ethmoid sinus and frontal sinus ostia, and most surgeons like this, but they’ve also asked for a straight delivery system for specifically the ethmoid sinus. 

Intersect did package the propel mini-implant and the original curved delivery system starting in 2012, and after surgeons did express interest in having the system optimized for the placement of this, the development is the beginning of the new SDS package that’s there. Now, there are four different kits for each type of sinus now, and this delivery system also comes with  a mini system, a contour and flex tip delivery system, along with the straight delivery system that you can do., Intersect ENT is pleased to give physicians this type of package, allowing for them to respond perfectly to the needs of customers, listening to the feedback and ensuring the best products for those looking to offer care for chronic sinusitis in various means of care. 

The company did share feedback from an ENT and allergy associate member at the Mt. Sinai Hospital within New York, discussing how this package is really a reflection of the commitment that’s ongoing, helping the ENT community, and they are looking forward to continuing to be using this for different procedures too. The kits show the implant being fully expanded, allowing for the users to use the crimping device in order to put the implant onto this system. When the delivery system does get put into the nasal cavity, and the system puts the stent there, it then expands to fit, offering dual benefit. The implant then delivers drugs directly to the nasal tissue, offering a better flow of air, and better healing. 

There is a combo package of this, which is color coded in order to show the size and the model, and wit’s done like this so surgeons can recognize the ones they wish to select too, since that physicians have come to learn what these products are, and the identification is a huge benefit of this. The company does look at the further line extensions, and they’ll continue to be looking into the customer needs, since the extensions are led by customers, and not necessarily by the technology. It is a more unique sort of approach, but this unique system does allow for a lot of benefits to be had and offers some of the best practices there. 

Since this, they’ve gotten feedback directly from the representatives in the field who have used this, and they’ve paired that with statistical feedback that comes from the surveys and the such, offering more and more technology. This does bring a new sort of level to the product development and engineering process, allowing you to have manufacturing reliability, and integrating the packaging quality early on, and for great results, and the professionals with this definitely push for innovation, and the organization works together to push for this. Hopefully, with this type of care system, there will be more options in the future, and also some of the newest means for you to truly improve and maintain the sort of results that you hope to get with this, and of course, the future of this product too. 

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