Holiday gift Packaging trends to Watch Out for 

With the holiday season around the corner, it’s important to look at the different impacts of the shipping and packaging that you should use. There are some trends which offer success, and here, we’ll go over what they are, and what they mean for you and your business as well. 

The Rise of Ecommerce 

The first thing is that ecommerce is on the rise. Due to covid, and because of the ease of this, this is growing immensely, and sales are supposed to be even bigger. Sa the retailers try to get this, as well as the shift in the purchasing habits, this is now pushing for secondary packaging, since it does involve the purchase, and the shipping of gifts to others around the globe. Unboxing is also a big part of this, and you can surprise customers with items purchased and packaged like gifts in order to show the brand values and positioning, and the customers will feel more valued since you’re showing loyalty.Retailers must also be prepared to expect these types of gifts, with home gifts at the forefront since a lot more people are at home. 

So dishware, candles, and even décor are becoming something that people are ordering, but all are breakable, so do be careful with them, and wrap them all carefully. Bubble wrap is another thing that you should consider. While it may not be as sustainable, you can find that or alternatives to offer a better presentation, and an unpacking type of experience. 

Automaton Enhances, Not Replaces 

One big concern people have is that automaton will replace labor. While it may be used to enhance with all of the different tools to reduce costs, wastes, adjusting for peaks, along with optimizing, it will help with reducing the warehouse space, so it’ll save companies a ton of money. This also will offer more cost-efficient and ergonomic options, since it will reduce the ever-growing costs of warehouses. This is creating a better place for workers, and there has been a growth in this.  This is critical for companies that want to have smaller amounts of packers that are more motivated, in order to offer better results. 

Ditching Plastic 

There is another trend that’s going on. The sustainability market will become $150 billion by the end of the year, and more and more are looking for sustainable goods. A truly sustainable type of packaging will push to use more materials which are recyclable, since it can help to reduce the overconsumption of plastic as well. That means that it’s becoming bigger and bigger, and with paper packaging becoming more and more frequent, it’s obvious that it’s working to truly phase out plastics. That’s because it’s made from resources which are renewable, biodegradable, and recycled back to offer renewable energy. 

Paper is also ideal for bottom line, since it outperform a lot of the in-box types of alternatives, which is definitely really good for handling, storage, safety, downtime, and the clean up too. And there you have it, with the growth of the ecommerce industry and it continuing to dominate the landscape, the holiday trends are going to definitely be very similar to how they were last year. With that said, as a packaging company, it’s easy for you to definitely ensure that you’re getting the most out of this, and through it, you’ll be able to have long-term and really good success, both in the current holiday season as this does come and go, but also in the future too when other holidays roll around for you as well. 

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